Reviews for Twilight of the Gods
San Carpenter chapter 1 . 7/28/2005
"It was a dark, dank day in Helheim, "To me, that subtracts form the quality of the writing, and the dark mood. You shifted from some lovely forboding descriptions to a mediocre cliche.

Hm. Now, it could be creative lisence, but I've kinda been under the impression that Thor was okay with Loki. If I had to pick a god that Loki was friends with, Thor'd have been it. But I'll admit, my research isn't what it could be.

"a lady with sking so light it looked white watched over."Minor typo.

I like the feeling and the mood, and I think you should continue, maybe to into some of the consequences of all this.

(And in responce to what you said about Loki in a review to me, I can see that. But after spending hundreds of years chained to a rock with a serpent dripping poison in your face, you're be a bitter old ('scuze the language) bastard, too. ; I think he got progressivly worse, reaching rock bottom during that particular torment. )
redroplets chapter 1 . 7/7/2005
interesting, and so is the title, well done~redroplets