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SkepticCritic chapter 26 . 12/3/2005
darn and i really did want to know what he its ten ok well that's not going to help you at all...hold on...let me go check what the exchange of yesterday the rate was 0.7427 american dollars for every a$...i'm just gonna assume that means for every the australian currency is...i really couldn't tell you what it is...what is it? goodness by the time this story is finished i'll know all about australian culture won't I? who knew fictionpress would end up being a bridge across the continents? i must say it's definetly not what i expected when i first found fp...

eek...i just saw that thing about the spiders...ech...i'm so completly arachnophobic...yuck...

anyway american money is actually one of the few sensible number things we have...completly astounded by the fact that we still use the customary system...metric is so much more sensible...but the money system is based on i'll put it in a list

a dollar:$1:1.00a half dollar:50 with the little c with the line through it:0.50a quarter:25 with the c:0.25a dime:10 with the c:0.10a nickel:5 with the c:0.05a penny:1 with the c:0.01

i think that's it...then the dollars come in ones, twos, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds, five hundreds, and then i have absolutly no idea because i've never seen a bill that big...what's australian money like?

smutty? what an interesting word...i can't say that i've ever heard that word...must find a way to use it in my everday vocabulary...

unfortunatly i don't have a nice enough stomach to wear those kinds of shirts...or any really revealing tops...i have a bust...and hips...that's about it... mate kinda like how americans always use the word like? how interesting all these cultural differences...oh dear...must go to dinner again...i can't seem to ever read your story at a more convenient time when i'd be able to ramble for a while can I?

alright since you can't say what river reads what about caspian? or is his answer just as bad?...oh dear...the pizza is getting to my stomach...i must hungry...what are the common foods over there? oh now i really have to go...i can smell it...'til next chapter...tah!
A Tarnished Rose chapter 26 . 12/3/2005
"My best friend, the UTTERLY KICK-ASS Azure Volant, has had her beautiful, insanely good story ‘Things So Hidden’ nominated for the Best Fictionpress Romance Story Of 2004." 2004? Why 2004? It's the end of 2005. (Will vote regardless).

"God, making out in a car outside my aunt’s place. New experience number forty-eight for this month," Counting, was he?

"..but your piano tutor- Greg, wasn’t it?- you hung onto for dear life.”" This provides me with a rather entertaining image of barnacles and a rock.

"I will do my utter best to stoop to the lowest levels of delinquency possible" This sounds somewhat like how my friends and I would behave.

"It was worth it. It was all worth it. He picked up Caspian’s hand, and mouthed the word ‘precious’ onto its palm, which was wet with tears. Then he kissed the wet cheeks and smoothed the damp, ruffled hair, and soon Caspian slept, peacefully, without having to do a single thing, ask a single question." That is so sweet. *melts*

"I dropped Science in Year 9 and can remember nothing except that the symbol for gold is Au." I am still taking science, and i remember very little more than that. Blowing a hole through the kitchen table sounds alot of fun, but as I don't have the money to pay for repairs, I don't think I'll try it.

"The gothic squirrel comment seems to be fairly popular. The real life River is nothing LIKE a gothic squirrel. Well, maybe one with rabies." Do squirrels get rabies? I never seen one with rabies (that I have never seen a squirrel is, of course, completely irrelevant)

"What’s a Whitcoulls?" A Whitcoulls is one of the better bookstores in New Zealand. Not quite as good as Borders, but good enough. It also has DVD's etc. And hot sales assisstants. :D

"And for some reason that gothic squirrel comment has resonated with a lot of people, which I find very funny indeed- maybe it’s just a very striking image, or maybe you’re all just very weird." I think we're all just very weird. I seem to come across websites where all the members are highly strange.

"It’s a beautiful day today, so I’m typing this in my garden, which is very comfortable and useful for tanning since I am the equivalent of Casper the Ghost." Tanning sounds like a good idea. I hardly tan at all, as I happened to inherit my Dad's white skin, which is highly unfair. I would love to be typing this in the garden at the moment, however it would be rather difficlut to transport the whole computer outside, and I don't have a lap top.

"And Mr Anderson has to be the most awesome name for anything ever." Thank-you. :D

"(Remember how I said private girls schools were unbelievably insane places? Yeah. Meant what I said.)" I think public co-ed schools are pretty close. Or at least mine is.

"There was the ‘top tier’, a group of four girls around whom everybody else revolved, and then a second tier of not-so-important girls, and then the bottom tier, on which, as a girl in the top tier informed me about four days into my time at the school, I was positioned. I revolted against that entire system and made friends with whomever I damn well chose, but by the time we graduated the tier system was still in place, and, surprise surprise, the only girls who kept in touch with me were on the bottom tier." This sounds alot like the Girls schools here. Our main girls school is known as Bitch Academy, which is a pretty accurate name. I do not know one girl who is nice that goes there.

"Fred the spider had a girlfriend, it seems, because now our house is swarming with spiders- Freds 1 through 342." Our house is alawys swarming with spiders. Currently there is a huge white one crawling up the study window.

"Ha! I’ve finally done it! The reviewer responses are longer than the chapter!" Fantastic acheivement. Bravo! Whatever will you do if FP decides to do what ffnet has done, and ban review responses?

I think that's the longest review I have ever written. 709 words.

kelseypaige chapter 26 . 12/3/2005
Psh, arent all my reviews kick-ass?


*falls over* Whaat you dont know what GSA is? Gay-staight-alliance, duh! It's basically a school club that all the cool kids go to (lol) and basically we just sit there and listen to Drew (the most flaming gay guy I've ever met in my life and president of the club) talk about his latest relationships. The great thing is that GSA gets funding and everyone supports it.

But aunt Emily is so sweet. And I'm so happy that River is happy because he totally deserves it!

update soon, por favor.

GossamerHeart chapter 26 . 12/3/2005
Mm, Chinese water torture. I'm so doing that on my mom on the first day of break. *evil laugh*

*pause* If I get up early enough.

Your note at the bottom was quite beautiful and quite true. If they don't understand yet, I think an anvil is in order. The whole chapter, in fact, was quite beautiful. I commend you.-Mel
Gauntlets Of Discord chapter 26 . 12/3/2005
Oh, thank goodness for Aunt Emily. And this Greg person-I smell forboding angst and turbulence and... whatnot.

My word choices seem to please you. This is a good thing, as everyone else thinks I speak oddly.

Also, note to self: read Things So Hidden.
The Real RC chapter 25 . 12/3/2005

Damn it, devil's spawn child, I TOLD YOU you weren't allow to make me cry with this. Fucking poetic boyfriends. Honestly, I will kill you both. Ruining my fucking makeup.

In other news: Babbalouie! Whe!


Ha. I promised to tell you, so here goes. He read it, gasped, read it again, and burst into tears. Melodrama incarnate. Then he got all abusive because his carefully-applied eyeliner (the Cleopatra thing you gave him for his birthday) was smudging. Which ruined the whole bit a little, but still. Aw.

I was half-going to call you and say please don't post this chapter, I don't need to be so utterly embarrassed, but I chickened out. So now I have a hysterical manchild alternating between pledging eternal love and cursing me to eternity (for the damage to the makeup- of course), mad, all of you, totally mad.

Remind me to say congrats to Az, please, I'm gonna forget. Chapter was good, overly embarrassing, but good.
Randomperson chapter 25 . 12/3/2005
hello again! Really nice chappie, i liked the angst, and the descriptions were very good (the gothic squirrel was funny!) ... but what's gonna happen with Aunt Emily? I'm intrigued... *strokes chin*

Well, Northern Ireland is, to be honest, rather a crap country, but it has certain good points, like the wonderful beaches (that you have to dress up like an eskimo to go to) and the nice forest walks (although, might be a wee mite muddy right now...). Belfast is good, it's got good shops and clubs to go to, but only if you can be bothered getting up REALLY early to catch the bus. (i sound like a slightly cynical travel brochure, so i'm gonna stop now.)

Well, the school system in Northern Ireland is basically the same as the ones in Scotland, England and Wales. You can go to Nursery/Play-group when you're 3, then at the age of 4 you start primary school until the age of 10. You take a transfer test in the last year of primary school(or at least you DID, when i was in primary school, dunno what it is now.) which then determined whether you got to a grammar school or a secondary school (grammar schools have a tuition fee and are generally better schools) where you get taught to year 12 (age 15), where you take your GCSE's. Then you can either start working or, if your results are good enough and you want to, you can go to school for an extra two years, take AS levels (year 13) and A levels (year 14) and that's school finished. After that you can take a university course or whatever the hell you want. (That was one damn-ass long explanation, i hope you understood it.)

Yeah, Whitehead's near Belfast, beyond Carrickfergus. It's a wee village, i don't think anything bad at the troubles happened there, at least i think so... *scratches head and exercises what little brain power Randomperson possesses*... nope, i don't think so.

Just as a wee question, what is it like having Christmas in Australia where it's sunny and good weather, or are you used to it? At least the weather over here plays the part, snow, fog, rain, ice and all (although it is MURDER getting the bus into school) I dunno what i'd do if i was able to have a barbecue instead of a traditional christmas lunch (turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and ESPECIALLY the brussel sprouts trimings). Just wondering, it's probably a stupid question, but there ya go!

Oh, one final question, has there been anything on the news in Australia about George Best? I'm wondering what the rest of the world's reaction is to the guy's death, the media over here is going CRAZY. His funeral was today, looked more like a state (royal) funeral than anything else, if you ask me.

Anyway, gotta go and eat some mince pies (homemade, mum made the pastry and mince and i filled them). If you have anything u wanna know about the weirdness of Northern Ireland, ask and i'll try to answer your question. Oh, and update SON! *waves*
A Tarnished Rose chapter 25 . 12/2/2005
Is it a bad thing that I find the review responses just as entertaining as the story? Although I must say the story is much cuter.

It seems that very story I read, I find people in real life that resemble (it took me three tries to type that right.) the charcters. For instance, there's this guy that works at the Whitcoulls in town that looks like your sketch of River (*grins* Thw shirts they wear say ask me? so I wanted to ask him for his number, but he disappeared), and there's guys at my highschool that look like characters from Dirty-Angel-Toes story Wonderwall (which I do recommend).

The neck-biting sounds rather, erm, vampiric. I think I can sympathize. I have a friend who bites also, although it was my feet she was biting (I think she has a deathwish).

I think Waitangi Day here is rather like Australia Day and Thanksgiving. Only it's more 'the day the white fellas conned us into signing all our land over to the English and took away our freedom '. And we don't get the day off school, caz it falls in our school holidays.

Look, a comment on the story - " It made him look like a particularly gothic squirrel." That's so cute. Only now I'm imagining an actual gothic squirrel, and giggling like a madwoman.

Angela reminds me alot of my best friend Karsha (the biting one). I think I should add something to that, but I don't know what.

Chesh's comment is totally true. "Come for the bumsex, and stay for the company". The review responses are extremely entertaining.

I once had a pet ant called Fred. But I've never called a spider that. The last spider I named was called 'Mr Anderson'.

There is probably plenty of spelling mistakes in this review, but I can't be bothered editing it. Too tired. That will teach me to stay up til the early hours of the morning when I have school the next day.

I really should stop writing this and actually write my story, as I have a tendency to update about once every six months.

Ah well. kutgw.

Fractured Simplicity chapter 25 . 12/2/2005
hey! Yes, I am shamefuly reviewing on the 25th chapter (and not earlier) because your story is so good I couldn't stop reading...bad bad me, gotta remember to leave reviews! anywho, I have been contemplating on stealing Caspian and River (I'll keep them so hidden you wont find them!) because they're just too adorable for their own good. Honestly, I never really liked slash stories (although im basically in love with homosexual guys, always wanted a friend that's gay) but your story totally changed my view! It really is one of the best slash stories out on fictionpress.. oh just so you know, you have now officialy acquired a fan from Israel (yes israel, that little country in the middle east) and the weather here sucks! cheers on the blue hair, completely awesome! I, myself, died my hair black blue.. but then the blue washed out and i am now left with black hair (not that I am complaining!) purple hair is awesome too! and piercings, I am trying to get my ears fully pierced, but my mom isnt pitching in at the idea, but i will do it! anywho, just update lots and lots! oh and those kissing scenes are so cute! and very well written too, you make an amazing author!peace and love all around~Fractured Simplicity~
Rinna chapter 25 . 12/2/2005
Right, hi, I'm currently still in the process of calming down from an emotional breakdown. More on that later.

First, apologies for not being able to review right away.

Second, chapter. Yes, happy things first. This chapter was absolutely, utterly, nearly-killed-me-with-its-adorableness sweet. Like, I found myself wondering if that's how people felt reading some of my chapters adorable. And you need to give both Caspian and River hugs for me for being so ADORABLE with eachother. I'm sorry, but they are. Also... I love the image of "a particularly gothic squirrell". Jill and I are going to use that the next time we get kidnapped by Chris. We have this whole squirrell thing, it goes back a long ways.

But yes, the Othello reference has me worried, because I can't imagine you'd put that in without reason. I have premonitions of impending doom...

So yes. Happy things are good. Why is this not helping? Egah. Maybe I shouldn't be typing this right now, but if I don't type it now, I won't have a chance to. So yeah, I should mention, I don't get really, really upset all that often. Well, usually only to a minor degree, or if I'm really overtired, and it usually passes quickly. But I just managed to have a complete mental/emotional breakdown, twice, once in English class (I mean, this time it was obvious, not like with such things as readin your story, where I could hide it). Then right before my second class, which thankfully is study hall, after which I went for a walk around the school. The outsideness helped, but then I was back inside, it's too cold outside, and there was no where I could go inside, but I was doing okay hiding it, then I broke down in front of my chorus teacher because there was some kind of issue with my senior picture for the yearbook, and more stressbad

And gah, I'm sorry for going in depth on my misery, but I have to get it out SOMEwhere, and there's absolutely no one around I can talk to, and oh my god, these fucking morons just came and sat down at the computer next to me and being stupid and I could have handled it at any other moment but god I did not need that and I made an idiot out of myself by just not wpidiufh0ee.

Fuck this. Calm. I HATE being this upset, by the way, because I always feel like it's unfair of me; I really don't have anything going badly in my life, the worst is stress due to procrastinating on school work. It's everyone around me who has the reasons to be upset. I can't freak out about unimportant things. Because other people can't deal with me along with their own problems.

And I should not, should not, be typing all of this to you right now. I'm just whining. And yeah. And possibly freaking you out? And that's not fair of me either. I REALLY should delete everything that I've just typed. But it's my policy to never do that. So I'm very, very sorry you just had to read all that, and rest assured I'll be fine later.

And actually, part of the reason I did decide to go ahead and type you a really long review was because it will probably help me calm down.

Alright, back to things that actually relate to what I was originally going to say... I'll start with telling you, yes, I actually usually read all your review responses. Since I print your chapters out, it gives me something extra to do. As a result, I have some things to say. Namely, I know want to send you Jolly Ranchers and hot chocolate along with the ramen. Second, you have no idea how much the discussion of marriage in Ve4rmont is buggin me. For one, don't go to Vermont for gay marriage. It's not legal there, only civil unions are. Massachusetts is where it's still legal to my knowledge, and as I understand it, you don't have to be a resident, but the marriage may not be recognized where you actually live. It's also legal in large parts of Canada. Trust me on this; one: I live in New England (Vermont, Mass, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Conneticutt), and two, I've done research papers on the subject.

...oh thank god. My friend Jessica just came to the library with Karissa. Jessica was possibly the best person for me to see right now. Of all the people I feel closest to, she's the one I would feel most comfortable taking comfort from, because she's much more emotionally stable herself than any of my other friends right now. That helped unbelievably.

Okay, last thing about other people's responses, I believe dearly beloved is for either weddings or funerals.

As for what you were saying about Aboriginals... that's pretty much exactly the story of Native Americans, and yes, it goes much beyond a joke. And being as I'm very big on civil rights, I could go on at length myself.

Hmm... I think I should disclaimer my issues with sex, because my attitude towards it has been evolving a lot in the past couple years. Used to be, it disturbed me beyond all reasonable belief, and even lewd implications and jokes would bother me. I had to leave health class more than once when we got to the topic. It's weird though, since I have no good reason, and I'm basically positive I was never abused as a child or anything. But yes. Moving on. Health class was two years ago; a year and a half ago, we started working on my tolerance levels. I slowly got accustomed to jokes and references, largely through my friends from a summer camp/school/gifted and talented program two summers ago who were absolutely terrible. (They were funny, though). Then, over the past year or so, I've worked myself up to the point I have no issues hearing about it anymore, unless someone goes into REALLY explicit detail. And I've been working myself up through fictional sources. I have no problems reading sex scenes in slash stories. I can even read text of het sex scenes, if the focus is more on the male than the female. But the line is still there. Real Just no. I've never actually technically seen a naked male body before. I don't want to. See, I'm even okay with sex scenes in movies if I can't see anything. Genitalia is what freaks me out. Seeing it. And reading about sex with females. Because I've been able to narrow it down... hmm, this feels awkward to write, but the particular thing about sex that disturbs me the most is vaginal penetration. And the naked human body, male or female, grosses me out.

Now, again, not sure if that's something, anything you ever cared to know. Remember what I said about honesty/lack of secrets? I meant it. And the whole, there are no awkward questions thing. Now, if you didn't care to know any of that, I do apologize... but on the plus side, that utterly distracted me from my stressed-ness.

Also, for the record, that pretty much means I wouldn't care a whole lot one way or the other if you did write a sex scene in this story. Although it would feel weird, since I sort of know them. But my mother on the other hand will probably be quite relieved at the prospect of probably not having to face that in this story.

And anyway, here's what happened with Chris: I was talking about a review or a response of yours, or something -of course, I've done this before-, and finally, he's like, "Doesn't she have instant messenger or something" (as in, why do we only have conversations through reviews). I respond "I don't know, I never asked. And there's kind of a big time difference." Chris - "How do you know she's who she says she is, anyway? She could be some 40-year-old man, for all you know". From there, the conversation continued, among it, Chris thinking the story behind River and Caspian sounded to good to be true and finding the lack of picture thing sketchy, and the reasons behind it stretching it (pissing me off a little along the way, because I do believe you are who you say you are; although we did end up turning it into a joke later.), me saying something like "What, you want me to get her phone number and call?" him saying "yeah, then I'd believe it", me rolling my eyes, because I really probably don't intend to ask you for your phone number.

So actually, a picture of yourself if you ccould manage it would probably help. And admittedly, I wouldn't find seeing a picture of you, anyway (I'm slightly picture obsessed, don't mind me). And while I honestly wouldn't mind a picture of Caspian... well, I won't ask for that, because that'd be me being insistant. Whatever else you do, though, DON'T ask River, because I don't care what Chris says or does and doesn't believe, I don't want River to be upset with -me- for asking for a picture, and I'd feel really, really bad.

I'm glad you believe that I'm who I say I am. Incidentally, if you don't feel like it, I really don't need pictures. I believe you. And anyway, I suppose you're right, as long as you keep posting chapters, it shouldn't matter. (though I suppose I'd be sad). Just... Chris was really bugging me. You know what? As revenge, considering the circumstances, I have the urge to send you pictures or links to pictures of Chris that are embarrassing. I've got plenty. He's not a big picture person, but I still have tons. (Did I mention I'm slightly picture obsessed? Hell, if you're interested, I could email you the link to my entire photobucket account. There are lots of amusing pictures there. Though I suppose you might not be as interested in pictures as I am, I don't know.)

Alright, last thing, what is this, part four?

First off, quick mention, my grandparents have a sort of camp/cabin/summer home thing in Vermont, and my family will go there randomly for vacation and such, usually on holiday weekeneds. So the week before school started, Labor day weekend, we were in Vermont. I come back, and somehow, being gone three days or so, I missed everything. While I was gone, Chris broke up with Jill through email (which was a bad move on his part, but we've forgiven everyone their past transgressions). He wouldn't tell her exactly why; he only gave weak reasons, told her it wasn't her, it was him, and said he had some bigger reason that he couldn't tell any of us. So much for having a great eigth grade year, huh? So, for the first few months of school, our big mission was to figure out Chris's secret. He just wouldn't tell us, we kept pestering him, and Jill was really broken up about it all. It Really. At least we all managed to stay friends through it all, mostly, but my god, only just barely. That was the beginning of Jill and Chris's long periods of on-again, off-again friendship; during that year, we had what we called "School Wars" (like world wars; we even compared oursleves to countries. I was always switzerland. Neutral.) Jill and Chris versus Aj, possibly Jill versus Chris, something like that, I don't remember... ack. Things were messy. Chris got upset with Aj and Jill for excluding him from things (I was in the other schedule, so we had some differing classes, though we were all together for some classes), Jill was upset with Chris over the secret thing, Aj started acting up against Chris (partly because of his issues at home, which have been on and off for a long time)...messy. Very, very messy. My dad held to his theory that I'm the only thing that held us all together. It wasn't all bad, we still had some good times, but things couldn't go back to the way they were in seventh grade. So anyway... next we go more into Chris's secret, and I'll probably mention some of the other people that we knew in eighth grade; plus some actually happy (at the time) things as well as more fights, if I get that far.

And I'm sorry to hear about the death of Fred. Aj's boyfriend (Incidentally being Russell, who I think I've mentioned) was amused by the naming everything Fred. The conversation went thusly. "Fred the toaster!" "Oh, I'm going to write that down! By the way, Fred the spider died. Very sad." "Then you can have Fred the tombstone for Fred the spider!" Aj interjecting "And George the seat belt!"

Oh yes, and this really will be the last thing... burned copy of Missy Higgin's cd would be fantastic. Much easier that way. And if you could, is there any possible way you could send me a keychain from Australia? I forgot, but I have this sort of world-wide keychain collection going. So far, I've got Paris, England, Canada, and Vermont. It just occured to me the other day. So yes.

I'm skipping our fifteen-minute, middle of the day equivalent to homeroom thing (called advisory) right now. So I should probably go.

I knew it! Broke 2,0 words.
Andre Lenoge chapter 25 . 12/1/2005
I think Aunt Emily should be like Debbie on "Queer As Folk". She was so funny, making jokes and being really supportive. The students, or a couple, should be like Chris Hobbes, the homophobic bastard who gaybashed a gay student. eep
Gossamer Heart chapter 25 . 12/1/2005
Are they more torturous? Well, let's see. You could have him eat his food, regurgitate it, and then eat it again, and so on and so forth. Or you could tie him spreadeagled to a burning wheel... or *blandly* you could chain him to a rock and have a vulture rip out his instestines. Or have him carry a rock up a hill only to have it roll back down every time he's almost there... etc.

About the direct quote (very sweet, Caspian), wouldn't it be "shaft OF sunlight on cold skin"? Because "shaft on sunlight on cold skin" doesn't make sense I'm afraid. Caspian, I think she's bungled your line! *gasp* *smiles*

This was brilliant. Tender moments galore - and I personally think that Emily will accept them. We'll just have to wait and see won't we?-Summer Goose
XCitharaX chapter 25 . 12/1/2005
Aw ain't love wonderful? Lol, I am just SO jealous of River and Caspian, both real and fictional! They are just too cute together in this story, the perfect couple. I loved it when Caspian called River a 'gay James Bond', haha, it just tickled me for some reason! Aw and Caspian's thought about River's smile being like a 'shaft of sunlight on cold skin' is so, so sweet, tell him he's a poet! I also giggled at the idea of River looking a 'gothic squirrel', it just cracked me up - the weird cuteness of the image that appeared in my crazy little brain! Ooh and also (last quote I promise!) I adored the line 'wrap him up in the words', it just made me sigh in that 'why can't anyone do that to me?' kind of way!

Hmm, that sounds like an...interesting performance of Top Girls. Well, we live in the age of 'Modern Art' I suppose... I went to a performance of Hamlet the other week that involved four incredibly strange people all 'chanelling' the ghost of Hamlet's was a little odd to say the least.

Haha, I'll tell Nathan, I'm sure he'll be glad he's spreading his immaturity further afield! Bless him, it's one of his extremely endearing qualities actually, that, and the fact that he looks like a better looking version of Jude Law (I kid you not!). God I hope he doesn't read that, or he'll continually remind me and play on the fact that I've finally admitted he's good looking! ::sigh::, it's fatal to pay him a compliment, he never lets you forget it and he plays up to it for weeks! He and his ex are still not speaking and I'm about to go crazy because Will (the ex!) keeps on calling me to arrange times to meet up and Nathan's always here when he does! At least I haven't had the drama of them both showing up at my place on the same day, but it's blatantly going to happen in the far too near future! Grr, silly boys.

I might miss reviewing the next chappie if it comes out next week because I have an interview at a uni and I have to stay up there for like four days. (Four days! What the hell are they going to do to me?) Hmph, oh well, I promise I'll catch up when I get back! If I'm not too traumatised from the mean interviewing techniques! Any obscure or abstract questions and that's it, I'm finished! Well, fingers crossed anyway!

Well, must be off, I have a history essay to write this time; any ideas on Indian independence? Later days, carry on the amazing work! x
Vroniruh chapter 1 . 12/1/2005
so, its me again...again beautiful chapter. I just love the way they good to have some romance in the morning, cause I get nothing *sniff* bf a VERY rational guy *sighs*...I have to buy much alcohol to lighten him up *evil smirk*.But that works always and well..*g* By the way, I like your homepage and your hair ;-D (I once had red with black streaks).Time to go, have some running to do, damn pizza P

uusernname chapter 25 . 12/1/2005
I didn't get a reviewers response thingy in this chappie! (Sniffs Sadly.) Oh well. I'm going to review anyways. Know why? Because this story rocks my socks, and I think that you deserve loads of reviews so that people are more interested in reading it.

I know that I, personally, check out stories with over 20 0 words, and ten times as many reviews as chapters. For example... 10 chapters, 100 reviews. Because then I know it's guaranteed to be awesome lol.

I've been looking over (Just Skimming) the other reviews for this story, and was amazed at how long they all were! It puts my ramblings to shame really, which sucks slightly.

I think this is probably the longest review I've ever actually submitted... Dude, feel the privelage.

And now I must leave you, for my Chemistry Coursework is sitting angrily on my desk, demanding an explanation as to why I haven't staretd it even though it's due in tomorrow.

Ok... It wasn't the coursework that said that. It was my Mum.

But she isn't sat angrily on my desk.

She's at her own desk. Downstairs.

I need to go, I'm talking crud.


Misundastood x x x
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