Reviews for Dream
daphnegray78 chapter 1 . 7/26/2005
Hmm... this is an interesting dream. _

Now, I'm not a licensed psychologist, but I would love to offer up my interpretation. If you don't want to know my opinion (which, hey, I don't blame you...) you can pretend this is the end of my review. ;)


Anyways, here's my interpretation: I would say the girl is yourself. The candles, being black, represent all of the bad things in your past... but when they are lit, it shows you still have some hope. The sudden plunge into darkness represents your fear of something horrible happening (i.e. death, rejection, etc.). The girl (you) grabs you and you are frightened... because you are frightened of who you are or will become. But then, in the end, you described her as beautiful and mesmerizing... meaning that you either are starting to love yourself or, deep down inside, you already do but don't realize it yet.

But, yeah... just an interpretation. _