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RisuMusume chapter 58 . 8/5/2006
I liked it. I've been reading for a long while and you're on my author alert, I just never reviewed or favorited you. I might have reviewed once, I don't remember. It's sad with Jake, but it's true. Maybe a year isn't long enough for him to heal, especially while watching Rafe with Dan. *shrug* It's good. I like Rock fiction. I'm a musician, and although my tastes are more traditionally classical and jazzy, I love the thrill of performing. For any size crowd. It's great when that same thrill can be accentuated by an atmosphere more suited for playful flirting with the crowd and performers. Classical concert and rigid jazz bands aren't much suited for that at all. Anyway... I really liked it, and I'm kind of sad that it's over...but I will read the next one you write...and maybe even review every chapter.
EDDIE FUSION chapter 58 . 8/5/2006
Wow, it's over. I won't rant about my woe - just look forward to the next story ;D

I think it's wonderful that you can create such a realistic story. You really captured everything it would be about if this situation really happened, especially in this chapter.

I'll see you next time :D
diebyownhands chapter 58 . 8/5/2006
and its over :(

I have to say it was a good ending nothing left to tell.

I'll miss it but i'm glad it had a good ending
Mage Dudette chapter 58 . 8/5/2006
aww! *sob sob* can't believe it's the last chapter! I know i'll re-visit this story later on, and dan and rafe do seem real to me now. i loved how you wrapped it all up here, i think it worked fantastically, and i liked the lil snippets of back-flash.

also totally glad i saw this before i went away! (i'm now down to hours before we leave) certainly cheered me up, now i can finish packing with a smile on my face

and i'm definately still gna read your stuff, that teaser for one is intriuging, and i do ghost-read black book.. that is to say i dnt review all that often. bad of me, i know.

hope to see this on the shelves someday, so i can point and go 'omg!' and buy it immediately.

also hope you have good holidays! i'm flying to nairobi tomorrow yay me.

laters!*Mage Dudette* (lisa)
Emmy chapter 58 . 8/5/2006
WAT! NO REVIEW RESPONSE? .. oh well... im so sad .. there are tears i n my eyes... i dunt want it to be over... *wah wah* well... i really really enjoyed this fic.. i never once got bored of it... ur an amazing writer and you can be sure that i will read ur next rock star fic !
Normal is an ideal chapter 58 . 8/5/2006
I have loved every minute of this fiction. Whenever I received a reminder to tell me u had updated I nearly squealed with excitement. This has been my favourite story and I have felt privileged to be able to join the emotional rollercoaster that you have put your characters through. I feel like I know each of them personally, something that can only be achieved through fantastic writing.

I liked the way you did this last chapter. You managed to tie up any loose ends without it seeming forced like many other last chapters that I have read.

I feel mean that I hadn’t reviewed every time I read a chapter because although I felt that you didn’t need to change anything within this story its nice to be praised for amazing work and believe me this is really extraordinary. Have you ever thought about publishing it?

Im looking forward to reading your updates for 'The Black Book Index' and 'Between the Pages' both of which I have been praying for news on.

I promise I will try to review more often with your next updates as if you have found time to write the entire thing then I should be able to take a few minutes to say what I think.

Thank you for this jewel of a story
SarryMatts chapter 57 . 8/3/2006
I'm a little bit confused...I wrote a review for the last chapter...posted it...and it's not annoying is that?

Chapter was good, I'm glad Jake is getting used to thing even if it does still hurt and hopefully you'll let him be happy one day. I sat and re read the whole thing today and the story is still amazing.

Looking forward to seeing whethe the flash for the camera was just a fan or the press.

Mage Dudette chapter 57 . 7/29/2006
oops-a-daisy lol! i think that's a great example of sod's law there! i think you totally get a whole load of cookies for making it this far (57 chapters! o.0) and for such a fabbie story which i do admit freely i totally adore. can't wait to see it all wrapped up, although i'll feel sad to see it go :(

all in all, many hugs, computers deserve a few good kicks sometimes; i would say get rid of them, but i know i cdn't deal without one for a long time!

ooh, hope you get updated before next weekend.. i'm off on holiday, so i'll have to wait another two weeks at least lol! going on safari in tanzania for a week, then one in zanzibar; i think that makes up for not having internet and Fp! heheheh totally beyond excited about it already!

my bro, pete, is such a nutter. he has a ford anglia called agnes.. and yea, it's g'bye to the other pete, poor jake, although i bet him having pete around then did help i think jake, to have that kinda calm attitude, is amazing and that's why he's getting the hugs/glomps from me this time.

he rocks. they all do! _ ciao!
defunct account 101521 chapter 57 . 7/28/2006
I hardly ever get to the computer now that I moved, but when I do, a recent chapter of this story is very much a welcome sight.
Kasee Lara chapter 57 . 7/27/2006
Amazing expected. :) I can't believe it's ending...makes me happy and sad at the same time! So...who took the picture. When you finish it I'll read it from beginning to end. Wow...I'm excited. Keep writing!
JCrew85 chapter 56 . 7/26/2006
Great chapter as usual...sorry for the delays in my reviewing, I've been out of the country for some time :). I can't believe its going to be the last chapter...*tear*. I mean I don't know if I've gotten enough angst yet! J/k. No seriously, this story really is amazing. One of these nights I need to read it over from start to finish to get the full effect. While Jake/Pete was nice, to keep it going would have been too predictable. Also it's amazing to see how Rafe has changed, particuarly in the last scene here. The rocker to the lover lol...:) I can't imagine what will be in the next chapter, but I sure can't wait!
Lithium Red chapter 57 . 7/26/2006
Aww, only one more chapter? *sniffle* I'm going to miss this story. I like how everything is falling into place, and not just for Rafe and Dan, but for the rest of the characters as well. I can't think of anything that's been forgotten or not carried through, and it seems to be headed in such a direction that the remaining frays will be resolved by the end.

On to an entirely different matter. I miss Peter (already), but at the same time, from an objective standpoint at least, he's served his purpose quite nicely and as such has no reason to prolong his stay. It was time for him to go back home. However, he should drop me a line the next time he's in the States visiting Rafe and Dan (hahaha) because that would just rock. NYC is only 2 hours away from me, after all! (Hah, I make me laugh.)

I really liked the scene with Rafe, Dan, and Jake in the bar. Horny drunk Rafe is just really amusing, and I was very impressed by how Jake is now even being supportive of them, in spite of himself. I think he's developed a lot as a character, going from the weak, whiney, Dan-dependent boyfriend to a stronger, self-sufficient person.

And finally...I'm a little worried about the camera flash, but only a tiny bit. I think that they can handle it. They've gotten good at handling things. I'm sure we all remember the days when they couldn't solve *anything*, and would just scream their heads off instead...but now they can sit down and work their problems out (most of the time anyway. but hey, nobody's protesting if Peter has to come back and kick them into shape again!). These boys have come a long way, that's for sure!

(PS: I forget what the word of the week was too...hehe.)
Garrett Bringer chapter 57 . 7/26/2006
I like neverending stories...this is going to have a sequel right? I can't just cut it off, you can't! Though I know how you must feel since I have my own never ending story going on and everyone's crying since I'm ending it...YOU"RE GUNNA HAVE A SEQUEL RIGHT!

Zephyr Tenshi chapter 57 . 7/25/2006
Kitty won't be pulling out the claws anytime soon...I have spent two days at work trying to get them all even and sharp! I only saw a couple of spots where your tenses needed a reworking, but other than that I loved it...I can't wait to see what exactly happens for those two in the end...and what is going to come about of Rafe and Dan making out in the street, with Jake watching...? That might make for an interesting finale! Anyway...keep up the good work honey! And just for Auderia's knowledge...I can cook and there! Peace!
uggabugga chapter 57 . 7/25/2006

What was with the flash at the end?is it a camera?

and i cant believe next chap. is the last .

but great chap.i like how everyone is gettign along.)
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