Reviews for Violence in the Media, My Views
Enigmatic Huntress chapter 1 . 7/17/2005
I could not disagree with you more. People can blame the media and TV all they like but isn't that just looking for the easy answer? The fact is most of us watch horror movies, listen to angry lyrics, or play bloody vidogames but we don't turn out violent, do we? We can't keep a ban on things forever. Besides, the kids are bound to get hold of a X box game or see a violent movie sooner or later. I mean are we supposed to keep them from reading the papers, watching the news too? We can't wrap them in cotton wool. I mean in the olden days they had horror movies just the same and the crime rate wasn't as high. It is my opinion that something is in certain people anyway and all it takes is a trigger. But sooner or later- that trigger is going to get pushed. Besides, what could we really do? There are laws about sex, smoking and drink and does anybody really pay any attention to those? I'll admit media may be partly to blame but something has to be in their brains anyway and laying it all at the media just seems like we are not tackling the deeper issue. Yeah, I am sure you wanted to hear all that. This was very well written and you put your points across in a very effective way. Even if I don't exactly agree you do bring up a good debate. Which is probably why in all honesty I've just been putting my view forward. This made me want to debate. This was mature and makes the reader think. So, yeah, well done and sorry about the babbling. You want my review- not my personal opinion. Keep writing. Luv Kaitx