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Scarlett chapter 44 . 1/25
What in the world your such an anomally, I thought you were the same as the Chad person for a while, but anyway, what in the world is up with you, assuming your alive and all.
Oh and I found you when I was 15 yrs old and browsing on here and it was the middle of summer, yes I lived in a boring as heck town in the southeastern us, no not a hick town surprisingly enough, and I wasn't even out searching for slash fiction strangely enough and you were so much younger then as well, almost 9 yrs ago,wow, that I first fell in love and hate with Seth and Tuesday, Seth is unwittingly on your part the absolute epitomy of abused in denial single parent family kid, in a sort of denial and guilt of sorts, and so messed up in his rational thinking, and Tuesday can be such an asshole but is actually a good guy to those who know him and his friends, Seth rightly so has communication issues and yet I see why there's such a hate of Seth bc he's a bit of a spaz and such, and yet his vulnerability it just shows how much damage he had as a child
Oh and Tuesday's chapter , I was on the verge of debating whether it was attempted suicide or cancer or both as well when that one chapter came out .

Oh Ry. or rather Dirty Angel Toes fingers still crossed, oh and despite what you said before this damn thing needs to be published once it's properly edited, seriously this story's a beast,in a mostly good way.

So much more about this story and your own life I could say but honestly your such a mystery or is it the real life Tuesday who is to all of us readers? Either way love you.
-one of your many fangirls,-haha I jest, anyway love you forever DAT (even if you never finish this thing!)
Oh and it's not really Scarlett but Brittany-not as unique a name but love you DAT.
Anonymous chapter 15 . 1/7
I refrain from reviewing most of the time, because I'm not quite sure what I ought and ought not say to an author to express my appreciation or lack there of it for a fanfiction. I've been working on reading this for the past day or so and I can say with absolution that no fanfiction has ever taken me by such surprise before. I figured this would end up being a fanfiction that inevitably connected the feuding foster brothers in romance and would end in a happily ever after for the group. You've heartily smashed that stereotype to pieces with a combination of others (best friends in love). I've heard rumors, while browsing through your review page, that this story is left unfinished...

Coming from another author who has gone through personal grievances while in the throes of writing, I certainly hope that you accept my sincere statement that implores you to finish this work. I used to think that there was nothing more sad than someone refusing to write... I now know with certainty that someone who is unable to finish their writing is the saddest of all.

I look forward to seeing you at the end of this story. Be it finished by that time or not, I hope that my review has at least reminded you of a piece that inevitably is a part of you.

Hoping all is well,

Someone like you
hamsters chapter 44 . 1/5
wow. that has got to be one of the best stories ever. i hope you pull through all the stressful shitty stuff life puts you through, because you do not deserve it for writing such a good fic! hope you update soon because i CANNOT WAIT FOR THE HEARING and i just want seth and tuesday to be happy! ]
buttshakingbarney chapter 30 . 12/31/2013
So uh. Shit! Seth's awkward stuttering has finally gotten to me. Anyways, why doesn't he just move to the guest room? Yeah?
dragonbookaddict chapter 44 . 12/28/2013
I am absolutely in love with this story! As soon as I started it, I was fighting with myself to put it down to do things like sleep! The marvolous balance of detail, the quality of the writing, the wonderful characterization, the beautiful mix of humor, angst, hurt/comfort (my favorite genre for some reason, doesn't matter if it's romance or friendship or even the weird bond between enemies), and romance! This story is like quicksand, dragging down all who stumble upon it until they've reached the very end! I can hardly wait to read the next chapter! May Creativity always flow through you, and Writer's Block never plague you! (A littlt saying I only use with authors I believe are truly exceptional)
Narufan1st chapter 21 . 12/13/2013
I'm an o positive and I can give blood to anyone
Narufan1st chapter 9 . 12/12/2013
The fudge, Sam's 13? I'm 13 and my name is Sam but unlike her I don't act like an 8 year old, Kids my age are more mature than that
me chapter 44 . 12/11/2013
just reread it. haha oh why do i do this to myself?! well hope your life is going good. Can't say I don't wish you would upload the last chappie without any authors notes. Maybe you are legit dead? Well I hope not. yikes. But anyway if not, life goes on, we shall survive without an ending.

Usually i just make up my own effed up ending when Seth's dad goes to his school and kidnaps him, takes him back to some warehouse and kills him. lolol. I do love my tragedy. :p
fadi25402702 chapter 2 . 11/26/2013
I'm reading this for the second time . . .

And I'm setting myself up for disaster...
sydneyfox chapter 8 . 11/17/2013
Maaan I must say Seth's school experience reminds me so much of mine when I moved to a new school; add the fact that english wasn't my first language and i could barely understand the accent let alone speak. I hated those 2 years of my life until another girl from my country moved to the school.
miss chapter 1 . 11/17/2013
rofl i love you
xxDibDabxx chapter 15 . 11/4/2013
ARGH. I'm really not liking the love triangle angle. Kinda just ruined it for me - thought this was going down a completely different route. Damn. I really hope you bring this back! I was super enjoying it.
xxDibDabxx chapter 4 . 11/4/2013
I hope Tuesday realises he physically hurt an abuse victim and apologises somewhere down the line. Just saying. Apart from that so far I love.
Guest chapter 44 . 10/8/2013
18swan27 chapter 44 . 9/30/2013
And just like I said I'd be back. What can I say.. let's begin with a confession o f love. I just love you and how you have made me feel with your writing. All the feelings, all the small moments between Tuesday and Seth, just everything makes me feel either frustrated, angry or so damn happy it's hard to breath. I've even cried while reading. It's really a pity if you left this only when there's one chapter left to go. I'm dying to know how the court goes and are tues and Seth going to stay together (well obviously the must after all this struggle) .
Still I hope you're doing good and nothing's wrong after these 4 years. It's so tempting to make you continue this but I know I'm nothing in your life so I'm not the one to push you for I'd do anything to make you continue, tohelp you but I know it's not going to work. Gotta stay patient and just hope you give us an ending. You're amazing, remember that and I hope you'll check your comments even once to see how much we need you. I know, there's some assholes out there who threaten you to continue by mocking you but fuck them! And there's also those who don't want you to continue but... FUCK THEM TOO! You're too Ryan for them which is the highest state of awesome. (How come my message doesn't make any sense? Well because my English doesn't make any sense... sorry I'm not concentrating enough to mind my grammar. English ain't my first language)
Please show us a realistic ending (which your story is, realistic) I just...just...oh god I think you know what I mean. So see ya, counting on ya
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