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PenChewer chapter 9 . 11/25/2005
HEY! wow! this is an awesome story! i wish i could write like that! it's amazing! you know ur charecter so well! everytime i read this! it's like i'm actually hearing it from a person telling me the story of there life! your story rocks my socks! plz update soon! UnsungAngelLove~p.s. heehhehhe..loved the re-written chapter! i hope that happens somewhere in the story! lolp.s.s. is troy in love with andrew? O.o thats my guess! hehehe
christhaunted chapter 9 . 11/23/2005
OMG you have to update this story asap im so drawn into iti really really need to know what happensok i guess i can waityou would make a good psychologist becasue you have a great sense of the human mindim really enjoying this story

love and peacebran
explicitones chapter 9 . 11/23/2005
Ah i can't WAIT to know what happens. the last line makes me want to know all the more! so please update soon! yay!
IAmSoConfused chapter 1 . 11/23/2005
I do... I do... I do believe in love squares...

Oh my. The obsession has grown. I really REALLY wanna know how he tells him... if he tells him. Or if something happens to where he just can't do it, whether by choice or someone else's doing... Either... Eek... I'm exctied...

Dahlin'... you ain't the only one trying to figure out which ship I support. I liked Troy from the beginning (not always as an "Andrew's Loverkin" possibility, but still...) and my love for Jonas never dies, although it SLIGHTly dwindles at times... when Andrew gets hurt, even if it comes inadvertantly (which is, from Jonas, all it ever is... accidental...)

As much as I love Andrew, I extraly-overly want him to grow some confidence... It's understandable that trust and everything with his friends is shaky in his mind... But I almost want him to realize sooner that his grandmother cares for him unconditionally. I want a grandama like that, so he who has one should appreciate her!

And as for your question, ew no, not Cubs. LoL. But yes, I'm head over heels for the Sox and Bears. then again, that doesn't answer your question... To ACTUALLY answer, I will say that I live about about 45 minutes or an hour, in the suburbs. But it's an easy train ride away!

Lovin the chappie, although angst GALORE girl! hehe... But it's a must-have to make it so so wonderful...

kelseypaige chapter 9 . 11/23/2005
It's like, everytimeyou update I wish you hadnt because every chapter makes me want to read the NEXT chapter even more than I wanted to read the last chapter. gaah.

But this chapter was LOVE (minus Troy). yes, I was a little dissapointed that Troy didnt make an appearence... but I'll learn to live.

Homeless people? Well... I live in Bellevue, WA, the most affluent city like EVER, so seriously, I havent seen a homeless person in like 5 years. Which is sad. But yeah.


you are amazing. I love you. and this.

PridefulShame chapter 9 . 11/23/2005
That rewrite of Chapter 7 was funny. That'd be funny if it actually happened. Great chapter! Can't wait till the next.
pneumothorax chapter 9 . 11/23/2005
A very readable fic. I like it. Nothing constructive, really - apologies.

'“As I said before,” I repeated pleasantly. “Just. Shut. Up.”' That amused me a great deal.
SkepticCritic chapter 9 . 11/23/2005
for your chapter seven re write...there's some story that does that...i coulda sworn i'd seen it before...oh i know! have you ever seen "unfabulous"? the main character does that all the time...she finds a situation and it like shows that situation and you think it's the real one except she's being totally different than normal and suddenly she like shakes out of it and goes through the situation alot less heroicly...sorry it just really reminded me of that...

i'm so excited...i get to be a beta...very exciting if you ask me...of course i'm also planning to go into editing and publishing...majoring in publishing when i get's very fun though...well i think it is...reading someone else's story looking for any itty bitty little mistakes...this coming from the girl who was named the gramar queen in sixth grade...but i's just one of those things i can't help but nit pick about...i'm one of those people who can totally absorbed in a story and still notice that they used a semi colon instead of a colon...i'm one of those people who has a list of punctuation and their proper usage under her favorites list...this kinda thing is right up my alley...

don't you hate when you miss those little things? i have a friend who beta's for me and it bugs her to no end that i use mircrosoft spell check before sending it to her...i think the last time i sent her a chapter she replied with, "As if you didn't check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling enough on your own, now you're using spell check. Why do you even bother sending it? There were two mistakes...TWO! I'm not doing anything but reading it for you and telling you what I think..." little does she know that's the exact reason i was sending it...she can be very oblivious sometimes to the fact that she was my editor and that is what editor's do...they critique the writing...silly girl...she barely had time to read and comment...where on earth was she going to find time to actually check spelling and grammar...just to apease her i started leaving a couple little mistakes for her to find...very funny because she noticed it right off...wouldn't talk to me the whole next day at school...then the next day she comes up to me and asks, "when are you writing the next chapter?" honestly the nerve of that girl...

on the definition, i actually found it on word...if you highlight a word and then right click on it and click on look up it'll give you the definition and the part of speech...just like on fp...if you hilight a word and then hit d a little window pops up with the definition...i just found that out this week and i think it's the coolest thing...:P leave me alone, I think it's cool at least...

and it's not just narcissus...i think i spelled that wrong, anyway...there's also daphne...apollo saw her and started chasing her and she yelled to her dad who was god of some river to help so he turned her into a laurel tree...that's why apollo's tree is the laurel...and then there's also arethusa...the river god alpheus saw her one day and started chasing her (theme much?) and so she called to her goddess artemis who changed her into a stream...alpheus than changed into a stream and plunged in after her...they run from greece to's said that if a wooden cup is thrown into the alpheus in greece it will reappear in arethusa's well in sicily...

ok anyway, e-mail me the next chapter when you get it written...i'll start checking my e-mail everyday so i don't miss it for even a day...i'm not obsessed...i'm just a freshman with no life who is addicted to fiction obsessed just addicted...i can quit at any time i swear...maybe...
november shivers chapter 9 . 11/23/2005
Aw! I'm so nervous for Jonas. Somehow I don't think he'll do it, though. I wouldn't. .;;
Lucas D chapter 9 . 11/23/2005
A very, very captivating story. To be honest, I do somewhat abhor C.C by ? ;]
Cherise chapter 9 . 11/23/2005
Hahaha, I like that rewrite, that's the day Andy actually develops a backbone, yeah? And...I'm glad that our dear protagonist has decided to redo his lie, but I can't help bue feel a little wary of Jonah's reaction. The way he just blanked out before, when they found the poem, wasn't very reassuring.
IAmSoConfused chapter 8 . 11/21/2005
It's unhealthy... my obsession I mean.

I can't help it... It's just so GOOD... there's no other way to put it.

Troy... is delicious. I sincerely hope that this awkward-ness is stemming from the fact that he is into Andrew in ways in which "kiddo" would be a completely inappropriate nickname... and to be replaced with something along the lines of "baby" or "sweetcheeks" Hehehe...

But, my mind is going wonky right now. I very badly want the Troy/Andrew thing to happen... Yet I can't help my mind sometimes wandering off and going "Jonas and Andrew sittin'in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G..." It would be so cute, and so, so fulfilling to have the former relationship pan out... but the latter would be so very very indescribably perfect, not to mention a great story to have trnaspire over the next (hopefully) many many months.

Goodness... How did you put it? The love square? It's hot. Way hot. Three way hot guys (yes, in my mind, Andrew is more delectable than he could ever see himself as) and one girl that I could seriously strangle for the things she says about my Jonas... I've claimed him, i do hope you don't mind. I love him because I want a guy that is so unfazably (is that a word?) devoted to me... While said devotion is directed at an entirely bitchy and unreceptive target, the amount of love just totally blows me away. Gah, it's almost painful.

I need to sort out my views. I do realize I've gone from being a devoted member of the Troy/Andrew ship to being all "Jonas/Andrew Pride!" in the matter of one review... but oh well... The obsession continues.

Olga chapter 8 . 11/20/2005
Very interesting. I read the whole 8 chapters at one go, and i must say i didn't expect it to be so captivating.

Troy.. Troy is intriguing. I think he understands Andy the best, maybe for he was through similiar problems himself? Maybe he somewhat sees himself in Andy, or maybe something he will never be? Well, i will leave the answers to your story.

Please do update it soon. Am looking forward to it.
polynesia chapter 8 . 11/15/2005
Ah...Polytchi's a stupid moron who forgot to check her favorite fics for practically forever, and so didn't review any of them. .'' Please forgive me., yeah, Andy's life sucks. As much as it's mean to say it, though, it's kinda his fault. Someone needs a backbone... Christy's a bitch, though. (That whole time she was laughing about Jonas I just kept rooting for Andy to smack her-I know I would've-then again, that's totally out of character, unfortunately.) Go die, Christy. (Funnily enough, I have 3 or 4 friends named Christy...) And Troy needs a hug 'cuz he's cool like that.

In conclusion, Jonas is a moron; Andy should go for Troy.

( review made no sense. But I'm sick, so I have an excuse. Bwahaha.)
Sumiko-10 chapter 8 . 11/13/2005
Hey, I really like this like troy, but i love harris. He cracks me up. He kinda reminds me of seamus from harry potter. Jumpy, hyper and funny. I love the story so far. See, I got an impression that troy and harris were together at first, cause christy called them "Lover boys" But now since you said troy isnt gay..ya. Im pretty stupid. I love the story, cant wait for an update. Bye _
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