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AS chapter 24 . 7/29/2011
I was going to write later on about this, but... HOW COULD WESLEY CHEAT ON JENNA! HOW COULD WESLEY CHEAT ON JENNA WITH KIM! KIM IS A GOLD DIGGER! If anything JON is BETTER than WESLEY! At first Wesley was... fun. But NOW he is a TWO-TIME-CHEATER! And he talked BAD about Jon. At least Jon doesn't cheat and just tells you if he's not interested. I really hope that Jon is better than Wesley. And Jenna isn't cheating.
On The Tip Of My Tongue chapter 30 . 7/29/2011
I just read this entire story in a day and a half with sleep and food and going out in between. I think I might deserve an award. I don't know how you can write almost 10,000 words a chapter. Any tips? XP

But, otherwise, I am very much a fan of your story. I'm not going to lie - the first chapter I read Wesley as Weasley and I've been thinking Weasley ever since. Also, when the metaphor for his fake smile and the fake mustache was made, I've envisioned him with a long, fake, well groomed mustache. I also hated him for a good half the story. But that might just be because I kind of hate Jenna. Not so much because of her personally, but because of her decisions I guess? Her personality as a character so directly clashes with mine. Like me, I wouldn't even think of adopting until I had my own source of financial stability and I wouldn't have to rely on a man I might or might not be involved with. And I try to understand the whole thing between Wesley and Jon, but it's difficult because when she first met Jon she started an intelligent conversation with him off the bat. The only thing Jenna's ever discussed with Wesley is their future together, their future apart, the company, their personal lives, and their family. It's like they're caught up in a world of them.

I'm not trying to disrespect your writing - not at all. I just guess I don't have as much of a bleeding heart as Jenna where I'd adopt a child as soon as I saw pictures of broken orphanages. I'd prefer Jon over Wesley, no doubt about it. But that's probably just because I'd clash with Wesley, you know?

Oh well. Those are my disorganized opinions upon your story. :) You're a wonderful writer.
booboobeck95 chapter 30 . 7/29/2011
Wesley Wesley Wesley Wesley Wesley Wesley Wesley! :D 3
3H chapter 30 . 7/28/2011
YAY! You're back. I felt a little slow reading this, because it's been so long but it all came back me.

Way to go Marie for making Jenna feel like shit. It's so lovely to hear that this man only cares for her because she's the mother of his child. First thing I gotta say is I don't think Jenna has picked a man yet. She's picked Anya, Wesley picked Anya. They haven't choose each other. There's no love, just slight admiration. Admirations isn't enough to sustain a relationship.

At first I thought Robin was mad at Jenna, or irritated with the guy she was talking to. As I thought this over, I believe her chat with Jon put her in a mood. He must have pointed something out about Wesley. She wanted to scold her brother for something he had done wrong and sparing Jenna's feelings she chose to do it privately. I seriously think she's disappointed in something he's done, and he knew he'd been caught because he agreed to speak with his sister one on one.

Sadly, I'm doubting Wesley. Even though I want it to be him, I've yet to understand him. Firstly, I cannot comprehend why he's clinging to so tightly to Jenna? If he cannot give her his whole heart completely, don't string her along. Same goes for her too.

He's always been so mysterious, but to much mystery makes me think he's untrustworthy, still. What's really going on in his head? And as for Jon, him going to Paris doesn't sit well with me. Anywhere Kim is means trouble in my eyes. Now, I'm not jumping to any conclusions, or maybe I am. I'm just saying she's drama and I feel she's about to start more, if she hasn't set the drama wheels in motion yet.

One thing Wes should do, is ban Paris all together. But it must be hard for him since he's still holding onto the sick relationship he has with Kim. Okay I'm being presumptuous again but whatever. Okay, I'm done with my rambling, please update soon. I love this confusing story. Also, I'm curious about this townhouse, there must be more to that story and I'm impatiently waiting to know what Jon spoke to Robin about.

Midnight113 chapter 30 . 7/28/2011
Excellent work, I feel bad that Jenna had a fight with her mom but I understand she's just confused and trying to figure things out. I really want Jenna and Wesley to end up together mostly because I think he's really a good guy and he's going to be a good father with the potential to be a good husband. I think he really cares about her too. I'm curious about Jon and I want to know what's going on with him and why Robin was so upset. Very interesting... Keep up the good work and update soon!
mylittleprincess chapter 30 . 7/28/2011
update update update
star.coated.sneakers chapter 30 . 7/28/2011
well judging by how awkward their conversation is and what her mom was saying about her relationship with Jon and how it was, I'm guessing this story isn't going to end the way I want it to... Idk I just didn't feel Jon and Jenna's chemistry, I usually do but I'm really not feeling him. Oh well, I guess Wesley will get a daughter out of all of this.
MelikaCalva chapter 30 . 7/27/2011
I think I am as confused as Jenna now.

I enjoy each chapter!
There's-A-Star-In-My-Hand chapter 29 . 7/22/2011
hey :)

i really love Jenna even though she seems confused most of the time,i think Jon is amazing mostly cus she isjust so funny and calm and fun AND he makes pancakes ;) but i think Wesley is slightly annoying but one's perfect!

iadore your story! ! ! ! ! ! !

please write more soon :D

love yo x
witz13 chapter 29 . 7/18/2011
HI! Where did you go? Haven't seen more of this story! Growing desperate!
Lucy1656 chapter 29 . 7/10/2011
Pretty please update soon! I love this story, one of the best I've read _
star.coated.sneakers chapter 29 . 7/7/2011
"Where'd you go, I miss you so, seems like it's been forever since your been gone" that pretty much summarizes what I want to say. Please update soon :)
aliaschantra chapter 28 . 7/5/2011
Just thought of something. It would be dramatic if Kim really is pregnant with Wes' offspring and Jenna would get pregnant with Wes' too. Seeing that Wes is no longer tied with the no physical-contact rule and is starting to get affectionate and Jenna chose him, it's not impossible that something could happen with their last day together in Ukraine. Wes would be put in an unbelievably dire situation. Though in this situation, if I were Jenna, I'd never even consider accepting Wes. Hehe.
aliaschantra chapter 29 . 7/4/2011
I started reading this a couple of days ago and I've just finished it. It's engrossing. I find myself shifting loyalties from time to time. :)

You're a very persuasive writer that address realistic issues and provide logical points that it is hard to stick to a specific opinion. You're very thorough and present almost every side of an argument. I love your sense of humor; it shows in the dialogues. Each character has a distinct personality that is consistent enough so the reader could deduce a reasonable explanation for the character's actions or words.

The core question(in my mind) almost every end of the chapter is whether Jenna should choose Wesley or Jon. Before she chose Wesley, I would have been still happy with either. Jon is a darling and in the latest chapter, I think Jenna and Wesley underestimated the degree of Jon's feelings for her and I'm not sure Jon realized it himself or maybe he did and he's just downplaying it because of the circumstance or maybe I'm just wrong. I like him simply because his heart is not taken. Hehe. It’s hard to compete for a person’s heart but it’s harder to compete with that person’s heart. Jon is honest, a rare trait. He's a good guy but ultimately, it's not about who is the better person because they both are, even with their flaws. Wesley is inherently good even with his Kim issues and when he eventually overcame that hurdle he moved up to the top of my list. But is he really done with Kim? (Doubt is the consequence of lying, I can't fully trust him because trust takes time to earn once broken.) If he is, then he'll remain in my top list, if not, then he'll be written off forever.*laughs* It does seem like he really is over Kim because of Anya(and his desire for a family and his morals) and although it would have been more romantic for him to end his relations solely because of Jenna, I know that it would take time. Unless he'll fall in love with Jenna though, I would always be doubtful whether he could sustain his promise to keep away from Kim- it does seem like he could based on the latest development. Unlike Jenna, I'm not so forgiving and choose Wesley with the same rationale as hers. I'd only choose Wesley for love(ideally), nothing more, nothing less. Jenna is not in love with either so it is hardly a factor in her decision. What is love anyway? It is hardly definable and differs from person to person. In the real world, realistically speaking, most people think more like Jenna— choosing based on what aligns to their main concern. Her reasons are consistent with her nature. Her primary priority is no longer herself but Anya, and there lies the advantage of Wesley because their goals and dreams for the future collide. Jon, for all his greatness, doesn’t have the luxury of time to develop his feelings enough for him to commit himself fully for Jenna’s security of mind. Wesley has committed himself to be a good father, to be a good husband and it would be perfect if he could commit his heart.

Update soon please. Thanks. :)
buznuz1 chapter 29 . 6/11/2011
I can't tell if there is going to be another complication or if we have finally gotten to the easy road :S Im LOVING this so far and I can't wait till you update so please do!
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