Reviews for It Might Happen and It Might Not
Formerly chapter 7 . 8/1/2005
Damn. You didn't actually read my review. You sort of read it and then argued based on what you wanted to see, but unfortunately, you completely ignored half of every argument I made.

"I exist. That isn’t debatable because I can prove that I exist in an instant."

Prove to who. Yourself? But since it's your existence we're debating, you're the only person whose opinion doesn't matter.
Darthen chapter 7 . 8/1/2005
I would like to invite you to prove that you exist to someone other than yourself. You can prove to yourself that you exist with the simple reasoning of cogito ergo sum, but try to prove it to someone else. You can't really prove, without any doubt, that I exist. For all you know, you could be insane/demented, and I could be a figment of your imagination. Trying to prove beyond all doubt that anything exists is total mindfuck.

As far as this chapter goes, I fail to see what truths have to do with anything. In fact, it doesn't tie in to the main argumant except through a stretch of the 90 percent generalization.

The thing is this: your willing to wait a year, but the majority of the users don't want to wait a year and risk their hard work being messed up. I sincerely doubt that the owners of fictionpress are willing to pay a team of good techies to do a job this grand in porportion. To do something like you suggest would probably turn this site into a pay-site because the Fictionpress owners don't make enough to tackle something so big; advertising money only goes so far. The whole merging of sites issue is really more of a matter of money than anything else. The internet isn't free. The users of fictionpress and fanfiction alike wouldn't pay the fees required, especially if they see it as a pointless waste of time. It's a bad PR move as well as a bad economic move. It's really a lose-lose situation.

A merged sight would do nothing to equalize respect. There will still be authors who stick in the regfic section, and those who stick in the fanfic section. The only people who would go between both, already do go between both. Just because they're together doesn't mean people won't stick to their opinions.

I also doubt that people are prejudiced on the issue. In order for them to be prejudiced you would first have to prove that they have come to their opinions without good reason. Most of the people here who don't like fanfiction have read enough fanfiction on their own to form an opinion. I don't really care about whether a story is regfic or fanfic. I don't think one is lesser quality than the other. What I beleive is that each has their place. Just like you don't put an essay in the western section, you don't put a fanfic where regfics go. It's that simple.

In the end, you should realize that, on this topic, you are the minority. Fictionpress is a business, they have to maintain a profit. Spending huge amounts of money on the opinions of the minority, when doing so would cost them users, is a bad business move.

Good day.
SilentBlueRose chapter 7 . 8/1/2005
But those who died for freedom were wrong for a good reason. Yes, they were wrong. I am incredibly glad they did what was wrong, and they did it for the greater good, but that doesn't change the fact that what they did was against the law, and therefore was wrong. Great, yes, but wrong. You posting a fanfiction on an original fiction site is not for the greater good. I can't believe you actually include yourself with America's founding fathers. You are not even close to being as great as they are, nor will you ever be. Yes, both they and you are wrong... But they did it for the good of world. You did it because you are an attention whore.

Sure, maybe I did 'insult' those who died for freedom. But at least I'm not saying that terrorists, rapists, murders, child/spousal abusers, drug addicts, drunk drivers, pedophiles, perverted old men, infomercials, and democrats are right.

And actually, you can't prove your existence.

Have a nice day.
Mbwun chapter 7 . 8/1/2005
Except that's not what you did with a fanfiction story. You take characters who are already established and work from a base. When you make your own characters, you have to work a lot harder than when you have them premade for you.

And I've written fan fiction.

PS - Most of the people slaughtered in the French Revolution were killed because the nation was in a state of anarchy at the moment, with no rules governing what the Committee of Public Safety did.
The Fictionpress Historian chapter 7 . 8/1/2005
Ah, I see, I was incorrect in my earlier reasoning. So now at noon, when I look up and see a clear blue sky, I will say, "Maybe the sky is really purple", because the color of the sky is debateable.
tangled-wires-of-doom chapter 2 . 8/1/2005
I read the first and second chapter. The first one was well-written and seemed like an essay. Though the second one seemed simply like a review from a pissed author. I agree with some things you said. for enstance, I do believe that sometimes rules are meant to be broken. But on a site like this, that was made to only categorize original fiction/poetry/essays, I think posted a fanfiction story, when you know perfectly well that there is a site for fanfiction, is just a cry for attention or laziness. I'm sorry, but all you're doing is stirring up trouble. This can in no way be compared to the american revoulution, Etc., Etc. It is two sites, that work fine apart, that you for some reason want to merge? Why? To make it a pain to categorize and for readers to find what they want? it wouldn't work, and it's not a good idea. I'm not gonna be a bitch and say that everything I said (or that you said), are fact. They are definately not. We are both expressing are opinions, though I really don't find it nessacary. We're on a site where teenagers post the poems and fiction they write in their spare time, or to be cool and seem intellectiual. There are authors on Fictionpress and Fanfiction that are good writers. I don't know any statistics, but the majority of fanfics I have read are not very good. I think alot have potential, but the authors don't put enough time or energy in them. I am one of those writers, and I have no problem admitting that, 'cause I accept that I need practice.

I know this is a hopeless arguement and I feel dumb reviewing something like this. By reading this essay, and the reviews it got, I belive that some of this community are dumber than I thought.
Simian chapter 2 . 8/1/2005
Ah hah, I have always enjoyed it when people include rebuttals in their work. It's so much classier than spamming the review boards.
Simian chapter 1 . 8/1/2005
and Fictionpress /used/ to be merged. But then they seperated to allow maximum bandwidth towards both genres. So now fictionpress allows full time towards original fiction and/or essays, and fanfiction allows full time towards fan works.

Only personal spaces merge the two anymore, really, because both are becomming HUGE!

And I agree with you about the fanfiction. %90 of the fanfiction I've read is pretty bad in summary and description, but once you bite into the meat of the story, they can be ultimately better than original fiction.

Although, even you have to admit than many fanfiction writers just simply don't try because they assume their readers know all about whatever they're writing about - which may or may not be true, and which assuredly detracts from whatever talent hides beneath.

But a very good essay. Well written, and I'm sorry you're in any fictionpress war. I know one of my friends was stalked for years by somebody in fictionpress who didn't like the fact that all of her stories focused around politics.
Roth Jopalse Sammuels chapter 2 . 7/31/2005
I'm reviewing again because I just want to make sure I don't get involved in this whole hellish debate between you and your reviewers, who seem to be very angry. I just feel that if you post a fanfiction story, it shouldn't be a big deal to users on fictionpress, but it is rather in the hands of those who own fictionpress. If they take it down though, than it is their right to do so.
Roth Jopalse Sammuels chapter 1 . 7/31/2005
When I read the first paragraph of your essay, I felt like the essay was going to cover more than it did. My only disappointment than is that it shifted to mostly the story of your attempts to post a FanFiction story. As to the other things you mention about children losing their ability to explore at a certain age, I think it's the result of loss of innocence and focus on unimportant things. I think about things all the time that few other my age think about, and I think it has to do with most people wishing to merely hide from what's happening in the world: pretending the friends they have are truely friends, and hiding from the truth. I guess people are afraid of change through thinking things out rationally, and I see how that plays into your FanFiction story. Good luck.
SilentBlueRose chapter 6 . 7/31/2005
You know... it's people like you who have made the world what it is today. You have gone from annoying to sickening in this chapter.

I can take the fact that you called me a hypcrite and a liar. I can live with that, because I know you are quite worse than I am. I merely review, whereas you write entire essays to be in the spotlight.

But you know what I can't take? What I can't take is you saying there is no right or wrong. That what's right is left up to the individual. That is just sickening! How can you honestly believe that? By what you are saying, all of us are right. According to you, you are right and I am right, and seeing as we are on opposing sides, that is impossible. I knew you were slightly skewed in the beginning, but now... Wow. My thoughts on you have completely changed. You are not just annoying. You truly disgust me. You know, arguing your point is fine. Irritating, but go ahead. But saying that there is no truth... That I cannot stand for. We can know what's right. Go read a Bible, and you will see what is right. Now, I realize that quite a few of the people on here, including you, raptor, don't believe in the Bible or even in God. But I don't care. The Bible is the truth. Guess what our laws are based off of? The Bible. Most of us have been taught, since we were young children, that lying, cheating, stealing, saying bad words, and disrespecting adults is wrong. Guess where they got that? The Bible. The Ten Commandments.

I realize that this sounds hypocritical coming from me. I know I haven't been a 'good example' of a Christian. But that doesn't change the fact that I am one. And yes, this is fact, not opinion. You can debate it all you want, it is FACT.

Now, I don't mean to preach. What I'm saying all this for is to prove my point that we CAN know the truth. We CAN know what is right. Breaking rules is not right. You, raptor, broke a rule, therefore you are WRONG. And that is also NOT opinion.

Everything can be debated, raptor. I could debate until the cows come home that the sky is not, in fact, blue, but electric green. That does not change the fact that the sky is, on a whole, blue. Anything can be debated. Raptor7345 proved that when he debated on your existence. You do exist, do you not?

I would continue to debate with you, but I don't want to seem 'in the spotlight'. I've already written too much for you, I'm sure.

Have a nice day.
Formerly chapter 6 . 7/31/2005
"We are all writers who love their work and want it to get the most attention that it can."

Nope. Some of us are. Some of us are just attention whores.

"A writer’s mind is always trying to think of new ideas of interest, for the common reader to enjoy."

Again, nope. Most amateur writers of the sort who post here only do so to get agreeable reviews. Mostly, they don't care if readers enjoy or not. And mostly, they don't even try to come up with new ideas-they just rewrite old ideas.

"We put in tons of effort to make sure that our writing is just the way we want it."

Go into the poetry section, read a few, and then see if you can repeat this without breaking into hysterical laughter. That's true, but replace "tons of" with "absolutely no." And again, there are in fact some writers who really do put in a lot of effort. Some of them are even decent. Most of them neither write well nor put in any effort.

"We tap into our well of skills and knowledge, and pull out styles, techniques, and tools that we think will help our writing excel."

Dear God, how much bullshit do you have inside that head of yours? You're talking, largely, about fourteen and fifteen year old kids who are writing about their boyfriends and girlfriends leaving them and breaking their heart into a million pieces forever and ever. Well? More like puddle. Have you ever actually read ANYTHING on this site? I mean, that would already be patently absurd even if you were talking about a good number of published authors.

"It’s weird, how all the stories on both sites all have inspiration, time, effort, skills, knowledge, and purpose, and if they were mixed together, would seem no different to the common eye, yet one site’s stories are deemed higher in quality, by a default, than the others."

It's not weird. In fact, it's quite logical. Here's the thing: fanfiction can be very well written, but it's easier to write a long fanfic than it is to write a long original story. You know why? When writing an original piece, you have to create everything, your setting, your characters, all of it. When writing fanfiction, you have your setting, your characters, even the way they speak all planned out already. Instead of painting by sight, memory or imagination, you're painting by numbers.

Again: to be sure, there are very ingenious fanfictions that depart completely from the original storyline, and some are very well written. Nonetheless, most people take the easy way out, and write carbon-copy fanfics that are in fact garbage. That's why SOME PARTS of Fictionpress are generally of a higher quality than most of Fanfiction dot net. I will say this: anything, even the worst parts of Fanfiction, is better than the poetry and fantasy sections on this site. Mostly, though, this place is better. And I've given you the perfectly rational reason why. I know you're no longer answering reviewers directly (though that could change at any time, because your word is certainly not your bond), but try to address this. Can you actually come up with a decent argument against that? I picture you saying "But how about all the really good fanfics!" ignoring the fact that I already allowed for that, or "But you haven't read everything!" which is the coward's way out.

"Proof: Nobody has read 90 percent of FanFiction stories."

How about this. There is an approximate number for the amount of Christians in the world, including Protestants, Catholics, and what-have-you. I don't feel like looking it up at the moment, but it certainly is there. Now, according to you, that number can NEVER be right, because no one has in person spoken to every Christian out there. However, people put together their own numbers, and come up with a larger one. The same thing with Fanfiction. Your counterargument is that "no one can decide whether something is crap or not," but that, friend Raptor, is absolute bullshit. Only an idiot can't decide whether or not a story is crap, and although we have our fair share of those, not all of your reviewers are.

"Anything beyond science and nature is merely an opinion, not a fact."

Hey, what if we're realy in the Matrix, and nothing is real? There, find a way to refute that. I just shattered science and nature, because according to you, the slightest possibility has the same validity as everything else.

"If you’d rather be divided than united, that’s okay. I just hope you don’t start arguing for world unity if you can’t even be patient with a merged website."

Here's proof that you're an idiot. Sorry, but I imagine even your boss, coworkers, or whatever would agree if they saw that sentence. If they don't agree, they're idiots too. Frankly, that is the greatest single piece of idiocy that I have ever seen on this site (and I've seen plenty), and you have finally defeated me. Your relentless barrage of bullshit has overcome my proud walls of rationality-I am, metaphorically, covered in it, and will now run away weeping in the face of a cold, uncaring world.
On Mercury chapter 6 . 7/31/2005
Oh my god, I go on holiday for a few weeks, check the computer at my Grandpa's house, and I find MORE from you about your stupid freaking story? Are you TRYING to ruin my holiday?

You're wrong. You're still wrong, and have always been wrong. Despite all your vague philosophizing, you are STILL wrong. You have broken a rule. It is that simple.

Why did you take the 90% quote and swell it out of proportion? It is a vague estimation, a number pulled out of the air, it was pratically a *joke*. Not that i ever thought you understood that.

"No one is willing to try and merge the sites and have a unified site where what to read is the user’s choice"

Nope. Because the reader already has plenty of choice: go to fictionpress for original, go to fanfiction for (bet you can't guess) fanfiction. It doesn't need to be all messed up together, so that nobody can find anything. If anyone ever got bored and thought "hm, why not some Sailor Moon fanfiction today?" (which most people would realise to be a really boring idea) then they could just go to fanfiction and click on the Anime and Sailor Moon (yuck) links. Similarly, if they wanted to read some romantic, original fiction, it's also incredibly easy to get to that too. There is no need to mix them up. HOW MANY TIMES. It would just intefere with the easy system that has been set up and works just dandy, thank ya very much.

You are a pest. Fact, not opinion.

We're not divided, to quote your sixth (!) chapter, we are united, here on fictionpress.

Against you.

OM (_FOD Raptor_)
Darthen chapter 6 . 7/31/2005
Actually, this sight is usually deemed the lesser quality sight by those whose opinions matter. If one pays close attention they will find that this site is generally ignored by the owners and administrators. The last time this site was updated was back in march, while Fanfiction has seen many updates in this month alone.

To say that 90 percent of fanfiction is crap is probably really close to the actual mark, however, that generalization does not apply only to fanfiction. In fact, 90 percent of the stuff on here is crap. Nowhere did anyone say that one is better than the other. One may have said that Fanfiction is crap, another that it lacks originality, but they did not say that original fiction was better. You assumed they said it was better by omittion.

While it is true that the 90 percent thing can be debated, it doesn't necessarily mean its wrong. One could say that the chances are that 90 percent of all the fanfiction you ever read will be crap. They might be right. One could say the same about reg. fiction. That whole generalization is probably made by randomly selecting 100 peices of the desired fiction and finding only that ten of them were any good. Much like statistics do now, they don't poll everyone in the united states (for example) to find out what their favorite food was.

Your argument about once and again is definitely an interesting one. Its sort of like that 'those who forget history are doomed to repeat it' type thing. While what your saying is true, most people remember the aforementioned statement and remember what it was like when the sites were merged. It was just plain not pretty. It would actually, in my opinion, be worse than before now, because now they not only have to move all the stories and server adresses, but they have to make it compattable as well. There are a helluva lot more stories then there were before and it really is a techie's worst nightmare. It would probably take a year to work the kinks out, and during that year, most would probably find it hell.

To say we are not published authors and therefore we cannot effectively judge anything is slightly mistaken. Just because we cannot write masterpieces like The Cask of Amontillado, doesn't necessarily mean we cannot recognize when a peice is bad. Anyone whose read a lot of good books can recognize a bad one.

I sincerely doubt you are eighteen years old. I'm sorry, but your essays lack the diction of an eighteen year old writer. That's just my thought of course, so it shouldn't really matter to you.

Your essay lacks in even recognizing the merrits of the other side, therefore it is unbalanced and biased. Such biased essays, in my opinion, are really more like rants.

Everyone, in my opinion is a rule breaker, no one has ever gone through life without breaking a rule.

You say at the end that we are divided and yet fail to provide proof that we are divided. You should really provide reasoning as to say we are divided. After proving (or reasoning) we are divided, you would then have to prove (or reason) that we are proud of it. Then your opinion would have more merrit, and therefore be more reasonable and make more sense.

And that's way too much typing for me.

Good day.
The Fictionpress Historian chapter 6 . 7/31/2005
Ahh, I see the new genius of your logic now. Something cannot be fact if it can be debated. This makes much sense.

Fact: You cannot prove you exist.

Opinion: You think you exist.

Therefore, that you exist is not a fact. I bet I could get 10 people that say you do not exist. Since 10 people will claim this, clearly it is not a fact. It only makes perfectly logical sense.
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