Reviews for You Know What I Mean
randomperson chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
Yellow! *waving, jumping up and down* I'm in a weird mood at the minute, too many tissues *hand sticking out of pile of used tissues, waving feebly* my cold truly sucks arse currently, but oh well... I spend WAY too much time talking about my body ailments when I review, don't I? And thirty-six sneezes in three minutes is IMPRESSIVE. I think I counted ten sneezes from myself in one minute, then I got bored - I have a short attention span. Although, I am fascinated by people who can do multiple sneezes at one time; my Dad always does, without fail, three sneezes in a row, every single time. Maybe it's a genetic thing? *ponders*

Thank you for urging me not to die, no-one else seems to take notice when I say my death is imminent! And yeah, I'm sure I'll get THROUGH the GCSE's, it all depends on what grades I get. I need basically A's in everything, although Art I'll be happy if I scrape a B, the rate I'm going at (has given up hope of ever getting an A in Art). You see, apart from having parents who expect ENTIRELY too much from me, I, the fool that I am, want to go into veterinary medicine (and yes, I DO want to spend the rest of my life sticking a thermometer up a cow's arse). So, I need A's in every subject, cos the universities look at GCSE's as well as AS/A2 levels. Although my parents have washed their hands of me; in my dad's words 'on your own head be it', so if I don't get good grades, it's entirely my own fault. *snorts* I knew that already.

I can sympathise with being a total cynic mixed with a hopeless romantic; I love Pride & Prejudice, yet I doubt I'll ever find anyone willing to put up with me and I with them. I love reading people's quirky romantic stories too! It's just rather funny, yet you want to go 'aw' at the same time. I read the story in your reviews from the other Jennifer (I hope I got that right) and it was class, with the harps and angels singing and all.

Woot for singledom! *goes dancing through fields of daisies, wearing a multi-coloured peace t-shirt* no wait, that's a fantasy involving my biology teacher... Maybe we could start handing out flags and drum up support for the singledom status? *laughs* yeah, I can see how explaining to a boyfriend about your story would be slightly weird... River and Caspian DO get their lives messed up all the time, don't they? They are growing further apart, you could see that in this chapter, which is kinda sad. And I like the comment about River having expressive eyes; he really does! (go me, I finally mentioned the story! Which is kick-ass by the way!)Poor Sasha; I'm sorry that she had to die, but I suppose that it moves the story on. *looking sad*

What IS it about Town Halls that attracts the goths? I'm liking the stare malignantly at passers-by idea, it fits quite well! Although, that being said, I do a lot of glaring myself; from roughly 8am in the morning till about 2pm, when I've finally woken up and had my required dose of caffeine. *inhaling smell of coffee* god, I love that stuff.

Have I ever told you that blue hair is one of the classiest things that have ever graced this planet? *bowing to Amateur Imaginationist* I'm considering going blue when I get to uni, but I think my hair'd turn out blacky-blue; it's dark brown, so the blue dye might not work too well. Is your blue electric blue or a darker shade? I s'pose it is cool to be an outsider and drift from group to group, but does it never get annoying and a bit lonely?

*shudders* I don't think I want to know the horror stories about popcorn, thanks. Although I do have a comparison question that I honestly can't tell the difference between; Coke or Diet Coke? Everyone keeps on saying there's a huge difference between the two, but I just don't see/taste it... although I do get slightly put off by the story about Diet Coke to do with maggots *shudders*

You're updating really quickly now; bows go to you! *bowing* Quick question; what's Australia doing for the Queen's 80th birthday? It's just that there's loads of tv programmes on and I was wondering what Australia makes of it, the Queen being head of state or something in Australia. *shrugs* I'm interested. But I'm gonna go now; I just rambled for WAY too long about very boring stuff. Bye! *waves*
Mage Dudette chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
wow, whoa. normally i resist, but today i read all the review responses instead of jst mine, rinna's and skimming over the rest (kinda). and uhh, brains gone dead. and u've effected my education too. essay in for 2mz, ive had whole holidays (2 weeks anyway) and not done it. oops. n heh, i never realised aussie uni started in january, an odd concept i thought, as we start school terms in september. and no, 20 degrees isnt cold, wish it was 20, more like 10-15 here atm, but im a brit. i dnt mind the rain. (wandered in, had drowned-rat-sydrome earlier, and it was only a short downpour.)

anyway, point i was tryin to make, college we go to after school (thats secondary school up to age 16) when u do your gcse's. then after school, u either get a job, an apprenticeship (part work, part clg) go to college or sixth form. technically, i go to 'the sixth form college solihull'. thats the nearest to carrying on from school, and its 2 years to do a-levels. (u can do other types of courses tho a-levels are most conventional, others more vocational type ones) you do 4 subjects first year, as an AS-level, then carry on three the next year to the full A-level. 'less your clever, and you do all four, or drop from 5 to 4. but that seemed like too much work to me. so, i have in 5 weeks, my major load of exams for the end of clg. and they determine which uni im going to. uni's pretty similar i guess, and sixth form, i think, seems to be more integrated into high school in australia, like america. (i think..)

and well, i already know i can get into my uni, it goes on 'UCAS' points, which you work out from your grades, and ucas is the organisation used to apply to your uni's.

and anyway, clg is great, we get a lot of 'free's', hangin around in meridan common room (we practically own it.. my group of friends that is, cz its generally empty as most ppl go to the canteen cz they're boring.. _ unlessits summer, we hang about in the park next to clg then..) no uniform, they dnt care about coloured hair or tattoos or piercings or anything

and we can do gap years too, my friends off to america for 7 months, but i decided not to do one as im doing a 'sandwich' course at uni neway, which is four, not three years, and the extra year is used for industrial experiance, basically a job, before you finish your degree, so i have a degree and experiance at the end of it all.

-phew- i hope that explains it?

o, and avoid myspace. i dnt like it. its an emo live journal thing. bleh. all my friends are on it, and i avoid it totally. and im doing business computing management if you're interested at uni. lots of computery things. can't wait.

unfortunately now, i want to see these pictures of rinna's too. _; and dammit. knocked my nails, they were all lovely and now i gotta fix them -again- all black and shiny and nice tho. broke one y'day sitting in the cinema, doing nothing which was typical. that antonio banderas movie, take the lead. loved it. ooh, and i want my hair blue/black, or maybe purple again but underneath u kno? mneh, who knows really, i don't. i jst end up with fun coloured hair or a totally different cut/style everytime i come back from the hairdressers.

ooh and my day today... sucked cz i had to get up, first day back at clg after easter (we broke up earlier) and i felt so stupid in maths when i cdnt answer the qus the teacher (who can't teach for sh*t, seriously, sometimes i cd do a better job) kept asking me and chem was mercifully brief (only single lesson, 50 mins) so i was home after wandering around town for a bit, and lamenting my lack of money, time and computer power which means no oblivion/tomb raider legends for me. (games..) getting tomb raider as my well-done-for-exams-present-to-me-from-me-thing. i deserve it. honest. and then i have all summer to play it. 5 weeks left of clg, then exam leave, then its all over by end of june YAY.

then walked home, (hair got wet, as mentioned, i was close to home, cdnt b arsed to get my brolly out my bag, easily done..!) and then read this update after checking my inbox, written this stupidly long review (tho im sure its still nothing on rinna's) and now got neck ache from using my laptop. o well. and i have an essay to do, which i totally dnt know what im doing for it and its 3.10pm already.

so yea... cool chappie,
Puji chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
Ah, you're so mean! Sasha's gone... *sobs quietly* I liked Sasha, she seemed to be like well cute! Why did you do such a thing?

Lol and i liked your idea for R.E.V.I.E.W Very unique!

Poor River, why doesnt Caspian see that he's just putting him first all the time! Sigh well he's just a teenage boy right? Lol just kidding.

Great Chapter - but very upsetting...UPDATE SOON!
Mimay chapter 33 . 4/20/2006
AH! THE QUICCKEST UPDATE! Ever D HEHEHE I was so hcoked when I got an alert that you updated Ahh... The joys of seeing an update.

Wonderful chapter... Poor Sasha...

People think that Caspian doesn't get River? That's a shock. I always thought he did, hehe and you're right... He does need expressive eyes for a form of communication, but still... The idea of River having such expressie eyes is just soo cool

Well I'll end it here... Have to leave for a bit.

Read a/n at the bottom, I gotta say I admire your list of review replies *Smiles*

Well I'm off have a happy day D

Much adore,

Rinna chapter 32 . 4/19/2006
Okay. There are PROBLEMS here. Honestly, that last bit, with Caspian not being able to read River's expression, eyes, etc... that was honest-to-goodness -creepy-. And there was just something...cold, about that scene, for lack of a better descriptive adjective.

Hum, moving back, what did I have to say about this chapter? Oh yeah, I really, really liked that very first bit, the second person perpective. I've always found second-person perspective cool, for whatever reason, but it seems to be most popular in those "choose your own adventure" books. Oh, hey, I just remembered a dreanm I had last night, I found what would have been the utterly coolest "choose your own adventure" novel, ever; written by Neal Stephenson. But alack alas, it was a dream. And that is really, really random.

Even within the chapter, it sort of flipped back and forth for me, from the way you wrote it; sometimes it seemed like it was perfectly okay for Caspian to be staying with River, other times it was like "Oh, yeah, he really does need to go home/leave Aunt Emily's house/not live with River.

And... ugh. I just don't like what either boy is doing in the story right now. They're both being dumb. On a lot of levels. River, for not -telling- Caspian that his throat is screwed up again, that what Caspian is doing is upsetting him, and for ignoring schoolwork and, well, life in favor of his relationship with Caspian, because that is extremely unhealthy behavious. Caspian for... I don't know, for clinging so desperately to his old life when he's not living it anymore, though I can kind of understand that to a degree, and for ignoring River more than he should (aka, not thinking that ggee, if he's trying to return to his old life, hum, well, River wasn't part of that, so what're you going to do about him?), and for trusting that "oh of course River would tell him if anything was wrong", disregarding the thought that just maybe River doesn't want to worry him. Urgh. The both of them.

Anyway, I liked the little interlude with Aunt Emily and her maid Lucy. That was funny, and in a sense, sort of cute. I also continue to like the character of Angela. I can draw similarities with her; what she said to River sounds like something I'd try to say.

And I hope you realize that it's all your fault I'm (probably) doing my next major Lit class project on Othello.

Brief commercial, before I move on to other things: David Gray- Nos De Cariad Awesome song.

You have such kick-ass reviewers. I went and read other people's reviews and yeah, some of the stories they tell you are -awesome- Like that one I noted from yet another Jennifer, it made me laugh. Oh, and then I kept reading reviews, and she referenced me in a previous review. Yep, it's official, she's cool. Hey, someone used the word "wicked", did you notice? Yes, I am currenty reading other's review and commenting on them in my own review. This is me. I'm weird. We knew that already, right? Hey, your reviewer that gave you an email to contact them is a Mercedes Lackey fan! The email, stardance and K'Treva are both Mercedes Lackey book thing. I find this cooler right now because I'm currently in the middle of rereading all the books in her Valdemar series in chronological order, which is about 25-30 books. Have I ever mentioned the fact that, quite randomly, I adore fantasy novels? And oh, your poor, poor reviewers in the bible belt... that's the area of the south that scares me... Hey, you have an Australian reviewer, cool. Oh, okay, I'm into reviews of the previous chapter now, I'm done... Yes, I'm a freak. Shush, you.

So yeah, now moving on to responding to your review response. I don't have much to say on things you said to other people, save for, yeah, I could so see myself going to Australia and watching the toilet flush. Oh, and 20 degrees? Hah. The very idea of that being "cold" just... boggles my mind.

Why do I scare you? I was trying to figure that out. Was it because my last review was really really long?

And even if you don't end up writing both endings TELL ME WHAT THE OTHER ONE WOULD HAVE BEEN. *cough* ahem, I mean, if you'd be so inclined, I would remain interested to know. Also known as things like that bug me to the ends of the earth; if I don't find out what I want to know.

Heh, nope, you didn't push me into any of it. It was definitely something I wanted to talk about. and actually, I think going back through it might have helped. And in the long run, no, I don't think I have a darker outlook on life for it. Like you said, probably more of a philosophical one.

The story of the other girl, though, that is awesome. That is so cool for her. And honestly, if I could, that would be literally the -exact- position I'd like to end up in; because Jesse was a pretty cool person, and I think I wouldn't mind being friends with him, now. But, eh, it's a little less likely in my case. THough I do know where he's supposed to be going for college, and it -is- in Boston; but Boston's a big city, and I can't imagine I'll ever see him again unless I search him out, which I probably won't.

Eheh. Technicalities. I counted at least eight that weren't -immediately- obvious as being yaoi. Out of 39. I wonder ifI added one or something? And the fact that they actually were, whether it was obvious or not, is entirely irrelevent. I don't have any of those pics on my walls, either, although my mother would just sigh and shake her head upon seeing them... You know, actually, there's no reason for me -not- to have slashy pics decorating my walls. There're slashy pics taped to my computer desk upstairs.

Hum, the Poison-25 one (so named because it's from an art book of manga artist Yuu Higuri called Poison, I adore her art, I want the actual, physical artbook) is of actual historical figures. Well, Ludwig II. I don't remember where he's from; wonder if he -is- Russian? Ah, nope, German. Bovarian, to be precise. Roses are always good. Huh, I should show you pics from Utena... But yes, Loveholic, randomly, I love that story. The artist is one of those people who doesn't have a perfect style of drawing, but quite often has individual pictures within the comic that just look gorgeous and make me not want to go to the next page. And her other story is one of the best manag scans I've ever read. Well, in my tope twenty at least (and if you only knew just how many I've read, that's impreswsive). The two boys on the train? Ah, oh yeah, Junjyou Romantica. That's one of my all-time favorite series, and it's being translated officially! I'm excited. But yes, they're extremly cute, aren't they? They have- issues (*sigh*), but when they get over their communication problems they make a wonderful couple... Oh, aren't the Innocent Bird ones gorgeous? No, not all gay boys in the manga universe are angels, although no that you mention it, there are quite a high number of series with angels or other beings with wings... Innocent Bird is one of them. Yes, I've already said this of several of the others, but Innocent Bird is once again a series I adore. It really ropes me in, every chapter. In the pic with two people, one of them is an angel and the other is technically a devil. To be precise, Beelzebub. They actually aren't the main characters of the story, but they have a tragic little side plot. The other guy is, I -think- supposed to be Cain from the Cain and Abel story. He's working of his sins, and oh, it's bizarre, and I haven't quite firgured it out yet, because they haven't finished scanlating the series. The guy from Gin -is- rather pretty, isn't he? And hey, the artist is Hotaru Odagiri, she's one of my favorite mangaka (manga creators). I see what you mean, I can see the Conrad resemblance. Hum, do I -have- Gin? I must, or I wouldn't have the picture... But I can't find it amongst my on-computer scanlations (meaning it's on a burned disc somewhere), which is also odd, because I don't see why I would have deleted it if it wasn't explicit, which I'm nigh positive it wasn't. Oh, it was a one-shot... Oh yeah! The guy with long hair, I don't think he was human. He was some sort of, hum, spirit thing. But he fell in love with the human boy in one of the pictures...

So, have I made you want to read any of them yet? I have them all conveniently located in, on, near, or around my computer, in lovely little zip files that would be oh so easy to send your way...

And yes, yes, I was giggling. Uncontrollably. Feeling, very, very proud of myself. Heh. Heh.

Oh, right, history of my life and friendships in recent years! Where was I? Second half of freshman year? Huh. First half of Sophomore year was boring. For me, it was mostly a continuation of the Jesse thing, which kasted rather neatly right up through to the end of the first half of my Sophomore year. I don't remember any issues amongst my friends off the top of my head. I rememebr I had two classes with AJ, and tht was cool. So I'll skip to second half of Sophomore year, because that was significant. That was the first time I remember Aj and I drifting apart. I mean, it didn't last for more than a few months, but we went from being in two classes out of four together to having none together, not seeing much of eachother in school, and not really calling one another or hangiing out much, either. It made me sad, I recall, but as I said, it didn't last, and that's what I mean if I've said that it's happened before. Oh, hey, second semester of sophomore year was when I started LiveJournal! Most of my life has been recorded in there. Maybe I should go look. Oh right! That was also when I first got into Jrock, and started hanging out with my friend Tammy. Heh, that was the year where I was part of a skit from Grease, that "Tell Me More" song, that was organized by Brigham, for the talent show. I was Rizzo. Aj and I did a song from Chess, too. That was back when Chess was the most significant musical I liked. It's also when I first started voice lessons, and first decided I wanted to go to Middlebury, and started getting serious about learning Japanese again (that comes and goes in phases, sometimes I work on it more actively than other times)... I really started getting my own life back on track once I gave up on Jesse, and I like that. Oh yeah, and that was when Miranda was dating my friend Kerry for a bit, who later decided she wasn't a lesbian... Oh yeah! I still need to relate the stories of my gay friends! Okay, then skipping ahead here, because all the little stuff isn't that big a deal; biggest thing that happened during this period of my life was going to Paris. Which was unbelievably awesome. It led to, however, Chris meeting Jason, which after a while andissues I only found out about much, much later, led to them dating, and they've been together for almost two years, now, by my reckoning... Unfortunate thing was that... well, Chris started hanging out more and more with Jason's friends, and less and less with us. Eventually, he virtually stopped hanging out with us altogether. A random event that stands out in my mind was driving by Chris's house once, wondering if I'd ever go there again. That whole distanced thing lasted all the way through Junior year. Ah, the year of increasing drama. And it all came along with issues between him and Jill -again-, and frankly, we all thought that we'd pretty much lost Chris as a friend. And, hum... Was there anything else significant? I don't remember anything else particularly major.

Okay, you want stories of my friends? Youv've already got parts of them... Geez, why not? I'll go into Aj's story. I guess he'd strated questioning before we realized anything, at least a year previous. Actually, the summer of ... oh, was it the summer before or after sophomore year? I don't remember. Oh, must have been before. I don't want to go too in-depth, not in a publically veiwable place, but Aj and Chris wound up... Hum. I guess some minor experimentation went on. Still, I don't know that he would have followed up on liking guys, he was sort of in a "questioning" phase; until he met Jesse Day, the evil ex-boyfriend. He fell for him, and subsequently broke up with Jill (largely because doing anything else would have been leading her on). From there, they had a two-month, whirlwind relationship, which I think I've told you about the outcome already. After that, AJ thought he was bi for a while, that he was attracted to both sexes. Eventually, though, he found himself more and more attracted to men, until he admitted that he was pretty much solely attracted to men. So, bottom line summary; for Aj, it was sort of a transitionary thing that was significantly aided by his whole falling-for-other-boy thing.

Cris on the other hand; he said he's always known, since he was little. Fourth grade, at least. Basically, since he knew what "liking someone" entailed/knew what romantic feelings were, he knew he liked boys. I think I said before, his dating Jill was, by his own words, an "experiment", to see if he could be straight. It really hurt Jill when she found that out, and honestly, it wasn't very fair of him, but I really don't think he meant to hurt her. I think he honestly thought that Jill was the only girl that he might be able to make a relationship work with, and that's why he tried. But then, it just didn't work. But yeah, it was messy. After that, he came out to us; to Jill, at least, I guess it was a little forced with everyone else (as in, he wasn't the one who told them). I don't think he himself admitted it directly to anyone after Jill for a long time, at least in part because everyone in our group already knew. Since then, though, in the past year or two, he doesn't seem to care who knows anymore, which I think is pretty cool. And him and Jason are cute together. (Oh, speaking of Chris, he just went and got himself an apartment; his 18th birthday was the fifteenth, and he's just been waiting until he was old enough to get one. And surely enough, that's exactly what he did.)

Quite frankly, I don't know Russell's story, because I've neevr asked him. Who else do I know? Oh, yes, Miranda's story I know quite well, because, like AJ's, I witnessed it. More so than Aj's even, because it started at first year CTY, when we were roommates. For her, it was being attracted/falling in love with someone of the same sex, shich led to her realizing that she preferred girls/only liked girls. She met a girl at CTY, Natahlie; we saw her at the auditions for CTY's talent show that year, singing a song about prostitution (she didn't get in; neither did Miranda and I with the duet we had; but Miranda herself got in for belly-dancing). Miranda decided to go search her out, and they became fast friends. The three of us started hanging out a lot after that, but gradually, they started going off alone a lot too; they became really close; even got a fake marriage certificate (at CTY, they usually do "marriage ceremonies" for anyone who wants during one of the weekend ctivities, it's funny). They didn't actually decide to start dating until after CTY was over, though. Eventually, they broke up, largely because Miranda's mother had an issue with their relationship, and Natahlie was uncomfortable with that. The only person Miranda's ever felt as strongly about since is her female best friend (who, unfortunately for her, is completely asexual), although she's had several other relationships, and, um, brief flings. And one night stands. *cough*. Anyway, before dating Natahlie, Miranda had dated guys, and had quite thought she was heterosexual, but after Natahlie, she discovered she preferred girls. Like Aj, though, she went through a bit of a tranisitional phase. I remember when I saw her again that next April after CTY, a bit short of a year later (my freshman year, to put it in perspective with everything else), she said "I find that the only time I'm attracted to guys lately is when they're kiising each other". Summary? Miaranda remains an active slash fan, but she is very, very much a lesbian.

And I think that's all the stories I know... Trust me to go on ad infinitum about stories that aren't actually all that particularly unique or interesting. Because I rock like that. I'm afraid to know how long this ended up being.

For once, though, I'm not tired! Could have something to do with the fact that it's 3pm in the afternoon, rather than nearing midnight...heh.
Mimay chapter 32 . 4/19/2006
Thanks for replying (Aha! I'm giving you a review where I'm logged in *Gushes*) ANYWAY! Thanks for the review reply, reading it was confusing but it made me understand things a little more C

Now onto the review:

As always big, long discription, satisfactory length of a chapter and... RIVER HAS PRETTY EXPRESSIONAL EYES! Ah... When you mentioned that, making it clearly evident I couldn't help but smile.

Haha... The parts where River just stands out most just really intrigue me and the moment when Caspian realised he couldn't read River's eyes made me... Well I'm not sure, but when I read it it sort of relieved me in a way.

I know Caspian in this story, is wonderful kickass guy... But when Caspian realised he couldn't understand River's eyes, it just made it official.

Caspian is actually a really... Great and AWARE guy.

Aware of what, well just things.

I mean, it'd be truly horrible if Caspian didn't realise something was different about River until it was a bit too late. I mean there are a lot of people out there who just dont get it or understand. Call it being: "Slow", "Daft", "Thick" or "Dense". Caspian in this chapter near the end, just proved to me he's not one of those people. He's not one of those people who are in a relationship that don't understand the person they're sharing a relationship with.

Well I'll end it here, talking too much.

Hope to hear from you soon, update as soon as you can.

Much adore,


P.S "No, I’m not dead." GOOD TO HEAR
Gossamer Heart chapter 32 . 4/18/2006
*Gapes* *rereads* *continues gaping*

...*sniffle* How do you always manage to twinge my stomach in nervousness?

Well done. As per usual. Stunning, the way you captured your Aunt Emily.-Summer Goose
Prisoner-11 chapter 32 . 4/18/2006
*checks pockets* Sorry, I don't have magical weight-losing food, if I did I would be using it .

Anyways...I like this story but what's going on with River? *very worried* This can only be bad. *cries*
uusernname chapter 32 . 4/18/2006
Yay another chapter! Go you! Love it lol.
Syringe Synesthesia chapter 32 . 4/18/2006
Damn it, I was practically dying when I didn't get a chance to read the final two chapters until today! You and your evile (yes, evile. Like evil, and vile. Evile. I like making up words, because I can.) story of addictive slashy doomdom.

And MY gay couple, Tyler and Ian, decided to read it, and now they're requesting that I write out their story. Gee, thanks. I feel such joy and bliss over the never-ending harrasment from the purple-haired, feminine, skirt-stealing Tyler over whether or not I'll be writing a real-life inspired tale about him and his one true love.

He's also complaining that the story of how he met Ian is not as "wonderfully exciting" as River and Caspian's toe-breaking, threat-to-sue indusing melodrama.

Basically, Ian worked at a grocery store, and Tyler worked at a coffee shop down the street. One day, Tyler goes to said grocery store and buys medicine for his allergies. Ian just happens to be the bagger this day, and looks up and hears angels and harps upon beholding Tyler in all his punk-rock, leather-pants-nice-ass glory. Tyler, however, does not notice Ian, and is instead flirting with the cashier. Ian happens to find out where Tyler works, and, even though he (poor, deprived child that he is) has never had coffee, he goes and buys coffee, in effect stalking Tyler. Upon seeing a homeless woman outside, when it happens to be winter and snowing, Ian, instead of drinking his coffee, gives it to the woman. Tyler, coming out of the back, sees this wonderful act of kindness, and it is his turn to hear angels and harps (mainly because he LOVES a guy with lip piercings, and Ian has two of them). When Ian goes back in for another cup of coffee, Tyler gives it to him on the house, along with a reciept on which Tyler has scrawled his phone number in pink pen. Love is in the air, blah blah blah, and now they've been dating for almost two years.

I, personally, think that the story is sweet and romantic, but Tyler plans on building a time machine and changing the past, so that he dramatically saves Ian from choking to death on a bagel. Or something to that effect. (In case you can't tell, Tyler is the crazy one in this relationship. He's the "punk-rock crossdressing Energizer / Playboy Bunny of eternal happiness, hyperness, and doom", while Ian is the calm, quiet balancing factor.)

Ahem. Tyler would like to point out that you are awesome and that your story gives him "the warm fuzzies in his stomach, like he just ate a live rabbit." His words, not mine. And Ian would like to point out that it is indeed awesome. Actually, he said adequate. But he MEANS awesome. He's just... Ian-ish.

But enough about them! If they're lucky, people will get more than enough of them if I follow your lead and make them sign a contract in exchange for a lovely little romance story.

And now, you will get to know of the wonder that is me! My name is Jennifer, and I'm a 16-year-old girl from the United States. (Kentucky, to be precise.) I'm rather unusual, and, just to warn you, go through severe moodswings, seeing as how I am bipolar. Some of my reviews (seeing as how there are a few more chapters to go, so I will be reviewing again) may be a bit... odd. And then there will be some that are just short little comments about your awesomeness. (This is one of the odd ones. I'm supposed to be doing schoolwork, but have too much energy for that, so I'm reading and reviewing instead.)

Anyway, yes. The story. Awesome. Amazing. Stunning. Astonishing. A bit like a cross between a sickeningly-sweet romance novel and an overly melodramatic soap opera (but I happen to like both romance novels and soap operas), but still amazingly awesome. (I'm running out of adjectives.)

Anyway, I think I'd better go finish my schoolwork. I just wanted to hop on the review train and say hello / howdy.

x. Lace Butterfly. / Jennifer.
Lindsay AKA Lin West chapter 32 . 4/17/2006
I have to start this review off with saying that your Australian vernacular is very endearing! Vernacular in general is flattering as long as they aren't some heavy German or incomprehensible Mexican accent. You being in Australian I doubt you would get to many Mexicans over there, but me being a Chicagoian let me tell you its horrible when you are in the lunch line and you are trying to figure out how much your bosco sticks and cookie cost.

However, that’s not the point! I spent the last 24 hours being emotionally wrecked and using up half of my bottle of eye drops from staring at the computer screen because of you (I do hope you know). I was completely absorbed into this and nearly cried quite a few times and the fact that they are based off real people is really amazing. And why won't neither Caspian nor River let you post pictures? They are complete teases! It's like telling someone you know a dirty secret and then refusing to tell them or stopping while telling a story! It's heresy!

Well, since I have noticed from many other reviews you tend to like to hear random stories so I'll tell you about how I spent my Good Friday...

My friend Kara is this big metal-head. So naturally, she likes to go to metal concerts and since I am one of her best friends it would also be rather natural for me to end up attending them as well. Therefore, I ended up going to a Death Metal concert. Wow. First off, the best part of it was the random shirts reading, "KILL" or "EVERYONE DIES" in big red letterings. Second off, there was the midget girl in the bathroom who wearing mickey mouse-esque boots (I'm not even joking, they were weird and round and shiny) talking about how she was going to bang the lead singer. The show begins and everyone is fleshed up against each other and half of the room consists of weird, ugly, and mostly likely drunk and/or stoned men. It was rather awkward. Especially when the guy with dread locks kept moshing and his hair kept getting in my eyes mouth. Can you spell revolting? Between songs the lead singer suddenly starts slandering Christians and doing a bunch of just weird shit...I don't even know, it was weird. So after Behemoth (which was the previous band) had played Morbid Angel started up. Our group leaves the mosh pit because Kara informs us the pit will be 10x the badness, so we pretty much just hang out on the stairs the rest of the show. However, just when I thought our night would end on a boring tone some Mexican guy with an incomprehensible accent (again with the accents!) starts saying something that sounded like "wanna go backstage?” We disregarded him, but then a bouncer person tells us that the Mexican guy was serious and if we would like to go backstage! We end up getting the VIP treatment for the rest of the night. I got the lead singer of Morbid Angel to sign my dollar bill. My friend suggested I sell it for $501.

I learned several things from this experience about the proper metal-kid behavior: 1. That in metal-land every other word you must say in order to be metal enough is "fucking", "fuckers", "Mother-fucker" or the good old "fuck".2. You only throw up "horns" while the guy is getting really close to the crowd and screaming/singing, never during instrumentals, and you "horn" in his general direction and if you're lucky he'll spit on or hit your "horns".3. You do not ever jump; pushing and the head bobble are the only acceptable methods of jamming.4. And finally, your elbows are your best defense!

I felt really stupid at first because I didn't understand the "metal etiquette" (hahaha the irony) so I ended up sticking with the safe head-bobble most of the time. I do not think I'll be attending another one anytime soon though...

I briefly mentioned it before but I am from Chicago-land, Illinois. (Chicago-land City suburbs) So here is some information that you can impress your friends and be "cosmopolitan" with: That the Alder Planetarium of Chicago was the first Planetarium in the Americas. Our deep-dish pizza is the shizzit. Gangs are actually more common than you'd think in the city. There is immense hatred between Chicago’s two baseballs teams the Cubs (north-side) and The White Sox (south-side). The first thing you are asked in a conversation is your team of choice, and often people will form an opinion of you based on this alone. The major road into the city The Dan Ryan is under construction and this is causing commuting to be a nightmare. Less than 34% of Americans now approve of our president. And Chicagoans are (with a bias and horrible slant) statistically happier and cooler then the rest of the world.

I wish my friend had referred me sooner to this story before it was near a close; it would have been fun to be with the story from the beginning. Tell River and Caspian you can legally get married in Massachusetts and about four other states in the US. ;-)

With Love,

LindsayAIM: saphhirehorse

PS: I plan to be doing fanart very soon. :)
American Schokolade chapter 32 . 4/17/2006
Whoa, I just spent the last three days reading this story (okay, maybe two considering that yesterday was Easter and I really didn't have time to read considering the amount of work I had to do), but, wow...

This is a great story, really. The emotions and the suspense are really killer. The only thing is...wouldn't River be able to whisper? I mean, I know a lot of mutes or deafs can't, but I think that's because they never knew how to talk and they can't whispers because their mouths don't know how to form words, rather than the voicebox itself. I know that's the reason why a lot of deafs can't talk, at least. I really don't know a whole lot about this matter, so I might sound like an ignorant fool right now, just seems like he would be able to whisper.

Overall, I think you've done a great job with this, and I really, -really- look forward to reading more.
Syringe Synesthesia chapter 30 . 4/17/2006
Well, I still have two chapters to go, but I think I will add a review now, so that you don't send the flying monkeys after me. I am VERY monkey-phobic.

And I only have two minutes before my next class, so basically, I'll just say that I LOVE YOUR STORY! It really IS quite addictive.

And the class bell just rang. But you can expect a longer review (although not Rinna-long) after I've read chapter 32!

x. Lace / Butterfly.
Seque Me ad Meum Somnium chapter 32 . 4/16/2006
AH! I'm so happy you finally updated! You've no idea how happy this makes me! AH! anyhoos...what's up with Caspian! Is a complete moron is that just the after effects of his friends? Seriously! First he completely ignores River's cough! (Knowing full-well Rivers condition) and then he's just like...kicking River out of his room...or something! AH! It's so wrong! I hope you write more soon! (Oh and on 'coming out' I go to a school where anything and everything is okay(greatly because I'm a bitch about it) but I think coming out a gay or bi is wonderful! I personally love gay people, girls or boys! They are so interesting! Anyway...keep writing!)
Puji chapter 32 . 4/16/2006

I just started reading your story and it's so amazing. I swear i've been frozen to my computer catching up on all 32 chapters! Its really really really really wkd! I love the way you move from character to character expressing each's emotions! I think you've dealt with the homosexuality issue surprisingly well and genuinely realistic.

My fav character has got to be River because of how he is so different from the rest of the world and how he is able to be happy now that he's got Caspian! Its just so ADORABLY CUTYLY SWEET (ok i might be making up words...)! I agree with you on your favourite scene as well! LOL! Please update soon!
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