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Rinna chapter 27 . 12/9/2005
Despite the vast amounts of snow outside I am in a supremely good mood, better than I have been for a while now. (Not that I've been in a bad mood, but now I'm in an exceptionally good one). Actually it's because of the snow, so I'll forgive it for now. First snow-day of the school year! No school, no school, whee! *does a crazy-excited dance* I heard somewhere that one unexpected day of vacation is more relaxing than a full week of planned vacation. It's so true. Oh, check my photo album, the first few pictures on the main page are what it looks like outside right now, from my front window.

Right, anyway, *ahem*

First of all, there really are just no words for how unbelievably awesome Aunt Emily is. I love her. I want one. Basically, every time she speaks I find a new reason to like her. And yay for her telling River's father off. I wouldn't forgive him either. Wow, but River's mother is a drama queen, huh?

I'm seeing a lot of remaining inner doubts and insecurities on River's part. I'm foreseeing bad things on the horizon. Also, I have to know if you're doing this on purpose, you have so much animal imagery, everywhere, these past couple of chapters. I went through and underlined every one in this story. A lot. Using animal imagery is cool, just wondering if it's significant? My mind keeps flashing back to that Othello thing.

Anyway, I really liked the way you wrote this chapter, it worked well. And you always have amazing imagery. Let's see, what else? The scene in the ballroom, where River is sort of flashing back, that was very well written. Powerful scene. I also really liked where Caspian walked in; more precisely, when River [resourcefuly] used the piano in lieu of yelling, and where he started playing again with Caspian beside him. Those couple paragraphs just struck me as really good writing.

Psh, my dad just ruined my good mood. Well, okay, not completely. He gets so annoyed with me, then I get annoyed with him, then he pretends to punch me and I attempt to fend him off failing miserably because I'm a wimp and that part is actually pretty funny so yeah... Eh, it's hard to kill my good moods, it's back now.

I'm terribly sorry I caused you to break your scanner, incidentally. Is it fixed now?

I've always been fairly empathetic myself. I used to get far too emotionally involved in other people's problems. I finally realized that it hurt me more than it helped anyone to do that, so I've gotten better at distancing myself, at least a little. Actually, ironically, I think one of the people wo helped me the most with that was this guy I used to have a ridiculous crush on... I'll probably get to him later in my history. But yes, when given advice, I always sort of mentally catalog it and consider it deeply. People often don't realize what an effect they can potentially have on me.

Thing is, though, sometimes I do tell, say, Arene when I'm upset about things, but I try to avoid doing so when I don't have a particular reason to be upset. I don't understand the concept of hurting oneself either. I don't like when I hear about any of my friends doing it, but it doesn't happen often amongst my friends (thank god). It doesn't so much frustrate me, though. I try to be understanding, even if I don't understand. I know people often have reasons that make sense to themselves, stupid or not. And well, I just don't know. Go read Arene's story Paperclips, Tacks and Carebear Bandaids, on her FP account. Seriously. It's true and was pretty much the beginning of this particular current situation. (and freaked the hell out of me when I first read it, because she wrote it right after it happened and I didn't get to talk to her until the next day) Although the beginning of her problems in general was a bit longer ago. I guess I still don't fully understand it, why or whatever, but this is what I'm dealing with, anyway. (And for the record, it wasn't actually a suicide attempt or anything, just cutting. Which is bad enough.)

Sorry, back to happier topics. I wasn't trying to abuse you for your lack of QAFness. Rather, I feel bad for you. No one should be deprived of QAFness. It's a sad thing. YOu have a friend in France? I'm jealous. I want a friend in France.

Hmm, I thinkjust as glad you're not going to go into details about R&C. Even if everyone else reading these is dissapointed.

And wow, I'd say you have an incredibly legitimate reason to hate Pokemon. That is That must have sucked.

Ok, shit, that made my mood plummet. I had to leave and come back to this, and before I did, I decided t check on the status of my college application for my first choice college. Turns out they're missing something from my application, something that was supposed to have been sent by my guidance counsilor, and if they don't get it in time, (the next ten days), I think my application will be disqualified. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm not happy.

But I'm going to try to go back to happy, and finish as always ridiculously rambling long review.

Moving on, yeah, Chris calling Jill a "guinea pig" was not cool. He has since apologized for that and everything else he did, which there is more, but it'll be a while before I get there. And you probably have seen pictures of Jill. I believe she's my only female friend with distinctly blonde hair (CTY pictures, which are finally up, excluded). I'll tell her you said so.

Well, after the thing with Chris, my friends who may or may not have already been s have pretty much all become very open, accepting people. Most of us are on the Civil Rights Team or have been at some point, and by now, about half of them are openly gay and/or bisexual. So I don't have quite the same situation. People outsidde my group probably think we're weird, though, I guess. Looking at it, I've got pretty much the same thing going, ordinarily would seem straightlaced, but very vocally pro-diversity. Is that weird? Well, we've already covered that all my classmates think I'm odd anyways, and I'm proud of this fact.

Well, I was relatively young when my period of ignorance ended. And again, first year of CTY (about six months after finding out about Chris) worked wonders. We have traditions at CTY, and one that is the same at every site is Fairy Princess Day or Drag Day. Whatever you call it, there's always an excuse for us to tell the boys to dress like girls, and a good portion of them actually do. Great fun. I'm too old to go to CTY anymore, very sad thing.

Okay, next part of the history. This is very, very significnt. In December of our eighth grade year, Jill started going out with AJ. They stayed together until Junior year of high school, not even quite a year ago yet. I'll probably wait to go into more details on their relationship, but yeah. A lot of people thogut that Jill was just rebounding, trying to get over Chris, but she insisted that she really did like Aj. Actually, she told me later that she thinks she'd started to develop feelings for Aj while still going out with Cris. But she was very upset and torn up by the fact Chris had broken up with her, and it took her a bit to get over that. Honestly, though, Jill has always been a little insecure, and a predominate theory was that she'd started dating Aj just so she'd still have someone there. And honeslt yI still don't know for sure. This will come back when we get to Junior year of high school. So relationships angles were different in eighth grade. In fact, the predominate theory is still that Derek had a crush on -me- back in junior high, and who knows how long it lasted... But that was back in my total anti-dating phase, when I thought I'd never even harbor romantic feelings or be attracted to anyone, ever. I've had issues with sex since before I knew what it was, too. I sat through sixth grade sex ed class with my eyes closed and my ears plugged, humming. Unfortuantely, well perhaps it's a godd thing, I got just enough to figure out how it worked. But I had that much of an issue and didn't even know what it was. Weird, weird weird.

Yes, anyway... So, at first, Jill didn't want me to know I was dating Aj. Which I found, and still find, ridiculous. I guess they were worried that I secretly liked Aj, and/or that her dating Aj infringed on my relationshp with Aj and I'd be upset. I have not and will not ever harbor romantic feelings towards Aj. Gah. It pissed me off a whole lot more that no one had told me, and I had to find out a week or two later from one of our group's annoying hanger-ons that none of us really likes. That upset me. And I guess I was a little upset that they were dating, because I couldn't tell if Jill was serious or just trying to get over Chris, and also because it took away some of the closeness between Aj and I. Because now that he was dating Jill, it was sort of a requirement that he spend more time with her, and when we did group and class stuff, Aj and Jill went together instead of me and Aj, because it wouldn't be fair for Aj to spend more time with another girl when he had a girlfriend. But the fact they were dating never bothered me, and god, I was NOT going to STEAL Aj from her. That was her other big worry. Even if I -did- have any ridiculous feelings towards Aj, I would NOT steal one of my best friend's boyfriends!

Wow, this still bothers me, I guess.

No, eventually, we all got over it, but it was a contributing factor in another big part of eighth grade. The Fight. Between me and Jill. It started at my birthday party, January 26th I believe, because it was a week after my birthday had already happened. This was back when Jill and my sister didn't get along; my sister knew that Jill and I used to get into dumb fights all the time in seventh grade, often becuase I'd do something dumb and Jill would get mad at me, so Kristin still didn't much like Jill. And unfortunately, it just didn't go very well. Kristin starting needling Jill about her insecurities, the possible weak nature of her relationship with Aj, and her jealousy issues. Naturally, Jill got really upset. But because Kristin is my sister, and as horrible as she acts at times, I still love her, and I always used to look up to her, I tried to defend her. This turned into an argument where I tried to defend my sister and Jill basically wouldn't hear it (for good reason, my sister can get pretty bad). Somehow, well I've worked out how this happened, Jill talked to her mother about this. And the thing with my sister, coupled with all these annoying or stupid things I'd done that Jill dredged out, somehow it all turned to me. The next day we had school, I was acting like normal (because hey, it had been my sister, not me, right? Apparently not.) But Jill wasn't talking to me, so finally I asked her what as wrong. She gave me a note, saying something along the lines of "I've decided not to be your friend anymore. It causes to much PAIN and [some other all capitals adjective I don't remember, maybe suffering or agony or trouble]".

Urgh. My friends and I wrote alot during junior high, notes to eachother, stories, everything. Especially me. I wrote a story and a reflection relating to this issue, and I never get rid of anything so I still have them, but I can't find them.

Suffice to say, I was upset. for the first week, I freaked out on her. Apologizing, begging, going off on tangeants apologizing for being such a bitch and such a horrible person, really going overboard, and I found out later, freaki8ng Jill out because she thought I might commit suicide or something. I was such a little drama queen. Anyway, after about a week of that, I realized how I was being even more stupid by acting like this. So instead, for the next week, I went back to acting normally. I respected her wishes, gave her distance, still did things for her like taking notes for the student council meeting that she missed. Then, aproximately two weeks after the whole thing started, there was this instance in the lunch room that I remember with distinct clarity. Jill looked really pale (she always seems to be sick or injured), I happened to be in line one person in front of her (the person in between us being a friend of ours, named Justin or JJ). I saw she looked icky, so I turned and asked her if she was alright, and JJ said "Yeah, you don't look too good". I said "You look really pale". Then she kind of got this look and said, "You know what? I can't do this anymore." Then, if I recall correctly, she hugged me, and that was how we made up.

It was not a fun experience. But it's in the past now, I'm just glad we moved beyond it. Well, it had longer lasting effects, but more on that next time. Also, more on Chris. YOu notice that things dealing directly with me get a much longer explanation? Wel, I did. I think it'll be interesting if Jill or Aj reads this, I know Chris does, because I don;t think any of them fully knew my take on some of these events.

It still strikes me that my life actually -is- pretty interesting. Is it? If I took this all and turned it into a book series, I think it would be pretty good; we've dealt with a lot of universal issues. Break-ups, homosexuality, jealousy, fights, insecurity, and we're not even through eighth grade. Plus, you know there are issues with parents later, and since I'm spilling everyone else's embarrasing stories, I'll go through some of the sordid details of my obsessive high school crush.

And eh, anyone's life story is interesting. I guess mine lends itself to being retold, but anyone's life has it's little ups and downs and quirks and interestingness. Not to say you have to do something similar, but more to say your life, as with most people, is probably more interesting than you'd think upon casual reflections. Just what you've said about the all-girls school stuff alone is pretty interesting.

Besides, I'm one of those weird people who likes telling people about my life. I think one of the reasons I have no secrets is because I enjoy telling people about myself. Well, I don't mean to sound self-obsessed or anything, I enjoy hearing what other people have to say as well. But yeah. Okay, I will end this now.

...Adn it's still snowing. I was supposed to be in a parade today with Chamber Singers. I hope that was cancelled.

And we have a winner. 2,634 words. Wow.
IAmSoConfused chapter 27 . 12/9/2005
I love my Jasper. I have officially stolen his name for the story I'm planning to write. He's a bit upset that I'll be making him gay, but that's okay.

Only one weirded out comment:

"Yes Aunt Emily." he said dully...

Um... was that on the talk pad?

But oh well. Still. I love the "over-the-top melodrama" as you put it! When his mother was freaking out, I was kind of like "PUH-LEASE!" yet at the same time took it seriously, but still like "You reap what you sow"

Aunt Eily is still the best, my favorite parts being "You said goodbye to River five years ago" (or something along those lines" as well as "Blonde bombshell, 10 o'clock"

That made me unreasonably happy.

Woo! A job that he could very well enjoy! That excites me.

Gah... you are my savior. All my obsessed-with stories are either on offical hiatus or just haven't been updated in what feels like forever without much word. I'm not truly complainging though. I just amuse myself with the idea that they are working extra-hard making it exactly how we all want it to be. :-D.

Oh well,I'm just an overly hyper and impatient person. but that's okay... I think...

By the way i WANT a friend named Blaize...
Vroniruh chapter 27 . 12/9/2005
Nice chappie (again). Your story always cheers me up, when Im having a bad day...or just a normal day.

And todays really bad...much learning for exams and tonight a concert Jans Band (my bfs brother).I so dont like their music, I hear very different music (from soft rock, piano / classical to goth and metal), but they *urgghh* just noisy (Thrash-Metal).

English was my first foreign language. Im from germany, so I speak a real bad ruhrgebiets-slang (if you want, you can call it german *g*).At school you learn english from 5. grade and after that latin or french (I took both), but french..well...Im not very good at it, very difficult vocabulary.

Our computer science department has a contract with the university of newcastle, so we cant choose. But I think it will be an exotic country, cause you can visit scotland or norway on your holidays, its not so expensive. But Australia or Hongkong, its so fucking expensive (flight alone ~ 1500 aus $).

Check out these sites, if you like:

w . matrix - bochum . de

(under pics - freitag, thats what our gothscene is basicly like)

w . fury . de

Great band, they do accoustic and electric rock. If you go under 'discographie' you can download pieces of their songs.

I would also recommon Die Toten Hosen, good german punkband, but they dont have mp3s online.

I would never wake up at 5.30 cause Im a very sleep loving person *g*, but here its around 2c so i can run when I like, but mostly its too cold to do so. We had 30cm snow last week...that was fun *g*

Now Ill tell you a big secret *g*...I HATE christmas...i tried to go shopping a few days ago *horror*. Everywhere annoyingly christmas music and those damn colourful decorations (looks more like Mardi Gras).

Now Ive gotta go, cause my distributed network script is mocking me...I think that damn thing just knows that Ive got an exams next week and didnt do one thing up til now.

Til next chapter!
BairbreB chapter 27 . 12/9/2005
Ok you leave Caspian crying at the end of one chapter, and then we are at River's family court trial in the next.I feel that I'm missing something.I love Aunt Emily! I suspect she will bring out the best in River.

Rinna doesn't say mate, but she keeps listening to that song about the special two. In fact she sings it too. It seems to be responsible for the first real argument between Rinna and Archer.

Rinna has moved on to being interested in Heath Ledger, so now I can have Hugh Jackman to myself. Now if I can only convince her that Johnny Depp is too old for her.
agirlnamed-aly chapter 27 . 12/8/2005
Oh my sweetheart, I apologize for being away so long but I was whisked off to camp for a week, plus my entire family coincidentally has their birthday's in December (including mine), so it's become a bit of a hassle finding time to review. But no worries, I've kept up to date in reading, and I must say, the story's going along wonderfully.

In the past I noticed that the story included an equal amount of River and Caspian, but as of late seems to be focusing a bit more on River, which is really interesting. I can't wait to meet Greg! Is that a bad thing, or a good thing - really?

Ah yes, and the melodrama. I honestly can't get enough of it - and am highly amused at the fact that most of it comes from the adults in the story. (Aunt Emily and River's mother) Caspian and River are just trying to get through it all straight-faced and stable - oh and how adorable Caspian has become! I have a very profound love for affectionate boys.

Yes well, I've missed you dear and I'm so glad you've kept this story alive and well.

Love, your sweetheart,

Sweet Persephone chapter 20 . 12/8/2005
Thanks for recommending the song AFTER the chapter was over. ) It means I get to go back and read it again! Yay!
Sweet Persephone chapter 19 . 12/8/2005
w00t! He now lives at his place. Greatness! *thumbs up*
Sweet Persephone chapter 17 . 12/8/2005
Nuu! Evil bastard! Adam, that prick!
Sweet Persephone chapter 16 . 12/8/2005
I had to go use an online dictionary...
Sweet Persephone chapter 15 . 12/8/2005
I really like the titles of your chapters. They're super creative.

"Cross my heart and hope to be in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue."

Nice one.
A Tarnished Rose chapter 27 . 12/8/2005
"And he’d kissed the back of his neck and fixed his tie, properly. As he now did every morning, because River was hopeless at it, for all of the delicacy of his fingers." Ties are horrible things. I wore one for halloween, and had to get my dad to tie it for me.

The rest was drowned out by a wild, animal screech. It took a second for River to realise that it came from his mother. He looked over, and almost jumped out of his skin. She was straining against her husband’s arms, her hair falling loose from its neat bun, screaming and screaming.

“NO! DON’T! HE’S MY SON- PLEASE- DON’T-" Such a Drama Queen.

“Blonde bombshell, ten o’clock.” That phrase (Blonde Bombshell) has always struck me as incredibly funny, and i do not know why.

"But saints and angels, you are a fool, Clifford. Damned if I know how you two idiots produced somebody with River’s fibre; he must have gotten it from me.” Well, with a name like Clifford, what can you expect...the only Cliffords I know are highly annoying and immature.

“You said goodbye to River five years ago,” she said, and her voice was unusually gently. “Fare thee well, Clifford.”...Um, shouldn't that be 'her voice was unusually gentle'?

" Thank goodness for that Caspian boy. He actually appeared to be sane." Appeared to be being the operative phrase there :P

"She stopped by the piano. “So it’s tuned? I’m glad. Had Roberts come out to fix it up a few weeks ago. Man overcharges hideously, but all things considered he did a good job. Looks nice, now, doesn’t it?” At least someones piano is tuned. Ours is getting out of tune now.

“Of course, if you harbour any phobias about performing, I will not press the idea, but might I remind you that you were always highly indignant at your sister’s hogging of the spotlight at my Christmas dances? The look on your face as you thumped out the music was uniformly picturesque. I came to look forward to it as much as the dancing, I confess,” *snort*

"And Az wrote, and completed, Things So Hidden in 2004. So no, that wasn’t a misprint, and yes, I do know what year it is. Why they’ve left the awards till now is a mystery." Ah. I see.

"You know, strangely enough, my high school didn’t have a GSA." My school doesn't either, although I think we could do with one. They only have those groups outside of school where I live.

"I feel very special. I now get commentary on both my chapter and my review responses. Given that I put roughly equal effort into both, I suppose that’s only fair." Sounds about right. Also, i just can't resist commenting on everything.

"And private girls’ schools can get a bad rap, but the problem is that (as a veteran of two, I can say this) they so often thoroughly deserve it. Being relatively sane and grounded at one of those schools is like being a turtle in a sea of bitchy, shallow tuna." Thoroughly entertaining mental image, that is. I never want to go to an all girls school.

"The ball is nothing to be jealous about. It’s going to be hell. Several hundred people I don’t know looking at my hair disapprovingly or (if they’re over 60 and don’t know better) attempting to flirt with me, food and music I don’t particularly like, hours of preparation, and very, very tired feet, because my stilettos are about 8 inches high. At least I don’t have to make a speech. Or wear gloves- I only have to do that for winter balls. Gah." Sounds quite awful. I learnt not to wear high heels to formal events after my Intermediate School Graduation Dance, where I spent three hours in heels and couldn't walk the next day.

"Although it could be worse. You could be what River, totally characteristically, calls an ‘issue whore’- taking on other peoples’ problems, and stressing about them for them. " I used to be like that. I like knowing other people's problems still, but that's mostly because I am nosy.

"One of my friends only worked well under pressure, which meant she did her essays the night before and got full marks" I did this in History this year, and got a High Distinction Award for it at Prizegiving.

"And academics, shock horror, isn’t everything- in five years, will any of this really matter?" In exactly five years it won't, because I'll be overseas about then.

"It’s good that I don’t have you to worry about in terms of hurting themselves. Honestly, has it been mentioned in Desperate Housewives or something? Because it appears to have become fashionable, amongst my group of acquaintances at least. Not. Cool. Fuck, even the concept is stupid- I mean, where does it get you? What’s it supposed to DO? Sorry, getting frustrated." My group of Friends/Acquaintances went through that stage last year. I can't say I have though.

"Yes, I am deprived that I have not watched QAF. I have now been abused from several quarters because of my ignorance in that direction. A friend who lives in FRANCE heard and emailed me about it. Serve you all right if I refuse to watch it." I can't watch it, because they don't show it in New Zealand. Ah well.

"I hate Pokemon. The last time I watched it, my cousin let off a firework next to me in his living room and burned his house down, so it’s kind of an association thing." I don't know if it was supposed to be funny, but that made me laugh. I used to be obsessed with Pokemon when it first came on television. I think i was about eight or so at the time.

"You know, weirdly enough, now that I think about it, I tended to be the girl who was sticking up for gay rights amongst my incredibly cloistered group of friends, who were all ‘ew’ about it. It may not seem odd, but it is, because I was technically so straight-laced at school- not a single detention, editor of the school paper, blah blah- and here I was telling my friends they should be nicer to gay people. And to Goths, and people with dreadlocks… Man, no wonder people thought I was weird. Most of my friends didn’t even know what a Goth WAS until about eleventh grade." My best friend is like that. Very much the advocate for people's rights. They didn't know what a Goth was til 11th Grade? That seems odd to me, as I hang out with a couple of them. They must've been pretty sheltered/ignorant?

I went back and re-read this whole story for lack of anything better to do, and I came across the chapter where you were talking about R&C licking each other and you because one of them read that licking a lovers skin produces a reaction. It just reminded me of once when i was reading a New Scientist magazine, and therewas this article on different body odours. According to the article, gay men are most attracted to the odour of other gay men, while straight males and females, and gay women find it the most repulsive, and so on and so forth. Just though I'd randomly share that.

I think I've said enough for .'Rose
Sweet Persephone chapter 13 . 12/8/2005
This story is uberly awesome! x3 I'm in love with this story, it's so great! And yay! Enter Jacob again! I like him, he's cool. Josie too, I suppose. Adam has to see the police, hahahaa! Prick. :)
SkepticCritic chapter 27 . 12/8/2005
wowowowowowowoah!...hold up...

“Yes, Aunt Emily,” he said, dully, and followed her out.? is this not river we're talking about? the boy who has not been able to talk? is this on his talk pad? am i misreading? oh dear...hold on...i've gotten so into this story that i almost started hyper ventilating...must calm down...find inner cool...oh...anyway...

hehehe...dang guys suck...they're always the best guys and they aren't interested in girls...that never fails to make me mad...they're the sweetest, funniest, most sensitive, caring guys who are so easy to talk to (and always good looking how completly unfair is that?) and they don't like girls! it's so unfair...why does life have to be so cruel as to couple all the great guys with each other? can't the girls get any love? man...the unfairness of life...didn't quite catch that...why can't straight guys be that romantic? is it so hard? is it asking too much?

ohh...i wish i was australian...i'm absolutly horendous with names...i really am...i have to be told a name at least five or six times A DAY for almost a week before i remember it every time...i'm very bad...which is one of the reason's i hate history so much...i can't seem to ever remember the names or dates of people, places, and doesn't help that i see almost no point in learning about all these ancient civilizations...since i know i'm never going to become a historian i'm not sure why they make us take it...stupid pointless class...

trust me...busts are way overrated...they so get in the way of the ball! jeez...sorry i have a naturally dirty mind (meaning i have a younger bro) and so these things just pop into my mind...just thought i'd clear it up so you don't think i'm...ok well yah...anyway...

i'm sorry but i couldn't help but eavesdrop...ok well i don't know what it is when you read other peoples conversations so...what i read was something along the lines of eight inch stilletos (and may i say you're crazy cool if you can actually walk in them...and that gloves suck...and least the ones that only come past your wrist...they're annoying...i went to cotillion *dance school* for years and they made us wear gloves that came to our know that way we would actually touch the boys...such awful things...although the elbow length ones are pretty and elegant...) and something about how aunt emily does not like cookies...i think we had a discussion about our fave cookies already didn't we? something about using a bookstore guy...something about your "type"...hehehe...unstable artists...such angsty stories that could create...and something about how stupid we are since we can't seem to see the sensibility of the metric system...which i completly agree much easier...and also something about boy repelent...i'd like to know where i could find some...i have a couple friends who are in dire need of it...whether they think so or not...hehehe...ok so i'm an interfering brat i won't deny it...i happen to like running other people's lives...mainly 'cuz i can get them hooked up alot more easily than i can hook myself up...ergh...again curse you wonderful gay guys...that goes for caspian and river too even if they aren't even on the same continent as me...:P

and something about being a 40-year-old hitchhiker...may have to read that review...

ergh while i would love to ramble and keep getting myself started i haven't even started my homework and my legs are killing me...stupid soccer coach...i don't think she knows what she's doing...oh yes that's plenty of stretching...NOT! she keeps telling us it is, but then why do i keep straining muscles? maybe i'll just ditch practice tomorrow...ok this is going to sound like i've started studying austrailian customs and culture (i swear i haven't...ok well at least not just australian...also british and swedish...and a couple others) but what sport's do y'all play over there? like regularly? what are the really big sports? like over here there's alot of football (american), baseball, basketball, and more and more soccer (which i'm totally phscyed that was awful spelling...i know i spelled phsyced wrong...but i gotta get it right one of these times...pysced...physced...phcyced...
Sweet Persephone chapter 11 . 12/8/2005
Blood! I bet you're getting tired of my pointless reviews. :)
Sweet Persephone chapter 9 . 12/8/2005
Nice title for the chapter, great wording, and straight up awesome content. Keep up the good job. (Also, loved the sarcasm.)
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