Reviews for You Know What I Mean
MarlaCorbin chapter 1 . 11/30/2005
This story is really it sounds like you River and Caspian are really close judging by the way you talk about them. keep writing the stories amazing
On starlight wings chapter 24 . 11/29/2005
First off, I love this chapter! Well I love them all, but this one is really good. Writing funural stuff can be difficult (well, at least for me, I'm not sure about you though)So I applaud you on that.

Second. Ok, I knew that there were skating rinks in Astralia. That was a really stupid question to ask. Sorry. I feel like I have the IQ of a snail.

Third. Did you know thats its kinda intimidating to write a review to you? Your a great writer, you'v got all these other authors here to and everybodys having conversations and witty comments going everywhere. I don't know about everybody else, but it gives me the feeling of having to meet some standard or else be judged badly by the many other great and might people here. Maybe thats just me, I don't know.

But nevertheless, you have my sympathies for being sick. Been there, done that, feel bad for those with it now.(thoug truthfully, there are people here who's sympathies have a great uplifting effect than this one, for reasons of this being from someone you don't know very well. Still, it's sincere)

Also, thank you for the recomandations. I only had time for the first one but I love it! Thank you!

Lastly, I think that you should know that you and D.H.L’Orange are my how-to-actually-write-something rolemodels/gurus/whatever it may be called.(sorry Rinna, I havn't had a chance to read your's yet, or anybody else's for that matter)

With you luck with getting better and with all things that come your way.
cheeseboi chapter 24 . 11/29/2005
Fluffy fluff! (squeals)

I agree with Angela, that was extremely cute. Hahah.

I really want to know what's going to happen next. Maybe River is MIRACULOUSLY (sp?) get his voice back. Some how. XD

Your infomation in medical issues sound so professional. And I really love how you shape your characters and make them different in their own individual way. Most stories I read, minor characters don't have much of a personality. They do their part, and that's mainly their purpose. You also do that but in a way I can't describe... Blah.

Well, keep up the awesomely AMAZING writing. )
Andre Lenoge chapter 24 . 11/29/2005
okay, i'm not that committed when it comes to longer reviews. I'm just going to say this. I love Emily and Angela. I think there should be SO MUCH MORE conflict from faculty and students. Maybe have a homophobic teacher (what if it was the drama teacher? Oh, the irony!) Make it juicy! Ju-ju-ju-juicy
Andre Lenoge chapter 23 . 11/29/2005
I am amusing, aren't I? I don't name my freckles, for I have very few and don't want to waste perfectly good names on them, but I once named a long scar on my hip "Matey" and made him a pirate.

Again, I shall write a review while I read the story.

What a surprise that must have been for Josie! Hee hee. Also, who in their right mind names their child Izzy? Honestly!

Hell, I'd date Jacob! I have a friend right now named jacob and he is so...HOT. Holy moley.

PS- St. Sabian's is a kick ass name for a school. I go to Smoky Hill. It's named after a road that is in now way Smoky and is entirely flat. No hills around here.

Okay, Jacob, stop WASTING BREADSTICKS! Somewhere out there, there are little orphans crying for garlic bread sticks. How would you feel then?

There are a lot of PDAs. Hmm.

Is River's death stare like the Death Star? Pew, Pew (in case you don't know, that is the sound of lasers firing at the X-Wing fighters).

I hope Caspian's mom is dead. She has spent too many long days on this earth, chained to her body and unable to pass on because her family doesn't want her to go. I think that they should think about the possible frustration or pain she must be in...permanently asleep.

Okay, I said that before I found out she had died. How sad for Caspian! Still, she has been relieved of her pain.

A good ceremony? What a crock! Stupid relatives.

Is it bad that I hate River's dad and mom?

AW, Caspian is so sweet!

I thought this was one of your more finer chapters. You mixed pleasure with pain, happiness with sorrow. Sundaes with breadsticks. Perfect harmony.
Chesh chapter 24 . 11/29/2005
What amuses me about this story is it seems to be as much about reviewer interaction as it is weepy boylove. Come for the bumsex, stay for the company!

I don't remember when I last reviewed, but you have mad word skillz. The funeral scene was beautiful, and River and Caspian are cute together. As usual. It takes a certain style to make one-sided dialogue sound like an actual conversation, and when the writer doesn't totally suck (and you, my friend, are the anti-suck) the result is fabulous!

I swear there's another mute boy fic on this site somewhere (I have wasted like, four years of my life on Fictionpress), but I can't remember it right now. Maybe he wasn't mute and just quiet because he was horribly traumatized somehow. Who knows? I never made it through Smashing Poetic Raspberries, but I've read Love Piano. It gives me a giggle, because it's one of those "tight group of friends struggles against a gay-hatin' school conspiracy" type stories. A good time!

For bloodstains, you could try soaking like hell in cold water, but meat tenderizer is a better bet. The proteins in blood have to be broken down to come out of the fabric, and ordinary detergent won't do it. However, breaking down protein is what meat tenderizer is for! Or you could just buy a detergent for it, but that's not nearly as DIY.
Spazmic Kitty chapter 24 . 11/29/2005
I usually read this late at night after being up for almost 24hrs. That explains my long rambling because half the time I'm not quite sure what I'm talking about. I just type what the helpful voices tell me too. They are wise and we have a little agreement thing going; I do not argue and they will not bother me with thoughts that will make me go insane. Though it doesn't always work. Some times I do argue. It's kinda funny because I tend to talk out loud to myself. So I'll be arguing with myself out in the streets - on my way home from school or whatever - and people will be looking at me funny. Very fun.

I like how everyone seems so accepting of their relationship. It's nice. And like I'd mentioned before, I really did expect more people to come out of the closet after that. Oh well, it could still happen. I'll just wait and see.

Yeah, the St. Sabian's being co-ed was kind of confuzzling because I did seriously think it was an all-boy's school. But it's ok. I live in a constant state of confuzzlement so that's only to be expected. Like yesterday, I was walking to school for band practice and my cellphone started ringing. But I didn't know it was my phone so I was like "Where's that weird ringing coming from?" and it took me two whole minutes to figure out that it was my phone and one of my bandmates texting me to ask where the hell I was.

I noticed that the reaction from the students in this chapter basically echoes the thesis that your friend did; about how it's the girls that find slash cute. It's true. A lot of my male friends are homophobic (which I find really funny actually and I some times purposely antagonise them. Like during Truth or Dare, making them kiss each other, the looks on their faces were priceless). I have a really fantabulastic wallpaper on my cell of two punk/emo boys kissing.

New characters! I like Emily. Angela too, but there's something about her. Like her comment at the very end of the chapter. Did she and does she still have a thing for one of the boys. The way you made her say that; it was almost like there was a tinge of remorse in her voice.

Ooh! Ooh! You used the title in the story! "You know what I mean." It's there at the very end of the first section (why am I pointing this out to you? You wrote it so you would know it's there). So exciting. Was that intentional? Or did you think it just fitted there? Fitted...that sounds cool. So does 'hearted' and 'deaded'...

River's not going to get mauled by Caspian-crazed fangirls, is he? Just wondering.

I remember Heaney. I had to study one of his poems last year for English Lit. "Early Purges" I think it was. I'm not sure. I'm the type of person who's brain empties out at the end of the year. I'll still look into those poets anyways. I might like them. I wouldn't know until I actually read some of their works, would I?

I'll be in Northern Italy. Cadegliano to be exact. But if I have time I will go check out that horse race. Sounds interesting.

I've always wanted a mouse. There's a pet shop in the local popular shopping center that was selling black mice a couple of days ago. They were positively adorable. But my dad told me that I shouldn't get any pets until after my Italy trip. I guess that makes sense. I don't want to get attached to something only to leave it a month later. A friend of mine used to had a white mouse. I used to play with it and it crawled all over me. It liked perching itself on my shoulder. It pooed on my hands as well.

You could use bleach on the sheets and mattress. I'm not quite sure what would remove blood. But if you do bleach them, if they're coloured or printed sheets, that'll ruin them. Or ruin them more than they've already been ruined. Or you could bleach them anyways and them dye them later. Fun fun.

Yesterday, one of my friends organised this gathering where we all brought together our old school books and burned them in her urn/barrel thingy. It was like a yay-I've-finally-graduated type ceremony. I burned all my old maths books. And my old history book. The one on American history. I hate maths and American history is just useless to me. It was so much fun. A gathering of pyros. Which I guess may have been sort of dangerous. She even provided marshmellows so we roasted them over the remains of our books/folders/notes. I could never get mine done right. It kept catching on fire. It tasted really good though. If not a little ash-y. We tried roasting strawberries, grapes and dumplings over the fire as well. Did you know that if you chucked plastic into a fire the fire turns green? It was so pretty. But we only did that by accident because burning plastic gives off toxic fumes. I kind of felt bad though when one of the boys burnt his English folder. Apparently he really hates Jane Eyre.

I also walked down to Howick village yesterday. I originally went to get some fabric to make gloves to go with my outfit for grad dinner but then I saw this awesome second-hand book shop. Actually what caught my attention at first was the boy behind the counter *blushes* Anywho, I found a compilation of Edgar Allen Poe's tales and poems so I'm really happy about that. Might go in again some time before Christmas to pick up something else. I still want to find a compilation of Tennyson's works.

NZ schools are divided into houses too. Funny coincidence; I was in the blue house too (yes, I read your reply to Rinna. No I'm not nosey). We used to call it the reject house because it was one of the few houses without an A class and the teachers there were psycho. It's really funny; our house leader went on a 'working holiday' to Europe for about ten weeks during the third term and it was during that term that our house won the most sheilds it's ever had since 1996.

Spiders *shudders* I don't like spiders. But I hate butterflies more. They're evil. No one ever believes me when I tell them that. Well, one person does. They're evil and they're planning to take over the world. Their pretty exterior is just a rouse to distract people from their true intentions. My brain has a strange alarm system. Whenever I have to wake up early for something really important it would make sure I have a nightmare (usually involving spiders or butterflies) then I'd wake up right away. Most of the time I shoot out of bed and end up on the floor. Snails are so much better. I tried keeping pet snails before but they kept disappearing. I have no idea how. Just 'POOF!' they were gone.

I just I should stop now. The review's becoming more of a rambling mess than an actual review. I noticed that you've been updating a lot more frequently too *grins in an ecstatic R&C induced high* That is very good for my addiction.
D.H. L'Orange chapter 24 . 11/28/2005
*blinks* wow. you just advertised for me? wow *is in complete awe* thanks that is really cool of you!

okay... i am not stayin awake tonight! i had to go up to school until midnight (yes on a Sunday) to put together a final presentation for a group project. (yup, 9 AM first day back from the holidays... can you say 'i love my prof.' ?)

so.. b/c i really really hate it when i can't stay awake and i'm reading something i'm enjoying, i'm going to put this down until tomorrow morning...

ok! i'm back! and i'm awake now! hooray! onto chapter!

"He’d been used to being regarded with- well, not deference, he’d never been that stuck up- but respect. To find that had all been wiped away and replaced by ghoulish curiosity was strange, to say the least." i liked that bit... especially the phrase 'ghoulish curiosity'

i like this bit also "It was a testimony to Emily’s character, thought Caspian, in the silence, that the question was directed at River. She didn’t treat him like he was stupid, or nonexistent. He was there, and he could answer, and she knew it"

" He wanted, somehow, to convey that River hadn’t ‘turned him to the dark side’, that he’d always been this way and it had taken River to wake him up to it- but, for the moment, he couldn’t articulate that without sounding idiotic." haha! turned to the dark side!

River’s face was innocent. He shrugged, to indicate that he hadn’t said a word. Caspian laughed.

“You know what I mean.” Man, i just love it when you pull out the title!

"(There were quite a few of those. As well as Anna, there was mention of Crystal, Pia and Morgan, all of whom were apparently now going to die of broken hearts...)" lol! i liked that!

"Why would I care if you couldn’t talk? It just means I can do all the talking, and you can’t stop me!" haha! I like Angela too!

This was a little confusing here (nothing major, but i thought i'd mention it). "Lunch was next period. He had English with Caspian next,..." and then you went to the English class although you'd just mentioned River and Caspian maybe eating with Angela. i think its supposed to be 'He had Enlish with Caspian next and lunch after that."

aw the beginning of English class scene was very sweet!

and i liked the lunch room scene. That bit at the end when River fell asleep on Caspian was cute.

and yes, i agree that the acceptance bit for River and Caspian dating was more likely... at leat for the next few weeks following the court case.

anywho...nice chappie again.


: )

twistedICYjunk chapter 24 . 11/28/2005
ACK! please don't mention my name because i am the laziest person alive and choose not to review!

The scene with Emily was very well done, it conveyed the fact that they were being tested very well, and it was nice to hear from Caspian on the oddness of going back to being popular, rather than just letting us assume that he made the transition with no problem at all, which would have been quite unrealistic.

You may or may not have this already planned (personally, i can never plan anything in my stories or it ruins them for me, not that i ever update them anyway) but i think there needs to be a sort of melancholy scene where River discovers some long-forgotten piano in Caspian's fortress of a house and cries and plays and Caspian comes in and has some sort of angsty flashback and they end up sobbing on each others' (is that the right place for the apostrophe? i can never remember) shoulders, and maybe River even saves Caspian for once. It would be rather nice if River could play the hero for a change, he's starting to seem a little bit wimpy. (no offense to the real River or your character, i just think he needs to accel and feel comfortable somewhere)

of course it's not my story, so if you choose to ignore all of that or answer it with an angry retort, i wouldn't mind.

o yea, you asked for my name didn't you? im kate davis, and LOVE this story, and profess to someday be as dedicated and talented writer as yourself. But i need to get through the swim season first.

rosie chapter 23 . 11/28/2005
as an atheist, really I don't think religion is stupid. it's just not for me. loved the chapter. coming out in the open is good for people, even if I can never do it with guys I like. I think dearly beloved is for weddings. I'm not sure.
Esquirella chapter 24 . 11/28/2005
Both these last two chapters were great! The funeral was so sad, but it was good to see River comforting Caspian. And I like how Caspian helped River get over his fear in coming out at school. Nicely done.
Rinna chapter 24 . 11/28/2005
Okay, I'm going to see if I can actually succeed in typing one of these things quickly, so I can get to typing my chapter so it'll be up by the end of the night. Probably won't succeed (in the typing this quickly thing), but anyway. I WOULD have typed my chapter (most of it at least) earlier during my study period, but Archer wasn't in school, and I'm getting sick of him not showing up, so I drove to the house he's staying and tried to get both him and the friend he's staying with (name of Jen) to come in to school with me. In the end, Archer really legitimately felt sick and Jen wanted to stay to make sure he'd be okay, so I kind of wasted an hour. ::sigh::

Right, quickness, alacrity... Oh heck with it. I just know this is going to turn out even longer than usual.

Okay, chapter. I love the courage that Caspian really demonstrates at the beginning of this chapter. That would take some strength. Also, I like the random new characters. Well, Emily was nice enough, if a little blunt. I really, really like Angela. And I very much like the sound of the table that River and Caspian are now hopefully going to continue sitting at. That would be and basically is my lunch table. Everyone at my table is either a drama person, band geek, chorus nerd or some mix of the three, or at least weird enough to fit right in. Me, personally, I am a drama/chorus person.

Something I've noticed in other chapters actually, I love how you keep managing to insert your title into the story. Also, random, the questions/comments from classmates were great. I'm actually happy that they were accepted pretty well. Actually, this entire chapter made me very happy. It was a happy chapter. Yes.

Although my eye was twitching while reading it. Actually my eye was doing this annoying twitchy thing all day. Then once that stopped, My kidneys really started hurting (yes, I'm positive it was my kidneys, long story. Then when that stopped I got the hiccups. Oh wiait, they stopped! Yay! Despite all this, I'd classify today as having been a great day. Oh, be right back I just remembered I left ramen in the microwave. Hop it's not all soggy now.

Seems to have made it through relatively unscathed (more precisely, unsoggy. Just a little bit. Ah well.) Incidentally, you must try to tempt River with the ramen. Yes. You know, I would not suvive a non-pasta diet. I think I'd die. It's my primary food group. By the way, I now feel the need to send you Jolly Ranchers too. They're really good. Yes, I read your other review responses..

Thanksgiving? Hmm. The story goes that when the Pilgrims (who were puritans) came to the new world on the Mayflower, they had a pretty rouhg time of it, and the Indians helped them by sharing food and hunting tips. Somewhere along the line, someone got this romantic notion that they all sat down, Native American and Pilgrim alike, and had this big feast. *shrug*. Now, this is what I wrote in a note to my frined while discussing the matter and it's what she said I should type. "See, the settlers came from England to America, the Indians helped them, then they killed the Indians and stole their land. I guess we're thankful for their sacrifice." So yeah. I don't think most people over here really get Thanksgiving, either. It gives me time off from school though, so yay.

Yes, our exchange student is enjoying her stay thus far. Although she's not really liking the cold. She's still having a good time anyway. So she says. I hope so. She's a very sweet girl. She's from Kawasaki, which is a city near Tokyo.

I'd love to read that book, whatever it was, it sounds excellent. And interestingly enough, I know who Fiona Horne is. I'd forgotten all about her. She was on an American reality show that was very odd. She did seem a bit ditzy.

I was confused by you're mention of present giving logic, I hadn't remmebered that I wrote that. I had to go back and read my own review. I think it's one of those things that my mind practiced forced amnesia on. Cause yeah, his logic was legitimately great, but did you pick up on what I was talking about? It was pretty vague, more so than I thought. Yeah. His logic may have been good, but still, he tried to give me a used condom. Because yeah, I was the first person you could think of who would never have a use for it, even before our lesbian friends. Because I have inexplicable phobia issues. As it was, I made him throw it out, because being the weird little messed up person I am, even the sight of them disturbs me. Now, I don't have any traumatic past or anything. Sex just plain and simple grosses me out.

s for what you should send Archer? Something utterly weird, random, and/or shiny.

Yeah, my particular high school is stupid about the lunch thing. Most American high schools have longer than that for lunch. An we only have fourclasses in a day, then switch classes half way through the year. It's called "block scheduling". And I don't know of any American high schools that have houses.

Dating in seventh grade wasn't too weird at my school, maybe the co-ed thing makes a difference. I always thought it was way too early, mysel, but Chris and Jill seemed to have a pretty good thing going there.

Actually, they were fairly cute together, and Jill seemed really happy with him. (Randomly, Chris had this female fan club in seventh grade; it was scary. I think they were all jealous of Jill.) The end of our seventh grade year was great. Our community went on two awesome random field trips, and the were really the focal point of the end of that year. Chris's community was along for the trip to a nearby amusement park maybe half an hour away; the other one was a random field trip to a local recreational park/lake. I have some of the greatest pictures from those two events, including Aj in some highly amusing poses, Me on the bus holding up a sign saying "Catfish go Moo!" with Archer's face as red as a tomato or something from laughing so hard, Jill and Chris sitting next to each other, also on the bus, Derek laying down at the recreational park wearing headphones with a half-eaten piece of watermelon next to him... Those pictures, to me, symbolize that portion of time. I should scan some of them onto my computer. Would you be interested in seeing any of them if I do? Anyway, other significant part of the end of that year was when we found out what communities we were going to be in the next year. certain communities "rolled over", the same kids with the same teachers, but mostly people got split up into random other groups. LC2 had three teachers and Chris's community, LC3, had two teachers; two of the LC2 teachers left (the most awsome one stayed, though) and one of the LC3 ones left, so it was decided that the two communities would combine and half of each would roll over into the same community group for the next year. We were all supremely excited when we found out that me, Aj, Jill, and Derek were all rolling over, and Chris was in the group in his community that was staying, so we were all in the same community (LC6 now) Jill especially was excited Chris would be with us. It seemed perfect, and although I don't really remember it all that well, we all had a great summer. Things didn't start to go so utterly dramatic until the weekend before school started again.

Wow, this is making me so nostalgic. It feels like I'm writing it in a very nostalgic tone, too, which makes sense, considering. And yes, that was a cliff hanger. You know, I told Chris I was doing this, and now he wants me to send him the bits I've written. Neither he nor Jill really remembered trying to hook me and Aj up, until I startng talking to them about it when Chris kidnapped us (literally). They both agree that the idea seems so wrong, looking back now.

Incidentally (I like that word), Chris is convinced that you're not really who you say you are, River and Caspian are figments of your imagination, and that you're some 40-year old man. He said he won't believe until he sees proof. Silly boy. Horribly sceptical, he is. By the way, I'm relatively convinced of the truthfullness of who you say you are. That boy is very sceptical. Although I did manage to convince him (I think) to read your story. Jill and I found his idea rather amusing, actually. In fact, it landed a mention of you in a story Jill and I are working on about what happened this afternoon when Chris kidnapped us. Sort of. I'll direct you to it once we post it. Please don't be offended when you read it, it was all in good fun. We don't really think you're some middle aged hitchhiker on the side of the road. (Well, Jill and I don't, anyway).

By the way, Arene told me to tell you she's sorry for being a terrible reviewer, and tell River thank you for apologizing to my mom. It made her feel bad. I asked her if she was still scared of him, and she answered "no..." in this tiny voice that was very amusing.

Tell Fred I say hi back. And tell River that Archer and I came up with better name for our spider (this was a while ago, by the way). I believe we named it Georgina. No, actually, I think it was Georgetta, because we use Georgina as a combined name for ourselves when we fill out restaurant feedback cards.
randomperson chapter 24 . 11/28/2005
Don't worry, it didn't offend me at all, i was just in a slightly pissy mood. I live in Northern Ireland, weird place that it is. If you want a history on Northern Ireland, I can ramble on for absolute AGES. The politics in this country are absolute shite. Recently, the idiots in Westminster (England, direct rule) introduced a new law where murderers can get off absolutely scot-free, which means that people who have had their relatives murdered by the IRA or by the UDA/UDR won't ever get justice (if u want/need an explanation of all the acronyms, ask and i can provide). Great chappie, the reaction to them coming out in the school was a lot better than what i guess it would have been in my school, the homophobes that they are. I loved the little touches of affection between them, t'was so cute! *squeals in girlish way* now i've got all that unpleasant girlishness outta my system... please don't even hint of stopping! Too many have done that to their wonderful stories! PLEASE DON'T!

Extra comment: i love the way you reply to your reviews in a very indepth way (i have a funny feeling that sentence wasn't correct grammer), it shows you really care, and that is tres cool. I like your comments and thoughts on religions; the one about regarding religion as a human creation is a very wise idea; humans have faults, so that can be passed into religion.

What are the grade systems for schools in Australia? I have absolutely no fuckin' clue, same for America, they confuse me SO , btw, the blood - use some Vanish on it, it is REALLY good at taking stains out. (Don't ask how i know that)Right, now that i've bored you senseless (and knowing me, i really have) i leave you! Keep updating and i'll keep reviewing! Bye! *waves*
Toria chapter 24 . 11/28/2005
Your story is really good, I really like your writing style! This is really amazing for me cos I'm really bad and never review :S (slaps self)But as of your request for silent readers of your story, you have one right here lol I can't wait to see what happens next... You will forever rock if you keep updating! R we cool now? :P - Toria
Mage Dudette chapter 24 . 11/28/2005
CUTE! *SQUEE!* *cough*

um.. yea. it was cute though. yay for accaptance! from other ppl, and the band. was listenin to them on my mp3, walking home, frozen, in the first snows of the season! yay for snow! 'cept wen im walking home in it. yay for hot chocolate to warm me up though!

lol for many ppl with blue hair. i still covert the hair spray i found recently, comes in many many colours, and glows under UV light.. i want. someone suggested i sprayed the tips of my hair white.. tempted. so very tempted. n washes out in one go too.

n the unwanted admirer.. all ok now. turns out someone else [an ex-bf] was confusing things for some reason. the retard he is. and i havent spoken to him for nearly a year.

many many hugs back. caspian not wantin to tlk about it toally understandable. n i liked how u put 'you know what i mean' in again!

14th september?

n yay for supreme cynicism! my history teacher cant get over my class [consists of 8 other ppl, 7 of them guys] n how cynical we all are. typical qu in history 'cant u believe that in some part this was motivated by faith? someone wanting to make a difference?' us... 'nah... it was for the money, and the power blatantly!'

shutting up now. too tired. _; lack of coherance, tho thats nuthin new! meep.

yay for weird new modern shakespeare adaptations of midsummer nights dream!

last but not least.. i have fun photos of round where i live in the snow i took earlier if u want me to email them to you?
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