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ColourCascade chapter 61 . 7/29/2011
I loved the first part of the story - it was hilarious and Lucky's personality was the thing I liked best in the story. Things started off kinda random but funny until you started tying it all together and it made sense and I was like GENIUS. But I'm still sad that it wasn't a happy ending :( After so long I was like it's gotta happen now! But no... Kinda like Series of Unfortunate Events where eventually the only reason I kep reading was cos I wanted to know if eventually there would be a happy ending, but the entire series just left me with a kinda melancholy feeling...
TinySliceOfHeaven chapter 8 . 5/29/2011
K man, I'm gonna go ahead and write this review, so I don't later forget and feel guilty about it. :P

I really, really enjoy this. I was randomly browsing humor fics (over 60,000 words), and came across this title. At first, I'm like, what the fuuudge? This sounds.. odd. After checking it out, though, I came to realize this was a epic story, waiting to be read. :D

Lucky is awesomeness and ridiculus machoness incarnate. Tiff is my best friend. :D And wow, this is just extremely amazing. I love how every chapter is filled to the brim with Lucky's thought processes - things that never fail to amuse me - and how the thoughts are so random.

I mean, that thought by word thingamahop?

black, white, cows - then to cartoons... lol wow.

You have really good grammar, too. Truthfully you wouldn't even be receiving a review on this fic if it was anything but (I just can't stand sucky grammar), but it's still something to compliment on.

I'm really, really not trying to be rude, but I haven't seen much description. I mean, I just read that you purposely haven't given descritptions to characters yet, but buildings? The cat? The motorcycle? I don't know, I just like to visualize things as I read them - no offense, just some CC of sorts.

This story though, is a really good piece, all in all; exactly the ridiculus humor and awful-type situations I was looking for. :)

I can't wait to read the end, and we'll see if I remember to review then. :)

Van Quatra chapter 61 . 5/26/2011
this was really good and pretty funny, what a great read.
Emily Stewart chapter 2 . 5/11/2011

I have not yet read the whole story but I am looking forward to, I really like it. I think that, as you said, a character based novel it is great. I usually get bored with those types of things but this time? Nope.

Anyway, Lucky is really well developed and I am loving the listing. XD

Can't wait to read on, pitty I'm like dead on my feet tonight... Otherwise I'd have the whole thing read in like, ten minutes. XDD


Loony-bin Escapee chapter 61 . 5/4/2011
This was the best story ever-no joke. Good luck on your writing hopes. That sentence sounds really weird. Whatever.
Green chapter 47 . 4/13/2011
Oh the coincidence!

I said the same exact thing when asked what love was.

Long story short, I ended up with a bruise on my arm and an angry emotional female. Joy.
The Lost Marauder chapter 61 . 4/10/2011
Holy shit, this was by far the funniest story I've read in a LONG time! Lucky is awesome. So is Tomo. And Linx. And everyone else. Haha really enjoyed reading!
KrayZi chapter 61 . 4/9/2011
I've got to say, congratulations for sticking with this story to the end and thank you for doing so. It was quite the ride. I really enjoyed reading the latest on Lucky's life. Nice subversion of "protagonist gets the girl" though. I kept getting this feeling that in the end, Cricket would end up with Lucky. But I think I like this ending better.

Thanks again.
SuperSideKick chapter 61 . 4/7/2011
That was perfect. The part about Linx's cat had me laughing for so long! If you really get this published I would without a doubt buy it.
Tornado-kun chapter 61 . 4/7/2011
It was a great ride, and I'm happy that I met you thanks to these 5 long years. See you on AIM when I'm not busy at work. :]
written chapter 61 . 4/7/2011
i kind of have a hole in my heart now. NOT THE END. NO. no.

okay so this one was hilarious but the whole time i was like NO I NEED CLOSURE even though you gave us closure (epilogues are indulgences for the audience too maybe, idk, does that make sense?) but i just wanted lucky to get the girl... i know, i'm ridiculous.

and oh, crazy, terrifying celeste. i would hide myself in a freezer from her too.
JCHL chapter 61 . 4/7/2011
I don't know, but it kind of feels like Lucky still has something major to do before the ending. :l Or maybe I just miss Lucky's antics. /wipes away tear

I like Linx's like of pencil skirts. :D
FakeFiction chapter 61 . 4/7/2011
Don't give yourself too much credit: I'd spend $30 printing out the whole saga just not to give you money. Ha, circumvented. Take that. I should do a crotch grab. I should do that now.

So, I'm actually on my computer reading this now, just something weird I do every special now and then and it's awesome sometimes. For one, instead of staring into a tiny 520x360 screen or something hurts your eyes. A lot. Another thing, I can read all your chapters at once, as opposed to looking at a bit on the bus and then leaving the WiFi hotspot and then I have to wait when I'm forced to refer back to something from last chapter, kind of a big deal. And that's all great.

Capitulate: There's a ton that are like, "cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; surrender," and only one says "a summary that enumerates the main parts of a topic". Bleh. It's rarely used in a literary context for this genre, so hey, I'd take the latter anyday. I hope I used it correctly in that term, at the very least. I'd feel stupid if I didn't.

You know what's disappointing? You've never really tied up Operation Crossdress... Part A and Part B, well, maybe. And then there's this big ass fucking divide in time, omigod, Lucky has his own (sorry, it's still under a mortgage) life now! And even though they're still there for "ARCHIVAL PURPOSES ONLY," well fuck that. There's tons of shit that has to tie into this. Alright, not a lot, but still, I think the tiny tangental connections really matter! It can be like the Dan Brown series, same characters and different story! Yeah! Yeah.

Anyways, I should probably start to get to the point, but that doesn't mean I have to get to the point yet. I want to make this last all night long. Right, I do.

I was about to yell at you for leaving Lucky open to scrutiny and hellfire. He deserves it, yeah, but still, I was looking for sappy and stupid, if only lazily finished. But that'd be a literary crime, a cliche broken-in a time too many. Good endings are for wimps. Horrible endings are for fascists, so I instead turned to look for a "bad" ending. And yeah, it was mediocre, just like Lucky. Everything was laid-out on its face in that whole fake movie epilogue bit. At least we didn't have to know every single detail about practically everyone. And I'm sorry, I was waiting on a date of death for Mrs. Coates. But yeah, what's great is that it's approximately the same as always (or at least in chapter 1)!

The story in its whole is an amazing story about a kid's around-month in life (I'm amazed you kept the timeline intact for the whole of 5 years of on/off work), and it looks so much fun to experience your own way (I SO would've liked to live through getting high and finding out your date you saved from a tragic car wreck was a crazy... and almost getting a BJ). It was funny at times, cynical at others and sometimes, there was fucking exposition bridge. And it was funny then! The lists just kept on coming... actually, I think that was what's missing from this epilogue. You know, the thing that makes an epilogue an epic-log. You can totally relate to the male mindset sometimes, and the rare times that you don't, well, I'd be reading archived editions of Ms. magazine to find out the basics. A lot of the story had to be small talk; chatter-chatter; meaningless shit. And the second something was thrown off and Lucky went down with it, well, metaphorical shit hit fans in simile. Which just reverts to "like shit hitting the fan". The concept of being a teenager and not getting romanced into trouble 24/7 (or all parts of the story) is amazing.

This fucking rocks. Actually, if you even do publish this, put this for a review on the back cover: "I can't believe this is not your average story-parallel-to-Twilight. It's, like, perpendicular, or maybe it's on a 45* inclination. Lucky got an A in Pre-Calculus so he'd know or something. Just read it."

Actually, scratch all that. How about: "I can't believe this is not your average story-parallel-to-your-average-romance-story. It's, like, perpendicular, or maybe it's on a 45* inclination. Lucky got an A in Pre-Calculus so he'd know or something. Just read it." Yeah, that's better. Best not to infringe copyright.

Well, yeah. Goodbye. , my goodness. How can I not forget?
Rabbit chapter 60 . 4/5/2011
Dude, I have to say, I thought the ending of this chapter was a joke at first. But now that I've taken thirty seconds and actually thought about it? I love that as an ending. It fits.

Can't wait for the epilogue.

But, seriously, all that aside: I'm really going to miss this story. Are you sure you don't want to keep writing just to amuse us? It doesn't have to mean anything.

How about a sequel?

A spin off?

A series of short stories (about six hundred or so)?
Zephyr-wings chapter 60 . 4/4/2011
Oh man (err, lady) I swear that the "THE END" completely caught me by surprise there! Don't know why I felt that this story would just keep going indifinitely though.

But whoa was this chapter epic! Really geabbed my attention from start to finish. Plus it was fun too! Haha, in the end Lucky avoided the biggest cliche of them all by NOT getting the girl; a plot twist that rammed me over espectaculary.

Really enjoyed the entire story and seriously can't wait for the epilogue.
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