Reviews for Superficial Boundary
holocaustpulp chapter 1 . 8/21/2005
Christine CRW: I only offered my opinion when reviewing your poem, nothing more. If you disagree with my criticism, I have nothing against that. I don't exactly know what you mean when you refer to "lack of control" - perhaps you could explain.

If you don't wish to review my work "on a personal level" (where poems most times connect or disagree with the reader), fine; maybe I'm not so formal, but I have never stopped anyone from voicing their opinion.

Chimmerii Maiden: basic social behavior, being a sub-category of "human nature" (for here and in my poem we are specifically dealing with the human race), is clearly subject to change and has no rigid limits. That is why "basic social behavior" has changed so drstically over the ages; for instance, communalism used to be a norm.

The fact that human nature changes so much is no coincidence - it is a principle of the science of dialectics. Because nature is always advancing, the present and past human nature (here, the use of boundaries) does not necessarily imply any future conditions adhering to contemporary times.

I am not denying the role of boundaries in the past, for they served as a basis for our future. The twenty-first century - ripe with many past world develpments - is then a logical host of a new epoch in "human nature": the absence of boundaries and internationalism. Us humans have been forced to reconsider the narrow governance of imperialism (manifested both by capitalism and regime). The material conditions exist for the disintegration of these regressive institutions.

Your argument seems to rely too much on the past, as if your sense of development is locked without reason on what has been. I am arguing science only proves what will come - internationalism - is exactly what my makes the mock viewpoint in my poem so ridiculous.

- HP (the author)
1941 chapter 1 . 8/21/2005
This poem showed your point of you very well, as well as your ignorance of basic social behavior. Generally speaking through out all higher thinking animals territory is something that needs to be established. These invisible boundaries are what kept people alive, as well as allowed them to develop cultures.
catseyeview chapter 1 . 8/19/2005
In response to your "critique" of my poem on the Israel pullout...I wasn't taking sides but rather wanted to show I felt for the situation as a whole. While you felt emotion lacked, I disagree, and after reading a number of your pieces, felt your stance is directed at "lack of control" which brings me to "how you review" - I could "beg the question" and tear into your work on a personal level but as an adult I won't do that.