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Seque Me ad Meum Somnium chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
JESUS! Child of mine! Caspian is an asshole...and i want you to know that...a total asshole and a complete guy. I can definantly see River's fault in that too, but i hope that Caspian suffers...SUFFERS! (Thanks for the fast update! Make me so happy!)
Monster In Your Head chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
wowee, intense! Yes sad does keep me coming back for more I'll admit. I like a good story that makes me cry (to be honest) I liked this chap the story keeps getting better and better. Keep fueling my love with your WONDERFUL chapters. As long as you write, I will read.
blacksunrise chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
aww cute Review ..lolpoor counseler lady , poor aunt emily ! too angsty , hormonal boys who won't ask for help !what a pain ! anyhows update soon please.
Pluto the Boy chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
I totally forgot about Sasha.

Whoa. Just throw them for a loop, eh?

See, it's situations like this that I can't identify with. I've been lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) enough not to lose anyone close to me. Which stinks when I'm reading things of this nature 'cause I'm like, "That must be horrible" but as I've been told I have really no idea.

I do think it's interesting to see how your friendship with the real R & C changed the story. I mean, maybe it was intentional, I don't know, and I don't mean to be rude or anything, but the denouement has certainly come at an interesting time. I will certainly follow this through till the end.

I haven't worn my chucks enough. I have other Cons that I wear more often 'cause they're more of a sturdy go-anything brown (and I forget I have them in my closet) but when I remember I love wearing them. There's nothing like soft canvas (Unless you're wearing canvas pants. then they SUCK EGGS. Especially in 90-FRICKIN'-DEGREE-WEATHER)


See you next time!
Green Eyes chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
ok, this will have to be shrort- im really tired. I am so impressed and insanley jealous at your writing skills! I had to scroll down for ages to get past the viwer responses- you get THAT many reviewers and our story is fairly long- evidence, i believe, for having a load of talent in the being-able-to-keep-my-readers-hooked department :)I love the way that you put in detailed imagery withoutit being pretentious. I love the way you put enough humour and pathos in to make it touching but not a drag to read. I love the way you can actually spell and use punctuation (unlike a fair amount of other authors!) I think this is fabulous- you really have a genuine talent here and i hope your novel goes well- you really deserve it. There are a lot of good stories on this site, but yours really stands out- it really is excellent, and i can say no more.
Green Eyes chapter 32 . 4/20/2006
So, the 'gay issue'. Just out of interest, are you gay? Well its a fairly complicated issue on one hand becasue of the attitude people take about it. It would be so much easier if we lived in a tolerant world. I mean, love is hard enough as it is, without having to deal with prejudice. I come from a very middle class (I'm from London), VERY proud to be English/british family and my parents are very homophobic. I have freinds who are gay (male and female) and it really hurts and distresses me when they are rude about gay people and say that it is 'wrong' etc. Its just so ignorant. Especially as i think i might be bi. ( by 'think' i mean am pretty sure but haven't 100% acepted it yet). Thats gonna be a good conversation...Anway, coming out... None of my gay friends have ever had a bad reaction straight off- that i've heard about anyway. Mostly it seems people were really shocked- to be fair one of my friends came out to me and i slapped myself around the face i was so shocked. I was pleased for her etc- but it was so unexpected. Anyway- one of my friends (a guy) didn't come out to a single person at school until he left. He knew since he was ten. That is EIGHT YEARS OF SILENCE because his school is so unaccepting. funny story- i found out about him though by acident- i went to the party of a mutual friend- and he turned up with his boyfriend- who was VERY touchy feely. The look on his face when he saw me was PRICELESS! Talk about your chin hitting the floor!I just wished we lived in a world where homophobia wasn't an issue- a bit like the world you've created. I cannot see why people can be against something that clearly makes people so happy. They guy has now found the perfect boyfriend and is SO SO SO happy- how can that possibly be wrong. But i guess its jjust passed on. My little brother (age 15) is at a boarding school- where everybody is white and Christian and fairly county. (by that i mean fairly upper class types who like fox hunting and racing etc. 'Daddy owns three Astin Martins' etc type people.) Ugh- and he is learning homophobia off of them. Its so sad- he would have got it off my parents anyway- the only reason i'm not is because my school is a little bit more liberal than his adn my friends managed to 're-educate' me, thank god. But it breaks my heart to listen to him regurgitate out all these opinions so blatently copied from someone else's mouth.'Sorry for ranting. Its a fairly controversial topic though. And only becasue the internet protects my identity and no one will ever know who i am- the girl ho came out to me is the girl i'm practically in love with (yep- i am female) and SHE KNOWS IT. And the fact that shes gay actually makes it worse, becasue at first it made me hope. But now shhe likes a mutual friend of ours- and it kills me every time i se her talking to her. SO maybe coming out isn't always a good idea. I wish i'd never found out really. Sorry to burden you with my own woes but its just so i do so love this story- will tell you just ow much when i read the next chapter.
Gauntlets Of Discord chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
Oh my gosh. X3 I love you for loving my fanart. I mean, I love you 'cause you write this story. But. That totally made my day~!

I used to like Aunt Emily so much, but now she's all regal and commanding. D: No, Aunt Emily! Go back to being awesome!

I'd tell the story of my coming-out but it's totally unglamorous and really kinda boring, so.

(pst: my email is ) (*totally wants to see the real R&C*)
green Eyes chapter 29 . 4/20/2006
What are you doing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO!
Green Eyes chapter 25 . 4/20/2006
Wow, this is so happy :) I love it oh tough- hints of angst ahead :s still fantastic...
American Schokolade chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
Okay. I accept that as an answer... Medicine be damned.

Umm, then. 'Nother good chapter? I don't know what else to say. River's a f*cking idiot-I mean, hello, if you're in an angsty story, you have a medical problem, and omnious warning signs like a burning throat are occurring, go to the doctor as soon as you can. Stupid. Ugh. I can just see what's coming now.
Green Eyes chapter 22 . 4/20/2006
I know you wrote this ages ago- but i really hope your world isn't falling a part any more. Or if it is, that you can wait to bit really got me- I fell in love with one of my best friends recently (well, like a year and a bit ago) and she found out. She asked me straight out about 2/3 weeks ago and I had to tell her- I don't really like lying. Sadly, she doesn't feel the same way She sounded alrght about it on the phone and then i saw her and it was bloody awful. Our friendship has gone from really good, to almost non-existent. Just like that. So i really hope that it works out for R & C becasue I'm reading this to make me aside- this is still THE best stoy i've read- and whne i get to the end of all the chapters that are up I will tell you in detail just how fantasstic i think you and your writing are!
GossamerHeart chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
Aw come on, don't try that distraction crap on me, I practically invented it! lmao.

You killed off Sasha. You evil evil person! *sob*-Sho
uusernname chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
Sure, you're putting them through a Hell of alot, but what's wrong with that? Makes the story interesting to say the least. Yes, I'm insanely in love with this story and all of it's characters. But I'm not afraid to admit it! Heh. Anywho, you're welcome, and update!
Green Eyes chapter 8 . 4/20/2006
And its STILL great. I like the twists and turns- its going well. Writing may make YOU happy- but reading your writing is making ME happy :)
Green Eyes chapter 4 . 4/20/2006
This is FABULOUS! It has to be one of the best stories i've read so far!I love the hilarious notes at the bottom- yes i agree about croissants- and about people and calling things 'wierd'.Usually i wait unitl the end before i review- but this time i couldn't wait!, ok, i'm off to read the next trillion chapters (yay!)
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