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citrus scented chapter 10 . 7/29/2006
That song. At the the start. Wow. I havent checked yet, but did you ever publish it as a poem on its own account? its great, it really gives such a strong start to such a good chapter: "Smell like the colour of rust painted gold Smile is all sugared and eyes are so cold Use laughter and lipstick and goodness to hide So no one can see that she’s all dead inside.

" i love it. it shud be a real song. in fact I wouldnt be surprised if im making a fool of myself because it already is.

oh I love her: "I had to be happy for Mel for finding some guy who could actually put up with her for two whole weeks. I smiled maliciously because I knew that I was being mean and unfair and really quite enjoyed the experience" hehehe.

as previously mentioned two seconds ago..."I was disappointed when I saw pasty old Tom wearing a red shirt, that stupid hat of his, and a smug smile that said ‘look at me, I’m fantastic’. But he wasn’t fantastic; he was a pretentious twit." ...I love rosie.

so yes, this was a good chapter. oh but dammit all I want to know whats going on! I thought I had grasped the plot up until now, but this chapter trhrough me a not sure about the time scale of this, but hey ill roll with it as its such good writing. I do hope your considering writing as a prominent part in your future, as its definately worth it to take you far. You make rosie...this real person. I feel she must be based on you or someone you know,b ecause (sorry my typing is appaling tonight/morning) shes so solid and real, its like shes talking to me...and I dont know how to describe it, but I find it hard to grasp that shes just a fictional character. im going to try and read one more chapter before I go on holiday, and then I can have two more to look forward to when I get back. I love this story, such a great find.

Thanks also for all your reviews. you get so many I find it amazing you had time to even glance at my work, let alone leave those really nice reviews. so yeah, yourever humble fan, thanks.
iglooey chapter 10 . 7/28/2006
I don't understand anything so far and I'm completely confused, but I can't stop reading this story. Maybe it's because i feel that I might SOON be able to understand it or maybe it's just because the character you've created is so complex and so unlike any character i've read about that I can't stop reading about her, but yeah...What IS wrong with Rosie? Is she completely mental? Or is she saner than I thought? Oh i'm so lost...
fire-breathing-kitten chapter 14 . 7/18/2006
Well, I found this amazingly awesome piece of work a few months ago, and was too lazy to review, but-

Oh. My god. I am WAY too inarticulate to articulate the sheer phenomenalness (not a word, I know) of this story, but know that I just love it! Rosie is so me it's not even funny, and it makes me very very happy finding characters I can so totally relate to. Tom's pretty cool, too, despite his pretentiousness he's probably my favorite character- he just means so well it's hard to hate him. I would like to see he and Rosie get together, since somehow I don't think she's ever going to be with Jack.

And I would like to see some more romance here :).

I also wish that Egburt 2 was an actual band. The songs are pure awesomeness.
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 14 . 7/14/2006
Hiya! It's me after such a long time! Sorry, but no online access for near a month... anyway, this chapter's damn good just like always. Like the conversation between Tillie and Rosie. Interesting IMO. And yeah, wonder what has Cleo done again. Hope nothing awful happens to her. As for the Tom wanting to meet Jack part, I have a gut feeling that it's something important... anyway, stop here for now. Near 6am here right now. And yeah, COA and TEC will be updated soon after I've done all the reviewing catching up. Anyway, hope to see this updated soon. Bye!

P.S: Concerning the England match, I admit it sucks. In fact England really sucks all the way up to the q-final against Portugal where they played better. Rooney got screwed by ref again. Not the first time if you've seen his antics. Hopefully McClaren will shape up the team. Erikkson's an asshole. He's no serious at all about coaching England. Good thing he left. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, PUT LENNON AND DOWNING IN THE FUTURE DAMNNIT! Ok, sorry for the outburst. Still reeling from the Erikkson era... XD
citrus scented chapter 9 . 7/9/2006
oh...damn it. im so addicted to this story I dont want to run out of chapters. Its so hysterical, it takes alot for me to laugh out loud, and trust me, I did many a time with this chapter. "According to my close TV friends, Trinny and Susannah, white is not a flattering block colour for many people, but somehow Tillie manages to pull it off without even looking a little bit fat. Amazing" - love the refrence, haha I used to love that show!

"She nods, as if to verify the fact with herself. “It’s the right thing to do.” She smiles awkwardly, as if this makes her a very reluctant Saint Tillie or something." I love your characters. They are so believable and real-like its scary. Im offically guessing here, but is Tillie a junkie and has rosie attempted suicide.

Oh i cant wait to find it all out, gah...I need answers!

"She seems to sense my reluctance now, probably because she is pulling my arm with what feels like her whole weight but I’m still resolutely in bed. "- oh god, you genius, you make me laugh so hard. hehe. great story.
roni chapter 14 . 7/8/2006
ah! i'm so horribly hooked on this story
mylittlechangingtruths chapter 14 . 7/5/2006
er... is EVERYONE obsessed with Jack?
mylittlechangingtruths chapter 9 . 7/5/2006
um... i'm so bloody confused... funny, but what the hell is going on?
aphroditeseyes chapter 9 . 7/2/2006 we find out the reason for Tilly's spaciness any time soon, or are you gonna drag it out?

(yes, I am very fond of the whole duplicating letters way beyond necessary thing)

Oh, and what’s with the title?
aphroditeseyes chapter 6 . 7/2/2006
Oh my Gawd, I've read like six chapters, and I'm in love already. I love your humour and writing style.

And Tillie. Hah, I love her already. Is she gonna be important? Please make her important...

Is this set in England? Cause as lot of the writers on this site are American, but I think this is, if it is, it's nice to read something set in this country.

Yeah, so well done. I would read this in one sitting, but I *really* have to go somewhere.

Keep writing!
citrus scented chapter 8 . 6/29/2006
" She slammed her elbows onto the table and thrust her face into her hands, clutching at her scalp in an almost desperate way. Her shoulders shook violently."- this, is so vivid. its so powerful. incredible.

"I wondered if she’d ever thought of investing in some waterproof stuff."- haha classic, love it.

really intresting chapter, im just desperate to find out what now! what is going on ! ahh! I love how solid each character is, theyre so real espeacilly Rhys, its like I can feel him being there (? make senese?) anyway, very compelling cant wait to read more.
where's the deactivate button chapter 14 . 6/25/2006
*really late review*

A suicide attempt? Tillie, maybe? Ai, I'm far too obsessed with conspiracy theories to do anything *but* guess! And Cleo possibly witnessing something... It's all too suspicious!
Idiot Pilot chapter 1 . 6/22/2006
I'm too tired to leave a good comment, but I like the story so far, and I shall be back to read more of it.
Alteng chapter 14 . 6/20/2006
Somehow this chapter fell out of my inbox, and i know dang well it was there, and I hadn't read it yet. I think I might have accidentally deleted it. My computer is incredibly slwo. Could be it is because it is over 5 years old, but whatever.

I love Tilly, and I can just imagine doing the same thing! Hey, I used to do volunteer work for a TV station with a club I belonged to, and we would tape the commercial breaks for us to show off the bits to friends and family! We'd sneak those "Hi, mom!" bits in there, too.

The bit with Cleo is a bit weird. I thought that she might have robbed a bank or something with her boyfriend. After all, she is having money issues. Is that somehow tied to the recording at the beginning?

So, which one of the Fantastic Floyd does your dad know? I got to see them in concert the last time they toured the States.
nightblind chapter 14 . 6/19/2006
YAY for more longer chapterness! p Golly mister, even with the movingness, I am still CLUELESS as to where ANYTHING is going. You didn't much like the concept of foreshadowing in Eng Lit, did you, hm?

One of the things that makes me really like this story is the fact that I KNOW things, it's all Britishness and HEREness, like, EMA! And GAH I REMEMBER MR MOTIVATOR! REMEMBER HIS LEOTARDS? AGH! Blast from the past lIeK wOaH! Hnh! Never watched Eastenders, though. Just the Neighbours n Home and Awayness. And Hollyoaks when I can't be bothered to get up after Home and Away. Yep.

Nought much else I knows to say, just, love the weirdness. )
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