Reviews for A Touch of Jasmine
Todd chapter 2 . 9/30/2005
Man, that really *was* the shadow of an offer. I now too admire Jasmine's pragmatism. Nothing is definite, so why indeed pay it much mind? Of course, as a reader, I 'know' it'll pan out. Spending an entire chapter on the subject, only to have it be taken away nex chapter, would be near pointless. P

Aww, Ky and Jasmine...I hope Ky is bisexual, and not entirely gay, now
Sept. Rose chapter 2 . 9/7/2005
Jasmine gets her mission. I like Ky (he seems hot _), but he was a little too expository to me. His dialogue was a little strange, but that could just be the way he talks. Hmm. Still good.

Todd chapter 1 . 8/27/2005
I haave seen Skylt Blio, for the second time, technically for the first!

Actually, I agree with him that they make a great assassination team, given their strong and weak points. The goal of assassination, above all else, is to eliminate the target. If you cannot handle close combat, or you suck at sniping, team with someone who can do what you ..they're so cute together. *waves Skylt Blio x Jasmine Sonyea flag*

I like Jasmine alot, more so now than I did before. She isn't some supremely confident, invincible, judgemental assassin. Nor is she pushing away relationships out of being TEH HEARTBROKEN, like some 'tough ass' assassin types in movies. Nor is she some sick fuck who loves killing, though I don't think that type is bad for an assassin, anyways. Jasmine Sonyea has a plan, just like any working person from our world does. She found her specialty area that pays well, wants to make a shitload of money off of it, and then retire. Too bad she cannot invest in the stock market, as...I doubt The Wild Lands have a stock market.

Aside from being an assassin, Jasmine is basically a normal person. Actually, she's very normal for the Wilds, her job included. She's a health nut, has her tastes in things, banters, has friends, etc. It's pretty nice, actually. When you spin a character like that so realistically, when they have a job like assassination, your readers don't just pigeon hole the character, out of feeling like they can never understand someone like an assassin. It...further blurs the line. Line blurrage is always good in a story, in my opinion.

Skylt Blio is such a homey. Like Morgan Freeman's Red to Tim Robbins' Andy Dufrane, but better. Well, I don't know if he likes Jasmine all *that* much right now, but he's obviously a friendly guy, and open to getting to know her better. Despite his linguistics, I know he's a sharp guy. He stayed on the ball for that assassination, and as Jasmine pointed out, saved their job from failure and their lives, with his quick thinking. Far from being a cliche. One normally expects someone in his position to either be dumb, or a sharp, cold person. He's rough around the edges, sure, but he still has great sense, and is far from useless. Were I to foray into the Wilds gang wars, Blio would be one of the top picks to have at my side.

All in all, I look forward to the rest of this novel. I see glints of a large political web Jasmine has gotten into, and the prospect of being immersed in that, and from her point of view, excites me.
Sept. Rose chapter 1 . 8/27/2005
Don't really know what to make of this story yet, so I'll reserve judgment for the next few chapters. Jasmine seems like an ok character, and the fight scene was done well. That's all for now.

Unknownhero chapter 1 . 8/27/2005
A well written story. The introduction got me into the story. As I read along, something slowly disturbed me. It is the two characters. Sonyea and Skylt. Skylt may be somewhat of a typical character but he acts just right for the scene and delievers the final kill. While the girl, Sonyea backs him up. I could say many things more but the main thing I want to talk about is Skylt and Sonyea not acting natural with each other.

Most of the time he acts just fine but the Sonyea personality does not match his in order to be on friendly terms with him. I assume they have a business relationship and I do not know how much respect they have for each other. Yet why does he listen to her when she talks about things that normally for his character won't interest him at at the big long paragraph about she getting a puppy, it feels more like forced dialouge. You wouldn't expect a guy to be that interested in a girl found during one of her shopping trips.

At the rate of her being with this guy, why is she affected emotionally about what he say and then opening tell him off her past life of being a whore if it is a sensitive subject. I would figure she would clamp up than say something or cut him off.

I do have more to say but I'll leave it at this