Reviews for Let's Save the Starving Kids!
Yorba Linda chapter 1 . 12/16/2005
Amazing. I love the sarcasm, and I got the message. Well for me what I understood was that we think we are saving children when in all reality we are doing nothing. Great piece.
Leyman chapter 1 . 10/5/2005
Hooray indeed! Check out my article was MAKE POVERTY HISTORY USEFUL?Logically its a complete farce.

How could nations like Germany that is currently facing rising unemployment or US with its increasing requests for funds for the war at the same time want to assist other nation's economies to compete with them?

China hanging on its textile production, or EU with its food export to want to help other nations to compete, while they are barely managing against each other and this is logic?

NGO'S do play a role into making us think that donations can solve the problem permanently, when we now that their are unfair trade conditions set, as well as increasing debts.

Somebodies are gaining from these events though, and unfortunately it may not be the starving kids in the long run.
crackpot chapter 1 . 10/1/2005
Yea. fuck the concerts and drive and gimicks and just feed the people man. i wish.
simpletonsgrin chapter 1 . 9/30/2005
Liked this. Sarcasm is (according to my friends) my thing. Loved the first three lines of the second stanza, and the first three of the last. I tend to be far on the left of the political spectrum, but lately I've had cause to think about how Elitist and hypocritical we are as well, so I've been less interested in being bluntly angry. (chalk it up to way too much time alone). I agree with you on all the points you've made here, but right now I'm under the impression that everybody is just as fucked up as the next person, and G8 is just as ridiculous and as powerless as the UN, and so forth. Anyhoo, I still enjoyed the anger in this, because lately i've felt just a little too diplomatic to respect myself as a liberal. (And still, my history teacher thinks I'm a socialist. Socialized medecine! We should all live in Europe. It's all about the Welfare State over there. America needs to take the bloody hint.)Anyways, keep it up.

In response to your review of 'Isms Contradict..." Well, I have to say i chuckled when I read it. I think you misunderstood it. If you noticed, the last two lines of each stanza were not one view point, but two, from supposedly opposite factions. The very reason I chose the three specific 'isms' was because I found them all to be, at least in some way, attractive to me. (nihilism, I grant you will never work, but I wouldn't mind living free.) I said communism was a failed experiment, because so far it has been. The USSr collapsed, China (though we'll all be speaking chinese ten years from now) is definately not the kind of communism Marx had in mind, Cuba.. well... Cuba's a different story altogether. Communism is really the natural state of being. That's how we lived before history got nasty. I'm neither for it nor against it in it's practiced state. If people were less fucked up and more primal it would work. Democracy and capitalism have problems as well. With a representatice democracy , so many are left unhappy, and a direct democracy is impossible, because it takes up so much time. Capitalism and consumerism make me just as queasy as communism or totalitarianism or anarchism or nihilism. What I was tyring to say is that each 'ism' is just as messed up as the next, and no one really agrees on anything (which is the main message of the last line, and of the last two of each stanza.) I could have used fascism, socialism, or oligarchism and the message wouldn't have altered much. Anyways, hope that explains things.

(oh, and I was surprised you took my mention of idealism with an invisible 'petty' in fron of it. I'm an idealist. I just happen to be a cynic as well. Or a dualist? No, I think what you'd call me is a hypocrite. Nothing all that bad about that either.)
Faithless Juliet chapter 1 . 9/30/2005
I like this; the thing about "food" given and recieved by the American's is so odd. Like when we bombed Afganahstan in 2001 we droped little bags of Oreo's afterward so the children that we made homeless could have some nice candy to rot out their teeth, but meanwhile we don't do jack shit for the homelesspeople who are dying on the street corner, we just pass on by. I think that if everyone gave 25 cents toward starvation we could all feed the people of the world. Keep up the good work.

Much love,Juliet.