Reviews for You Don't Know Me
Pheobe Meryll chapter 1 . 11/5/2005
Interesting changing the POV, although the rest of the poem was entirely the same. I like the first best I think because it was origanally written that way so it flowed better. also, reprinting the same poem, revised, isn't normally done, but it might be better if you did it in chapters. It's just the note in the middle kind of took away the emotional aspect of it. If you're looking for constructive crtiticism, I never give much on poetry, but here goes:I would take it easy on using punctuation at the end of a line because it's easy to mess up the grammatical flow or mark rythem when you don't intend to. Also, "We know each other better everyday" should be "every day." Of course Quickedit may have done that.

All in all, I like this poem. The theme is one that can be easily idenitied with. Good work :P