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On starlight wings chapter 31 . 2/19/2006
Cool! my review was interesting! good to know that I'm not boring or confusing ya.

Well… really there is no connection to Shadow 3013 and me. I was just looking through the reviews, trying to remember what it was I actually wrote last time. And at that moment, his review happened to be at the top of the list. Imagine if you will. It's night, there is an artic wind outside, sitting in front of a computer, wrapped in three layers of clothing, the weather report is on in the background pronouncing that our "warm streak" will be ending soon (yes, 20 degrees(F) is a warm streak this time of year) and that the weather will be retuning to the -20's (-29(C))(actually, it was -40F or -40C(that’s with the wind-chill) this Friday. Most people couldn’t leave school because our cars wouldn’t start or stalled out.)And while all this goes on, I happen to glance down at a review from someone in Texas COMPLANING about how it's too hot for this time of year there. I'm sorry, I was slightly peeved.

On a useless fact note, -40 is the only temperature that is the same reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. I know, useless. But hey, my brain works that way. I can’t remember where I left my coat (for some reason I loose and forget things like coats, books, projects…ect. quite regularly. Most of my friend tease me whenever the ‘wait, I’m missing something’ or ‘Hey, does anybody know what class I left my lunch in?’ comes up. And that’s pretty often. Now people find my stuff and find ways to get it back to me. Sometimes involving a chain of people and sometimes just reminding me when I ask ‘where…?’) Point being that my memory is notoriously bad but it has the ability to retain any useless knowledge thrown at it. It can’t be something important that I’ll ever need, no, it has to be useless. Strange, I know. But I can’t control it no matter how many times I try.

Yes, there have been many hexes placed on this teacher. My favorite one involved a freak accident with a traveling circus truck. The details I leave up to your own imagination, but it suffices to say that they made for a very sweet revenge. Actually, many of my fellow suffering classmates volunteered to drive the truck.:D

I want to assume that the 100m and 200m were in running track. There is a 100m and 200m (also considered short and mid distances) in swimming. I do the 500m (20 lengths in a standard pool) I tried running sprinting in track for two years. Each year I was forced to quite half-way through (no, I’m not one of the many druggies and drinkers that do sports, I did not get kicked off the team. I had to stop for medical reasons) It’s hard. And knee problems are annoying, I’m sorry they stopped you from doing it an all.

I can’t think of any amusing stories about my aunt at the moment, I’d have to go bug my dad (who is currently “resting his eyes” in front to the Olympics on TV) She’s a real nutter though. Another example: she collects baskets. I think their called launenbuger or something. Realy expensive. She had 205 at last count. All over her house. She was so angry at us for counting them and teasing her that we had to drop it before we had the total. She is very scary angry.

Why are you ending the story! (ok, well besides all the obvious answers…) I just got another person into it, besides Lauren who is hopefully reading this and deciding to review for herself. And I love this story. I love coming in and finding new updates. And it’s ending. So sad… sad.

O. This got real long, real fast. Oops. Hope it’s not longer than Rinna’s. (I think she hold record for longest review) Then I’d feel really bad. Well, hope ya don’t take a whole month to update. We’d all be very, very sad. Best of luck with your novel (what’s it about anyway?) Best regards!
Seque Me ad Meum Somnium chapter 8 . 2/19/2006
damnit caspian! your supposed to be the hero! ah!
Seque Me ad Meum Somnium chapter 7 . 2/19/2006
YAY! I LOVE RIVER! BUt i can't wait for...the future...yeah, i've read this before and i still can't manage to stop every chapter... the writing has me...
Seque Me ad Meum Somnium chapter 4 . 2/19/2006
Wow, i really have a problem...but this story is to good! i just havet o keep reading...muah!
Seque Me ad Meum Somnium chapter 2 . 2/19/2006
Sumiko10 chapter 31 . 2/19/2006
Heyy, Great chapter. I loved it when caspian punched him, mucho props for that haha. It was cute when they finally made up.

I noticed something in your comment to another person. "The shoebox project". I dont know if im thinking the same thing as you, but what is that? I might know, but probably not what im thinking.
Rabbit James chapter 31 . 2/19/2006
Glad I can inspire umm..good feelings in you ! Anyways this last chapter was as per usual splendid. Though I did have a bit of mounting concern when it totally appeared that Caspian was just going to talk things over with Greg. Because as soon as he had the idea to go "see" Greg I said to myself "Oh he HAS to punch him - right in the face." And well it wasn't looking like that was happening but when it did I cheered - much to my hungover head's horror. And I really do not like Caspian's father. He acts to blue blooded. And well I'm just going to wait and see what happens when he finds out about River and Caspian. Because a) it looks like its going that way and b) it will not be pretty - at all. Anyways good luck with Uni (claps hands at the joys of Uni) and I guess everything else. Till next time then! !
SkepticCritic chapter 31 . 2/19/2006
River: If you're going to bite her, bite somewhere sensitive; behind the ears, the wrist, the neck, the top of fingers (they're a bit more sensitive than the bottom), and if you're going to bite a) make sure you have breath mints handy. Different people's skin tastes funny. b) Pinch the skin between your teeth...It hurts more, and c) make sure you brush afterwards...There's no telling where their skin has been...

I have lots of practice with biting...One of favorite attacks...Did I tell you about my friends at school? Here let me check...Yes alright it seems that I have told you about the biting incident...Darn...It always makes my reviews longer...I haven't told you about the other time though...One of my guy friends started doing this thing that we have since dubbed "the Terris defense". If someone was chasing him for something stupid he did (which happens quite often), he'd grab a girl and hold her in front of him as a shield...Well in an attempt to run away from, he did a reverse defense. He hugged me and successfully pinned my arms down so I couldn't grab his hands to bite or whatever...Well, when you hug someone, your chin comes to about their shoulder...Do you see where I'm getting with this? In case you don't, I'll tell you...I bit his neck...They called me vampire for awhile after that...Actually, one of the upperclassmen (I'm not sure who, since I heard this through the grapevine) has dubbed me "The Fanged Freshman"...Special huh?

Anyway...Must go...I have physical therapy tomorrow so I have to make sure I've done all the homework I can do...Neh...Darn therapy...Cutting into my homework time...
blacksunrise chapter 31 . 2/19/2006
is being biten Reaaly a bad thing ...?i mean honestly, im not review to stop you from being a chew toy only to say UPDATEagain ...PLEASEor i will bite you and i take body parts off_
Mage Dudette chapter 31 . 2/19/2006
WOO caspian hit greg! i mean, oh dear, yea.. *manic grin* and aww i hope story-river's ok with his throat and all.. *worried* and was very cute at the end there *squee!*

OMG YAY! river sends me huggles *feels special* _ yes. seriously. *dances a bit*

im evil? woo! i always crave mars bars after reading stealing madison (search it on here, forgotten the author tho i think its in my fave stories somewhere) which is annoying, so i totally get what u mean. and now i crave chocolate again, dammit.

and boo to revision. but i'll let u kno if i get rubbish results, wen we get them in march. and i blame msn and fiction press. and bret. it's always his fault i tlk to him till stupid hours of the morning on msn. like, last night, was 2 am, and the night before. oops. but believe me, its very amusing atm, cz his hairs gone all curly cz he hasn't straightened it yet. hehehehe. and i some hilarious print screens of him pulling really stupid faces on webcam. i will send them to you if u ever need a gd giggle. (he'll kill me, bt wd b worth it.)

nails are silver now, the black got too chipped.. and woo matrix music my bro's playin on his compy!

ooh, and a late happy valentines day to you to! get any cards? i got one, which was a real surprise, bt very cute.

o, and i -adore- the chapter titles! i dnt like ppl who jst have 'chapter -' should jst try and come up with -something- a tad more imaginative.

and uhh.. there WAS somethin i was gna mention, but i have to be goin.. up town to a gig some mates of mine are playin woo! _

o, and drop me an email to say hey remember? and i'll send u that pic! _ ciao!
Monster In Your Head chapter 31 . 2/19/2006
OMG I liked the chapter so much. Your writing style is simply brilliant. This is really good work. The characters have alot of depth and personality which is hard to find in internet fiction these days. You've got something good going here and as long as you keep writing I'll keep reading. I check like every day to see if you've updated. It may take a while but it's well worth the wait. Keep up the awesome story!Nicki(Monster In Your Head)
Mimay chapter 30 . 2/16/2006
BAH! It's been ages, I'm so sorry.

I read this earlier, but I never had the energy to review. Though I realised, I had this really itch... Of reading major, super cute, ultra cool yaoi / male/male / boy/boy stories.

I read and I read then I remembered I owed you a review!

So I'm so sorry, I want you to update soon and I wanna know what happens to the cute coupling in this story.

Much love,


P.S Valentines day has past but, I hope you had a happy, happy day then ;D

Oh! And I didn't like Caspian's dad's attitude very much in this chapter XC
Bree chapter 30 . 2/16/2006
Your being a turd face. You need to update.
On starlight wings chapter 30 . 2/12/2006
Ah! I'm finally back! Finals are way to draining. So are new classes, and championships for sports...I have no free time anymore.

Wow! I love the chapters. I don't really know what else to say, just that it was really good! Drama. Much drama. Nobody will admit it but everybody likes it. Makes life interesting. sad, isn't it? kinda pathetic even.

Got one of my friends to read this story. I don't think she's reviewing, but she expressed much love for the story and her recent discovery of fiction press. She's addicted too. Bwah! I'm so evil! (ok, not really, I didn't do it to be mean. Your story was one well worth sharing)

Yah know I spent a good while checking the reviewer response at the bottom of ch. 29, to see if you responded, unable to find one, was about to go off and rant and complain when something caught my eye. A response to my review; at the top of the list! Yah-hoo! Didn’t expect that. I don't think that I was one of the first ones to review on that chapter, and even if I was it was still cool!

Wow. I thought I had problems with mean girls at my schools. ouch.

Something to complain about. The new semester started and we all changed classes, (block schedule, what can you do?) So I was pretty sad about having to leave my writing calls, we were all so close and bonded and all that jazz. But I was pretty excited about leaving my crazy teacher. Monday morning. first day of new semester. half awake. Not really thinking. (Doesn’t help that my dog had died that morning)Walking down the hallway to 2ed block, which used to be my writing class, I come to the room of my new second block class and walk in. (I was seriously out of it because I failed to notice which classroom it was)and I hear the dreaded "HI!" It was the same teacher! No Joke. She teaches American Literature for the second half of the year. And I have that class. I have her again. Same block. All year, same teacher same block. Somebody please shoot me. (Why? Why does fate have to be so cruel?)

Agreed. Crazy relatives suck. My aunt leads a cub scout troop. Her sons aren’t even in it anymore. She has to be the only women to have ever gone on a boy scouts retreat. Normally I would be all out supportive about women branching out, but she is just obsessive about it. It’s weird.

I envy you. Shadow 3013 too. It is very, very cold here. Though I’m not sure I could endure such high temperatures. On the upside, Nordic skiing is over tomorrow. Championships. Yah! No more running around in 10ºF (-12.22ºC) weather in nothing but a spandex racing outfit and some long skivvies (underwear). I can’t remember if you ever did sports. I don’t think you ever mentioned it. (or maybe you did and I didn’t pay attention, sorry)

Wha! I mad this really long. Ops. Oh well, hopefully it won’t take too much time away from writing the actual story. Looking forward to the next update! Best regards to everybody!
cere puddlecrow chapter 30 . 2/11/2006
u updated!YAY!*gives cookie points*ive been grounded 4 ever and im just now reading this...sad isnt not even suppose 2 b on the computer rite now hahaha.i feel really depressed now..thanks...u can pay 4 my prozac-cere
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