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gulistala chapter 30 . 5/4/2014
Robin said all men are liars, what did Wesley lie about? So many half-mysteries, don't know what everyone seems to be hinting at to Jenna! Wesley's still a liar isn't he? What is it?
gulistala chapter 26 . 5/4/2014
Hold up, back the heck up there Wesley! You think it's okay to go back to the one woman you said you wouldn't ever talk till Valentine's Day, Jenna's deadline?! Heck is this why the whole Jon vs Wesley comp was cooked up, because he wanted to satisfy his urges again?! Wow. Now some of my questions at his contradictory behaviour have been answered.
Guest chapter 32 . 5/4/2014
So I finished this story just to say I did and shockingly it seems like Wesley grew up and learned from his mistakes but Jenna really hasn't. I mean in the few hours that Jon was there what did he say that indicated he changed at all really? And Jenna seemed like the same person she was 3 years before...and hung up on an emotionally unavailable rich guy. I don't know I think I would've preferred she ended up with someone else like Wesley had instead of falling back with Jon for basically no reason. Eh Jenna wasn't the most sympathetic character to begin with anyways. I'm glad at least Wesley changed and that they seem to co-parent well.
gulistala chapter 24 . 5/4/2014
I knew it! His behaviour and expressions weren't matching up to what he was saying! What I don't understand is, it seems Kim wants to be him. Why won't he? He's already squashed his pride so many times, every time he goes back to her. What is he really trying to do to Jenna?! I knew he was a liar, I was kinda pissed that Jenna got back with him so quickly. I didn't care she hung out with Jon- I was ticked off that she didn't feel sure and confident enough to be open with Wesley. The fact she was afraid of what he'd do spoke volumes of how much he's already controlling her.
gulistala chapter 23 . 5/4/2014
I know I've been writing scathing reviews but it's directed at the characters. The fact that I'm even this passionate I think highlights how engrossed I am in this story!

What is with Wesley? It's like he either thinks Jon's not competition or he's bowing out! Seriously, who makes such a suggestion to date two guys? Aren't people who care supposed to be a little possessive? This is weird. And seriously is it just me or is it too much a coincidence that Jenna became Wesley's PA right when Kim screwed everything, again? And Wesley became interested in dating her. Experience tells me Qesley's every move is premeditated. So. Is this all a ploy? Why is he desperate for a family right now? It seriously doesn't add up.
gulistala chapter 21 . 5/3/2014
I get that Wesley's done worse but Jenna that doesn't justify her going in the very direction she can't trust Wesley for, it's hypocritical. What I don't understand is why she can't be upfront with Wesley. If he's against her hanging out with Jon, she could just tell him tough and still hang out with Jon, against his wishes. But at least she'd be open- which is thr exact same thing she expectd from Wesley. Gosh is it me or are these two jusy wrong for each other if they're not trying to work with each other? Sighs.
gulistala chapter 20 . 5/3/2014
I think Jenna is stupid- she shouldn't be so ubtrusting if she wants Wesley and a relationship. Jon'a got a point, if you're never going to trust him, you're never going to have a proper relationship even if Wesley doesn't stray. Better to run him through a test and see if a proper relationship could be had than second- guessing his every expression and move. And to consider bringing children into that?! If you want your own child, you don't need Wesley. Find an agency that lets single people adopt! Sighs. Can just imaging the train wreck that's about to unfold. And this creeping around Wesley's back with Jon- just be upfront. Are you actually afraid, Jenna? Wow.
E chapter 1 . 5/3/2014
Loved the ending, was such a good story.

Please update Unwanted, it's the best story :)
Nameaiswarya chapter 31 . 3/28/2014
ur work is kinda amazing bt can i plz know when r u going 2 post ur next chapter? v r eagerly wating 4 ending :)
theslykit chapter 31 . 3/23/2014
theslykit chapter 25 . 3/23/2014
I just read your AN and what I have to say to that is OHMG IF YOU STOP WRITING THIS STORY I WILL JUST CRY MY HEART OUT AND HATE YOU FOREVERRRRRRR! :( I'm already used to your emotional turmoil ridden characters and while I'm not happy with the story with Nicole Harmon since she didn't end up with the guy...I still enjoy reading your stories BECAUSE they take me on a whirlwind roller coaster. Please don't listen to the losers berating you. :) I think this is a crazy story but I really love reading it...I'm so invested in this story right now haha and much as I hate/love Wesley..I kind of want Jenna to end up with Jon and then have them part ways eventually because Jenna needs to learn how to stand on her own two feet and be the independent woman she needs to be right? Anyways those were my two cents! Shutting up now.
Poppyxxxx chapter 31 . 3/16/2014
AHHH! I totally was not expecting that! I thought Jon was like really in love with Jenna but he was just trying to save his pride and being annoying and cracking jokes because he didn't want anyone to see how upset he was. And I figured he didn't tell her his room number because he felt she was better off with Wesley or something, and so he didn't want to make her make a choice (Casablanca-esque, perhaps?). But why did Jon do the big romantic gesture of flying to Ukraine? If Wesley told him to alienate Jenna, which he did, and then Wesley felt bad and called him to come out there, WHAT? I need to know what happens! I can't remember whose team I was on the last time I read this (I had to read all 31 chapters because I forgot what happened)...but I'm still unsure. I think I want her to be with Wesley. Things go badly with Wesley when he's feeling bad about something, but when he's not, they're good together and I feel like he does love her, and she could love him.

Jon, I also thought he loved her, and she could probably love him, but sometimes I worried Jon loved Jenna almost in competition with Wesley, like it probably wouldn't last, and then now I don't know if Jon loved her at all because he took Wesley's offer! And I guess, in an ideal world, maybe he loved her but took Wesley's offer out of spite, then dropped all those Paris hints and not-playing-by-the-rules things to Jenna, hoping she'd figure it out and ditch Wesley and then come back to him once he'd explained his sneaky unveiling of what a horrible thing Wesley had done, except that seems a little far-fetched. But now it makes sense that, when he was asking why she chose Wesley, if it was because of the way he had behaved, he wanted to know if he would have won if it weren't for Wesley's bribe-and her answer, that she wanted a traditional family, meant that he would not have won anyway. EXCEPT THAT I FEEL LIKE JON ONLY WANTED TO WIN. But maybe he loved Jenna before he wanted to win, it just quickly became a competition with his cousin. I don't know!

I'm on Jenna's side, and I think Jenna needs to be on Wesley's side. Because I was all for her loving Anya and needing someone to co-parent, and if she can love Wesley (and I think he clearly loves her, first love issues aside), then it makes the most sense to be with Wesley. And I know that's unromantic, according to Marie, but I think he loves her, and I think she will end up falling in love with him, and more importantly, Anya would bring them together. The thing about Wesley is, yes, he did trade her for a townhouse, but-okay, I can't believe I'm even trying to excuse this-he traded a townhouse for another shot with her. Not in exchange for her, because there was no way he could guarantee she'd want him even if Jon was out of the picture, but in exchange for a second chance, so she wouldn't immediately go running to Jon and he'd get one more day or so to try to win her over. (I hate using the term 'win' so much.) Obviously, yeah, that was a bad move. But he told Jenna, and I hope she forgives him. (Chuck Bass traded Blair for a hotel in Gossip Girl, and I feel like it was way worse then, and I still wanted them to end up together-I mean, not immediately, but a few seasons later.) It was a stupid thing to do, but I feel like he did it for the right reasons-he couldn't bear the thought of losing Jenna. Now, I think the important thing to ask is, he couldn't bear the thought of losing her, or is it that he couldn't bear the thought of losing her to Jon? Because if it's just a competition for Wesley-which, he actually MADE it into a competition, now that I remember-then no, he doesn't deserve her. But, this is what I hope: I hope that it was a desperate move because he couldn't bear the thought of screwing up and losing her again. And yes, it reminds Jenna what a control freak he is, and how he had to try to control her decision by offering up a townhouse, but he knows that he would never be able to control her decision. And I think that's what he likes about her, that he can buy the planet but he can't predict Jenna.

Okay so I thought I was on Jon's side for a little bit, and now it seems like I'm gravitating back toward Wesley-I get it, Jenna, you deserve someone who makes you GLOW. But I think there are other things that can make you glow, like Anya, or whatever, maybe even Wesley if he gets his act together (which I think he will get his act together! I really want him to!). And Jon may have made her glow, but it seems like she didn't exactly make Jon glow, and that's kind of important, you know. Unless it's a big scheme and Jon is actually head-over-heels in love with Jenna and would never have taken a townhouse for her but to expose Wesley's cheating mind, or whatever.

AHHH! I'M SO CONFUSED. I want Jenna to just be by herself and single, for a little while, but I know that a) she NEEDS to have Anya and b) she would miss Wesley. The thing is, I think she would also miss Jon.
FlabbergastedFae chapter 31 . 3/16/2014
Wait... what did Robin want to talk about though? What was her call with Jon about? What did Wesley mean when he said people say ridiculous things when they're drunk (what exactly did Jon say?)? It obviously had something to do with the townhouse/Jenna trade, but forgive my denseness and tell me what!

Also, I'm TOTALLY confused regarding "I'm the reason Jon acted the way he did." When? When is he talking about? When did Jon act that way? The phone call before she said she had picked him and hung up, or what? Maybe I'm accustomed to having bad boyfriends, but I didn't see any of Jon's behavior as "alienated."

I would appreciate it so much if you answered my questions! Thanks. And by the way I really like your story - I hope the last chapter ties up all loose strings!

Flabbergasted Fae
excited chapter 31 . 3/12/2014
Hurry wit d last chapter i cant wait
Guest chapter 31 . 3/12/2014
Wens the next update I hav been waitin for ages for it... XD
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