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Rinna chapter 30 . 2/2/2006
I was about to start typing this when all of a sudden, I looked around and thought 'AGH! WHERE ARE MY PRINTOUTS?' (okay, maybe it wasn't an all-in-caps thought, but it was there). FOund them, though, crisis averted. Okay, I could've easlily reviewed without them, but I like referring to my notes. Even if I only use about 10 percent of them to come up with broader topics.

And on the the chapter, oh dear goodness, what does Caspian plan to do to Greg? So glad he's no longer insanely furious at River/being totally unfair.

Okay, before I go on, I want to say I was really impressed by this chapter. Just everything you wrote, and all put together, it felt very well-written. When I finished reading it, there was definitely the whole 'oh-crap-what's-Caaspian-going-to-do? factor, but more than that, I sat there thinking, "wow, that was a really good chapter."

First of all, The way River's feeling, those emotions are so hard to express through words, but you managed beautifully. And throughout, those emotions were very easy to connect with. I've even been there, on some of the ways he was feeling. First of all, how he continued to blow the situation out of proportion in his mind; I think a lot of people would think he was being overdramatic, and he was, but that's what people do. You grow more and more convinced of your own awful-ness and your own guilt in the situation; I've been there. The situation wasn't a fraction as bad, I've been that overdramatic in my thoughts, blaming myself ridiculously when it probably was hardly my fault at all. Then, the other thing that stood out at me was the description of hair-trigger emotion, and the feeling of such overwhelming emotion that you want to do any or all of half a dozen things, and generally do none of them. (My reaction is often to go nutsier than usual, but yeah.)

Then, the other part the stood out to me was basically Caspian's entire section, the fight with his dad, and his slow realization of what River means to him and how he'd acted rashly, and how the situation didn't really make sense, all of that. Throughout that transition, it really felt like Caspian's character was maturing; like you could witness him growing up a little, in that moment, through the evolution of his thoughts. Towards the end of that bit, when he finally really realized that there was something wrong with the picture he'd had of what had happened, it was almost beautiful. It felt like he'd regained a sense of inner strength that he hasn't had for quite a while. Just... poetry. Yeah, by the true definition of poetry, that's what I'd refer to it as.

And Josie and Jacob are awesome. I love that they've become such loyal friends to River. Lord knows story-River needed some.

Other than that, I've decided to go download some Lucious Jackson now. You've gotten me curious.

I read my mother's last review and cracked up laughing for maybe five minutes. I love my mother.

I love how I get mentioned in three other review responses, four if you sort of indirectly count Jess's. And I swear, it was Jess's idea that giving River a big head would be fun! I didn't comprehend what my comments would do before I made them!

On to my own review response... Number one, poor fingernails. Eck. And now I'm imagining it and I think I'm getting insert-new-term-for-phantom-pain. Argh.

Today I wasn't yelling at me print-outs, I was speaking aloud to them. More precisely, I was saying my comments and such a loud as I wrote them. I was home alone. Shush. We already know I'm insane. And no, it's quite all right to be amused by the image of me yelling at my printouts, becfause I bet it would've been amusing had anyone been watching. And I do whole-heartedly agree with you that incoherent-due-to-overwhelming-emotions reviews are the best. It's so awesome to know that something you've written was capable of affecting people so strongly.

A lot of times when I write emotionally diffucult chapters, I feel slightly distanced from it. Like, sometimes I don't realize how much it's going to affect readers until they review and tell me how angsty it is. I don't know why exactly that is. (Then, I read parts of it back later, and I react almost as badly as some of the readers hve, which makes me feel a little silly, being as it's my own story). I agree, that it is fun to get inside someone's head and write about how they feel. And I think one of my favorite things about writing is basically seeing what's going to happen next. Things often take twists and turns that I didn't originally plan before writing it; I don't usually have more than a general idea of the overall outline of the plot.

I feel like I was just disjointed-rambling, and I'm not in a disjointed-rambling-inducing sort of mood, so that annoys me. The last paragraph. The way I wrote it. Or typed it. I am, however, very much in a short-sentences-to-clarify-whatever-I'm-saying mood. And a hypheny one. And okay, maybe there is some disjointed rambling tendencies. Like, what the heck am I talking about? Moving on.

I do have a horrible tendency to go on at length to my friends about anything that I really like. And I do really like your story. So yes. I did go on about it. (For the record, I know for a fact I have at least three other friends who read your story and just don't review. One of them's Sarah. Another one is Chris, at least last I knew. See, this is how I corrupt people. Basically.) Jess is awesome, but I've already covered that. And...interested how so? Should I be worried?

Well, I know I picked up that Caspian was acting out of character as a result of events, so I think you effectively got that across. And, well, yeah, too many sudden realizations at once might be overdoig it. I think those are the sorts of things you just need to make sure they occur in the right places. Thus far you've done an excellent job. I have faith. And yes, I guess that does show that your characters are complex, I wouldn't be able to psycho-analyze them otherwise. It also shows that you have realistic characters, because otherwise I would be able to make psychological connections. Psycho-analysis is fun. Heh.

Yeah, sounding intelligent is fun, as long as you succeed. Heh. You know, I'd love to be able to whip out something like RIver's insane review. Think I'm a ways away from that, though.

ARGH, I hate being yelled at for taking so long on the computer. And being yelled at to finish quickly when I want to type a whole lot more. Which the second one being what's more happening right now. I sincerely hope I can finish this. Trying to type fast.

Oh, Australian high school starts at grade 7? I didn't know that. That puts a different perspective on a variety of things you've related about your high school. And yes, I think I would appreciate the truly insane level of cuteness between R&C, but I have accepted that it won't happen. Well, not in media form.

Okay. I realized, thinking about it, that the first semester of my freshman year is the part of highschool I probably remember the absolute least. Everything else, I have major events to go by. So I'll outline significant things that I remember. High school was a little weird in that we weren't all in the same classes together anymore, but we've obviously all successfully remained friends without issue. Excet in the notable cases of arguments and breakups of friendships. None of which occured until later in highschool. My freshman year was the year my sister was in the same school. That hadn't happened to us for years. It was actually fun for me, because I wasn't nervous about going to high school, being already somewhat familiar with it, and I knew lots of seniors. And with chorus class, I got to be in the same class as some of these people. And mangaed a class with quite a few of my friends. Chorus has always worked nbicely like that, since most of my friends are in Chrous. Hum, what else? No significant friend issues, at least not that I recall. That's when I first started getting into drama, again. I used to do it when I was younger, but I'd stopped for a while, because originally, I'd wanted to be an actress, but then I got really discouraged when I learned what a difficult buisness it is, and sort of stopped doing drama. But my sister made me try out for the first play of the year, and, well, I've been in every one since. I'm really grateful to her for that. I really do love my sister, for a lot of reasons, despite her faults she's done some really great things for me. Anyway. The play was Spoon River. Remember Jesse? He was in it. He was in Drama. That's actually how I began to take note of him. And oh, believe me, next part gets into that phase of my life.

So once again, I leave with foreshadowing. Mua ha. Expcept that you already know a lot of the next story. Though I'll probably go more into gritty details.

Those stories are terrible. My dad's being ajerk, so I have to get off right now. Argh.
Mage Dudette chapter 30 . 2/2/2006
o.0 cliffie! *dies* noo! arrgh! umm.. yea.. yay caspian's thinkin about things.. tho goin to see greg should b FUN. this so cheered me up! yay-ness!

had my last exam tuesday, and checked my emails at clg y'day (w00t for the net cafe! -wow that seems musical to me..) and lo and behold! u updated! YAY! so yea, was a great timing there, cz i didnt miss out on revision *cough* not that i did ne *cough* and yea.. was all good.

hmm, malteasers hot chocolate's interesting.. i got my uni things thru too! yay i was accepted! umm, i cant think. uhh.. squiggle?

in other news... i have read up on skittle whore's works now... and wow really.. only azure violets' stuff to go now!

uhh.. o, yea, josie and jacob, they were cool! really good mates to river! *huggles river anyway for no reason*

*is distracted by pretty nails.. black and shiny with lil pink flowers.. oh...*

o, o yea.. i wd never put you on a forwards list thing! no worries! they're jst too too annoying. some are, admittedly, mildy amusing, but most jst retarded and get deleted from my account. YAY.

umm, i've totally forgotten what else i was goin to mention. uhh.. no flying monkeys? please? i reviewed. i was good. *lil halo shines*

have fun. smile. be happy. that is all.
SkepticCritic chapter 30 . 2/1/2006
No flying monkeys please...They'd probably keep me up...Finally went to the doctor for all my various ailments...Found out that the cartilage between my knee cap and the thing behind it is deteriorating or something along those lines, found out that the average human does not get headaches, all headaches are migraines and that cold and headache medicines do not work and started a new regiment to get rid of my insomnia...Which means that I need eight hours of sleep and I need to stop doing anything academic two hours before I plan on going to bed...which gives me around two hours to do ALL my homework...really must go now...I'm fairly sure I'm supposed to be asleep by now...
Watch chapter 30 . 2/1/2006
Flying monkeys? That's a little harsh, don't you think...?

Anyway...Argh! I can't believe you just left me hanging there...after all I've done for you...reading your story and all...MORE! NEED MORE! WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?

I really am in love with your story - you have a really good voice coming through, and your main characters seem really real to me. Can't wait to find out what happens next, especially with Greg.
Bree chapter 30 . 2/1/2006
...ok...i reviewed...just...just keep them away from me...the...the monkeys...*GASP*...THE MONKEYS!
Ashley chapter 30 . 2/1/2006
ack or course a cliffie...oh well awsome chapter! I can't wait till the next chapter...hopefully it'll come soon.
randomperson chapter 30 . 2/1/2006
AH! NOT THE FLYING MONKEYS! *cowers under chair, whimpering* they're scary...

Spiffing story, as usual (i'm feeling very random and british today, no idea why). I wonder what Caspian's going to do/say to Greg... tis intriguing! River's becoming more decisive (at least, slightly). And they've both stopped wallowing in despair, they're only wading, which is good! Will there be more about Caspian's dad? He sounds like an interesting character - not very nice, but interesting all the same.

Now for randomness about me, since you said you like the ramblings of your reviewers *hugs amateur imaginationist* it makes me feel loved!The mocks finished a couple of days ago, thank whatever deity occupies this earth (if any do, the jury's still out about that). Although i managed to get a HUGE ass cold out of it, and my throat currently feels like it's lined with barbed wire. *warning tone* never underestimate the coldness of exam halls! NEVER, I TELL YE! Plus the fact that it managed to be -3 degrees centigrade yesterday morning, curse the Powers That Be that make us wear skirts in baltic temperatures. *shivers from the mere mention of the cold* i am currently wearing a scarf and fingerless gloves, and contemplating finding my purple trilby... i love that hat, tis cord and cool.

Just as a question, what do you do if you get called a faggot, a goth, a freak and a weirdo all in the space of two minutes simply due to the clothes you're wearing? Never mind that they got the wrong sex, it's just scary that people are THAT prejudiced! And at the age of 12/13! What the hell are those kids gonna be like when they grow up? It's scary what the people in my own school are was a girl in my primary school like the girl who did the pretended sister. I was one of her friends, and it really didn't help the friendship at all, you doubted everything she said, destroyed the trust basically. Really screwy.

Anyway, now that i have rambled enough about myself, how are you? i don't know if many people ask you how you are, but i'm gonna. Next question: skittles or smarties? This is an important debate that i can't decide over. I like the fruitiness of the skittles, but the smarties have CHOCOLATE! I need second opinions! And i want yours!

So, as a final parting note: GREAT CHAPTER! Update more!bye bye! *waves and goes off skipping through daisies with a multi-coloured peace t-shirt on, singing* toodles!
JC Anybody chapter 30 . 2/1/2006
Hello, awesome chapter per usual. I think I'll have to give Caspian the same warning I've given others this month. He really shouldn't do something that could get him arrested, because then I would have to rally an army of fan girls (plus one River) and dispose of the police, then we'd all be on the run, that just takes up so much time, and I'm a busy person... (and a wierd one, in case you hadn't noticed. THe therapy isn't helping). Anyway, how is Rivers beautiful head?
A Tarnished Rose chapter 30 . 2/1/2006
Eheh, I came online, saw this was updated, and let out a squeal that I'm sure woke the whole house up. Not good, seeing as it's 11:48pm right now. Well, at least not good about the waking people up. The updating is fabulous.

"It’s been going for like three months now, has anybody else realised that? " And you have thirty chapters. I've been poting my story here since February 2005, and it ony has nine chapters.


"Unless you can seriously tell me you knew what Greg was planning to do when he asked you to go for a walk with him, which I know you didn’t because when it comes to noticing stuff like that you’re the biggest idiot I’ve ever met, sorry, " Hehe. Indeed.

Yay for Josie and Jacob. It makes a nice change to hear about pleasant Josie's and Jacob's. The Josie I know is annoying, and the Jacob I know told one of my best friends that she was a slut and was going nowhere in life, so I hate him by default. And he says noice. All the frickin time. Grr.

"He may smell like he’d been stuffed down a chimney and doused in stale beer" Eww. That's a horrible smell.

"He has to listen, he thought, clearly. If he remembers times like that the way I do. If he does love me." Of course he does.

"His father scrutinised him again, with his sharp, pale eyes. Then he shook his head. “I was talking,” he said, clearly, “about the Daniels boy.”" Oh yes, River is /such/ a bad influence...

"River, who looked at everything like it was a gift he didn’t deserve, who was so innocent he shivered when Caspian touched his skin, who treated him like he was the most precious thing that existed," Aw (FP won't show it, but there really are about twenty or so w's there)

"The Conservatorium. He felt a strange rush of energy, almost as sweet as what he’d felt when he’d first kissed River, as he turned the keys viciously in the ignition. Except that this was darker, this was deeper, it went somewhere else entirely in him.

Greg." No, no, no, no, bad, bad, bad *babbles in this vein for about twenty minutes or so*

"But somehow, River already knew, and somehow, he had already begun to run." Run, Forrest, Run...I did not just say that. Really.

"Yay! Cliffie!" No. Bad cliffie.

"This is a pretty long chapter, so hopefully it will suffice to keep you all satisfied for a little while." For about half an hour, amybe. I'll have to go back and read this from the start again, I think...

"I don’t own Luscious Jackson and wouldn’t know what to do with them if I did." Keep them in a cage?

"I have a T-shirt saying ‘I Fail At Evil’." That sounds awesome.

"Yes, see, if you kill me, the story will never be finished. Keep that in mind if you do get the urge." We won't kill you, don't worry, we'll just stand over you with a craving knife until you write the next chapter. D

"Would everybody please stop threatening to die unless I update? It’s REALLY UNNERVING." Can we get all "Consumptive and Tragic, and Probably on the Floor" (to quote the Shoebox Project)instead of dying?

"You wouldn’t be the Jess who started a concerted campaign to puff River’s head up to the size of a bus, would you?" That would make it rather hard to walk, or in fact move at all.

"Mocks sound particularly annoying. In Australia we call those exams trials. Hope they went well." ALL exams are annoying. But yay I passed all mine!

"All I have at the moment is cheesecake. Yuck." I'll have your cheesecake. I /love/ cheesecake.

"You know, I think you’re just behind Rinna as the longest review-person, or maybe it just looks that way." Ooh, I feel special now. This is the only story I write such long reviews for, the next longest ones are probably for Dirty-Angel-Toes' stories, which are probably less than half the length of these ones.

"OK, Tulip’s parents were hippies. His sister’s named Christabelle, which isn’t that bad. But still. Tulip. For a boy. Apparently it was because his mother had a vision of tulips in the maternity ward or something. The story behind the name-change to Isa really is too long and boring for me, I’m sorry." Christabelle isn't too bad, but Tulip would suck. Okay.

"Harry belongs to Ginny and Ron belongs to Hermoine. And Draco belongs to the Devil. I’ve just read the sixth one, can you tell?" Just a bit. I don't like Ginny, mainly because she seems like a reincarnation of Lily. But then again, there is some theory about people picking partners because they remind them of their mother/father. It was in another one of my Science articles, the latest National Geographic, in the article on love. Me and my articles. Honestly.

"And yes, my friends are vain, there’s no need to be delicate about it. Particularly River, who sees nothing wrong in a healthy ego." Okay. I'll keep that in mind. And there is a difference between a healthy ego and being stuck up...

"And I’m proud of my story’s addictiveness, thank you." You should be. I wish mine was as addictive.

"My ex psychologically manipulated me, lied, threatened to kill himself if I didn’t stay with him, and then stalked me when I ended it." This sounds exactly like what one of my Mum's friends exes did. He also managed to break into their house and they had to call the police on him several times. In the end, he said he was going to electrocute himself, and Laurel (Mum's friend) told him to go right ahead. I don't think he actually did it, though.

"I’ve never heard Falling by Missy Higgins, but I want to hear it now. She rocks, doesn’t she?" Yes, she does.

"Bloody hell, why did the last chapter make everybody cry? Am I that terrible a person? Gah! Happy vibes!" Because it was sad.

"Otherwise the real R&C would kill me, very, very painfully." This would be an extremely bad move on their behalf, because if they did kill you, they'd have about forty people from numerous locations out to kill them. I'm sure reviewers can be very violent people.

"The image of you yelling at your print-outs amuses me; I’m sorry if that’s terribly insensitive of me, but there it is." I've seen people doing this, and I do it myself. It /is/ very amusing. I also yell at stories, particularly Rise of the Dawn by the Inkslinger. I am apparently very entertaining when I read that.

"And I think it’s very cool that you go on about this story a little to your friends." I do this. To some of them at least. Most of my friends would just be all "wtf?" if I even mentioned FictionPress.

"And I do feel bad that I can’t include some couple pictures of R&C for you, because you seem like you really would appreciate the truly insane level of cuteness, but we’ve covered that that isn’t going to happen." That is very sad. We would all enjoy them, I think...

"And have you heard the Bloody Mary superstition before?" I've heard of it. When I was eight my best friend at the time told me about it, and we were so scared afterward that we stayed frozen in one place the whole night.

"A few years ago it was discovered that a girl a few years below me, who was actually an only child, had been pretending to have a sister with leukemia so that she’d get attention." That is sad.

Your school sounds like it was extremely nasty. I think you've put me off single sex schools for life. Not that I was very interested in them in the first place. I don't really talk to my Girls High friends anymore, because they are all bitches, and most of the Boys High guys I know are druggies. Not very pleasant people either.

"REVIEW OR I WILL SEND MY FLYING MONKEYS AFTER YOU." I want a flying monkey. But I'll review anyway.

Another thing i though of about our trek throgh the caves the other day: We came out through this cave called the 'Ghost Cave', but really it was more like the 'Water Torture Cave'. All the way through, water was slowly and continuously dripping onto our heads, and the sound would echo off the walls and the helmets we were wearing. It was awful. But at least it was cold.

And now, because it is 12:40am, I'm going to bed, because I have to be up early for a doctors appointment. Blah.

Rose (1521 words. w00t!)
adam chapter 30 . 1/31/2006
So... I don't really know why I've decided to review, but here I am. I have the distinct feeling that it will ramble on with no real purpose, but I think I've read that you don't mind that so much. But, eh, choose to read this or not, whatever. I guess first I should say that your story is really awesome. I don't read a lot of slash, but when I occasionally do, they're all the same. This one isn't, though, so good job. I'm not sure why I haven't become so addicted to slash like so many people I know have. I guess I just can't take all the unnecessary angst. Like, for example, in this chapter, how River just refuses to believe that his feelings are worth anything. But angst is fun to read sometimes. Okay, so now all of a sudden it sounds like I don't like your story, but this is not the truth at all. I really like it. Admittedly, I'm not into the whole long-haired goth thing, but, maybe I'll change my , that's all I've really got to say about the story, so you can stop reading now. Otherwise, I'm going to ramble on some more, because that's what I feel like doing. I guess I decided to write this because I felt like talking about myself, which is actually not something I do that often. And, as you know nothing about me, you are the perfect person to talk to.I'm Adam, I'm from the Washington, DC area. I think it's really cool that you're from Australia. When I was younger I used to be obsessed with Australia, I always wanted to go. The furthest I've ever been out if the country was Canada. And that wasn't even real Canada, it was Toronto. Although, when I was about 5 or 6 I lived in Alaska, which is pretty far away, but still doesn't count as out of country (my dad was in the Army, so we moved around a bit. But, I've been in Maryland ever since second grade). Anyway, I think it's cool how you spell words like "realise" with an s instead of a z. I did that for a while, but then my English teacher marked me off for it, so I stopped. I also have an unexplainable yet undeniable urge to flush a toilet and see the water swirl the opposite way.I'm 18, a freshman at college (in Ohio, far away from home). I love it so much there, mostly because I'm still 'in the closet' at home. Although, since starting school, I came out to my best friend from back home, as well as my girlfriend of 2 years. Everything turned out very well with that, much better than I had expected. As a matter of fact, it was my ex-girlfriend who recommended I start reading this story. But I expect that most gay people come to discover that coming out is never as bad as they fear it will be. Still, it's an enormous mental obstacle to overcome to tell my family. It'll happen eventually... but it's scary. It's weird, I've lived with these people my entire life, but I still have absolutely no idea how they would react if I told anyway, at college I'm having the time of my life. I've made some amazing friends, with whom I am closer now after 4 months than I ever was with most of my friends from home. And the boys! Hot boys everywhere, and I don't care who sees me checking them out!It makes me sad that I never used to let myself be... myself. haha awkward sentence. Anyway, I was 18 before I ever kissed a boy (haha and not too long thereafter lost my virginity). I missed out on so much by being ashamed for no reason. No, ashamed is not the right word. I never was bothered by my own sexuality. More like I was needlessly scared. I still am. I know it's stupid, but it doesn't change the dear, I've just realized (mind the z) that I've become as emo as any slash story (you use the word emo over there, right? Short for emotional. It's a legitimate genre of music, as well as sort of a synonym for angsty. Needless to say, the music is only listenable in small doses). So that means this is officially the end of this review, because I refuse to be emo!
D.H. L'Orange chapter 30 . 1/31/2006
hey! this was so *much* better than the last chapter! i finished this one feeling hopeful rather than angry/upset.

i'm kinda dreading what Caspian and Greg are going to say to each other... and i'm hoping that River walks in before something bad happens.

Caspian's dad... woah. How in the world did he land someone as kind as Caspian's mom? (well at least kind as viewed through Caspian's eyes).

here are my more fav. sentences of this chapter:

"This, in of itself, was what he found so aggravating about his father. His impenetrability. Nothing, nothing at all, could penetrate his veneer of respectability, nothing could shape his face into anything different. "

"Caspian definitely had his mother’s eyes. His were warm, no matter how deep you looked, whereas his father’s were like sea ice, reflecting everything back at you."

cool images

so fix the R/C/G problem already!


: )

Kakiryu chapter 30 . 1/31/2006
Oh, no! Flying monkeys? Ha. Anyways, I'm sorry my name's difficult like that. I actually mess it up sometimes too, when I'm in a hurry.

Now then, as for the chapter...Very good! Yeah, I don't give half as detailed reviews as half the people here...The best I can do is 'Wow', 'awesome', or 'perfect'. Irritating, yes?

It was wow/awesome/perfect though. I enjoyed how Josie and Jacob especially came through in this one. They seem like really good friends.

And as for Caspian and his interaction with his father? Very realistic. Or at least to me. There's just something about figures of authority getting mad and yelling at you that's funny or makes you want to laugh...Though his reasons were more meaningful then just that. ;

Good luck on the writing of the next chapter! Oh, and give R&C my love too for being the inspiration for such an awesome story! Much love to all of you!

PS: The bloody Mary thing? I've heard of it too. Multiple times, in fact...And I live out in midwest, USA : the land of much corn.

So, write more, write soon, just write. Ciao!
vaettir chapter 30 . 1/31/2006
Lol. I like your name too. Finally Caspian realized that he should have listened to River. And I know Caspian's father probably has some reason for acting the way he does, but he is a real bastard. I can't wait for the next chapter! Update soon!

polynesia chapter 30 . 1/31/2006
If I review, will you STILL send your flying monkeys after me? Please?

Wow. Yeah. If love messes up brain chemistry this much, then I'm hoping that I never fall into it. ...better yet, I'll actually listen to my biology teachers who keep telling me to go into medicine. I'll find an antidote/cure, and the world around will be happier. Hopefully.

Man, that's just not fair. About the r's, I mean. I'm part French, too, but I don't get any fun fringe benefits like that. ..heck, I'm mostly German and I can't pronounce half of the German syllables to save my life. I feel gypped somehow. lol
blacksunrise chapter 30 . 1/31/2006
oh flying monkeys awesome ...can you send them after me even though i did review ?lol excellant please update soon !
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