Reviews for Roses and Tares
Todd chapter 5 . 9/18/2005
You really are skilled at eliciting emotion from people. Last night, Uolli's crying and plainly visible grief also made me feel grief at the absence of Jisindritha, and her manner of passing. But, re-reading, I also felt grief for *Uolli*, for feeling the way she does. Her pain is one of the worst imaginable, and she does not have a hardened heart. Uolli just isn't cold like that, so the loss shakes her all the more, at least physically.

Jisindritha may not feel great that her two little girls are going to Urih-teliean, but I think she *would* be happy, knowing they will both be safe, and away from the hardships of the Wilds which Jisindritha knew all too well. I hope Aelle eventually considers that, and feels a little better about her situation, in relation to Jis
Sept. Rose chapter 5 . 9/12/2005
I really like the flow of this chapter and the feelings that are running through it. Maybe that's just the mood I'm in tonight, but I think you did a good job there. I'm also feeling another "identifying" thing going on with one of the characters. I wonder if you know who? _

Todd chapter 4 . 9/9/2005
"Perhaps so, but I think you shall use one another. I think you shall use her for-" Shyayniah faltered. "-for sex, and I think that she shall use you to raise her status in Urih-teliean. Knowing a king can be a key to power."

Well, that's being negatively assumptive. He acts as though Lmeintt has immature desire, such as...oh, I dunno, fighting desperate Wilds women for sport. In all seriousness, the good King has more nobility than that, in my view. Besides, doesn't he come to the Wilds because it's easier there to act a bit more loosely? Taking a sex slave to Urih-Teliean, that would be awefully risky, when he could just get his freak on in the Wilds
Sept. Rose chapter 4 . 9/3/2005
An Aelle-less chapter, but good anyway. My suspicions about Shyay were confirmed. And I am once again the first reviewer for a chapter. _ Yay.

Sept. Rose chapter 3 . 8/26/2005
The bad news was not taken well at all, as I thought, but the nudity might have been a bit much. So Aelle will finally achieve her dream of going to Urih-teliean, but not in the way she expected. Not too much else to comment, but I'm guessing the next few chapters will still have the girls dwelling on the death.

Todd chapter 3 . 8/25/2005
Aelle has certainly exhibited new personality traits, drastically changing her from the calm, mature, collected girl, in my eyes. It's difficult not to get annoyed with someone in the situation Aelle was in with Uolli, but still. Threatening violence because Uolli is scared? They *are* Wild Landers, yes,, I never imagined Aelle had such a short fuse about some things.

Well, threatening to shoot someone in the nude is...interesting.I must say, I have both sympathy and criticisms for Aelle and Lmeintt. While this *is* the Wilds they're in, they both obviously wanted come civility in their exchange. So, I fault Lmeintt slightly for pulling Aelle's hair, and for making crude comments during such a sensitive time. Aelle for turning the whole thing into a fight by attacking him. I feel sympathy for Lmeinnt, because he was trying to be diplomatic and help the two girls, and he was attacked and treated like a hostile. I feel the *most* sympathy for Aelle, however, because...well, cannot have such spoilers in my review, but you know why, Amber. Gods, do I feel bad for her. She has her dream now, but at the cost of...

Well, at least Lmeintt is honorable and noble, in offering the two girls what he did. He seems to want the best for everyone. I'm actually developing a degree of respect for the man, despite his flaws(such as entering a life-or-death fight with Jisindritha for sport, right after she indicated that that sort of thing pisses her off greatly)
Todd chapter 2 . 8/8/2005
I'm glad to finally get to know Good King Lmeintt.

Given how honest he is with himself, I'll trust his word on many self views, for now. Well, I'm actually not quite sure, really. He doesn't seem to lack much in the department of intelligence. He seems to consider Mriee a politician with more wit, yet Lmeintt had an equally sided debate with her. Judging by his thoughts, he knows to listen to everything, how to keep track of his opposition by means of a representative, and has formulated a viewpoint on the larger picture of Urih-teliean, which he is not pulling from his ass. Yet he doubts himself. He feels he does not deserve authority, and at the same time wants that and more authority, in orer to change things. From what I've seen so far, I theorize he has the intellect to be a capable king, and the caring for the populace. But what of this lack of confidence? Second guessing oneself is a good checkbalance, while having an aide for the same is also wise. But feeling he is completely incapable? Does a good leader not also need *some* confidence in themselves? I actually think a good community leader has *self* confidence and intelligence, but is mostly inclined to second guess their bills and suggested law changes. All of these components likely produce a capable leader and advocate/aid of the people, in my opinion.

I felt as apprehensive as Lmeintt concerning Mriee, at first. As their discussion revealed her intentions not to be so malicious, I felt myself, uh...less defensive of Lmeintt, along with Lmeintt.

Thinking upon that fact, I realize how good you are at this. Somehow, this chapter made me place myself into Lmeintt's point of view. Strongly, but in a dreamlike fashion. I sort of felt what he felt, but more like I was not in control, and seeing this in a dream.\

Well, back to Mriee. Yeah, I at first felt an aura of condescension and arrogance, from her. But I kept an open mind. I really wish she'd come right out with her feelings instead of garnished accusations, but I suppose her Urih-teliean orientation prevents that. She would only feel right doing so if her lord prompts her. I'm sure Lmeintt realizes this, though he's hard pressed never to be annoyed by it.

I agree with him in that while she is very skilled and a benefit to the political world, I doubt her as an overall ruler. While I cannot yet say I feel a revolution is necessary or not(given I've not yet seen much of Urih-teliean's state in any novels), she does not seem too sure of the status quo, and not very open to at least considering constradictory viewpoints. Added to that, she strikes me as too temperamental and cold to rule, especially when challenged.

Shyayniah looks to be a good person, and wise. Though I worry he does not think enough about himself. I hope he can someday get past any pain his unrequitted love has or will cause him. I'd wondered why he was ever attracted to Lmeintt, though. King Lmeintt is confident, and even acts on impulse while either failing to consider all possible dangers, or not even noticing what's there. Shyayniah, on the other hand, plays it very safe indeed. He's no mouse, but I think he avoids unnecessary risk as much as possible, or at least what he seems to be unnecessary. I guess even opposites like that, can attract.

I mostly do not blame Lmeintt for Jisindritha's death. She attacked him when he made no move to strike her, and he had no idea the surge of electricity would kill her. But he knew the consequences of remaining where he was, and moderately contributed to the sparking of the battle, in that way. He also proved Jisindritha correct on some points, at least about himnself. He did not seem to register nor care about anything but his sport, and was willing to let her attack him for further sport. Now in part due to his lust for sport and impulsive behavior, Jisindritha is no more.
Sept. Rose chapter 2 . 8/8/2005
Ok, you already told me what was going to happen in this chapter, so it wasn't too big of a shock. I still like the introduction of the new characters, and I wonder how the girls are going to take this news. Probably not well.

The Green Crow chapter 2 . 8/8/2005
Wow! You sure have a knack for making up awkward and hard-to-remember names! this was really, really good, though. I liked the whole the grass is always greener... thing. Anyways, i loved it! and check out Queen of Glass, wich is also a really good story, though long. update soon!
Todd chapter 1 . 7/24/2005
As with Egewe's recent update, I shall save character and story observations for the conclusion.

Before spelling stuff, I noticed that you go into Aelle's noting some of Jisindritha's features twice in the same chapter, which would be her leathery tan skin and angular facial structure. These are accompanied by new features in both parts, so I am open to the possibility this was part of your style, your intent, etc. Like, the first time you mentioned her white scars. Then later, her angular features are expanded to include the rest of her body, such as her elbows. Hmm, and it is mentioned the second time around that her tanned and leathery skin is due to Rusili Bya's harsh rays in the Wild Lands.

"She took the plates into the living room, where she sat upon the bare floor and ate with Jisindritha and Uolli, both of whom had crossed their legs."

Why is it noteworthy that the other two women have crossed their legs? Aelle is also sitting on the floor, and we can only assume she has naturally done the same(as most do when sitting on the floor), yet it is not mentioned. Er, unless Aelle preferred to sit with her legs stretched out, and you were showing us the difference in the womens' positions. Yet if this is so, I think it should have shown us how exactly Aelle sat, as well. Er, anyways, I just don't see any point in mentioning that two of the three girls had their legs crossed when sitting on the floor, when it doesn't seem to make much difference as the chapter progresses from there. It does mention that Aelle feared Jisindritha springing to her feet, yet that is already an obvious action by the previous mention that Jisindritha was already sitting on the floor. Yet I also do not see any harm in this, necessarily. *shrug*

"It would only make her look foolishness and stubborn in her wrongness."

You most likely meant 'foolish'.

"The water was cold, but refreshing. Aelle rubbed herself down with lye soap until her skin began to turn red. It itched when the lye soap caused the first layer of dead skin to wash away, but Aelle didn't mind. She rubbed harder."

Given how lye soap is harsh -as is pointed out here- and how Aelle had suffered scrapes and lacerations earlier in the day due to her fall, wouldn't the lye soap be causing her moderate to high pain in some places, beyond irritated redness? Unless Aelle purposely avoided those areas, though that is not mentioned. And on the other hand, I imagine she'd want to clean the dirt off of her wounds as well.

Aelle is certainly someone many of us can identify with. Either young teens, or those of us who remember our early teens very well. She has had housemates most of her life, either in the form of her parents or her current companions. The thought of going out into the 'real world'(I put this in quote marks, as the real world she thinks of, The Wilds, is far scarier in some ways than many places we Earthers traverse in adulthood) is intimidating to many her age, at the very least. Yet Aelle is sensible enough not to be completely swallowed up by peer pressure, as she displays a kind heart about life and continues dreaming, despite Jisindritha's chastisement. Sensible enough to continue dreaming, yet sharpen her focus on the present. She has picked out the most necessary and wise bits of Jisindritha's speech, while not losing sight of possibly bettering her life.

I, uh, cannot say much about Uolli at this point. She sounds like she is of a good heart. She's still a little slow with the hunt, but I think she can develop her reflexes just a little bit further.

Given Jisindritha's past, the fact she is alive and emotionally/physically functioning enough to be the core of a small surviving household, is proof enough of her capabilities. Living such a harsh life in the thick of the Wilds, it's either do or die, both physically and emotionally. Jisindritha, um, did(for lack of a more elegant way of phrasing it). It's also impressive that she has such control over her emotions. Shutting them off completely due to loss is difficult enough at times, but Jisindritha seems to have merely shut down her pain receptors, whilst still retaining the ability to care. At least I *think* she cares about the other two. One might argue that she needs their help to survive. But she's obviously gotten along fine on her own in the past. And without those other two girls, she'd wouldn't need to kill and skin as much food, so Uolli's strength is not necessarily a need of Jisindritha's alone. Aelle can cook much more skillfully, but Aelle herself told us that Jisindritha does not care about taste either way, and can cook adequately enough to render meat edible.

On that point, I've been wondering how the three came to live together, having once been neighbors in a village.
Sept. Rose chapter 1 . 7/24/2005
Another new story, another new set of fascinating characters. I can see that Aelle is not going to be the typical feminist heroine you see all the time; she has doubts about herself, still wants the motherly-ness (if that's a word) of Jisindritha, and wants to just go to the big city. We'll just have to read on to see where her dreams (not her hopes, I remember) take her.