Reviews for Undone
Faye Coon chapter 1 . 9/23/2005
...Dry I suppose, but it's still obvious, the trem Bohemian more suit you that does whatever else you believe yourself to be called. Bohemian I say simply in conformity to a term, ever necceasary, battle goddess, that would be a suitable term, no? Sticky as I may be (lets use our metaphoric imagination!) I think you should swallow your own large blistering cock of arrogance and be a bit more hopeful in the aspect of many things, angst doesn't mean hopeless. And Beauty doesn't simply refer to the French bouregousie and it's Tyranny, it's more the perception of the forgotten, our society today has bluntly accepted vintage as it's replacement for any type of true bohemian revolutionary. But obviously your are also an insane mare dying on the vine for somet reason to sepeerate things, I only choose to explore it. -Coon