Reviews for Shadow Game
merrymowmow chapter 11 . 12/17/2007
I was wondering when you're going to update?
DJ chapter 11 . 11/22/2007
where in the hell have you BEEN! you ever call you never write and you never e-mail and dammit i have been worried about you and stuff!

Alex: Ah hell there she goes, there will be no stopping her now.

i want to put you in a story with my RL friends and we are all going into a horror movie so i wanted you in it. you in?

Cadi: wait, didnt you just ask her if she wanted to be in but if you havent written her in then...

o shut up.

Alex: *grumble* *grumble* *mutter* *mutter* has to be a virgin *mutter* *grumble*
DJ chapter 10 . 5/18/2006

Eric: aww...poor alex...

Alex: shut it or ill take it out on you!

Gabe: wait a minute...he needas a mental bond for controlling a person in this story?

Alex: *grumbles* wacky...if i make it out of this story in a concouse state...

DJ: concouse is over doing it dont you think? i would go for breathing.

Alex: shut it you over grown bug! if i make it out of this story you are ALL dead and raped! dammit!
DJ chapter 9 . 1/22/2006
Alex: /snorts/ what will i do indeed!

Gabe: okay, phenny, i know death sounds bad and all but i want you to think real hard about...

Alex: shut it!

O, phenny will be owned by alex? you knwo, he has been very happy the passed few days that must be why. ill send over the collar and leash...maybe nipple clamps...

Alex: god i love that woman...
DJ chapter 8 . 1/9/2006
Alex: my hands ARE NOT cold! i keep them warmed just for these special occations!

Gabe: i want in this story!

Alex: and what the hell do you mean who made me boss! im ALEX!

fenny, my boy...if it makes you feel any better alex is normally gentle with his rape...


Alex: shall i show you?

fenny: NO!

O.o has alex bonded with fenny? is tran dead? will gabe ever find a story he is not raped in?

Gabe: probably not...

UPDATE! i plan to work on mine as we shall see what plans lerk in ym dangerouse mind...

Alex: *snorts* not too ahrd ot figure out. sex...
Pixie-Twix chapter 7 . 12/23/2005
Alex: i like this version of me, can i borrow me for Rules of telepathy?

Gabe: *to wacky* woman you need to throw a demon version of me in here so that we can even the odds up a bit...i mean REALLY!

Alex: can i rape you?

Gabe: no.

Alex: okay, ill go to little fenny here then!

Fenny: Crap! get off me! hey wait...are those shackles on the bed?

Alex: *evil grin*

Fenny: *screams and runs*

Alex: i can have you without laying a finger on you...remember that!

Gabe: he means it...hes done it before!

Eric: Not as good as me of coarse!

And cadi, yes i would torture and rape you in my story...several a much younger age.

Cadi: *winces*

And no, you would not get to eat people.

Cadi: what about angel?

Angel: oh for goodness sakes! i am not a freakin appitizer!

Alex and Cadi: Youre the main coarse.

Hm...i see plot bunnies here...

Angel: woman you even THINK of it and i swear...

Alex: the shackles are ready pet...

maybe that can be our colab? oh and i am rewritting rules of the touched just to elt you know. i dont liek it...too boring so far. it is supposed to be more about emily than her mom anyway, so i figured there ahs to be another way of going about it. flashbacks maybe.

Gabe: *Grabs Emily and runs off* Dont worry! Ill save you!

Emily: Is that a bee hive?

Gabe: *puts her down* on second thought, you can handle it yourself...
Pixie-Twix chapter 6 . 12/17/2005
Alex: *dances* im gonna get some, im gonna get some...

Fenny: actually there was that time a few years ago.,...

Alex: Dont count, your still a virgin *pounces*

LOL! aww, and he even has fangs! love the make over! i am so honored you put him in your story. now if youll excuse me, i ahve someone i could use. *grabs Cadi*

Cadi: Oh hell no! ive seen what you do with your charicters!

you know what, we need to put all our charicters into a room and see what happens.

DJ: Mayhem. i am so : : : rapeGabe: worls war 3...Alex: bondageRyan: spankings...Alex: dude, you speak my language!
Pixie-Twix chapter 5 . 12/13/2005
Alex: *Pulling along a bewildered looking living statue* really, i just need you to hold him while i...

Angel: YOU!

Alex: Crap. Okay statue, new plan...HIDE ME FROM THE PHYCHO BITCH!

Gabe: *looking at DJ* so shes still sore about ebing left naked on the beach in the middle of winter?

DJ: *winces as Alex get mauled* yup.

Gabe: As bad as this sounds...should we help him?

Statue: How did i get in the middle of this...

Angel: thats right...hold him like that. now let me go get the bucket of ice water i left over there...

Gabe: i would have never thought she was sadistic...

hee hee...loved it of coarse! does our poor little near rape victim get saved? and whos the girl?
DJ chapter 3 . 12/7/2005
I knwo, i rock, what would ya do without me? dont answer that...i dont wanna know.

loved it! fenny gonna get raped?

Gabe: woman, you are one demented little...

Alex: can i hvae him when theyre done?

Gabe: You are both nuts!
Pixie-Twix chapter 3 . 12/6/2005
yes...poor raine. shes my fairy from "rules of the fairy" and trust me, she goes through hell and then some. anyway, did you miss a chapter? when were they sold? i liked it though. like the new master, like everything...even the statue thing.

Eric: oh great...Angel: if i go through anyhting with statues you WILL be the first one i come : if alex dreams up anything to do with statues you are REALLY : what could i do with statues! unless...

Erm...i would start running...
kt chapter 2 . 12/3/2005
why hasn't this story been update? it's got such an interesting story line. please continue... you can't just get me hooked on the story and leave me waiting...and waiting... and waiting... please update
torn ace chapter 2 . 10/5/2005 hooked. man, and i thought i put my charicters through hell!Eric: thank heaven you never wrote a fanfic on me...Raine: yeah, you try loosing your mother, getting kidnapped by horny pirates, being raped, pushed from a plane, and killed three times...Eric: *stares*Raine: yeah, im that good!

update! i love this!