Reviews for Hanging
ramblingrobin chapter 5 . 7/2/2014
Eep! Bad, John! Bad!
ramblingrobin chapter 4 . 7/2/2014
This story is fun.
ramblingrobin chapter 3 . 7/2/2014
Poor boys.
ramblingrobin chapter 2 . 7/2/2014
I like this story. It's interesting.
hi chapter 5 . 7/6/2009
this story is so dark yet I still like it. I hope for a happy ending even though a bittersweet one seems more likly.
ricemidget chapter 5 . 3/27/2009
its a great story! i can't wait to read more 83 i wonder who will end up with who? ]
explicitones chapter 4 . 2/20/2007
:( aw! I guess you're not going to be updating this are you? it's a really good story too! well I hope you do update it!
Luciver too lazy to sign in chapter 1 . 7/31/2006
So, I take it this fic has been discontinued? Dissapointing, since it's actually a very beautiful, dark story and has the potential to be really REALLY great. I hope you re-consider the apparent discontinuation and revive this story? I'd be one happy fan
theskyatmyfeet chapter 4 . 11/17/2005
OMG, Julitina, I love you?

Ok, don't know about that one, but this story is so addictive...

Love this chapter. Olny thing is, I wish that you would write more... It's so good...

Oh, I luff you for commenting on my journals!

*hugs you and leaves cookies and littchi candy*

Gayle of Genisis chapter 4 . 10/27/2005
that's okay, I love this story, the tone is so beautiful.
Esquirella chapter 4 . 10/26/2005
You updated! COOLNESS! Great chapter!
Broken doll on a dirty shelf chapter 4 . 10/26/2005
Lol- I bet he tastes good! XD (See's Chris-sama, holding the fan...) Okay, he doesn't! Just don't bob me! But it's okay, they're not shoddy just...I'm out of words. Sorry.

Harlequin~Please fix me...
Broken doll on a dirty shelf chapter 3 . 10/26/2005
Again, it's okay just for the lack of description. You've got the talent Love, you're just not using it at full extent. But I enjoyed either way...though it was a bit sad...the beating I mean.

Harlequin~Please fix me...
Broken doll on a dirty shelf chapter 2 . 10/26/2005
Hm...this is a bit odd now, still good but a tiny bit confusing. It's the the scene jumps, it's the actions. Maybe detail them a bit more, give the characters more background...

Harlequin~Please fix me...
Broken doll on a dirty shelf chapter 1 . 10/26/2005
Good start. The way you'd jump from one scene to the next was great, not many can pull off scenes like that (fast paced I mean) well. You did a wonderul job on it and I hope you continue with it, fantastic work.

Harlequin~Please fix me...
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