Reviews for Fortune, Destiny, or Love
Audwin chapter 6 . 9/22/2005
Sorry for not reviewing any sooner... This is really a nice insight on Peter, the Origi of Luck. I wonder if Peter will ever run out of luck—

However, I have to give a note to you saying that I love this piece of writing because I understand a great deal of it. Others, will not find as much as interest as I because they did not read "The Origi". Just a small note... Simply clarify some of the plot and characters a little bit and it should be just awesome.

Now, as for your writer’s block, I really hope you don’t get one. I’d really like to know a bit more about the Origi. The whole plot and story is really building up inside.

Maybe you should do a short inside on some of the other characters, or perhaps introduce a new member to the Origi (supposedly much younger in appearance or older). Just several ideas – you can do unlimited things with what you got here...

A conclusion to all character relations need to come to an end! I'm left hanging! *Must read. Finish Origi*

Once again, I have run out of words to use. Anyhow, I hope you will post another piece of work soon. Much luck!

- Audwin –

BTW, I read 'Origi, Short Story'. It’s a nice piece, but some parts are confusing and need to be edited.
Trillix chapter 1 . 9/18/2005
Lol Just published yesterday, yes, and ended publishing today XD;;

I'm glad you're so thrilled. So am I. Well, to see it up and written anyway. I've never finished so many stories before lol My writings have only been so successful with my precious Origi so far. The rest is good for going down the drain. Though my attachment to my works have kept them from being deleted so far.

I thank you again for the praise, and just for the sake of not arguing, I won't say any more about it lol

I would appreciate it a lot though, if you could suggest any ideas if any are ever to chance upon your thoughts. It'll be lots of help in keeping me going _ Wouldn't want me on writer's block now, would we.. Heh..

Well, I hope to write more about all my characters, hopefully not just in the romantic way lol I've noticed that it's been going sort of fantasy/romance, as you noted in a past review.. I'll have to try to keep it from going to total romance lol

Looking forward to more reviews~

Audwin chapter 3 . 9/17/2005
Just published today, I see.

I am so very happy to see your fiction writing. Thrilled actually.

Peter seems quite a complex character. I hope that your future chapters will explain a bit more about him - I'd appreciate it.

So far, one word for your work with The Origi and Fortune, Destiny, and Love is; awesome.

Keep writing!

- Audwin –