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Formerly chapter 1 . 9/12/2005
I don't care what you are, but you're a decent writer. Hey, that makes two essay posts today by people who actually know how to write a little-I think that's a record.
La Gitane chapter 1 . 9/12/2005
Interesting. Quite an identity piece.

Now hold on a sec while I try and figure out what to say.

I think you've triggered something off in me. Every now and then people's essays tend to do that - make me frown and chew my lip whilst I think for a few moments. Because the entire tone of your piece is somewhat aggro-defensive. And that strikes a wrong chord in me somewhere - I've suddenly realised that any I'm-gay pieces I've read for a while have had a similar tone and subject. I understand you've probably had to put up with quite a bit of crap. Prejudice, clearly, and I feel for you desperately. It's horrible that such behaviour and thoughts still exist.

But at the same time, does one need to justify oneself constantly? Is it not possible to just feel happy in one's sexuality, and just - for want of a better word - be content? I'm beginning to think my journey was almost unique in the world! - around the age of 16 I realised I certainly fancied girls as well, and I just got on with life. No real angst, no major life revelation. Just a 'yes, that makes sense.' And perhaps a 'well, this should be fun!'

I don't think there is anything to 'understand', as you put it. It's absurdly simple, and if only people would stop complicating it, they'd see that. You don't have to worry about what other people think of you being Christian and gay. You don't have to worry about it yourself either. Let God decide, should you think there is one, whether or not to judge you for which gender you prefer. What can you do about it, after all?

People will be disgusting and prejudiced. But at the end of the day, it's personal contentment. As long as you are happy in your sexuality, it's ok. It's another thing, of course, to take issue seriously, and that's something I would encourage. If you can fight against prejudice without going all whiny/defensive on them, so much the better, so much more to admire in a person. If, through sensible, rational arguments, you can make people broaden their horizons, then that's brilliant.

In fact, I'm gonna seriously take cause with one thing in your essay - 'stereotypical gay guy'? Watch it. These are people. They're gay. And they're showing it in a different way. They don't deserve to be clumped together in a vaguely demeaning manner, just because it doesn't appeal to you.

Anyway, if you ask me, rainbow boy is a really nice term! Maybe I'm being ignorant, but I've never heard it before, and if someone chooses to call me that out of derogation - well, I'm likely to laugh and thank them.

Well, that's my ramble. Long ramble, in fact; I apologise! But I suppose if you write a thoughts piece like this, you're gonna invite more of the same...
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