Reviews for Issues, Envelopes, & Homophobes
Porn Yesterday chapter 21 . 8/23/2005
Wowzers! OO; This is much different style than what I'm used to reading here, but do not think it's a bad thing because it isn't. It's very good actually, unique but good all the same XD

I like the style of your writing though, the growth of their conversation and personalities shine through in their letters throughout the story. You can also tell the changes that have gone on, fluctuating and whatnot; but it works and is very good all the same. They also seem very casual though, the style you'd expect of them really.

Lance and Anthony are great characters though, they have their flaws and upsides to them that make them seperate and definite. Anthony is more of the rebel-without-a-cause, filled with a wide vocabulary, and bad tempered while Lance is more of the mediator in their...relationship(?) XP I love them both though, I don't have any favourites when it comes between those two.

From what I could see, there was nothing I'd have to constructive criticize you on, everything is going good and much lurvable X3

Oh on a sidenote, the last line to lance's letter; you're too good for him. Seriously. I can't wait to see Anthony's reaction to it, he'll obviously catch it. And it was just adorable really, I don't know if Lance is denial-induced or being honest when he says he's NOT jealous...heh, reminds me of my own characters I s'pose...Xx;

Status: Impatiently Waiting XD
Naomi Schemer chapter 21 . 8/23/2005 update, first off. Second, I think Lance is kinda strange...why does he care so much? I wonder...
Bunsonwings chapter 21 . 8/23/2005
Ahahaha, everytime I read Lance's letters, I find the PS. the best, coz it means he gives in rofl. XD This is SOO funny. ] I'm looking forward to your more frequent updates so much! XD feels BL in the air xD
bang're.dead chapter 21 . 8/23/2005

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, this is loverly. As usual.I would very much appreciate more chapters. Quickly. -nudgewink-

Oh, and I'm adding this story to my list of favorites.
rodeoclown chapter 21 . 8/23/2005
"Just approach him in the hallways and grab the front of his shirt with your fist and scowl and say, “So spill, punk.” That would be enough for any student at Midville High to discharge their deepest secrets."

Anthony should do this to Lance (once he knows who he is I guess) and then we can figure out what it is he's hiding. Anyways good chapter, neat to get Lance's opinion of Anthony's public persona, and nice that he tried helped him out even if the help did come along with the usual sarcasm which I love. Oh and you can never update too much!
Lemmuse chapter 20 . 8/22/2005
so have you ever read this book called 'Feeling Sorry for Celia'?
BadSweets chapter 20 . 8/22/2005
I wonder what Lance is hiding? Seems like Anthony shall find out. Lance hasn't mentioned any girls... and he WAS pretty disgusted at Evelyn and you DID say there is male/male so...

Is or isn't Lance gay, and is that what he's hiding?

Oh. Also, hilarious and I laugh out loud a lot when reading it. I pass the story on to a lot of people 'cause the chapters are short and grabs the attention of the reader from the first line. Excellent first line, by the way.

Haven't been on the PC much, otherwise I would've read and reviewed sooner!
BadSweets chapter 19 . 8/22/2005
AWW. So cute! They're actually missing each other...

I don't really see them feeling anything romantic towards each other. We'll see! FUNNY bits in this chapter, as usual.
Becks-007 chapter 20 . 8/22/2005
hehe Lance is having a visit from the green monster! hehe
AppLEaves chapter 20 . 8/22/2005
He IS jealous! Oh my god... that is too cute for words! As for Talon, fuck him to hell. Unless he's gonna matchmake Lance and Anth, I don't think I'm going to like him. I generally don't like any third-wheel-person in any story anyway. How about pairing up him with Kyle. Damn, that'll be a funny couple.

Tear Me Up Doll chapter 20 . 8/22/2005
Tap-dancing? Pure. Genious. Now I know that Lance is certifiably jealous. He'll get out of his denial stage in no time... I hope.*hinthint*Awesome soon?
rodeoclown chapter 20 . 8/21/2005
So...Anthony's not buying Lance's smokescreen any more than the reviewers are. I liked the bit about Wil-er-Kyle's tap dancing lessons. Classic example of why this story is so good. Oh and please please can they meet soon?
Mirror Images chapter 20 . 8/21/2005
Good chapter. I love the whole letter idea for this story. So much fun to read. . chapter 20 . 8/21/2005
"iris"-goo goo dolls
Bunsonwings chapter 20 . 8/21/2005
This chapter was AWESOME. D Ahhaa Lance is jealous? XD And Anthony is trying to figure out who is Lance
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