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Yoyo-chan chapter 26 . 12/5/2005
Reviewer responses longer than the chapter not such a good thing. It gets one's hopes up :D

I am a new reader and I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I will be getting 4 hours of sleep tonight thanks to this story, assuming I fall asleep immediately. And that's not such a good thing either, but this story definitely is. This might be kinda silly, but I've decided recently that slash based on real people is even better than regular slash :D Story!River and Story!Caspian are so cute. Their real counterparts seem v. entertaining as well XDD And when I saw you last updated two days ago, I realized it's not done so let's have more pretty pretty please? :D I want to know what happens next! And now I'll take my numb brain to bed. If you update soon I promise a better review next time. Have a nice day!
horrible writer chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
What can I say? Articulately written, unique plot- although a tad bit overdone with the mute boy/guy who lost mother to cancer thing. Although, I have to admit, I find this fic much better than many boy/girl romances I've read before. Maybe it has to do with that thing with your friend's thesis. And is it bad that I don't understand what you mean when you say the problems come from within, not the without? Throughout the chapters, i've caught a few grammar mistakes, which is CONSIDERABLY better than many many other stories that I've read before, unfortunately. Oh, I also went to look up pics of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Does your friend River really look like that? What a sad sad day for the female population. Let's see... um I love Aunt Emily, she's just the right character to contrast with River. Also, I went to vote for Azure Volant on that thingy you posted up, so you can now give me a ton of cookies. Actually, I went to vote TWICE, so make that two tons.
ToEatTheseApplesFromYourEyes chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
What a great story. Mute boys yummy! You've got me day dreaming about mute men again. One time I watched this movie with a mute man and holy moly, he was one hot fucker. River is a great kid, and it's too bad his parents are such bitches. I really like how his and Caspian's relationship is even after they hooked up, it's still not perfect. I hope that Caspian can learn sign language at some point so he and River can communicate better. It must get frustrating to have to type out everything he can't express with his eyes and simple body language. But I really like it when River doesn't have to use his typer thing and Caspian just understands him.
Rinna chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
First of all, thank you. Very much. A lot. Words can not express.

Second, it was kind of interesting, your words ring eerily familiar... as in, what you said in the first two paragraphs to me sounds identical to what I've said to others in the past. Ought to listen to my own advice for one, huh?

And... more on that after I talk about the chapter. Chapter. Okay. Words also can not express the sheer awesomeness that is Aunt Emily. Because Aunt Emily, is amazingly, incredibly, awesomely cool. Just about everything she said ranks among my favorite lines for this chapter.

I can't even imagine someone referring to River as "Master River". That just felt so bizarre. The butler guy was somewhat amusing, actually. Also, I don't know if I like this "Greg" guy...

And eGAH Caspian needs a hug. Or River, I suppose. Yes, that scene was both sweet and slightly disturbing, but disturbing only because of Ccaspian's pain. Overall, this story has focused more on River's inner pain than on Caspian's, even during some of the wrenching emotional scenes involving Caspian. So maybe this heralds more Caspian-inner-turmoil? But yes. It was very, very sweet.

By the way, as to what my mother said/you said back, no worries, I haven't picked up "mate". I can't use that word in such a way that it doesn't sound faked forced and awful. I'm getting there with the Australian accent, but it's making me sad, I'm starting to lose my British cockney accent. And that was hard to perfect. Maybe once I've gotten Australian down it'll come back, like American southern drawl came back once I'd mastered cockney... I like accents, but they take a lot of work for me. I learn languages easier. So I speak most languages with a mediocre accent, at best. But ah well, as long as I'm understood, right? I'll work on it... accents are fun.

And I'm sorry, but you haven't seen QAF? (Queer as Folk). I won't laugh at you, but you are deprived. Even if you don't watch TV, come on, there're ways! Buy, borrow, steal, download... I recommend borrow or download, incidentally. I've been borrowing it from friends. Okay, honestly, I haven't seen the whole series yet myself.

Incidentally, I'm so proud. You've achieved what I've been doing for a while now; review responses that are longer than the chapter. Review responses are addictive, aren't they?

Anyway, now I'm going back to my whole emotional issues thing. I definitly understand what your saying, just because a person's problems aren't as bad as those of the people around them doesn't mean they're less important... That's one of the things I've said, almost word for word, to multiple other people. Just, one, I don't follow my own advice, apparently, and two, on the rare occasions where I get that upset, there's usually not a good reason. It's almost invariable caused by an inability to deal with what should be minor stress, due to hormone levels from PMS or lack of sleep. I was primarily freaking out about the fact that I'm so pressed for time, and being a horrible procrastinator, have a lot to get done, and had a binch of stuff due that day that wasn't done. I get really upset with myself when I slack on my school work, yet I keep doing it, then it's the night before or the day of, and sometimes I'm not even finished with what I'm doing and... yeah. I also get really upset if my overall class grade falls below 93 out of 100; people get annoyed with me for that, sometimes, but hey, I know what I'm capable of and get upset when I know I'm not doing it.

So, it's all self-indced, really. Then, a ton of other little things were going wrong that day, and PMS, and yeah. Either way, I'm realy, very, very glad you didn't mind me using this as a place to vent. It really did help me to at least type it out. Type, write, speak, anything to get the emotion out of my system. The problem is, I serve the exact same function among my friends; people come to me with their problems, and right now, many of them are already dealing with a lot of crap, so I don't feel comfortable appealing to any of them for sympathy or even just venting.

But yes, as I've said, it doesn't happen too terribly often, only when I'm overloading/overworking myself, and even then, only under specific circumstances. And certainly no one has to worry about me cutting anything. I hate breaking skin, I'd never, ever be able to cut myself, and I simply never would try to commit suicide. Way to much I still want to accomplish. Incidentally, my truly favorite place to have a breakdown, if I must and if I can, is the drama prop room. Occasionally, it's unlocked, no one goes in there, and I love the feeling in there. It's all cluttered with random costumes and props and junk, and half of it is familiar to me, since I've been in every play drama has done since my first year in highschool. Which right now equals about ten plays. (I'm proud of that).

Incidentally, you've gotten me addicted to Missy Higgin's songs. I blame you entirely. But I really, really like her. Plus side for me is that people will probably think I'm all unique (or weird, but either's fine with me) for listening to (more) singers from other countries. And it's even in English for once!

See, really, the sex issue is one of the biggest issues for me for relationships. That's the reason I'm very accepting of the fact I may or may not ever date someone, because they'd have to be okay with the possibility of never having sex. Unlikely. But hey, you never know. Either way, no one will ever pressure me into having sex before I'm ready (if that ever occurs); I am not pressureable. It would absolutely be rape, and would destroy my mind. So, I intend to be very, VERY careful with relationships. Either way, it is nice to have reached to point where I can speak frankly about things of a sexual nature. And past this, I think that about wraps up this particular conversation. (Incidentally, I do somewhat feel sorry for you. I don't even want to know how often you end up walking in on R&C. Or what they're doing when you do. Although somehow, the situation comes accross as rather amusing.)

Dear god, my father is watching Pokemon. He's weird. He flips between sports and cartoons. And then the cartoons distract me from what I'm trying to do...

As for the photobucket account, it's mostly labeled. There's an album for pictures of me, one for Aj, and then one for friends and randomness that has a bunch of subalbums for specific gatherings or events... pics in the friends album and subalbums are mostly labeled, yes. For you to access it, I'll have to email you the user name and password. Which incidentally, I can do, since you once emailed me. So check your mail.

Oh, and Chris ended up finally reading your story. He's now obsessed with it (and mine) and apparently checks both five times a day. As he was reading it, he read our review conversation, and NOW he believes that you are who you say you are. I told him he needs to go review. And apologize while he's at it.

I'm very sorry that I caused your scanner to break. I do appreciate your efforts, though. Even if Chris does technically now believe you, making the point moot. But I'll still show him the picture and laugh at him. Incidentally, you look very pretty in that picture.

Okay, where did I leave off?

Chris's secret, yes... So, as I said Jill and I basically pestered him unmercifully about his secret. He kept saying he'd tell us eventually, he'd tell us eventually... Finally, in November, I believe, months later, he cracked and he told Jill through email. He also emailed me, basicaly to tell me that he'd told Jill "happy now?". Of course, I wasn't happy, I still didn't know what the secret -was-. And what Chris probably didn't realize was that I knew Jill's email password, because I'm a little sneak, and because, again, I'm a little sneak, and I have this insatiable curiosity, I broke into Jill's mail and read it.

It came as such a shock to us, but you have to remember; this was eighth grade, we were all maybe 12, 13 years old, and most of us had pretty traditional families. For example, I was raised Christian, and raised to believe that homosexuality was a sin, and bad, and had simply never known anyone who was gay. Incidentally, Chris's big secret was just that; he's gay.

Obviously, right now, my group of friends are all very awesome, very accepting people. But at the time, we were utterly shocked. It's largely thanks to Chris, and the fact we all therefore came to terms with homosexuality at young ages (it was either that, or lose Chris as a friend) Although at first, only Jill and I knew. And me, being stupid, emailed Jill to tell her I’d read her email and know also knew Chris’s secret. I’m ashamed to say that I actually said, I believe, “oh my god, I can’t believe it. That’s so gross.” But yes. I was young and stupid. And Chris coming out to us was what begun the path to where I am today. (that and CTY, which I might get to at some point) I wrote my college essay about this. Which is part of the reason I’m waxing a bit eloquent on it. Jill… well, like I said, this was the beginning of the issues between Jill and Chris. Jill… she’s not a gossip, wasn’t then, but she really had a problem keeping Chris’s secret a secret. She didn’t tell anyone who wasn’t a friend of ours, but still. It really taxed their friendship. She felt so guilty, and Chris felt betrayed. But to Jill’s credit, she was also very upset by Chris’s callous words to her; he literally called her a “guinea pig” to se if he could try not being gay. She didn’t take it well.

And Jill was none to happy about my reading her email. Remember I told you we used to get into dumb fights in seventh grade? Well… we’ll get to that next, I suppose. Along with more on Aj. And Derek? Well, no offence to him, but he was just kind of their. He was invited to all our get-togethers, made it to about a third of them. But yes, this is the descent into soap opera land. You see?

Those damn cartoons are distracting. And I have homework to do. And I need to call Chris. So yes, that's all for now.
Mage Dudette chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
yay for aunt emily! she's so cool! n *sniff* hugs to caspian, poor guy. go on river, cheer him up.. :P

yay for the b'day book! definately impulsive, i decided within 20 minutes over break-time the once me and two other firneds were goin to teach maths and english in japan on a gap year.. and accoridn to a tarot readin i had the toher day, i am very intuitive! not sure about winsome and vivacious though...! and -WOW- to the girl gettin to perform at the globe! go her!

ty very much indeedy for the smart-ness vibes. true to form however, i havent done the essay, n will have to aviod said teacher tommorrow [monday] so i can do it tomorrow wen i get home, and hand in on tuesday.. mebbe try get-off-your-lazy-ass vibes next time?

n yay for having a freaky day, involving goin to the german market we have over every year for christmas up at birmingham. not so yay for the 2nd guy in two weeks to ask me out. . i feel really bad now. [cz i said no n he was really sweet about it.] *gah* my life is stupid. and now i feel more bad for thinking about it. im gna go now.. yea.. ty for the excellant chapter as always tho! even tho i didnt manage to get round to reading it y'day. _;
D.H. L'Orange chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
thanks for the permission... i need to be able to blame someone else for procrastinating for a bit ; )

ok...onto story!

wait.. forgot to say: a ball ? That is *so* cool! I'm guessing you get to go out and buy a new dress and everything? *jealous look* For my Dad's 50th, we had BBQ... and guess who got to pick up all 25 pounds of said BBQ? (you wouldn't believe how badly that stuff smells when there's so much of it in one little car... it was suffocating!)

ok i'm going to stop rambling now... (can you see my procrastinating tendencies?)

"Even Caspian’s hands on his skin didn’t help. Which really said something." aww... poor River! And that bit about having to close his eyes when he drove past a truck was very sad.

hey, is Aster a character derived from your father's youth? (like how you said Caspian's house was the mansion?)

"The library was beautifully warm, and River felt it wash over him like sinking into the water of a bath" nice simile! i liked that!

wait! even after all the stuff River's parents did (and Aunt Emily's speech to them at the hospital, they don't care about where River is living right now? *snorts in disgust*

“Then continue, please. And don’t hedge. I hate hedging.” i like that word 'hedge' ... sounds very old-fashioned... very suited to Aunt Emily

“Sweet angel of mercy, River, stop, before you do your fingers an injury. Take a deep breath.”

aw! i love that line! (and i got so nervous when River started type-rambling... should have known Aunt Emily was too cool to get weird)

"Lord’s ivy and hazel, life moves fast when you get old.” Again, i love how you write Aunt Emily's speech so old-fashioned like (it's like a continuation of her characterization or something)

LOL! i love that when Aunt Emily asked if River wanted to 'set up house'... 'old fuddy-duddies' indeed! LOL

haha! 'something to tell her nursing home friends'

"He picked up Caspian’s hand, and mouthed the word ‘precious’ onto its palm, which was wet with tears. Then he kissed the wet cheeks and smoothed the damp, ruffled hair, and soon Caspian slept, peacefully, without having to do a single thing, ask a single question."

wow, that was so sweet! i love that with the mouthing the word 'precious' onto his hand!

so... why was Caspian crying? was that b/c of his mom?

and you're not going to suddenly bring this mysterious Greg person into the story to drive a wedge between River and Caspian, are you? Because they're really cute together!


: )

MarlaCorbin chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
Aw. that was cute. although you should probably pay more attention to your chapter then your reviewer responses (although we still love it.)
Deadles chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
I love your story! I can't wait until the next chapter! Your a great writer not like me I can't write if the my life depended on it. But I do have a question is it wrong that I like slash stories? I don't know I have an obession with them and your one of the reasons I became an addict. But I do enjoy reading your story and wait to see what happens at the end. Well I'll shut up now, Later!
slowlydancingtothestars chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
2004? ..its of 05 almost 06
airelothwen chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
Innuendo yes, definatley yes! They make up the best part of life! What else can i spend my days laughing at?

Youre not going to have River be all, oo i like Greg or beign all scary and possesive by stroking Caspians hair are you? but they are so beautiful together! Dotn spoil my drem! Ok, a little extreme but just so you know how i feel.

His aunt having a butler is relly cool! Wish i had relatives who had servants... would be like living in a Dickens or Austin novel... wow...

Erg, trying to make my review all long but its failing miserably as i have run out of intelligable stuff to say so i will just go read your friends story now.

x liz

(thanks btw, my name is apparently Elvish for Elizabeth)
Vroniruh chapter 14 . 12/4/2005
ahh...what the fuck did this applet with my review? No spaces...*argh*Im truly truly sorry, for that...must be hell to read it.

Hope itll be better next time
Spazmic Kitty chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
Firstly, I would like to ask you to do me a really big favour. I'm planning on writing a novel and I would just like to know what 'aislingiche' means in Gaelic. In my understanding it means either 'dreamer' or 'visionary'. I want to use it as a last name for a character. Maybe shorten it to 'Aisling'. Would that still make sense? I thoutht it best to ask someone who's actually partially familiar with the language. Even if you mostly use it for cursing.

Secondly, the story; when River returns from Aunt Emily's and finds Caspian crying, was the breakdown a result of his mother's death? We should expect a lot more of those shouldn't we?

'He gave him a quiet, lopsided smile, and River felt every single droplet of blood in his veins turn to something pure and painfully hot. Anything, he told himself, anything is worth that. Just one smile, and I would walk through Hell to get it.'

I love all the imagery you use in this story. That in itself makes this more than worth reading. *sigh*

Will Aster play a bigger role later on? Or is he just...I dunno. I just think you wouldn't have gone through the trouble of describing him as you did if he wasn't going to play a bigger role later on.

Aunt Emily deserves cookies. Does she like cookies? She rocks my socks.

Ooh...Greg. What's going to happen with that? I'm just might be too obvious if you introduce him later on in the story. Plus you said the angstiness will come from inside the relationship so that probably won't happen. Maybe play on Caspian's insecurities with that? I dunno...

I usually love cats but that one sounds a monster. Bad kitty. Still hasn't been brought to justice? Was is a stray or does it belong to someone?

I don't mind the length of Rowling's books. And I suppose you're right about her cutting down the humour, though it was partially what I loved about the books in the first place. I also think her writing style's become a lot more simpler. I thought she used to be a whole lot more descriptive before. Or maybe that's just me.

*blocks ears* LaLaLaLaLa. Maths is bad. So there. LaLaLaLaLa...

Yeshness, I plan to befriend hot bookstore guy before leaving for Italy. And before I spend all my pocket money there. Actually I might try that; asking what books he recommends. I went in again looking for The Crucible and Tennyson but they didn't have either in stock. I was thinking next time I'd leave my contact number or something and ask him to call me when they do have the books. And there's no shame to be in love with Tennyson.

Living in Burma was...interesting. It's a third world country run by the military. For the first few years of living there, there were power cuts almost everyday. It was like clockwork. You learn to expect a power cut at a certain time everyday. Especially during the summer. For a while we lived next door to a general so the power outages weren't as bad as in other parts of the city but still they were frequent. We lived in Yangon (Rangoon) the capital of Burma. I really hated it when I lived there but now I miss it. I think it's the friends I left behind that I miss most though. It was swelteringly hot over there. The temperature can reach up to almost 40 degrees Celsius in the summer. But there some really cool things there. Like the Water Festival in the summer where everyone sprays everyone else with water. Fun fun.

I'm writing this when half asleep so if some parts don't make sense I apologise.

Ooh! My hair now has purple highlights in it. The underlayer's been bleached blonde. They didn't have the blue dye so they told me they'd bleach it for me and I could add the blue in later. Only they didn't bleach streaks but a whole chunk of my hair so now I have a random blonde chunk of hair. I'm going to try to fix it by just dying blue streaks and not the whole thing blue. The blonde contrasts quite nicely with my dark hair anyways.

I think I should go to bed now. Say hello to River and Caspian for me. I think they're awesome.

uusernname chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
Right through the table? I've so got to try that! And unfortunately, we weren't allowed to give up science in year 9... Any of the three... So I'm now in year 11, doing all three plus 8 more subjects for GCSE. Sucks, but oh well. Update asap!
Vroniruh chapter 26 . 12/4/2005
Review again *lol*the first was funny ) had a good laugh. The second made me cry. So it was a nice rollercoaster ride ...yeah...thought so myself 2 years ago, didnt help, that guy has just too much selfcontrol. But well...theres still another way to get him all mushy *g*.What I really love about him is his ability to screw people verbally up (with sarcasm). They always think hes arrogant and so, but theyre just to dumb to get it. Another up is that you can always have a serious conversation with ...that name is stuck with me...and my friend found it very funny to change it here on fp (aka sleepwalker), cause he tells everybody what a rare, crazy & mysterious race a Vroniruh is *crazy old man*.Just to warn you, my english may sound stuffy british sometimes, cause I use Oxford Dictionary for words I dont remember. And your the reason I went into my basement to get it. The last time I wrote much in english was when I had this Msn-chat-guy from England (freaky person...hates blowjobs *lol*).But the most freaky guys are the ones who study philisophy, llit or psychology. Some in a good way (most of them) and some in a very disturbing way. There was this guy last week in my seminar and the theme was gender spezific differences. Our prof was telling about the thesis that women cant stand still while brushing their teeths, while Alex and me (? is that correct grammer?) were talking about operating system and then the guy next to just just turns it head to us and says 'there you see what the prof means'. poor poor guy */*.So one last question before I stop rambling. I think I read somewhere that youre from Sydney. I have the option to study one year abroad and there a few countries which sound intreresting (scotland, australia, hongkong and norway). So what its like living there? Do you know how the unis are? Thnx anyway.


p.s.: sorry for my poor english
nathalsa chapter 26 . 12/3/2005
Wow. This is truly something amazing. I am in awe of you. I have only lately been on a yaoi kick... and this is the most beautiful of all of them. *will be printing it out once it's not an obscene hour of the morning* Thank you for writing this and touching our souls.
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