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Trory4ever chapter 30 . 4/28/2009
great chapter. I know adonis still hates his father but i thought that was really sweet of him. I think he is really trying. A for effort Lionel.

and yay more adonis and tess time since he is kinda ok with the group again. I still want adonis to want tess, maybe have some URST showing and some jealousy. Im a sucker for some jealousy in a love triangle.

i can't wait for the next update and good luck with that accounting class. Im taking personal finance and accounting next semester and I am not looking forward to it

xMoose chapter 30 . 4/28/2009
ahh! the ending creeped me out more than i think it was supposed to. lol.

i don't know - i can't say much about this chapter. it was pleasing in all aspects. as a critic though, i really liked the whole family stuff. it just makes this story EVEN MORE published novel-worthy. i wouldn't mind bits of it in the later chapters, but as a reader and fan, BRING ON THE LOVE TRIANGLE MADNESS! seriously, please do. i'm actually looking quite forward to that.

i can't figure lionel out, but i guess since adonis can't, then neither can we. i think adonis has made a lot of progress so far. all his anger has been slowly eroding. i mean, it's still there, and he's still adonis, but he isn't just pissed off all the time. his statements have further reasoning now, we can see more of the adonis that has been hiding underneath... THANK YOU TESS!

cameron on the other hand. poor cam. the family situation is just awful. but i like the way he stuck up and acted on adrenaline, something we haven't seen much from something, i'm sure we'll see more of. in a way, he's like adonis, hiding out, yet he does it in a mature way. i really want to see a battle. i want to see cameron's other side as he attempts to win tess back. it'll be interesting to see what cameron and adonis will do...and more importantly how tess will react.

oh! i really like how cameron put on them stella shades, haha! i bet he just looked hot. i mean, he did in my head! it just suited his new, darker personality. wow, thinking further now, it's as if adonis and cameron are slowly shifting and switching personalities. huh. i do have some doubt in cameron, and i think adonis might pull ahead. cam...idk. it's almost scary. he has to try and i have a feeling i will like his aggressiveness as he tries to win tess :) i predict a surprising action from adonis as well!

hmm, i can't even begin to try and come up with what's gonna happen next. there are many possibilities just hidden, that my mind has come to a blank. as always, i'm sure yer gonna knock our socks off. augh, i practically want you to post another chapter of this, instead of the house of cards update. god, i'm so torn! just whatever you do, update soon!
firelily003 chapter 30 . 4/28/2009
update soon please!
DuchessYappingDog chapter 30 . 4/28/2009
Ahh no worries about infrequent updates because everyone is struggling during the shitty economy crisis and all.

I actually kind of want to see more family stuff, but most of it seems to be resolved already. Ah, I'm so rooting for Adonis and Tess. Cameron has been getting on my nerves. Yeah, he's going through shit, but there are many people out there going through worse situations. I guess it's easy to say, but we're all super selfish, but it still bothers me! I'm such a hypocrite, hahaha.
Lil dancer x chapter 30 . 4/28/2009
what I noticed the most is that Cameron is changing so much that he is not that sweet thoughtful anymore and I dont like this new Cam that much .. Maybe Im wrong but he is being a little immature about his problems and I believe he can b a little more supportive and adult like while dealing with his parents ..As for the Adonis and the therapy scene , it really met the expectations also when his father told him about the will and selling his grandfathers ships .I was a little shocked with this decision because it doesnt reflect his personality . And my favourite part was when Tess got butterflies when she saw Adonis near his car .. she is definitely harbouring some feelings for Adonis so they should forget about Cam and get together (ahh ah wishful thinking...) UPDATE UPDATE soon pls .. at the first chance u get since U said u will b busy .. I have faith in u chica u wont let us down ;) U roc ! x
Anonymousreader chapter 30 . 4/28/2009
I'm going to kill Cam... How dare he be such an asshole to tess!

Tess deserves SO much better! Adonis and her relationship is maybe not perfect but they tell eachother things...

Love liz
Oyuki chapter 30 . 4/27/2009
i can now see tess distancing herself from cameron and getting a little closer to adonis. he's being a lot nicer to her too. i'm glad they're in that maybe-friends stage. at least he's being honest with her. and not being an asshole about being honest. but i don't want to forget that he's also taking his meds. even though i know most psych meds take weeks to work. and he's probably not under therapeutic levels as of yet. i also hate to think of all the side effects of psych meds and adonis dealing with them. will you deal with any of these side effects in this story at all? i hope not. it's why most people choose to stay off their meds. i really liked the insight into adonis and his relationship with his father. his father totally went about all their business wrong, but he's not the total evil bastard i thought him to be. and i hope adonis gets to have a better relationship with his half-sister because she's the only other family he's got left. i can't wait for the triangle you promised. please have more soon. and pardon the spelling/grammar mistakes in this review. p
RiddleMeSiriusLover chapter 30 . 4/27/2009
i am in love with this story!


i can't stop reading it!

in the beginning i was in love with the idea of Cameron and Tess...but NOW im in love WITH Adonis and i think that him adn Tess would make an unbreakable-love couple.

thanks soo much for giving out your spare time to creae this wonderful story and keep up with updates!

thank you and i can't WAIT for the folowing chapters to come!
Jenny chapter 30 . 4/27/2009
Oh yes, voracious indeed :D

okay, come on, cameron and tess need to be OVER already.

How many chapters did you say this would be?

Yeesh..well, thanks for [finally] updating ;) (on both tangled and house of cards)


you're amazing,

momo3069 chapter 30 . 4/27/2009

I liked this chapter. Im more interessted in Adonis and Tess story than in Cams, so I hope you end it like that.

And I love the change with Adonis and his father.

Keep going.
esssjay chapter 30 . 4/27/2009
yay tha long awaited chapter is up !

this chapter was good :) not that any of tha other chapters arent. im glad that yor shifting tha focus onto tha love triangle. im loving that particular part of tha story. i hope theres more adonis n tess to come ! [:

n im sry to hear that things arent going so well. hope they ease up soon buh please dun extend tha wait foh future chapters !
punkrock13 chapter 30 . 4/27/2009
i liked Adonis and Tess's interaction in this chapter. so is Adonis gonna start hanging with Tess and her and Cam's friends and Cam's not?
Initially loaded chapter 30 . 4/26/2009
Oh no...But i still prefer Tess with Adonis...they seem to fit better.
middiegurl08 chapter 30 . 4/26/2009
I wish Adonis and Tess would admit their feelings for each other already! Ha. I love the build up and teasing moments but it's been so long... This was another awesome chapter. I agree, every was having Daddy issues in this chapter but it helps explain why the guys act the way they do.

Great chapter! Update soon! :)
nonaccount chapter 30 . 4/26/2009
Give me a moment to bitch about FP today ... what the hell? It took me FOREVER to be able to read this chapter because every other damn screen said some crap about "forbidden" what the hell is that? Deep breath ... ok, I'm ready to actually review ...

I like seeing Tess and Adonis getting closer and closer, but I do feel sorry for Cameron and now his dad has put this "fight for the woman you love" crazy crap in his head. Tess isn't the woman he loves. Can't you throw him a bone? Some woman out of the ether to sweep him off his feet so he can get out of Tess and Adonis' way? Then they'll only have to deal with being in each other's way. Hmm, yeah, I like the sound of that. :)
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