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horrible writer chapter 32 . 4/16/2006
ALL FAGS SHOULD GO DIE. I'm kidding! of course. I really am. But that thing about coming out? I have a friend who's bi, and she's honest about her sexuality yet she hasn't COME OUT yet. Her family doesn't know or anything. When I ask her why, she says that the whole ritual of COMING OUT means announcing that there's something different about you, as if telling the world you're not normal. But if all sexualities are normal, then why does she have to come out? I understand what she means, but I also think that coming out will serve a greater purpose such as opening communication, etc etc forming stronger bonds. As for this chapter, it was kind of long and uneventful yet as well writen as always. I have this feeling that River's and Caspian's characters are being isolated from each other, and it's kind of strange. (oh and whatever happened with real life R&C? or is that too personal) I feel that Aunt Emily's character has been developing well, but all the other characters are sort of fading out. SOMETHING EXCITING NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Come on, get my adrenaline up! That being said, the faster you write, the more I review. (because when you leave so much time between updates I kind of forget about you)
Rabbit James chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
*screams bloody murder* WHY! Its horrible. Some one quick slap Caspian! ARGH! It's like Tsarist Russia; one minute its there the next its gone (ah good old history analogies, this is what happens when you take history courses...). Le sigh...the downhill slide...tis sad, but I know we're all hoping they just don't slide right off the cliff...
SkepticCritic chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
A cult huh? Somehow I don't think my school would really appreciate it...I could try it...Although I think I might be the only member...I am a rather scary person...Most if not all of my friends have been marked...Meaning I've bitten them all...Reasons and level of pain differs a bit though...Needless to say when someone's fighting with me they pin my arms, feet, and keep at least a foot away from my mouth...

I like the shirt idea though...I may have to go with that...It's not like my parents don't know...Yes, I know...Most people would think my parents would be either creeped out and freaked out by the idea, or completly disapproving...As far as I can tell, they don't really care much...In fact, they tease me about it...All the time...

And I'd probably have been born with blue hair as well (sorry I can't help but read what you write to other sometimes)...The only thing even slightly remarkable about me is my hair after all...Don't ask me to describe it because I really can't...All I know is, come summer I will be sporting lovely blue tips that they will be making me chop off before the beginning of school...Cruel teachers...I mean really, is blue tips any more distracting than colorful hair ties or as my friend does, colorful feathers in the hair? They don't limit hair styles (other than mohawks which obstruct views)...Why can't we have a trial period to see if anyone is actually distracted by blue hair? Not even completly blue...Just the tips...I don't think that's so much to ask...

Maybe I'll add to the rebel look and get second and third peircings for my ears...I think my parents would allow it...I know my aunt'll take me...She's been wanting to for years...Maybe I will...I'd love to get an eyebrow ring too but I'm not sure my family (immediate and extended) would be as thrilled with that...You know, besides the fact that I'm almost completly needle phobic...Shoulda seen me when I had to get the chicken pox shot...I was a wreck...A rather tense wreck...

Do you ever get bored of reading the reviews people leave you? Personally, I envy you...The people who review for your story seem interesting...My reviewers say things like "Wow, great story, Update soon"...That's it...Nothing interesting about them or me or the story or my writing...No constructive criticism...Is that so much to ask? That I get a reviewer who'll say more than "Great job"?

Alright, before I start myself off again (which we know I do rather well), I shall go...I have to get started on my free reading if I plan on staying up 'til four in the morning...again...
Narkito chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
I don't usually review, it takes a lot of me to do so, especially because my english sucks, but since you hadn't updated for so long and finally did it even when your primary motivation was gone... well I thought you deserved it even more then usual so I just couldn't look away from this one.

The capter made me feel weird, as if I was River being pushed off by Caspian, strange kind of feeling though. And Caspian made so mad! I mean, sure, the guy just lost his mum, but does he have to be such a jerk with River! Leting go of his hand at school and all that, someone should slap him on the face or something. Is OK to feel sad and troubled and stuff, but don't push away the one person that would bring down the moon just to make you smile.

Anyway, moving on, aunt Emily reminds me a little of an old friend my grandma has, very open minded and very energetic. I don't know, in this story aunt Emily has her face on it and a similar voice. I liked the scene of aunt Emily thinking about Caspian and River, and, at some point, I think she's right about River, he would probably cry his eyes out when Caspian leaves the house, not to mention if things turn out to be not the way he wanted and they brake up. So many things could go wrong from this point... sorry about that, I'm kind of pesimistic today.

I hope there's a happy ending to this and when I say happy I mean R&C staying together and having some sort of estability.

The last line on this chap asked about opinions or stories. Let's see... I belive every person has the right to love, and people can love whoever they want whether is opposite sex or not, so yeah, homosexuality is fine by me. Storie; the very first kiss I ever had was with another girl, on a party, I went outside to have some peace in the cold, escaping the loud music (of course) and I found her reading a book with a flashlight I thought that was funny and that I had to meet this girl, turned out I had read the book so we started talking and she, all of the sudden, says "hey, may I kiss you?", "sure" I answered, and that was it. I don't care what somepeople says, it's a hell of a memory )

Keep up the good wirtting, I'm waiting anxiously for the next chapter.

Greetings from Chile.
Monster In Your Head chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
lol yes I really AM presistant.. but it's just so good! I can't help it! I know good writing and THIS is good writing. Why must you always go and make me sad? aw but i love it anyways. Keep up the awesome work and enjoy your enw home in my favourite stories list _. You keep writing and I'll keep checking dayly :)

Monster In Your Head
Patrick chapter 8 . 4/15/2006
haha, patrick again.

my sister is deaf, as i know sign language.

you do well with it!

and describing it

but before, in a different chapter,, you said pleeaying

haha, but twirling, in dance, is chaine-ing


its ok, i still love you
Patrick chapter 7 . 4/15/2006
why, hello there.

I didn't really get your name. I am sorry for that.

I must say, I have really enjoyed your story so far. I just finished chapter 6. haha, i have never really reviewed a story before. EVER

so you should feel special.

but no. ahha I feel i can relate to you and a lot of stuff.

anyway. I am going to finish reading the rest of your story now. I hope to talk with you soon.

btw, i have puppy eyes too...

randomperson chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
Yellow! *waves* Aw, you like my rambles? *hugs AmateurImaginationist* Thank you!

A week ago, if you'd asked me about my cold, i would've been going 'cold, what cold?', but guess what! The cold strikes again! *waving tissue feebly in air* I've also got a smattering of hayfever, so everything is all bright and rosy with my nasal passages... (sorry if that was a little bit too much personal information) Although, right now I think being dead would be a nice fate right now; my GCSE's are coming up. I. AM. GOING. TO. DIE. *passes out from sheer thought of how much revision she has to do*

You updated! Yay! I was beginning to wonder if anything had happened, but hey, abscence makes the heart grow fonder (for the story, you understand. Ahem.) I liked the atmospheres you created in the story; the scene with Aunt Emily was well done, it was a nice peep at her point of view and way of thinking. I really hope River's throat is gonna be okay.

Random make-outs in public CAN be amusing, but it's just when they start going beyond the limits of sensibility, it's just ew. Although I think people cuddling in public are kinda cute. Only problem is that I get jealous when it happens; it's been a year since I had a boyfriend *cries*. He was a total disaster as a boyfriend, but still... I want some loving! *puppy dog face* How could you resist this face? I'm verging towards the love-does-not-exist-I'm-going-to-die-alone mindset that you talked about; I like the name for it. Bit long, but it describes it pretty well.

The goths in Belfast have nearly started to outnumber the preps - it's quite scary really; too many new rocks, zips, buckles and teensy tiny short skirts! *shudders* sometimes there is just TOO much flesh on display... how the hell don't they freeze? If you walk up to the City Hall, most of the benches are filled with goth kids. Slightly intimidating, but there you go. I usually have a friend who goes up with me to Belfast, and she sits there and insults most of the goths who go past, despite the fact that she's usually wearing mostly black. Ironic, no?

Hmm... *tries to think of a comparison question* Oh, I know! Salty or buttery popcorn? I'm a weirdo who likes salty, even though most of my friends tell me I'm mad. *shrugs* I knew that already! Please update soon, but remember; no pressure! We can wait, albeit impatiently. Bye! *waves*
ErrantG chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
Update! *squee* You have no idea how amazingly thrilled I was when I logged into my e-mail and found an update on this story!

Oh the angst has me all confuzzled and confused and worried and terrified and hoping that they can weather the storms that you have brewing on your wicked, wicked, reader tormenting horizon -P

Five chapters or so remaining... the idea both terrifies me that there will be an ending, but also kind of gives me this little thrill at knowing there will be a conclusion (loose ends leave me wondering about things for weeks!).

Looking forward to your next chappie!

blacksunrise chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
hahahwell ...either way !Update soon !Poor caspian , though he deserves some up ithe's being a bit of an unsensiteive ass i spelled that word wrong ...anywhoupdate !
BairbreB chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
Yay! I'm glad to see you update this story. I love the description at the start of the chapter. You can really picture it.I'm sensing the story is leading up to more angst. Between Aunt Emily's reflections, and Caspian's actions, I can only imagine a rocky road ahead.
Griezula chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
There's a close friend of my family named Ralph, he's a drag queen. He's totally awesome. Throughout this story I've been wondering why River's personality seems so familiar to me. And I've figured it out! Ralph's a lot like River, really smart and quiet (though River isn't quiet by choice now is he...? And he's not a crossdresser [one would hope])

But yeah, enough about that! _;; I'm so happy this chapter finally came out! Though the ending is a wee bit sad... Okay, very sad... Wow... um... that's a lot of ellipses. Ha.
Gauntlets Of Discord chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
I'm sorry, I tried to link it last time but fictionpress doesn't let me do html. Here's the actual link:


And let's hope that works out. *crosses fingers*
Yoyo-chan chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
Hey! I think it's sad that you aren't close friends with R&C anymore but I am looking forward to seeing the end of this story. Them being based on real people made this story cooler somehow. Good luck finishing it. I hope the ending is happy. Also I have a really uninteresting coming out story if you want to hear it. I came out in the army ::/teaser:: but I'd rather share it via email than here so stardance dot ktreva at gmail dot com if you're interested.
Mage Dudette chapter 32 . 4/15/2006
OMG YAY u're alive! *dances around madly* yippee! _

gorgeous update. sounds like river's in pain tho, meep. *huggles poor lil guy* and caspian needs to sort his difficulties with his father out soon-ish i guess, but doesnt mean he dsnt deserve hugs too!

my exams went fine, cdav been a tad better, but also a heck of a lot worse, so its alright. also done my history coursework now too, which was a trail and a half, only may/june major exams left, then college is all done! (then uni, but mneh)

easter hols atm, and js been away with friends, (bret james and ceri) in devon for a week, which was great fun, total laugh, and surprisingly we dnt all hate each other now!

still, hope all's good in your part of the world. and those pics u mention jst there to rinna sound interesting.. _;

anyways.. ciao! _
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