Reviews for Overanalyzation
Gatha chapter 1 . 9/24/2005
you're talking about a guy right? I'll let you in on a little secret. more often than not we are completely clueless when it comes to relationships. without someone being blatantly obvious about it, we just coniue doing whatever has our attention at the moment, like lunch. let's face it, if ANYone looks at you while you're eating you're pretty sure to get protective of your food and pretend you don't see hope in their eyes. in short, we don't notice until it's too late or someone tells us. or play the guessing game. i love doing that when girls have a crush on someone. it keeps me off their threat list
Rice Crispy Treat chapter 1 . 9/12/2005
Ok, Im too lazy to log in. I just love it when I open up my email and evey email is a reminder that you have updated. I got my dell! and im sure u have urs by now. The only thing i dont like is its harder to type on. Im getting used to it now through writing this review. Who loves band? We love band! I love ur new welcome note. awesomeness. And ur writing keeps getting better and better. i serious. this is really good. its descriptive and ... tasty. haha, thats the only word i could think of to describe it. i think u are overanalyzing the whole, he hates u thing. he definatly doesnt. i dont think he hates anyone. if anything, he's just shy. and u can be too. and he can be peppy and talkative. so can u. it takes patience, which i dont have any of. but he'll say something eventually if he likes u. or maybe send chris or nick to tell u something. im tempted to ask him in jazz band, but the minute we get there we start favorite line in this is: silence is the equivalent of a thousand lost loves. that is such a descriptive, tasty line. seriously. darn, we still have half an hour in this classroom. i hate my extended study. its boring. im in a corner all by myself, and everyone else is in their little groups. the only other person in the corner is megan. i like her hair cut. its good for her. but anyhow, i have half an hour left, so i guess im gunna have to go read ur other stuff that i havent reviewed yet, although ive reviewed almost everything on here so u better write some more. that what study hall is for. haha. oo, can u do me a favor and read piece by piece under my fictionpress, cuz im not quite sure where im going with it. thats the story i cant find a plot line to yet. wow, this scedule is confusing. ok, well, i'll see u in first spatula,~Rice Crispy Treat
snarky muffin chapter 1 . 9/11/2005
o.o wow. well, i know what you're talking about, at least. and i wish you had some answers to your questions, anyway.