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airelothwen chapter 25 . 12/1/2005
Aw, this is well ace. Been reading it for a while, but didnt review coz im lazy.

Im having a lot of fun trying to read it with an Austrlian accent, whicxh im very bad at, sounds very Welsh really... but yeah anyways its ace, i love the way everyone so not bothered, coz even in my college (and we are pretty accepting uo here in enlightened mostly m/c Britain) its a bit of a faux pas. Its just so loverly... :D

The fictional River and Caspian seem slightly less dirty and perverted (in a good way!) than your real life friends, would be funny if some slightly more innuendoed comments were made (not that i want you to change your style coz its ace)

Well basicaly, you rock mate and write some more! Im gonna stop tyin now tho coz my hands are freezing off

Ta, and update soon!
Mage Dudette chapter 25 . 12/1/2005
hmm.. i feel the need to rant, for no particular reason, and not your fault at all. maybe because now i am panicking that i have an essay due 2mz for history and i havnt even LOOKED at the damn thing. -grr- and also my uni application. oops. writing personal statements is so hard.. so, i decided, right, i'll go on the comptuer now, and do my essay in the -omg-not-many-more hours i have left. but then, u had updated.. so any thoughts of work went immediately out the window. o well.

o.0 i love how u label your chapters by the by. tis jst cool.

n yea, we'll just leave the ex-bf thing where they belong.. in the past.

chapter.. wow. crying here! so sweet! *sniff* ok, got myself together. im sure aunt emily is cool with them, she seems pretty ok.

did i menation shakespeare before? *goes to look* o yea.. i remember. that was very odd to say the least then. ive been to the new globe in london, n its amazing. read king of shaows by susan cooper. awesome, awesome book.

n o.0 at the sheer -size- of reviews ppl leave on this story. i think its rinna's fault! yea.. lets blame rinna here.. heh.

o dear, o dear, o dear. history essay still not even looked at. can i just say 'meep' here? and river made me do it! honest to god! didnt u see?

i really have to go. *sigh* n there was loads more i was goin to mention. but ive forgotten. i have a strange memory, yes.

like.. rats. stats hmwk and chem to do for 2mz! n y the hell am i still here? but i agree with shifting shadows [i *think* it was her anyways] i love that u update so often. i think u can tell i have an addiction.
BairbreB chapter 25 . 12/1/2005
I loved the little inserted side comments within the story, very amusing.I can just imagine Caspian enjoying pulling River away from his studies. It can be fun to be distracting.I like Aunt Emily, but I just have this ominous feeling that telling her about River's sexuality at this point in time might not be a good idea.

On a totally unrelated note, what have you done to Rinna? She is now trying to learn the Australian accent. Now mind you I don't mind listening to Hugh Jackman, but she had a scary story read by an Australian that she downloaded too.
Spazmic Kitty chapter 25 . 12/1/2005
*does happy dance* I contributed to the creative development of the story! Yayness! *trips over own feet and crashes into wall* Always was a little un-co. I remember doing cartwheels when I was younger and crashing into a wall. Now I have a phobia of them. Cartwheels I mean, not the wall.

The replies to reviews are about as long as the chapter itself. O.o

I like the scene outside the cafe. It's very sweet. But it doesn't seem like the trip to Aunt Emily's is going to result in anything good. ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING/BETTER JUDGEMENT, CASPIAN! It was practically screaming at you not to go but you did anyways. Oh well, can't blame you. Being that you're in love with the boy and all.

And Caspian's allusion to River's smile...such an 'aww' moment.

How exactly did you get that cut on your shoulder blade? Sounds very painful. But then again, if you're typing replies at the same time it musn't be affecting you too much. Musn't's such a funny word. I'm not even sure it's spelt right. Incidentally, I've injured myself too. I was getting ready for my graduation dinner (which was a pain in the ass because everything went missing at the last moment. I couldn't find my nailpolish, my bag, my boots...very frustrating) and I went to check the garage to see if my boots were there. When I was closing the garage door, I jumped to reach the latch, seeing that I'm only 5ft tall, and scraped the skin off my fingers on the latch. So now my fingers have like no skin on the palm side, just raw flesh. Strangely it doesn't really hurt that much unless you apply pressure on it.

Brilliant! That reminds me so much of Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter books. I'm an avid fan though I have to say that I find Rowling's earlier writing style a whole lot better than her present one. The old books were far more interesting to read. I don't know. It's as if she's just let herself go now. But that's just my opinion.

I tried naming the voices once. I turned them into my imaginary friend SQUeE (spelt exactly like that). But then they stopped talking to me after that. It's as if they're saying, "We're not someone else. We're part of you and you can't escape that! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Stop trying to blame these thoughts on others because they're actually yours and you don't want to admit that! *insert another evil laugh here*" Then I started missing the voices so I thought I'd stop refering to them as SQUeE. And then they came back.

I can understand your inability to revel in burning books. I'd feel bad if it was a literary text. Just like I felt bad when people started burning their English folders. But I'm a pyro and any sort of fire's pretty to me. Though if it was a house on fire and I knew people were trapped inside, my better sense of judgement would probably make me go get help. But Maths books can go burn in hell for all I care. I can't stand the subject and having those books around were just a taunting reminder of the fact that I failed AS maths. Gr...I really don't see the sense in learning the stupid subject. Sure maths is essential in the technological world and it helped built the laptop I'm using now. But I don't see why I have to learn it. They shouldn't make it compulsory. At least not the really absurd stuff like Vectors and Differentiation and what not. They should teach us basic maths and stuff like calculating tax and balancing our check books and stuff. Essential maths for everyday life to prepare us for the real world. And offer the harder stuff for people who want to become computer technicians or engineers or whatnot.

Yes I agree, boys in bookstores are hot. Intellectual boys are hot. The ones who frequent libraries and art galleries. With thick rimmed glasses. Or maybe that's just me. I swear I wasn't going to make a snide comment about your friend. I wish I could get a conversation going with the boy at the bookstore but I'm the type of girl who'd hide behind my hair and mutter when it comes to guys I like. Around other people I don't really care but around boys I like I start clamming up. *sigh* A friend of mine said I should've taken the initiative and given some sort of indication that I'm interested. I'm thinking of going back in again tomorrow and buying another book. Is that indication enough? Well, I'll buy another book if they're stocking Tennyson this time. Or if I see something really interesting. He did smile at me though. But I'm not sure if it's the polite hello-and-thank-you-for-spending-your-money-here type smile or an I-kinda-maybe-like-you type smile. *sigh* Why am I discussing this here? I dunno. Damn boys in bookstores...

The butterfly phobia lies very deep in my childhood. I think it started when my parents brought me to one of those butterfly enclosures. You know the ones where you go into this glass house or enclosure type place and there're butterflies flying all around? Yeah...I was 'attacked' by this massive butterfly. About as big as my head. Maybe even bigger. All I remember was that it landed on my back and it completely covered the back of my dress and I freaked. *shudders* Must repress memories...

The small tiny spiders aren't that scary. It's the huge, almost as big as your fist ones that scare me. Back when we used to live in Burma we'd have spiders that size around the house all the time. And then I'd run screaming from the room. Or jump onto a chair. The ones that haunt my nightmares are around that size. Plus it doesn't help that TV makes the spiders in NZ seem really dangerous by saying how poisonous they are and all. A couple of weeks ago they had this documentary all about a spider (I forgot what kind) that lives around NZ homes that are apparently really poisonous.

*nods* Snails are sneaky. Which I don't really understand. I mean, aren't they supposed to be really slow moving creatures?
Eidolem chapter 25 . 12/1/2005
This story is amazing. I guess it helps that you got real life inspiration right there, but what I'm really talking about is the way you write. You really capture the essence of what you're writing and draw the reader into the world you're creating. Usually when I come across a paragraph of descriptions, or sometimes even a sentence of description, my mind unconsciously drifts off and blanks out, and I either have to reread it or (usually) skip over it, semi-absorbing what happened. (I think thats why I got a bit bored with Lord of the Rings). But that didn't happen to me with this story. You descibe things and it makes the story come alive; instead of it being just an add-on to create a pretty picture in the readers mind. Congratulations, this story seems like a living breathing thing. Of course the characterisations, plot, dialogue, pace, and ideas are good as well, but that was what poked me in the eye when I sat down and told myself to write a review. And there are no spelling mistakes or s instead of a in this story! *waves around flag* yay! (well none that I can remember). So, its good, well done.
On starlight wings chapter 25 . 11/30/2005
well ths is lucky. I'm actually one of the first to review for this chapter. you must have just posted this, I swear it wasn't here a few hours ago.

Thanks for the encouraging response. Yah know, it kinda confused me at first, it was really, really late when I wrote that. I'm not a very good speller, ok I'm horrible. Really, I still spell does 'dose'. So, sorry for spelling Australia, amoung other things, funny. (that was supposed to be mighty, not might.)

I'm glad you like randomness. I've actually benn sitting here, working on making this not-so-random so you can actully read it and not say 'WTF'.

Comment on block scheduals. Thay are really annoying. Here, they offer calsses that reange from 1-3 terms long (4 terms, 4 blocks a day for) This makes arranging your schedual very difficult. try to make all the calsses fit, its like a puzzle. One of the boring ones, without a picture.

Oh! about classes! I'm in this creative writing class, and its actually made me less creative. The teacher is way to inot drama. Don't get me wrong, its good and all, but i happen to stink in this area. I'm actually putting off doing the 10 minute darma piece due friday by talking right now. opps. Oh well, this is way more fun.

You know what today is? My little sis's birthday. She got her driving permit. My parents aren't letting her dive in their cars so she's going to be learning to drive in mine. I'm scared. I think my car is even more so.

Ok, my friend is over and were fighting over what the mandulla oplongata is. I'm sure I didn't spell that right. She says its the part of the brain that makes you happy, I think it's that little dangly thing in the back of your throat. Hmm, the mysteries of life.

oh, man its late! oh man,I didn't do any of the drama piece *graon*. Well, I'll get it done tomarrow and maybe by then I'll have thought of something ethier funny, intresting or something actually worthwhile to say. Best regards!
SkepticCritic chapter 25 . 11/30/2005
gothic squirrel? interesting choice of words...

tact? what is this of which you speak? aren't you just supposed to blurt out the first thing that comes to mind? is that not how we're supposed to talk? openly and honestly? i mean reall-HEY lady! that dress makes your butt look big!...oh right...heh heh heh...guess who just had another jolly rancher? *hand shoots in the air and starts waving as fast as she can manage without falling off the bed*

tomorrow...what a wonderful word since tomorrow is always a day away! *breaks into spontaneous song...which you won't get unless you've ever seen 'annie'...have you?* anyway...i'll do it tomorrow...if i had a dime for every time i said that...well i suppose i'd only have a dime since i'd be giving myself the dime so every time i said i'd do it tomorrow i'd first lose a dime and then gain one...oh goodness i've started talking in circles is that even possible? how do you talk in circles? or think in circles? or think inbounds? or stay inbounds? or stay on the line? or walk 'the line'?'s going to get me started on a whole nother tangent i just know it...i haven't even finished reading the response...and to the vermont thing...i saw something that said either licenses or passports for out of country...don't know...can't quite remember for sure...

i've actually used that trick...flirt with the cashier and he gives you a's great...or if you go to the movies every week (like i used to do) and you do something memorable you really get to know them and they start giving you the first time i went there i brought all quarters so the guy had to count out $6.25 in quarters...they remembered me after that...and always made fun of me because of my quarters...

oh come i want to know...what does river read? you can't post that and then not tell me...and what about caspian?

christmas decorations can be annoying but at least everyone smiles at you all through december...that's right it is hot over there...currently we've all started breaking out our jeans and long sleeved shirts...

i don't know what you're talking about you aussies do so have an accent...almost like the british one but after spending the summer with brits and an aussie i can almost maybe kinda sorta tell the difference between the two...i love the accent..and the words...mate...i love that of my fave's...or sheila...such a cool word...and toasty? i mean really it's so much fun looking at all the words english speaking people have for one thing depending on what continent you're on...

i really wish i could write more and ramble but i'm supposed to be at dinner and my parents are getting rather mad although they don't actually know what i'm doing so...tah!
D.H. L'Orange chapter 25 . 11/30/2005
I want to update! you wouldn't believe HOW MUCH i want to update! but until Dec.10 that's not an option...instead of finals this semester, i've got final projects and they're all due on the 9th... plus every class wants that one last homework or computer program or paper or whatever else you like due the last week of classes also. I have three projects, two tests, two computer programs, a paper, and SIX homeworks due between now and the 9th. (A normal load is two or three homeworks and a computer program per week... I seriously spent eight hours in the computer lab today writing programs (and that was AFTER going to classes) ... i'm going insane!) And i keep thinking about this next chapter i want to write while i'm walking to and from class. It's driving me crazy b/c I seriously only have like a half an hour now (or less) for writing each day. (And that's only if I even want to LOOK at a computer after programming all day). But I'll tell you... all this thinking time... the next chapter is going to be good. Really, I just keep making it more and more complex...

ok, but no more rambling... i gotta get to bed soon and i still haven't read the chapter yet!

so... onto chapter!

haha! liked how River stole the paper from Caspian! And 'gay James Bond' lol!

This was a great paragraph: "He felt Caspian’s chin dig into his shoulder. God, he smelled wonderful. He just was wonderful. River experienced a rush of strong emotion that made it difficult to focus on the page. He was struggling, slightly, with being loved like this. He kept on wondering what Caspian saw when he looked at him, and if he really meant all the beautiful things he said when they were alone. He knew he was being stupid, but- it was so strange, being so- himself, after such a long time. Not having to hide any more. Just feeling safe in the arms of somebody.

Sometimes he just knew it was a dream and he was going to wake up any second."

well, two paragraphs, i mean. I liked River's thoughts there, like I can read that River is evolving as a character, but yet he still clings to his doubts

"River, the familiar scarf around his neck again, was looking over at the playing fields, a single strand of hair blowing over one eye, hands locked together under his chin.

Caspian got the familiar catch in his throat. Sometimes it was like he was discovering River all over again. His phenomenal, almost ethereal beauty."

And that was a very sweet scene...Caspian's comments were very sweet. I liked how you described River there, I can see him in my mind's eye.

"Sometimes, Caspian felt like it was striking him to the heart, that smile. Like a shaft on sunlight on cold skin."

That is an awesome simile!

"Caspian was struck by his own contentment. It seemed like he didn’t need to do anything but watch his boyfriend (such a comfortable, normal, everyday word) drink coffee in mid-afternoon light outside the library. "

I liked that bit in the ()'s... that made the sentence.

"God. He was just- Caspian’s mind went over backwards. It was bewildering, feeling like this about somebody. Like they couldn’t possibly be any more perfect. He felt a powerful, ridiculous tug within him that he’d been getting more and more recently, in the brief, silent moments when the horror of his mother’s death lifted from him. A need, a want, he couldn’t tell. To hold him and love him and make everything better, so that he’d never hurt again"

and that was a great paragraph there! i love all the thoughts!

"I’ll grab his wrist when it goes through my hair, and I’ll pull him down to lie beside me, and I’ll wrap him up in the words."

i like that "wrap him up in the words"... very nice

"He couldn’t believe what he was hearing himself say. Throwing away his one comfort, the fingers in his hair- offering to break up with River, just so the guy could have a happy ending. Every single fibre in his heart was screaming at him, but he managed to keep his face together, his hands secure around River’s."

Wow. I got a bit choked up reading that!

anywho...i'm going to bed now... nice chapter! did like the new angst! And i'm getting a bit nervous about how Aunt Emily will react to River and Caspian. Aunt Emily seems like a very compassionate/understanding person, but still...

so anywho...updates! and don't leave us hanging with Aunt Emily *blatantly ignores the fact that DH left Amateur Imaginationist hanging with DH's story*


: )

BetweenTheSenses chapter 25 . 11/30/2005
I like coffee...

but hot chocolate is better.
Kura-sama chapter 25 . 11/30/2005
Their going to visit Aunt Emily to tell her of their relationship is going to screw up the custody thingy isnt it~ . More Angst is coming! I feel it X_x

Update soon~
slowlydancingtothestars chapter 25 . 11/30/2005
kelseypaige chapter 25 . 11/30/2005

*kills self*

Uhm, this chapter was so happy it was like love the entire time.

And not all schools are homphobic. Like my school has a GSA and one of the most popular guys at my school is openly flaming gay.

I think it's sweet how Caspian really really loves River. Ack, itmakes me all googly eyed.

Update soon!

Gauntlets Of Discord chapter 25 . 11/30/2005
Hm. My mind was positive Aunt Emily wouldn't mind, but then I started having my doubts. I am tenterhooked!

Also, I had a croissant this morning and thought of this story. See how endearing it is? It has a special place in my heart now.

(It was a good croissant, too.)
araihc12 chapter 25 . 11/30/2005
Haha, the 12 is because of my birthdate: December (the 12th month) on the 12th day. And araihc is my first name backwards. And math deserves to face a terrible death via blender, in my opinion.

Now-about the chapter...

Just amazing. And very heart-melty. It's like a chapter composed of marshmallows and words. Yum. Haha.

I need to find me a few cool friends like River and Caspian. Mwaha.
The Real RC chapter 24 . 11/30/2005

Angela and Emily are, of course, very cool. You do realise my apparent-aunt is called Emily too, do you not? Sorry.

I half-wish I HAD gone to the same school as my darling, just so we could have shared the joyous experience of making out in the music rooms at lunchtime like all the other couples. Although, technically, things would have been a bit awkward, because he would have been in the year above, and I already had a boyfriend... you never met Derek, did you? Very cute. Great ass. Not nearly as good a conversationalist as C, though. Think he's doing architecture now. Anyway.

The angstiness is going to get really ramped up now, isn't it? Cannot WAIT, bubsie. And I am sorry sorry sorry (like Eloise) for biting you so hard. But really, is it my fault that the other person I bite likes it to hurt?


Pretend he didn't say that. I liked this chapter, but after reading R's mention of Derek's great ass it all flew out of my head. *sighs* Jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing. You need to amp up the action a bit, J- get them into trouble again. It's so entertaining. Another court case is coming up, isn't it? Make it Judge Judy-esque for me, please.
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