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HelloBeautifulChild chapter 44 . 3/31
AMAZING! I have loved this story and I am so happy that, in the end, Seth and Sam get to stay with Tania, Shannon, and (of course) Tuesday. This story is so so good, and even though it's one chapter short of completion I'm happy I read it. Reading Seth's perspective it is easy to see why he does what he does, and it is amazing to see how he see's the world. You've written his anxiousness so well. I love that, as Tuesday and Seth progress towards coupledome, they haven't changed. Tuesday isn't magically not a dick anymore, Seth doesn't have the bravery of a thousand Spartans, they're still the same people.

At this point I can easily tell that the story has been abandoned. I hope everything has worked out with the "funky, not-good things" that were going down. Thank you for writing what you did, and I'll follow the story in hopes that you'll update/finish it one day.
HelloBeautifulChild chapter 37 . 3/30
I really, really love this story!

Poor Corbin. I mean. Damn. Imagine, sitting there, chatting with your girlfriend's son's boyfriend, and suddenly you're watching drama between your girlfriend's son, his boyfriend, and your girlfriend's foster son. Jesus.
HelloBeautifulChild chapter 31 . 3/30
I don't always say this when I review so I wanna go ahead and do it- loving this story! I love how you're telling it, and seeing the story through Seth's perspective is amazing.

Also, I got in a fight in high school, a one and done like Tuesday, and I have to say- Tuesday's right. Sometimes, it's worth it. Sometimes, you can't let someone else (ie- a teacher) solve the problems for you. Seth and Tania and Jon are all like 'you shouldn't hit people', but that just isn't a hard and fast rule of life.
HelloBeautifulChild chapter 23 . 3/30
I really really hope that the sarcasm in the ANs is humor or prepared defense, and that no one is actually being a jackass about the (apparent, because I have no idea how long it took) time between chapters. When someone writes something on fictionpress they are providing a *free* service, they are providing you with entertainment and asking nothing in return. Especially with all of the explanations provided, I can't imagine why anyone would be so much of a dick that they complained and insulted the writer.
HelloBeautifulChild chapter 21 . 3/30
As the story progresses I think Seth is less of a good guy and Tuesday is less of a bad guy. It is because of his history that Tuesday is especially qualified to say things like "don't kill yourself", and the fact that he bothered to say anything when Seth was ranting proves that he cares, even a little. It would have been too easy for Tuesday to be offended that Seth was saying the things he was saying, because at the end of the day he didn't mean it. Instead he, in his own way, tried to protect him.

I am loving this story. :)
HelloBeautifulChild chapter 16 . 3/29
Is it bad that the only thing I can think about cancer is that we're 16 chapters in and you're never *cured* of cancer, you only go into *remission*.

If this is the Fault In Our Stars I'm gonna cry again, I'm sure of it.

On a brighter note, your story is so good you totally could make me cry. :)
HelloBeautifulChild chapter 15 . 3/29
Aweh man. Now something has to happen to Jon and Tuesday for Tuesday and Seth to become a thing, and I really like Jon and Tuesday as a couple already. Especially with *years* under their belt.
HelloBeautifulChild chapter 8 . 3/29
I'm loving this story! You write Seth so well, and it's easy to understand how he's thinking.

There is one thing that confused me, when Tuesday said "Canteen is so American". I'm American and I have no idea what canteen is. Is it like a restaurant or snack bar or like vending machines?
Bby chapter 44 . 3/8
Thank you for all the years you spent putting this to life. I seriously admire you. Hope you (and Ez) are okay. Many years have passed and I wonder where are you now. Will you ever see my comment. Do you think about tha story. Once again, if you are okay. But independent of the answer, I cannot-not-write anything about it. Because, oh my god. Where are all my words? Where do I start?

English isn't my first language and I'm pretty tired for sorry for any mistakes.
I've read it for 4 days straight and I'm not even kidding. And I do not regret any of that time and Lord knows I should be, 'cause many other things needed to be done.
I felt it. I felt this story, I didn't just read it, I have felt it and have lived it. Seth's emotions became mine at some point and I just couldn't stop scrolling the page and hitting "next" because I needed to know if it gets better, for him, and for me. I don't know if I like him. But I surely don't dislike him, as I normally hate characters (and people) who can't stand for themselves. For Seth it was just so consistent and so justified, that even though I wanted to scream "JUST TELL IT, DO IT, DON'T LET HIM/HER/THEM SAY THOSE THINGS" more than once, if he did it (while not being angry or something of course)... it wouldn't be so realistic.
And, and... everything in this story seems to be so well thought. I mean, the title's meaning revealed in 30-something chapter? And making sense in that way? And all characters' actions, little, little actions that were important long chapters later? And general little actions which made me believe that it all happened, that it is happening right now? While reading I was thinking that it should never stop, because it's so real life it shouldn't have an end.
Well, it doesn't have. But I'm not mad. Just sad, a little. At least it was this chapter, while things seems to be worked out kinda, not any of the previous, where explosion run after another explosion.
And, it was drama and angst. And it was real. So real. Not pissing me of teenage drama.
This story made me think about my life on a few levels. The abuse. Group of friends like them. The feeling that you just want to sleep through your whole life.
I don't know.
And while it wasn't optimistic at all, I see the bright side. Maybe everything isn't so bad. Maybe things can be fixed.

Clear ends aren't my forte, so, just. This story has a part of my heart, and it also IS a part of my heart now.
Sendin' love.
Carl chapter 44 . 11/26/2016
I guess this will always be an incomplete story?


Too bad it ends like this.
AmShe256 chapter 44 . 11/19/2016
I loved the story. Are you ever going to write the last chapter?
WCH 10 chapter 44 . 11/13/2016
Very well written story, here and there are a few things a good editor can polish up, but still very good overall.
My only points of criticism is of course the lack of an ending and the emotions/experiences portrayed are so vivid, poignant and stirring that their resemblance to something real is uncanny.
RUNAMOKinthesky chapter 1 . 11/7/2016
I love this story so much! ARGH! I hate myself for coming back to this again and again and again. Just know, Dirty Angel Toes that where ever you are- I will be waiting. I will re-read this again and tell my grandchildren's children's children about this story. I will tell them that this story breaks and mends and breaks your heart so many times that its a danger to society. They will know of SETH and TUESDAY because they are damn well worth knowing! Thanks for writing this.
Guest chapter 44 . 11/4/2016
Man, man. This is the second time I've read this story and I think it actually was more incredible the second time. Thank you, wherever you are- for writing this. I'll probably be back in a year to re- read it, thanks for that too, man. MAN, oh man. Man.
ScribeSeph chapter 25 . 9/18/2016
I've been following this story for ages. I actually haven't come back to check if you've updated for about three years, since I started med school. I loved this story. I remember once coming back and seeing you post an update saying that you wouldn't continue writing because of what was happening in your life. I... I don't understand. How. Why? Why? I know you, you're the author of your story, and you can bloody well do whatever you feel like but how about the rest of us. How could you give us this amazing story and leave us hanging? Don't you have any responsibility towards you readers that stuck with you throughout the whole time? If this was how you wanted it, then shouldn't you have written the story privately and kept it to yourself? I know I'm being unfair because you have the right to say if you don't like it, then you can take a hike. BUT it's so unfair. I think you have a duty to your readers. Your story is fantastic. Even if you don't want to write another chapter, can't you at least tell us what happens in a few sentences? Leaving us hanging is cruel. Even if you make it a terrible ending, at least tell us that ending. At least then we can put our minds at ease and hate this story. T_T but thats IF you decide to give it a terrible ending. SIgh. I just finally want you to update.. I'm sorry. I know you must've been having a terribly difficult time. Anyways, you can just ignore whatever I said, I still love your story, and me ranting and raving is proof of that. If you ever feel up to it, I'd love it if you update. But until then, ciao. Live long and prosper. I hope you're well and happy.
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