Reviews for My crazy essay
Edward 04612 chapter 1 . 10/8/2006
I agree with much of this essay, but I must add:

Most of the nation's school systems are incredibly biased towards the left end of the pollitical spectrum. So when you take history courses, (And I enjoy history most of the time here!) most teachers take the subject and twist it so as to influence the young impressionable masses (that aren't already blasting rap music in their ears) to be liberals.

Or (Heaven forbid!) the science courses. Man, biology is what's been twisted to the left the most. They- okay, I just won't even GO there.(I agree, chem is useless too)

As for Literature, (yes, this is in no particular order here, so bear with me please) the subject is okay, but we often must memorise parts of books that we never use again in our entire lives! (Except if you like to quote stuff, like me.)

And need I mention the high school exit exams? Those are rediculously easy! (No, I am not a nerd, it's because the schools feel the need to make the test easy enough for so-called "illigal immigrants" can pass it without studying. It needs to be harder, with more sophisticated vocabulary in the lit section, but the math area is fine. (I suck at math))

So now you know what end of the pollitical spectrum I'm on. Either way, biased teaching is bad.(Left OR right) Not to mention overfunding to administration, giving horrible teachers tenure, the whole system is a mess! And no one is willing to fix it.

Thank you for publishing this essay, you are absolutely right, the school system needs fixing!

...Wow, that was a long review. More like a pollitical rant but forgive me. I just was inspired to express myself due to the subject matter of your essay. I enjoyed reading this and writing the inspired document that resulted thereof from reading said document, and I hope everyone likes reading this. That is, if they can tolerate this titanic review.

Looking foward to reading more of your work,

-Edward 04612

P.S.: *whew!*
C.M. Kearney chapter 1 . 7/12/2006
Innit the truth about Math...? XP Guess who. Yeah.
Liah chapter 1 . 9/10/2005
Interesting. Quite mind boggling, I suppose. Nice arguements.
ct chapter 1 . 9/6/2005
i think this is a great story.
Bob chapter 1 . 8/31/2005
As a teacher, I can't say that I totally disagree. I actually agree on what you've written. I agree that not all lessons are supposed to be useful to students. I read what that other guy typed "Max Krugman". I don't think that it's really appropriate to write that unless if he knows you. But on what I’ve read, I understand your point and feelings. What I can say is that the review below me needs to be send into a mental hospital. Maybe he's the one who's crazy? He just said a very stupid thing. Anyway, if I ever get a student like you, I would gladly entertain you. Haha, wow…students this time are really critics. I actually read your work about two days ago and now, it seems like you changed something about it. Well, this one is better than the last one. I don't really mind if my review got're just new on this site right? Don’t worry, I’m not thinking the same as the one who reviewed below. I understand you. I think the people who reviewed last time didn't get the essence of your work. For a student like you, I think it's nice to express what you really think. I also see that you plan for a good future. I’m actually a Math teacher and I’m not mad on what you wrote. To tell you the truth, I think it’s true that the four operations are the most important in Math. Well, Good job and keep up the good work. Guess what, I understand the hidden message in your essay. It's actually very true. I could really laugh if you only know. It's funny. Nice job on hiding that. It got me. Haha. I hope this review helped you on your research. Keep up the god work.
Gagging Angel chapter 1 . 8/30/2005
This is a little better, I like what you say in your additions, though you get a little to casual in some points. The body of the essay has a bit more formality than the end and beginning. It would be best (aka it is essential) to retain the same tone throughout the essay. There are improvements, and I'm glad that you weren't actually going on a silly bash on schooling!

I noticed several grammatical mistakes. Be sure that your checking punctuation, subject-verb agreement and all that good stuff.

A few things that stand out:

"Anyway, did any of you thought on what the heck is the use of our subjects in school?" (Have any of you...) you might even want to consider rewriting this sentence in entirety.

"Math, English, and Science for once." (...for example.)

"I know that many people think that why should we...person don’t want to go to abroad?" (I know that many people might ask why we should...person does not)

"Do get to mention on what water is made of whenever we drink?" Wow. This sentence really needs work.

This has poetential! Work on it.

As for editing: if you want to edit a story that you already have posted you're going to have to reupload it to document manager, edit it, then go to 'replace chapter' under 'edit story'. Unfortunately, the silly site doesn't let you edit posted stories without having to upload it again.
Formerly chapter 1 . 8/30/2005
This is one crazy essay, Amakusa Ryu! You so crazy!

Did you actually remove this essay and put it back to get rid of reviews?
TheLastKiss chapter 1 . 8/29/2005
I completely agree with mostly everything. Especially concerning science. I hate science with a passion. And its required that I take three years of it even though there is NO WAY I am going to use it later in life. I just don't have an interest for it. The school I go to is so small that there are basically just the general subjects to take. I just think it would be so much better if you were given more of a choice in selecting classes and actually having classes on things you are interested in. None of the useless crap that is poured in day after day.

Nice job in kicking the education system.