Reviews for When You Remember
alex chapter 1 . 9/19/2005
This one really spoke to me. My good friend Chris was going out with my other good friend Lauren while this was happening. So he called me one day after school and he's like, "Do you want me to come over," and of course I said yes because I had this major crush on him. Anyway he kept sayin that he needed a good reason from me as to why he should come over. And sometime in there we got to talking about Lauren. He told me he was going to break up with her for like the umtinth time and I asked why. He said it was because she was ditzy and dumb and he regretted ever asking her out again. So after like an hour, he showed up. No parents were home. He directed himself towards our garage(it huge), he went upstairs and I followed. He sat down on the footon(sp?) and I sat next to him. Long story short, (me being the stupid person I am) we started making out on the couch. now I regret ever doing this and even though we're not friends anymore (he wont even talk to me) I often think that he used me to try and get what he wanted and as an excuse to break up with Lauren. Yes, he did pressure me into having sex with him but I didn't do it. You know why? Because(and I realised this just now)I didn't really love him. I even told him I loved him, can you belive how stupid I am?
i-wish-it-was-make-believe chapter 1 . 8/19/2005
DAMN IT! i feel like that all the time when i look back at...stuff. ask the same questions too.