Reviews for Absolution
Esquirella chapter 1 . 7/25/2005
Weird, wild and wonderful!
Todd chapter 1 . 7/25/2005
Absolution? Oh, no. By doing this, they are seeking condemnation, which Snooks states.

All through talking to you last night, I've felt Snooks has done nothing but wrong by Fyree. He not only cheated on her sexually, he actually involved himself in other romances, 'dating' at least one other person, and feeling romantically bonded with another. But after reading parts of the most recent Self Servitude chapter(two of what FPN would call chapters), I had some faith that he would wait awhile before resuming his other love life. I at least thought he'd refrain on the very night/day Fyree was killed - you know, like, 24 hours or so. But no, here he is ~_~

However, after further contemplation, I thought that perhaps he'd done some good things for Fyree, in his own way. He readily admits his anger problem, and how he needs therapy. We've seen how much his anger has emotionally and physically hurt Vikashar, as well as Elea. If they hadn't been distant for some time, would he have not hurt Fyree with this, as well? On one hand, she's very tranquil both verbally and physically these days, so the chances of arousing his wrath would be slimmer than usual. But in the conversation they had from the first chapter, Fyree demonstrates she is unafraid of pushing on some sensitive areas, and this is something we've seen Vikashar anger Snooks with.

Eh, it also depends upon the duration of Snooks' anger problems. Has he always had them? If so, Fyree obviously felt able to handle them, as she still wanted Snooks close to her. id he develop them after marrying Fyree, and then distance himself from her, for her sake? As Snooks said, he loved his wife more, and perhaps that is why he felt no qualms in letting it out on Elea. Hmm...I think he also loves Vikashar more than Elea, because Snooks has felt guilt over hurting Vikashar, as well. He doesn't seem to feel guilt over hurting Elea, so he must love him least of the other two...poor Elea. Mm, there's also the obvious fact that they both have crazy fetishes whilst plaqued by their emotional problems. So I guess guilt is replaced by pleasure, and mostly for Snooks, it seems.

Al, Elea, Bippety Boppity Boo. You know, he reminds me a litle bit of Mirniel. Both born of malicious acts(I can only assume Elea was formed from a vicious spell, despite his appearance), both very sensitive and feminine in personality, both bi-polar in their own ways, both with unique genetic codes, both exotic and feminine in looks, both with partners who semi-regularly abuse them both emotionally and physically. Though only one enjoys some of the abuse. Er, Shas ever enjoys it, it's due to not knowing he is being insulted. Despite Shas having an attachment to Vikashar, due to his memory problems and aloof nature, Shas is better apt to not cause himself pain by obsessing over his 'true love' when not with him. If Shas were without memory problems, I wonder if he'd be more like Elea.I just couldn't help but think of these correlations when reading, I'm sorry