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Guest chapter 2 . 8/16
I have to say this I'd fascinating...drew me in straight away vague as it was but I had a suspion it was about domestic violence...I hope this isn't anything U experienced I can see from the amount of reviews your story is popular...

Anyway this reacted with me cos I was in a situation...unlike the children tho I was an "adult" (19) so had no help and had to do everything myself, I'm still dealing with this difficult experience 3 yrs later
Guest chapter 44 . 5/29/2022
It’s now been 13 years since you’ve updated the story, 3 years since someone said the story was going to continue, and almost exactly 1 year since the last comment.

The first time I found this story, I was 13 years old. I read it, probably within a few days, and I remember that I liked Tuesday’s character so much I went on a morning run. I didn’t maintain that habit because I also hated running with a burning passion. Now I’m 21 years old, and so much has changed but I still hate running.

I’ve been the author and I’ve been the reader. I know how difficult writing is and how difficult it can be to make the time for it, and I’m not here to hound you to update or anything. I just hope you’re doing well and I hope you can understand the impact your story had on so many people. In writing about so many serious topics, you’ve created characters that are so relatable to people, and I really appreciate the work you did.

Thank you for your story and I hope you’re doing well wherever you are now.
Jj.tarawa chapter 41 . 5/22/2021
I know this story doesnt have an ending, but i kept on reading anyway, knowing that it may leave me feeling disappointed and curious about how it'll end... i stopped at chapter 41, its enough for me... no more words are needed, because i can feel how they feel, thats how good this writting is, i can feel them, like they were real, real emotions, real feelings... by the end of the chapter i knew how they'll end up, at that point i knew i dont need an ending, at that point i was sure of things...

Thank you for writting this... this is art, it'll stay in my heart forever, i might read the other chapters at one point, but for now, i'll stay here, i'm contented...
KateFei chapter 44 . 3/13/2021
It's been more than 10 years and I still remember this story. Since then I've read many stories, my style changed, I've read so many books. But I still remember this story as one of the best stories I've ever read. From time to time, every year I randomly get a flash-back of Tuesday and Seth's story and I go back here a re-read it. I am really sad this story never got the ending it deserves, it's sad nobody has ever tried to finish it. I mean, sure, we can all imagine how the ending would look like (I am pretty sure there was going to be a happy ending), but it's not the same. I hope the author of the story is alright and they live in happiness. I hope they get to feel the same happiness I get when re-reading this amazing story that will always have a place in my heart.
Eren chapter 23 . 1/2/2021
The male characters are so sexist. Like constantly slut-shaming Shannon and being pro-life too smh. Shannon is one of my favorites ngl.

Other than that, I’ve re-read this story so many times I love it! I’ve just always been bothered with how people treat Seth. He’s been raped, beaten, and scarred for life. Tuesday could be nicer lol. Thanks for creating this lovely story otherwise! :)
hi chapter 34 . 2/9/2020
this chapter made me cry :(
sweedish fish chapter 43 . 10/6/2019
I'm rereading this story after 10 years and it is still one of my favorite things I have ever read. My friend and I used to go over to each others houses and take turns reading this story out loud to one another. We have joked for years now that if this ever updated we would travel to get to eachother to read it together like we did when we were in high school. Obviously I hope that there is an ending to this beautiful story but most importantly I hope this comment finds you in happiness and good health.
Fin chapter 1 . 9/18/2019
It's been 10 years



*chokes on non-existant ending*
Bedraggled Atelier chapter 43 . 9/3/2019
Dear Dirty Angel Toes,

It's good to know you and Tuesday are still alive after your trip to Africa. I hope that you haven't given up writing entirely because you have a gift for storytelling. Here's hoping that a review will entice you to rejoin the online, writing community!

Bedraggled Atelier
Meg chapter 44 . 4/5/2019
Hi, I was one of your original readers and still periodically check back in. Pretty much every year tbh. So of course I have seen the comment left below but don't want to get my hopes up. It made me so happy to see it posted though. I've always been really annoyed with that band of people who got together and went after the you/the author. I don't know why they had to ruin it for everyone by creating a drama out of literally nothing.

Anyway, I don't want to bring up the negative stuff of the past. I just hope you realise your story holds a special place in a lot of peoples hearts and for such a long time. I do hope you could find it in yourself to post the last chapter (s), even though I know you are not obliged to. We must all be getting pretty old in age now, lol, so I think we know what's important to focus on in if that isn't this story...then so be it. But I have to admit I will always have a small part of me always waiting for that update. :)
Nichose chapter 44 . 3/28/2019
I have never cried so much for a single character in my entire life.
Loves this story!
Can’t wait to see it finished one day.
Masterwolf181 chapter 44 . 1/25/2019
So I have an update for everyone here and I hope many of you have the chance to read this. After 10 years I have convinced the author that it's past time to finish this story. I only recently found out about this fantastic piece of writing when we went through their old room to clean it out and came across the whole thing already printed out. At this time the story did not actually have an end. Some rather awful things happened near the end if writing this story resulting in the now unfinished thing you see here. Sadly I have to take it upon myself to make this announcement as they no longer have their login or access to the email they started their account with. (Minor spoiler)I can tell you now that they have told me that they think Seth and Tuesday are going to have a happy ending.

And some of you may note that I have not said he or she because I would like to keep them anonymous for now. I will also be checking back frequently to answer questions!
Graceless chapter 44 . 1/2/2019
Hey. I really connected with this, devoured it for two days.I know it has been a while since you last updated it but I was wondering if you ever think about putting the last chapter up. It would be closure, if nothing else. I for one would read it. I hope life is being all right for you
Kay chapter 1 . 9/2/2018
Okay, here's the deal. I know this story is more than a decade old. I don't even know if you check this site anymore. But this is something I have to say because it's been in the back of my mind since I read this 10(?) years ago. (Seriously, I was easily able to find it by name a decade later because I've just never forgotten it.)

This wasn't the first work I read on fictionpress, but it was definitely the most important. I read constantly as a young child and then even more when I got into fandoms and fanfiction. But discovering Stupid Post It Notes was truly a pivotal moment of my life.

This story right here - this gorgeous, heart-wrenching, exhilarating experience - finally showed me the true scope of what fiction *could* be. For the first time, literature wasn't just writing; it was art. Pure, inspirational art. And this is a masterpiece of the highest order.

I have never, to this day, felt as intimately empathetic of a character as I do for Seth. Your writing is the only time *in my life* that I have genuinely cried for a character - for their pain, their struggle, their desire, their insecurity, their hope - and I'm pretty sure that I cried an insane amount throughout this. This story weighs on my memories as if Seth was a real person, and a childhood friend. God, I still feel it in my bones; there's an aching nostalgia, the desire to experience life as vividly as I did this story.

So there you have it. Even writing this means I'm going to have to read Stupid Post It Notes again and I'll do it gladly. If you ever publish this or any other work, I would buy it in a heartbeat to support you and your writing endevours. I hope this comment finds you in good health and full of happiness because that is what you have granted me with your craft. Best wishes~
Tonkolina chapter 44 . 8/29/2018
It's a heartwarmingly and horrifyingly beautiful but anguishing tale. Something I never read before with such intensity of feeling and emphasising with the characters. I'll be waiting and hoping for the day the last chapter gets uploaded. If there's anything this story taught me, it's that no matter the horrors, there's still love and hope. I'm holding on to this.
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