Reviews for Late Nights
The Proxy Ninja chapter 1 . 7/11/2005
"He gave a short laugh as this occurred to him, a short nervous tear filled laugh." *tear-filled, [would be nice.]

"Still though, he couldn’t let Hyatt come in and see him cry, Hyatt hated whe Jasper would cry." *when;

"'Not only are you much to overemotional my dearest brother, but you have no taste in liquor.'" *too, [I think there's a better term for "overemotional", which sounds awkward for the mode and speech of a suave character.]

"And with that he left, slipping out the door in silence, leaving nothing of importance besides the embers of a fire and a smile in his wake" *a period at the end.

This was tastefully written. I think, though, it could be conveyed in less words. The images are crisp, and I could sense the vulnerability and fragility of Jasper.