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Sunne chapter 28 . 2/23/2006
Story-River talked last chapter? I didn't catch it, unless you fixed it. I feel left out now with an almost overpowering urge to scan last chapter for the infamous line. Haha. I like how they're so supportive of each other. I also like how Story-River plays piano, I do to (which reminds me I gotta practice, havn't for over 2 days...shame!). Aunt Emily completely rocks! She's a cool aunt and I wish I had a cool relative like her instead of the average relatives I've got. Well, I can't get lazy (something I've known for...that and procrastination...I'm an expert at procrastination...and college has just made it even worse) and put off piano !

Jayn chapter 31 . 2/22/2006
wow. That took a REALLY FREAKING LONG time to read... _ It took me like 5 days to finally get it all read. *Whew* REALLY cool story though! River's cute! And Caspian is awesome. _ Something better not be wrong with River! I read the part about the throat hurting! Meep... I tend to talk in exclaimations when I'm hyper. And meep... cuz meeping is fun. _ I like stories with River in it. I've read like 5 slash stories with one guy with the name of River. It's wierd. Oh well. Please update! I can't wait to read more!
Sunne chapter 23 . 2/22/2006
What's noughts and crosses? Is that like tic-tac-toe in the US? I'm usually pretty good with lingo over in other countries but this one I've never heard of. Story is still excellent! I'm thrilled that Caspian and River had a positve welcome to school. Kids can be cruel, so cruel these days. Believe me! I'm student teaching in a middle school and I'm now just beginning to get to know the kids and I've started to see some shitty stuff. Like the fight in the hall last week where some big dude beat up this little guy and was kicking him while he was down. I mean Come ON! You don't kick someone while they're down...or at all. Then today...oh man this picture the teachers found. Violent little kids at my school. Sheesh. I'm totally craving a good one!Sunne
Dazed Wonder chapter 31 . 2/22/2006
Wow...After two, maybe three days of reading, I have finally caught up. I think this story is amazing really. You do a really good job of showing Caspian and River's love for each other. It probably helps to have a real life version of them. I almost cried when I read how Caspian felt about River. Yes, I know...I am a hopeless romantic at heart. Knowing such a love as theirs exists gives me hope for my own future. Anyways, back to the chapter I am reviewing...I really like how Caspian dealt with Greg. Yes, I could tell you were listening to melodramatic music while you were writing. Honestly though, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of soap-opera-ness here and there in a story. Ah well, I hope you update soon. Waiting as patiently as possible...DW
Gauntlets Of Discord chapter 31 . 2/22/2006
Okay okay so-I drew you fanart. o_o


Let's hope my HTML works... I've been known to screw up abysmally.
Rinna chapter 31 . 2/21/2006
It smells funny down here. My sister’s friends came over (well, my sister, with three others in tow), and they all smell like smoke. Blah. And I’m dizzy again. Gah, where does the dizzy come from? I’m hardly sleep deprived…maybe I’m not drinking enough.

Anyway. Yes. Apologies for taking a bit longer to review, got caught up with life and such. So yes.

Hum, what did I have to say about this one. Yay chapter. My sister got the RENT movie today and it’s on, so I’m highly distracted. Valiantly trying to write this regardless. Um, okay.

I did really, really like the scene from Caspian’s father’s perspective. It put a very different spin on his character, and really, a significant part of this story. And actually redeemed him somewhat, in my eyes. I really liked the way he was able to work things out, and both realize and admit to himself that he was wrong, or at least probably wrong, on a number of levels. And yeah. It was well written. So, relating to review response, yes, I agree with you, it’s a very good scene. (Not sure I could say it’s my favorite scene in this story, because there are one or two other scenes that immediately come to my mind that beat it, but the sentiment stands. It’s good.)

In the scene where Caspian confronted Greg, I like how you brought across the awkwardness that a situation like that would present, especially at first, when Caspian didn’t really know what he was doing or was going to do.

And GAH River fucked up his throat again, didn’t he? Stupid, stupid, stupid boy. Damn. I’m afraid to see what’ll happen next.

But yeah. I loved the part where River came on the scene, and when he went to Caspian. That whole scene came across as very sweet, and very intimate, and I liked it. Glad that’s all cleared up, anyway. Now, gah. What’s going to happen next? I’m almost afraid to find out.

Reading your other review responses because I can, and YAY you referenced me! Oh, I’ve always loved your chapter titles, I just never comment on them. Aj and I got going about the color vermillion because of one of them, though, it’s now one of our interesting reference colors… don’t ask. But yeah.

Heh. Reader abuse. Beat them off with fictional brooms. Hey, I get to beat off an alligator with a broom in The Butler Did It Again, just randomly remembered that. Should be fun. But yes. Beat with brooms.

Yeah, it’s fun to get other people interested in things I like. I do it with regularity. It’s kind of amusing though, because it’s really stuck with Jess, more than with anyone else. Jess and Aj are the most interested in hearing updates on how you’re doing and such, as well as R&C. As for interest in your stories, on the other hand, I think there are definitely still a few more people in that camp, though I’m not exactly sure who, since none of them ever –review-. Ah well.

And yes, you’re definitely allowed to go emo about the state of the world. I think I do that sometimes, too. Technically, I’m not a college student yet, but as a CTY student, I was and remain close enough to count. Once I’m a student in (hopefully) a liberal arts college though, I’ll have full license for such things. Mua ha.

The concrete area was interesting. That’s an actually place? It seemed kind of weird, trying to picture it. I say you should write both ending, because that’s always interesting, but I’m of the opinion you should post the happy one. Or both. But ultimately, it’s your story, so your choice. (though, if you do write both endings and only post one, whichever one it is, could I possibly read the other version anyway?)

That’s a great quote. I should show it to people to describe me, or something. But it wouldn’t sound as good coming from me when it applies to me. Ah well. Another dream, shot down. Sniff. And oh, I am in weird mode apparently. I actually had to write this review in parts, though, so it may be varied in that sense.

Hmm, still not sure whether to be scared or not. The conversation with River was sufficiently amusing, so for now, I’m leaning towards not, but may be subject to change. Heh. Well, not really. I find it interesting that they find it interesting that you have this person in America writing you long emails about her life and et cetera.

Yeah, psychological issues of your characters, I think I might have to go for Capsian, too. Though, I don’t know, by the end of this chapter, it didn’t feel quite as bad. The perspective of it all feels different.

How did you manage to get away with not doing any of year eight? Is that when you skipped? missed parts of year seven, too, and… it might make sense in my head, I’m not sure. Yes, having my sister in the same school as me was probably both odd and useful, that sounds like a good way to describe it. It was fun, though, knowing a lot of seniors, on account of my sister. And having half the teachers recognize me as her sister. I take a strange sort of pride in my connections with people, and I like to bring them up whenever possible. It’s another strange habit of mine. I was in a strange mood last night, and started listing out strange habits of mine, when I’d originally meant to start typing this review. It was odd and introspective, and I saved it.

So… yeah. I wrote this next it separately. Geez. Prepare yourself. Excessive rambly, embarrassing stuff, and attacks of paranoia and self-consciousness abound. Yep, it’s my in depth description of part one of the Jesse thing.

Okay, so, I guess, here’s the in depth on the beginning of the Jesse thing. (This is going to be quite long) First off, you have to understand, I’ve had issues with the thought of dating, and, um, beyond, since before I barely knew what it was. Which is weird. Anyway, point is, I always used to claim that I never wanted a relationship, and said I’d never be attracted to anyone, or think anyone was attractive. Then… hum, I’m getting a little too in depth, I’ll skip a bit… For some reason, I noticed Jesse. Now, I didn’t really know what my type was at the time, but yeah, knowing it now, Jesse was definitely my type, physically. Pretty boy sort, long hair, and utterly gorgeous eyes (I admit it, it feels weird to talk like that about him) So, I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, I’d make an exception for him, in my whole “I will never think a real life person is attractive” thing. Then, it sort of…grew. The more I saw of him, the more I really started to like him. I was in a play with him at the time I started to like him, the second play of that year; that’s how I first noticed him, I think. But anyway. It feels weird to explain, but… well, I started admitting to some of my closer friends (like Jill, Aj, those were the first I said anything to) that I might think he was cute. Now, remember, my friends had known for a while about my whole anti-dating policy; so for me, saying that I thought someone was cute was a really big thing. And then, you know, as these things sometimes do, it turned into a major crush. I fell, and I fell hard. It was the first time that I’d ever felt anything quite that strongly, and at the height of it all I think I really felt like it was something more than infatuation. (Though, being me, I did actually sit down and try to analyze my feelings and their depth, and decide this, because I’m great at over thinking these things and am a total dork.) I don’t know… it was a total, absolutely stereotypical school-girl crush, of the worship-from-afar-and-are-too-afraid-to-talk-to-person thing. (By the way, I’d just like to point out, parts of this are horribly embarrassing for me to say)

…and, you know what? I just went and searched out my writings from that time. There are a lot. Even some short stories. They can tell you so much more than I can, sitting here, now, years removed. Reading those, though, was interesting. It was a powerful reminder of just how strongly I felt for him. I haven’t really had a crush on anyone for a while; there was a sort of incident at my last year of CTY, a year and a half ago, but that didn’t have half the emotion that my thing with Jesse did. Jesse, I think, was both my first and only real crush. I really haven’t had feelings like that, even close, since that CTY-incident-where-I-thought-I-liked-someone-but-I’m-not-so-sure-I-really-did-I-just-thought-he-was-good-looking. It’s an interesting reminder.

Actually, reading these things are kind of painful in a way, too. But yes. Like I said, they would illustrate it all very clearly. I know I’ve already gone on at length, and go on quite a bit beyond this. But I also want to send you the other things I wrote, as text files… but I don’t want to totally overwhelm you, and I don’t know if you even want to read some of them, drivel of a lovesick teen that they are. Though I was surprisingly eloquent. Right. Back to my point. If you want to read them, email me just a short thing saying so, and I can send them (three things, but I’d probably compile them into one, they’re fairly short) as text file email attachments. I have to say, it does capture perfectly how I felt at the time, and how I was at the time. And is possibly the most personal thing I think I would have to share.

But yes. I am going to go on a bit longer. I warned you this would be long. Reflectively, I think this is some of the most personal information I have to share. Anyway. See… the feeling was there, yes, but it went a little overboard. I even recognized it at the time, but it was a somewhat obsessive crush I had on him. It didn’t totally consume my life or anything, I don’t think it was really at a dangerous level, but it did take up quite a bit. And… yeah. I’m a stalker. I tend to do that with anyone I have any interest in, romantic or otherwise, but I went really overboard with Jesse. I don’t remember how, but I figured out his class schedule, and started tracing a route through the hallways to get to my classes that ensured I’d catch sight of him in the halls between every class. I started going to the chorus room every morning (a tradition that happened to persist with my friends, we’ve always gone to the chorus room in the morning, at least since sophomore year/grade 10/year 10, and it might’ve started freshman year because of me, but I’m not sure, I don’t remember). Later on, when he joined Ultimate Frisbee (a club at my school that was started that year, actually), I started going to a lot of the practices, just to watch him. (I don’t remember why exactly, but I had some excuse to be after school late… oh yeah, Ultimate was between two different extracurriculars I had on one day during the week, Thursdays. I also had managed to pick up a lot of extracurricular activities, something unrelated to the Jesse thing. But it happened to mean I was after school most days, especially towards the end of the year, and I often ended up being about ten minutes or so late (it was never a big deal, most of my clubs and such were and are pretty relaxed about being a bit late, I’m still often late to things, if I have something to do beforehand), because he always was in the cafeteria after school, so I’d go there and hang out with Jill, who was always there to wait for her bus, just to watch him. (yes, Jill knew this was the main reason I came to the cafeteria.). I never actually talked to him, though. I was too afraid too. Though I’m pretty sure he knew somewhat early on; at least a few months into it. My friend Cathy actually let it slip to him, if he hadn’t already figured it out on his own. He never did anything about it, or acted like he knew or anything like that. He really was a great guy. Did I tell you, I think I might’ve, I even found out later that he though it was sweet that I had such a crush on him. (surprised my obsessive, stalkerish, and latter annoying ways never put him off. At least not enough to totally blow me off.)

And really, that was the big thing of the second half of our freshman year, first year of high school, grade nine. It was my big contribution to our soap opera lives. Miss never-wants-to-date fell for someone, and fell hard. (Actually, Miss Independent would have worked in that sentence too. Take the song “Miss Independent” by Kelly Clarkson, and the song “Bouncing Off the Ceiling” by A-teens, and that was me. I have both of those on a mix CD I made around that time, incidentally.) Other things of significance, um; Jill and Chris were having a lot of on-again, off-again problems. It was before the big rift, but they legitimately seemed to have a different issue every couple weeks. It wasn’t too fun for anyone, I don’t think, especially the two of them. AJ and Jill were still dating, at least in name. They were together for a long time, but they never completely acted like a couple; they always just felt like close friends with an extra title. That caused some issues too, because Jill really had feelings for him, and didn’t really like the rest of us saying things like that, or that the relationship probably wouldn’t last… that was a long standing problem though, throughout their entire relationship, which lasted years; not just second semester, freshman year, which is what I’m focusing on.

And anyway, back to the Jesse thing, one more significant thing… A month or so after I first really started liking him, of course, I found out he was moving to Portland. Yet, still, it didn’t end there. In some senses, it had just begun, because it wasn’t until after school had ended, that summer, that I actually started talking to him. More on that later.

Wow. I went overboard. Really overboard. Should I even post this? Well, I did write it. Eck. I sound idiotic, too. Well, I guess I do like to talk about my feelings, and the stronger and/or more complicated the feeling, the more I have to say one it. But yeah, considering all this, if you don’t want to read the other things I have, those writing I was talking about, I’d definitely understand why.

Again, ugh. I have this utter dislike of sounding idiotic, dull, or annoying. Any or all of the three of which may have occurred here. My sincerest apologies for such.

In other news, I love vacations from school, but at the same time, eh. When I’m just being lethargic, like this week, it really distorts my sense of time, especially between things. It really throws off my perception. No better way to explain it. Two days since something feels like a really long time, until I stop and think, and realize it isn’t. Very odd.

SO. TIRED. And it’s only 11:30… well, anyway, I’m done. Or at least I better be. Because for better or worse, I’m posting this. Ugh. I can’t believe I’m posting some of this. But I’m me, so I’m posting it. Well, I haven’t scared you off yet, so I don’t know why I’m so paranoid.

Augh, and now I’m in a better mood and wish I hadn’t typed all the self-conscious paranoid crap. Too late to tell you to utterly disregard? Bet this wins for all time longest review ever. Probably because I went on so much about Jesse. Oh, hey, cool, you emailed me! Yay! Must go off and read that… Well, maybe sleep first.
Sunne chapter 13 . 2/21/2006
Haha, I like the idea of assigned review topics. I should do that...if I got reviews. Anywho...favorite shoes would be my blue sneakers...hard to describe really. They aren't like running or sport shoes...just run of the mill sneakers. I love them. I despise V Day. Cookies are great but today I had this new candy thingie from Fanny May called a Trinidad with white junk on the outside and the most delicious creamy chocolate in the middle. This chapter was great! You do a good job w/ River's 'dialogue' and communication. It can be hard when you have to rely on describing a character's movements and expressions instead of dialogue. This story's becoming addictive. I hope I'll be able to stop in a bit. Sleep calls for I have to teach in the morning. a good one

Sunne chapter 6 . 2/21/2006
This has got that perfect blend of humor and angst that pulls a reader in and hooks them. It makes it seem more real. Josie named her car Myrtle? Hehe, I love it. I should name my car (maybe Bertha Green...its got a kind of thuggish charm to it). Andy's a dick brain who needs a good swift kick to the head to straighten him out. Caspian and River are great characters, especially since they're based off of real people, and that they review (that's hilarious). Excellent story so a good one!

cere puddlecrow chapter 31 . 2/21/2006
what do you mean the toilets flush the other way in Sydney?im scared now... ,it turns out im not grounded THAT bad...hah who am i kidding.u were nominated for best story on my xanga for the zillionth time this very special_ mums screaming at me from the treadmill to get off the computer(she finds strange places!)i really dont spend that much time!(haha jk).Ah gay guys make me soo best friend daniel is currently boyfriendless and this story is making him depressed_we thought this jock guy at school was gay b/c we heard he asked someone(2 guys)2 suck his d* but he's lying and saying that he gaydar goes off everytime im around started a club at school called the rainbow scouts(im the head of it!go me!) for gay and bi kids...shitg2gbubbi
Ashley chapter 31 . 2/21/2006
I thought that was a pretty awsome chapter! can't wait to see more.
JC Anybody chapter 31 . 2/21/2006
Cracker? spiffy word that. anyway, beautiful chapter, as usual. *mock tear..sniff, sniff* so sweet...

oh and you can joke about us trying to make you think we're "crackers". But wait till you see the videos.
Seque Me ad Meum Somnium chapter 31 . 2/20/2006
YAY! I absolutly love this story. In causes me pain. But that's okay. And if you kill River...I'm coming after you will angry point things! AH! seriously, I've read far too many stories lately where they kill teh really pisses me off...why would you ever ever kill a gay man...that's like killing just isn't done...okay...i'm tired writing periods...bye!(p.s. Hi to C and R!(the real ones))
randomperson chapter 31 . 2/20/2006
Yellow! *waves* Um, River, ye couldn't stop fer a moment jus' to think exactly what yer bitin', and where it's been? *said in ulster-scots tone* Only kidding, we love you really Amateur Imaginationist!

Class chapter, as usual (and i do apologise, 'class' is a northern irish colloquialism i really should stop using). How do you do it? *frustrated at own crap writing abilities* The scene with Caspian's dad was very good, i could almost feel the philosophical thinking oozing out of him! So he's actually thinking about his own son now, instead of solely himself? Yay, now I shall have to see if I can apply that to my whole country! I wonder how far I'll get? *snorts*

I'm sorry, but your good health vibes aren't really helping - my cold is still plaguing my body, except now it has upgraded its status. It's now verging (almost teetering) on becoming a... *drum roll*... chest infection! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that wonderful thing where you cough up the delectable green phlegm. Can you spot where the sarcastic tone goes? And I HATE taking tablets, I can't swallow the damn things. Although, Lemsip is good... *thinks of hot lemony drink* yum...

*reads part in reviews where Amateur Imaginationist wishes everyone a happy valentine's day. almost strangles herself with anger* Let me make one thing clear, folks; I don't mind Valentine's day, okay? I'm all for celebrating something that ain't a war, or a remembrance of the dead. Love's a wonderful thing. If you have it at the time. *sighs* let's just say I would've had a much more happy valentine's day if I'd had a boyfriend at the time. The plastic hearts and mountains of chocolate just make you depressed, and ultimately ends up in large consumption of ice-cream in front of a movie which makes you cry. Which then leads onto a visit to the dentist, which I have to go to. All I can say is; my teeth hate me.

And yes, the tolerance and open-mindedness of my environment even amazes ME sometimes! And those little bastards... *says something unknown in all the swear books, because it is truly too vile to be repeated*...I don't even really hang round with that many goths. Most of those calling themselves 'goths' in my 'community' are posers who think their life is ruined if daddy tells them their pocket money's been cut. Or am i being too cynical? *long pause* Nah.

I love my purple trilby! *huggles hat* It keeps my head warm and looks truly kick-ass. I'm wearing basically the same thing I was on my last review, minus my black fingerless gloves, i can't find them. It's still pretty cold over here in the northern hemisphere.

Thanks for the smarties recommendation. I am of the same opinion, which is probably why my teeth hate me. Now for a savory question; Chinese or Indian? And as an afternote, to Bree, the reviewer who called you a 'turd face'; you little idiot. When you're searching for an incentive to get authors to update faster, 'turd face' is simply pathetic. Swearing your head off at them, yes; constructing elaborate and scary threats, yes; even the simple get down on your knees and beg, but 'turd face'? *shakes head* you have much to learn, my friend.

Jesus Christ, I've just realised how much I've rambled about my pathetic weird little life. I'm so sorry; it'll probably bore you to tears. You can kill me if you like, I'm amenable to death right now. Sorry!

I think I'll leave you now, before I ramble more. Update please! *waves* toodles!
Prisoner-11 chapter 31 . 2/20/2006
I'm almost tempted not to review so that River will keep biting you. *humphs and throws overripe kiwi at you* There... did you know that kiwi originally came from China?
mindette chapter 2 . 2/19/2006
you are my .
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