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kittybro chapter 20 . 1/30/2006
Omg *rabid fan-girl for boy love squels* So good D River and Caspian are so cute -
Cherise chapter 29 . 1/29/2006
Oh my Gosh! They broke up! And it won't be fair because River can't talk so he can't really argue his innocence as well as he could've. I can't believe this! They were so cute together! And he thought he cheated. *sighs in exasperation* Oh, and the stories at the end were hilarious!
Naomi Schemer chapter 29 . 1/25/2006
He...he...he broke up with him! Aw, poor River. Stupid Caspian...**sigh** men are so stupid sometimes. Especially the gay ones, because seriously, they don't even have *women* to make their relationships make sense. **sigh** I think that's why slash is so much more interesting. Also why lesbian relationships seem to work better. I can't wait to see more of J&J, and I really really hope Caspian would get his head out of his lovely ass.
A Tarnished Rose chapter 22 . 1/25/2006
Yes, it's me. I happen to be re-reading your story at 11pm, because I have no life D

And also, I just wanted to comment that the song I'm listening to right now, I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song) by Fall Out Boy, seemed really appropriate for this chapter. Lyrics can be found here ( . ). I hope that link worked. I'm not sure if the lyrics really fitted, but the song just seemed to. Or maybe I'm just weird. Anyway.

I totally didn't realise how much I read of this story without reviewing. I thought I'd reviewed from about Chapter 15 onward, but I think it was more like Chapter 25 onward. Ah well.

*is now bopping to What Is This Feeling? - Wicked*

Right, signing off now.

Moniqua chapter 29 . 1/22/2006
Aw...*sobs* I just started reading this yesterday, and I just couldn't pry myself away from it. Yeah, and if you went on a three week hiatus, I'd probably cry. (Just kidding...well, I'd be upset, anyway.) But I'd just like to complement you on your wonderful characterization. Well, I supopse it helps having their real life counterparts around, yeah? But anyway, take care, and I hope to see an author alert in my email
Andre Lenoge chapter 29 . 1/22/2006
I'm too lazy to log in, so I'm just writing an 'anonymous' review. I knew River wouldn't do it, and that Caspian would see it. It's obvious, but you wrote it well. I think River should grow some and go out with Greg. Who knows, perhaps he'll fall in love with the dashing piano teacher? Who doesn't want someone who can play the piano like a virtuoso and look like a freaking greek god?
Monster In Your Head chapter 29 . 1/21/2006
OMG this is so good. This last chapter actually made me cry. Please, please, PLEASE update!
Gossamer Heart chapter 29 . 1/21/2006
TAX EXEMPTION? SERIOUSLY? ... oh... not really... Well rats.

You UPDATED! *tackles* You really really updated! *gasp* I love it! ... I'm trying not to cry. *confusion* Why do I want to cry?

Oh right.

You've broken them up again.

GAH! *puppy look* Make it all better?

-Summer Goose
D.H. L'Orange chapter 29 . 1/20/2006
yikes that was BAD! Please no more chapters like that! (You're screwing with my mind).

i don't know whether i hate or feel sorry for Greg at this moment. (Although i'm pretty pissed with Caspian for jumping to conclusions so quickly... although his conclusion was understandable).

anywho... fix things between River and Caspian. QUICK

: )

glamorous-giggly-guy chapter 29 . 1/20/2006
“Zac- Hm. Random coincidence. My ex-boyfriend was called Zach. Let’s not go there, shall we? I’m happy that you liked the story.”

Please don’t tell me that’s your reply to me? GAWD! I go by Zach at school, my names Zachary….Oh man! Damn! *kicks stupid ex* -sigh- stupid ex’s aren’t much fun, are they? Yeah, went out with this guy, a year older than me, turned out to be a total player, wasn’t even sure if he was gay or not, god! And like that woulda been fine, but he totally lied to me SO many times, and cheated on me, and I was just like omg! Player and a half. -sigh- unfortunately he’d be the only dateable guy in this frickin town! Grr i'm pretty angry about it still..i think in this review i've made him sound to innocent, don't get the wrong idea, he had NO regards for anyone elses feelings ;_;Well that’s my ranting done…

I AM SO ENVIOUS OF YOUR WRITING SKILL -yes I AM yelling, lol- it’s not fair! I want greg! You nearly made me cry you realise? Then falling by missy Higgins came on my sterio and tears ran down my cheeks! Ggr, you’re so skilled.

Please do update, oh and death threats aren’t my style. -sigh- I’m so stressed, dad’s mum is going to die, she’s got stage four cancer. Me and here weren’t particularly close, though I still feel sorry for her, I’m more worried about my parents…life is SO unfair PDAmn i feel my little review is so being drowned in the mass of half pagers o.0;DAMN! i wish my schoolw as so exciting! That'd be awsome fun _ *curses stupid tiny catholic school*i got a job _ lol i start really soon _ *ish happy, and rambling, trying to make a bigger eview_*

OH! and my Cleopartra is maulting...but i still hug her and kiss her (my cat, shes a tabby with these big black rings around her eyes, like kohl_ i love her LOTS)KH2 comes out this year! w00t. lol. write more, more stories, i bet you write some poetry too, you have that poetic style in your work, please post some...Well i think i'm done for now...

Love your stuff,

Hope you don’t think of your ex every time you see my name,


A Tarnished Rose chapter 29 . 1/18/2006
For Goodness sake. Something really doesn't want me to review your story. This is my third attempt. First my internet dies, then we have a power cut. Gr.

Aw, River's so clueless. Not noticing Greg's REALLY OBVIOUS flirting D

"The hostess is a friend of my aunt’s." I am so out of it. I seriously thought that said 'the hotness is a friend of my aunt's'.

“It’s a lovely night, isn’t it?” This seems to be the typical thing to say in those sorts of scenes. I've noticed it (or a variant of) used in scenes similar to that one.

"In a sudden, blinding flash, River understood what it was- that Greg wanted. Why he was looking at him with that strangely intense look in his eyes. What the look meant." Finally, he gets it.

"He opened his mouth, to yell- what, he didn’t know- but the look in River’s eyes arrested him. It was- calm. There wasn’t a trace of panic in his expression, or of shock. He was simply looking straight back into this musician’s eyes, with a perfectly level gaze. Almost- inviting him.

Caspian felt his heart slowly cave in on itself.

Well, if they didn’t want to be disturbed, he wasn’t going to be the person who intruded." Oh, the poor idiot.

"“Oh, for- I’m not stupid, River. I saw the way he was looking at you. The way you were looking at him- my God, I’m such an idiot!”" *nods* yes, yes you are.

"You know what, murder threats are perfectly acceptable. If I weren’t writing this thing I’d make them against myself." You could anyway.

"Man, I got so many reviews… Maybe I’ll do another three-week hiatus and see if it happens again! Kidding. I think. I hope." Now this is when the murder threats will come.

"Yeah, I hate having my stuff read aloud, too. Once that happened in my Literature class and I hid my head in my arms until it was over." I do this. I hate people I know hearing my work. Thus why I post it here.

"Your rant against the masculinity complex was pretty entertaining- I tend to hang around very dramatic males who are very in touch with their emotions (most of whom are gay, though) but I do definitely get what you mean." Well, I think it would be pretty hard to find a straight male that was in touch with his emotions.

"My friend has a poster saying ‘Boys are Stupid, Throw Rocks At Them’ which is very cool and which I intend to steal (sh)." You can get t-shirts that say this too.

"I am not going to ask why a male cat is called Claudia." It's actually a pretty boring story. They brought that cat and were told it was female. Ths they named it Claudia. They then took it to the vet, and were told that Claudia was, in fact, male.

"I know a boy named Tulip. He changed his name to Isa but I still call him Tulip. There’s a really long story behind that one." Do tell?

"And I am NOT a Draco-Harry-pairing person. Draco is mean and horrible. Harry so belongs to Ron." *twitch* *shudder* Sorry, I just can't stand the Harry/Ron pairing.

"Meh, don’t look at me, I’m on a sugar high." Sugar high's are awesome. I was at a friends house the other day, and one of the girls there was on a sugar high. She also happens to be the funniest person ever when she's on a sugar high.

" I am not going to tell my friends they sound hot because they are hot and they know it. Bloody pretty boys." Haha. Very, erm, self-assured too, apparently. To put it nicely P


"You know, I get a lot of reviews from people saying that my story’s too damn addictive and they forget to do stuff like sleep or eat while reading it. I think perhaps I should put a label on the first chapter: WARNING. DO NOT READ ALL IN ONE GO. HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH. Because it is, really." Yes, it is. I think there was fifteen or so chapters up when I found this story, and I sat down and read them in one sitting. I was sitting on my foot and it went numb. I didn't even notice.

"Damn it, people, it’s a story, you need to sleep and eat and survive too! I think I’ve made this story too addictive for my readers’ health. I’m going to get arrested for inventing the internet version of crack or something. " Yes. When the kids do those 'don't do drugs' programs at school and get those lists of the different class drugs, at the top of the Class A drug list will be 'You Know What I Mean - Amateur Imaginationist'.

"One particular girl still feels shocking about the terrible way she treated me when we were in year 7. I am now in second year at university, that’s how long this has been going on for. I mean, it was pretty bad, but honestly, I’ve told her I forgive her so many times it seems like I need to announce it on a billboard for her to believe it." *blinks*. Wow. That's a really long time.

"Pictures of fluffy puppies, I go ‘aw’ and then move on. Sweet couple photos, that’s it, I’m done. I don’t know if I’m a hopeless romantic or just hopeless." Just hopeless, I imagine P But sweet couple photos are very cute.

"…. There are others. There’s the one about the pretended sister, and the boarding house fire, and the blackmail club, and the initiation bitchfight." These ones sound good too. Do tell. I don't imagine anything that crazy has ever happened at our school. The closest I've got would be the day the (male) head of Mataatua House wore a purple dress to school.

I have just realised that my beautiful tan is peeling. Wah.

Let's hope something doesn't go wrong this time, because I really don't want to write this review again.

cere puddlecrow chapter 29 . 1/18/2006
*stabs*you evil were totally are the ultimate evil!*force feeds chocolate cake*MUAHAHHAHAHAHA!now i am...MAUAUUAHAHAHAH!ok ill stop now...tell R&C their names are on my english notebook now(hahahah)which was accidentally read during science by andrew the evil evil jew(thats a bad thing...very contains my 30 something page story that im working on at the moment.i only let certain people read it)A!now im crazy and mad and crazy!PLEASE UPDATE son!im gonna send you M&Ms and a bunch of other fatty stuff!MUAHAHAH

much luv!
Kait Dunn chapter 29 . 1/18/2006
M, you have me hooked (although I believe that really happened at around the first chapter...); I actually had to stop reading at the beginning because I got so worked up over River && Greg. Boohiss.

-D.S. Cillian
Ashley chapter 29 . 1/17/2006
ah'll be fixed right? right?
BairbreB chapter 29 . 1/17/2006
Ok I had to read this chapter. Rinna kept muttering Othello, and the new chapter almost in the same breath.

Jealousy is such an evil emotion. I'm not sure who I want to beat up in this chapter; perhaps everyone except the ever calm and stable Aunt Emily.

I have a fear that things will get worse before they get better. They will get better wont they? I get tax exempt status now don't I? The world is made up of fluffy pink bunnies right?

Sigh. Rinna warned me about the chapter, but my insatiable curiosity and interest in the story had me reading it anyways. I do hope things improve in future chapters.
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