Reviews for You Know What I Mean
Natasha5 chapter 33 . 6/6/2006
Oh, my Gods. Oh no! Not Sasha! Argh!

This had better have a happy ending, to make up for all the damn angst.

Are you a mute, or just writing fiction about one? Because I tell you, it gets damn ANNOYING when people don't know sign language. And I'm not a patient person!

With love,Natasha5.
Sargon chapter 33 . 6/6/2006
O...M...GI love this story SO don't die before you have finished it... or...I'll have to hunt down the real R and C and just watch them and their lives...(possibly join in LOL)I love you so much!I love the story SO MUCH its...undescribable...
Goruhgurl chapter 33 . 5/17/2006
I love this story! Best I've read, and I'm sorry you, R, and C aren't that close anymore. It's kind of funny, in my mind, I'm wondering when you'll mention River's pain in his throat. Then I read the next sentence, and it's something about River coughing. XD Can't wait until the next update! Gotta to watch American Idol!
A Tarnished Rose chapter 33 . 5/13/2006
Argh, I feel really bad about missing a review last chapter, so this one will be extra long to make up for it.

Firstly, I could've sworn you had more reviews than that. Must be a side effect from reading too many stories with 10 plus reviews. Ah well.

I'm going to comment on a few authors notes from the chapter I last reviewed as well, like I planned to originally, so I'll do that first.

"I’m not such good friends with R&C any more, which has had something to do with the delay." Damn, must be the season for it. Both my best friends have suddenly decided to stop talking to me for absolutely no reason that I can see. Another reason to be annoyed that I didn't review. Surely, if you can write two chapters, then I can write a review.

"I love the name Fiona. It was the name of my junior high. It reminds me of ivy and sandstone, and beautiful paved floors. (Oh, hush. My friend had a frog she named Fiona; would you rather it reminded me of that?)" Thanks. And I would prefer that to a frog. I have such great choices to be compared to. A frog, and ogre, or the woman that plays Aunt Petunia on Harry Potter (whose name, incidentally, is EXACTLY the same as mine).

"Yes, I do have a very large space under my bed. If anybody ever wants to flee police pursuit, they can go hide under there, nobody would EVER find them." That sounds awfully useful. Possibly the only thing that could hide under my bed is my denim jacket. (This actually happened, I couldn't find it for months).

"Chainsaws are equally bad, put it away." Terribly sorry.

"My MSN name, at the moment, is ‘The most awesome person you’ve never met’, which works on literal and metaphorical levels because I am a very secretive person." Very cool. I want to change mine, but I don't know what to.

"I could possibly write out both endings, but I think I’ve decided which one I want by now. And no, no clues about which one I’ve chosen, I’ll kick you if you ask." I think I’ll refrain from asking, as I have enough injuries as it is. My school bag attacked me the other day, it was horrible. I now have a huge scarp under my knee from where I fell on it. All worship my co-ordination skills.

"And ipods are THE SHIT." They are.

And now onto the current chapter:

I'm going to lean toward the bad ending at the moment, judging by this chapter. What with River's throat acting up, and all the angsting, and just Bad Things Happening.

I really like Caspian's father's "voice". The way the letter is written really seems to suit his character. It's the sort of language I use in school essays.

“River, Sasha passed away last week, from complications in surgery.” A pause. A helpless, stupid, weighted pause. “I’m sorry.” Bad Things Happening.

"Number one, I get fanart. FANART! Tackle glomp hugs to Gauntlets of Discord, and you all have to go look at it- ." I would fully draw you some, but, well, I can't draw very well.

"Yes, going away with friends tends to make you all come back hating each other." YES, especially when one friend's favourite word becomes 'boring'. If it was so fucking boring, she should have gone home. Honestly.

"What on earth would people do if I made this story HAPPY?" Probably have a heart attack and die of shock. Or something along those lines.

"I don’t know why the moon would make anybody smile- it’d be more like, ‘ok, um, you’ve given me a massive chunk of cold space rock, that’s lovely, now put it back before NASA gets shitty at us’- " Haha. Just. Yeah. Haha.

"My high school got annoyed if you dyed your hair a non-regulation shade of red (you think I'm making this up)" Your highschool would have hated me. My hair is purple at the moment, and it was bright red before.

"and mosh pits can get dangerous, particular when people have metal tips on the ends of their dreadlocks and they’re head-banging." Last time I was in a mosh pit, someone whacked me in the side of the head and broke my glasses. So now I have new ones.

"20 degrees is cold, shut up." 20 degrees? I want to come to Australia. It's so cold here right now. My hands are almost blue.

Or maybe I should say I want to come back to Australia, seeing as i was there three weeks ago. Not for a happy reason, unfortunately. My Dad was over in Brisbane working, and he woke up one morning with his whole right arm paralysed. He went to the Doctor, and they said they thought it was a stroke. Luckily, it turned out not to be. But it was still pretty scary. But apart from that, we had a great time.

Heh. Dad had been telling me about the Goth kids that he saw, and I told my (ex) best friend, who is obsessed with Goths, and she asked me to try and get some photos for her. So I went over there, expecting proper Goths, and what do I find? Your average, run of the mill, garden variety emo kid. I was so disappointed.

Damn I hate speeches. I'm sitting here with my two bits of refill on which my speech is written, and just staring at it. I would really like to avoid saying it, but it's worth credits. I don't know if that makes any sense. From our third to last year onward, we starting getting credits for our subjects. You need a certain amount to get into Uni here. I'm doing NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) Level One. Fun stuff.

A thought just occurred to me. Do you still have those flying monkeys on hand? Could I borrow them or possibly have them sent after my (ex) best friends? It would be greatly appreciated.

I need something to read. That's so weird. I purchased five books in Australia (That's pretty much all a got there. Books and CDs. Go Borders!) and I read them all within a week. I read almost sixteen novels in the school holidays, in fact. I have way too much spare time, I think.

I just glanced back at the last chapter and saw the authors note about 'coming out stories'. All the friends I have who've come out have come out in the most un-interesting ways. I already knew Grant was gay, so he didn't need to say anything, and my three bi-sexual girl friends were all like "Oh, by the way, I'm bi-sexual". Kind of anticlimactic, really. Much like the end of the song I'm learning for singing lessons right now (That would be Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from the Phantom of the Opera, if you wanted to know). It has this huge, dramatic, high-notes-and-orchestra bit, and then the ending is all quiet. But it's still a pretty song. And it's a challenge for me to sing, which I like.

Speaking of which, I should probably do some practice...

I'm finding it rather funny at the moment that the bottom of the review window says "It is extremely helpful to use this opportunity to comment on an aspect of the story that can be improved. A well rounded critique is often the most rewarding tool for the writer", and hardly any of this review has been about the actual story.

Heh. I found myself another story to yell at. It's fanfiction (Harry Potter), and part of a huge long series. It makes me want to scream at the characters quite frequently. It's also very cliche, but a very well written cliche.

I have way too much time on my hands.I also re-read two stories that I've read, wait. Three stories. I need to find something new. Or maybe write more of my own story (I actually finished the latest chapter today, I just have to get it back off my beta before I can post it).

I went DVD shopping the other day. That was fun. We now have Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hating Alison Ashley, Tommy, and the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants on DVD. Although Harry Potter makes me cringe. It comes across as a fairly lame movie to me.

I think the best thing about it was when I saw it at the movies with one of my friends. I'd seen it before, and warned her about Cedric Diggory's line "It's not a bad place for a bath..". Nevertheless, she still snorted when she heard it (taking it the wrong way of course), and thus the whole theatre started sniggering.

Hm. I can't think of anything else to blabber on about, and I'm tired, so I think I'll stop now.

Fiona (1518 words. Awesome. And I definitely need to go to bed, seeing as I just mis-spelled my own name.)
malevolentScribbler chapter 33 . 5/7/2006
Okay. I admit, I haven't exactly finished reading this, but I have to say one thing about this. If this isn't what the real River and Caspian are like, I don't want to know what it's like to meet them in real life.

I felt really sorry for story-River through out the entire story, and I despised Adam and his cronies... man, they got on my nerves from the first page. I'm glad they got what they deserved for what they did to River. Story-Caspian is the awesomest rich-guy character EVER! I know, I could possibly be bloating the ego of the real-Caspian with that comment, but bleh. Whatever. I felt really sad when story-Caspian's mother died... Although I don't know exactly what it's like loosing someone that close to me, I have felt loss.

I really wish that I had two homosexual friends to hang out with... most of my friends at school are homophobic, even though they know I'm bisexual. Oh well.

Wow... I think I've had an overdose of sugar today. This has to be the most coherent I've been in a review that's more than four lines or less in length. Of course, it's off to the aweful place called dream-land for me. Evil week-day bed times...

Anywho, this is the Dragonlady, Signing off. Keep Writing.
Raomina chapter 33 . 5/6/2006
Hello, I just started reading this story not long ago and this is the first official slash story I have ever read. The storyline's pretty original and the characters are so adorable. Oh, and it's cool that you kinda based this on your friends. Are they anything like this River and Caspian? And I'm kinda wondering, since I've never met a gay guy, much less a couple, but is one of the partners usually more feminine than the other? Like this story for example, River seems to be the more 'feminine' of the two and thus requires Caspian's protection and stuff like that. I keep imagining River being physically smaller than Caspian because Caspian seems to be the 'buff' one. Would the relationship not work if neither of them is the more 'feminine' one? Sorry if these questions sound totally weird and ridiculous but I'm just interested to know about how gay couples work.

This story's very interesting and quite well-written and the characters are well-developed. It's really too bad you have to kill off Sasha. I remember the scene where Caspian enters the ward and finds River signing to Sasha. It was so sweet. Oh well, love this story.

Update soon!
Rinna chapter 32 . 5/3/2006
ugh. Typos are the (or a) bane of my existence. Sorry about the several. I didn't feel like proof-reading.
Rinna chapter 33 . 5/3/2006
First off, I like the title. I mean, I like all of your chapter titles, I just happened to decide to comment on this one. Very apt.

I could sort of relate to River’s character in the various “dissapointment” parts. I hate the feeling of disappointing people, and knowing that they’re disappointed with me. Truthfully, it tends to make me feel sullen and resentful, which is more or less how River reacted. There’s a feeling, more of a mood, pervading this chapter and the last, that wasn’t in earlier chapters; one of those things that’s really hard to pinpoint. Maybe it’s more of a lack of mood. Well, not exactly, I mean… whatvever it is rather suits the current events within the story… bleak, I guess is the closest word, but no, really, no, that’s not right. More… urgh. I give up. Sparse. Bare. Hollow. Oh yeah, maybe that; that horrible, hollow feeling you get when something that was supposed to be good doesn’t turn out so well, if that makes any sense. Sort of. Did that make any sense at all?

Anyway. GAH. That last paragraph? Honestly made me cry. I had actually been wondering if that was what had happened, from the earlier paragraph, but still, it was ugh. SAD. Of course, I’m sure that was the intent, so yes, it worked. Urgh. Stupid, stupid boy. He’s become entirely focused n himself and his relationship; he’s not thinking about others. It didn’t even occur to him that Mrs. Gardener might have actually liked to see him, even though he had no way of knowing about her daughter… Urgh. That reminds me, actually, randomly; I need to contact my old French teacher. Haven’t talked to her in months…

Blah. I’m impressed by Caspian’s father, actually making the attempt to contact him. Using River as a go-between, though, is going to be a very, very delicate situation. Ugh. River would have to manage it perfectly for it not to just completely backfire, and all around, it feels like not a good idea, there’s too much to go wrong… A pity, because Caspian really should talk to his father. And maybe if he does move out, River will regain a bit of perspective again. Well, hang on, the stuff with Mrs. Gardener has a good chance of doing that too, I imagine.

Hum, what else? Ugh. River is being RIDICULOUSLY stupid. Caspian needs to take care of himself. River shouldn’t have to. And River shouldn’t be STUPID about the throat thing. I mean, it’s one thing to put off homework, things like that, things that make a bigger impact than you might realize, but at the time, don’t seem like such a big deal. The stuff with his throat, however; does it just not occur to him that it could literally kill him if there are serious complications and he doesn’t get them checked out. God, the idiocy. And lack of foresight. Gah.

Hey, you know what? Going back to that prevailing-mood-I-couldn’t-quite-identify thing from before? I think I’ve got it. It’s starting to feel like real life. Like those times and things that happen that really start to make you feel disappointed in real life. It feels jut like that. (I think I’ve gotten a similar feeling from episodes of SVU, but maybe a little more severely than your story.) Yeah. Your story is starting to feel painfully realistic, which is highly interesting in consideration of the fact that you’ve been going about making it as dramatic as possible (and succeeding, without making it feel overdone in the slightest, which in itself is perhaps odd).

And sure, throw my own story title back at me why don't you. Hmph. Technicalities.

I like your thing for “review” this chapter, by the way. Clever.

Oh, I asked Chris and Jason if they have any interesting stories they coul tell me. Unfortunately, all I got out of them was this weird story I couldn’t quite follow and now don’t really remember that involved going to a store together, maybe Wal-Mart, actually, and Jason doing something… oh crap, I lost it. All the stuff we were talking about at that gathering is all mixing together in my head. I’ll try again next time I see them. They were, however, being unbearable adorable and affectionate that night. We were all hanging out at Jill’s house.

Oh, hey, that reminds me; this is sort of a mixed thing, both good and bad. News, though. Jill broke up with Derek. And actually, I agree with her that, at this point, it was absolutely the best thing for her. …and yeah, this is where I cut off and I was talking to you about it. Ugh. That was three days ago. I feel like I’m terrible for having taken this long. Anyway, moving on.

You got me totally addicted to Metanoia. All your fault. Totally. Couldn’t stop reading it until there was no more to read. Heh. Thanks for the link though, definitely, it's an awesome story.

Right. Where might I possibly have been? Review response, right.

I do like fantasy, but I'm picky about what I read, increasingly so over recent years. My top favorite authors, who all sort of write some variety of fantasy, are Mercedes Lackey as I already said, Poppy Z. Brite (whose work is more horror, actually, and really really weird and messed up, but awesome), and now, Nelil Gaiman. The most typical fantasy I'm still really into are Mercedes Lackey's books. Even then, only her Valdemar books are completely archetypically fantasy. But I -like- the world she made up, it really doesn't feel like a cheap knock-off of Tolkein or anything like that. Heck, I've seen cheap knock-offs of -her- fantasy world. And my favorite kind of fantasy novels are the sort that draw on real history, medieval/Renaissance times, with some magic thrown in, or are based off of real mythology, specifically celtci (and often times, the two are interconnected). I rarely go for the futuristic sort of stuff, actually, except for one brief stint where II made a (quite succesful) attempt to read every novel based on Star Wars that I could get my hands on. So yeah. And I like LOTR itself, of course. A lot of the stuff I like, however firmly rooted in the fantasy genre, is actually a bit off-the-wall, so I haven't really gotten to the point of feeling like it's all the same.

Heh. You thought my life story was getting complicated before? Well, this'll probably be the last segment/chapter of it; prepare yourself.

Then, of course there's the continuation of the history. Oh hey, first, I have more to tell you, new group drama. Sort of a double whammy, so to speak, actually. Not even sure I should be posting this somewhere where anyone can read, but I don't think anyone that shouldn't know would read my reviews to this story anymore. So yeah. First of? Remember I told you Jess was supposedly dating someone? Well, turns out that the someone wasn't real. Remember what I said about her hanging out with our friend Tammy? Well, I guess she and Tammy decided to try an expermiment; namely, "create a fictional person and insert them into the non-fictional world", as Jess put it.

So apparently, the girlfriend Jess said she had doesn't actually exist. No, on the other hand, remember I told you a few days ago that Jill and Derek broke up? Well, now Derek is dating Jessica. Yes, same Jessica. Well, I don't know if they're officially dating yet, but I know they decided too "give it a try", as Jess put it. All I have to say is I hope she has better luck than Jill did with him. If not, well... At this point, whatever, I trust her to be mature enough to at least make her own decisions in life, you know? So, my standpoint on this matter is more or less, "meh, okay. *shrug*"

Oh, oh, you want to know what I found out today that is really, really really cool? I was born on the same day as Ethel Merman! Not just a Broadway person, but, like, THE Broadway person. So cool. (Yes, I know, only me, only me.)

And you know what I realized recently, when trying to mentally work it all out? I almost don't remember my junior year (which is last school year, and where I'm up to in my chronicle of the life and times of me and my closest friends), as well as, say, my freshmen and sophomore years. Well, Okay, I do, but there aren't such clear-cut events that can be marked by semesters. SO I'm going to cover Junior year all at once, which'll bring us up to my senior year, which I have yet to complete, of which I started talking to you about a month into it, so you already know pretty much everything that's happened, in detail.

Summer before my Junior year was, sadly, my last year of CTY, and subsequently, the year you saw the most pictures of/heard the most about. So yeah. Hmm... Junior year. Remember I said that Chris had started pulling away from us all at the end of Sophomore year? Well, basically, by and throughout Junior year, he had barely any contact with our group at all. He and Jill were on the outs again, too, absolutely not speaking. Don't remember who started that one, anymore. It started over the summer, though, I think. Second semester of Junior year, Jill and I had three classes together; two of them were with Chris. I'd been sort of worried about how that was going to go. However, toward the end of 1st semester/beginning of second, Jill emailed him (their most common form of communication, at times, and basically, they came to an understanding. For the duration, they decided they weren't going to go back to baing close friends again all of a sudden or anything, but they decided to be civil towards one another, and act normally. (And I can't tell you how much of a relief that was on my end.) Still, though, Chris felt really distant. I would try to talk to him, just conversatonally, and I found it extremely difficult to do so. The element of closeness that had once been there, quite a while ago by this point, just wasn't there anymore. And that's how things were until the end of the year, practically, that May at Prom. Chris actually came up to Jill (which just wasn't something he normally would do) and quite sincerely apologized for everything he had done. And somehow, that seemed to break the ice between Chris and all of us. From there, things went on a steady progression back to normal; I can not even BEGIN to tell you how awesome it was to go back to being friends with Chris, and things haven't really faltered in that department since. Junior year was the no-Chris/distant-Chris year, but this year, I honestly think that we're all closer friends with Chris than even before sophomore year; maybe even since he first broke up with Jill. And you know, I think that might be it; all the emotional baggage that went into that situation, it only kept building up throughout the following couple of years. Now, though -well, as of the end of Junior year- it feels like all of that has finally dissapated. Man, that's the first time I thought of that connection. It's actually really fun to be able to go back, now, with all the years we've known one another and all the things that have happened, and really been able to look at events and their long-term affects on us individually and as a group of friends. Now that senior year is almost over... Once this school year ends, it's really going to bring the close of huge saga of my life, I think. I mean, I really don't think that these people will just disappear out of my life the moment high school ends, at least not immediately, but, seriously... 7th through 12th grade, once we're through all this, it'll be a new chapter in all our lifes.

The Chris stuff wasn't the only thing to happen Junior year, though, not by a long shot. For one, Junior year is where we picked up Jess and Karissa. They came to the highschool that year as freshmen; I met Jess through Drama (the original "The Butler Did It" play), and pulled her into the group, and Jill met Karissa through chorus, and they've slowly but surely become utterly attatched at the hip. (You know, you're actually the second person I've gone through the history of our group soap opera for; Jess came in in the midst of it all, and Jill nd I got to tell her all about it. Heck, she didn't even really know who Chris was (and he didn't know her) until more than half a year after she joined our ranks, despite the fact he was in Chamber Singers class with us for all of second semester.

Junior year is also where Aj first started done the path he's traveled. I wanted to begin with the phrase "It started when...", but I don't really think this is where it started. I don't really think I'd be able to tell you where it started. Anyway; that October, two months into the school year, was where he first met Jesse Day, at a Halloween party held by Tammy. From there, from what I've derived from what he's said, the attraction just kept growing until he couldn't hide it from himself anymore, which is what I think he was trying to do, in a way. However, he was still dating Jill at this point. Basically, when he realized that his feeling had grown too strong to ignore, he realized that he really needed to break up with Jill. So, he did, mid-December if I recall correctly. I still respect the way he handled it. He pulled her into a practice room in the chorus room (we also use those for private conversations), and broke up with her, face to face. That takes courage, I think. Very few people do it that way, anymore, from what I've seen. Anyway; once he broke up with Jill, soon after that was the beginning of his whirlwind, two-month relationship he had with Jesse. And that's also where he really started along his path; that's when he started doing things like staying out all night without permission, driving his dad's car without a liscence (only did that a couple times, but still... ugh), and getting into major trouble with his parents. I think a lot of it for him was sort of like "I get in trouble when I do nothing, so I might as well be doing something to get in trouble for". That, and he just wasn't thinking properly; not considering consequences, just not really thinking about what he was doing. That's also when he first started missing a lot of school, and when he did the thing that I think Jill still hasn't really forgiven him for. (Basically, he called her over to try to stop him from taking his dad's car and driving over to go see Jesse, which was, unfortunately, already kind of hard on her, but even then, he went anyway. Unfortunately, there was really no way she -could- have stopped him. Again, with that not thinking about actions and consequences thing? And for Jill, she felt... well, what he did made her feel like worth next to nothing, or rather, like she really didn't matter to him in the slightest, even as a friend, because she tried, she really did, and he said he wouldn't go, but then did anyway. And really, that's not the only thing she got upset with him for, but that was where it started. Oh, there's so much more to that, too; like, she wanted a sincere apology from AJ for that, but he really couldn't give her a sincere apology at the time. He knew that, and he wasn't going to lie to her, so he told her that. That, and then there was the fact that he apparently didn't even try to contact her over the summer (which, honesty here, doesn't surprise me in the slightest, none of us are actually all that great at keeping up with one another with any sort of regularity in the summer, but hey.), which once again made her feel like he didn't care. So, she got sick of it, and basically stopped talking to him altogether, after several arguments (him arguing in favor of them staying friends, her arguing that she had no reason to). Actually, that's one of the several reasons why Aj did stop going to school entirely. He had trouble dealing with it, because he honestly did and still does cre about her. Not in a romantic way, but you don't have to be in love with someone to care about them, even if you did used to date and subsequently broke up, you know? Ah well. There were a lot of other reasons, too, among them, well, due to the issues with Jill he felt sort of awkward with everyone in the group while at school, and then he broke up with Russell, and that became awkward too. That, and, perhaps more significantly, he just couldn't make himself -care- about school, his classes, actually doing the work, anymore at all, unfortunately.

*Sigh*. Literally. I really do miss hanging out with AJ. Ah well. He came to our play last Thursday, because I called and asked him to. I really, really appreciated that.

You know, the one upside to everything that's happened with me and all of my friends, even the ones I'm still currently closer too, (that sense of drifting and all), is that I think it'll be a lot easier on me, going off to college. I'll miss my friends here, but, well... not as strongly asI might have otherwise, you know? And on a related note; I am really glad that I'll have someone I know already at Brandeis, because I think that'll make it easier to transition, too. And I'm also really, really glad for the fact that that someone -isn't- someone from highschool, who I've seen every day of my life for the past 4-6 years. I mean, I'm not ready to assume that the transition is going to be a total breeze, I can't imagine I won't have any issues at all, but... I definitely feel ready to move on.

Anyway. That's anabsolutely perfect place to end, so I'm ending there.
Prisoner-11 chapter 33 . 5/2/2006
It took me longer to get around to this story, sorry. This story makes me want to cry T.T And if I find 'magical weight-loss food' be sure that I'll give you at least half. (I really could use some)
Collar de Espinas chapter 33 . 4/30/2006
Oh dear bloody god.

I think my eyes are falling out. Right, so you are completely to blame for the fact that it is now 4am and I still haven't finished writing the next chapter to my fic. I can send my rabid reviewers in your direction, right? *lol*

This is, without a doubt, one of the most well-written fics that I've read on . In fact, it may be one of the most well-written fics I've ever read anywhere. Your characters are wonderfully engaging, the storyline is excellent and the way you write has me on my knees, bowing down to you in utter awe.

I love the subtle shift in tone that this story has taken; it's not often that a writer can manage that and still maintain a sense of fluidity in the story. -I always try to include constructive criticism in my reviews but honestly, I'm at a loss here. I could try and gripe at something to critique, but it's bloody difficult to do so when I'm still getting over how captivating this story is. Plus, it's the wee hours of the morning and my brain is beginning to go into 'Sleep' mode...

I'm so sorry that you're no longer such good friends with the real River and Caspian (I have to admit that I've been beyond amused by the little anecdotes about their lives that you kept slipping in) but if anything, it seems to have helped this story along, contributing to this shift in tone I do believe.

Anyway, all I really wanted or needed to say was that this story is excellent and is definitely going to be added to my favourites list.
Midnights Scream chapter 33 . 4/29/2006
I like it still,but it seems so sad with this aura(sp)of impending doom or sadness and i have to say it depresses me when I read this, but it's written well, because you can make us feel something, but I like the happy endings
jyu3 chapter 33 . 4/28/2006
Hi, new reader! wow, ur story is so good the scene near the beginnign wen u were describing their first kiss was soo hot! and they seem like such an adorable couple, too bad, theres so many complications now tho. lol. this story reminds me of all those dramas that i watch..-_-'' but nonetheless, i realli enjoyed it! kep posting! cant wait for next post )
MissLovely chapter 24 . 4/27/2006
It's me again. Thank you for your review, it really meant so much. Of course I know who you are... you're only my favorite author.

I guess I've been through a lot more than some people have been through. E-mail me. I don't feel like telling it to anyone.

I love this chapter.

E-mail me. Please.
On starlight wings chapter 33 . 4/26/2006
well, once again, iv found myself neglecting studies to read fabulous stories. I know, I know its bad of me, but the homework is just so addicting, I can't pull myself away, I’ll try harder though. I'll actually try and read. oh...sarcasm. And before you go all 'it’s the lowest form of wit' and what, let me just say I really agree, but that’s why so many people can enjoy it. Sadly there are those who still don't get it. I wonder what that says about their intelligence or personality? sad.

Well, it just occurred to my heathen mind that its (amazing that I didn't even realize this before) it’s turning into winter for you there! It’s your fall! Here its getting warmer, but it never occurred to me that you guys were backwards, or that we're backwards. Or whatever! huh…and I’m in chemistry X. Not to bright there am I? This is why people like me are not president...wait, ha! they are! ha! (apologies if you didn't get the reference: calling our dear, sweet president bush a really dumb (no, not ass-elephant (the worst animals ever if your choosing symbols for a political campaign-really, who cam up with these?)0 also, I apologize to anyone who is a bush fan- I didn't mean to insult you, i was just pointing out his low IQ (I didn't say anything about his leading abilities, apologies)) Ok, now that that's all said and done with... yah, you really got to be careful about mentioning opinions such as that here. Why are people so uptight and touchy bout that? Ah, the mysteries of life. Whoa, off on tangents- ah another tangent for yah, useless fact time! Did ya know that TV’s made in the US can't be used in Australia? The gas that in the tubes gets pulled differently because of the difference in magnetic felids and our TV's are all blue or green there. So, next time you decided to visit New York and decide to buy a TV... ;D.

Ah! Schools almost over! I’ve got summer fever! I don't want to go to school, I want to go lay on the new green grass, I want to run around in t-shirts, I wanna go camping! So, since I can't just up and do that, and the school still owns my soul, I’ll at least put it all of and than just bug you with nonsensical and laboriously lonong, pointless reviews. How’s this for just talking about how the day was and not even mentioning the story.

Oh, but while on that subject, i really like this, do ya know how much it's changed over time? I just went back for nostalgia's sake and it's really changed. The mood, the characters, pretty much all of it. And, being a rather avid reader, I must compliment you, not many authors can manage a mood shift and still keep the story together. Most of the time they need to use just one atmosphere so as to keep the story together. Compliment and kudos to you! (aww, don't cha feel special? warm and fuzzy feelings! yay)

And, hey, while i have this up and cuz I probably won't get to it tonight,(I’ve got to go register for the ACT tests. ew.)I really, really like your other story, Chasing the touch. Me gusta, me gusta. (uh, that was Spanish for I like it hells a lot) (errmm, I meant heck, yah, that was it... heck. right...) I can totally relate to the whole moving thing. But, here, everybody has grown up with everybody. I'm not exaggerating. This is not small town, our graduating class in my school is over 1,0 and the underclassmen's classes are even larger, and getting new students by the day. But it's strange, everybody knows everybody. They have pictures of them in diapers with people you had no clue they even knew, but their grandpa knew each other, and great-grandpas... ok, a little exaggerated there, but still, it was really hard to be all, hey, I’m new! Also, used to be a rather shy and an easily intimated little pipsqueak. You would never guess that now though, at least I hope you wouldn't. But, what this was all meant to say before I went for a jaunt down memory lane, was that I really like this story because i can relate to it better. The 'You Know What I Mean' may be more interesting and more dramatic (in my opinion) but more people can relate to moving and friends than they can to having one's larynx ripped out. But, that's just my opinion.

Whoo, I know I said I was going to put off the Homework, but it's kinda late and really need to get going on my work if I’m ever going to get any sleep...actually, I never get sleep, so why am I worried? eh, life goes on. Good luck with the "shit" in the next chapter. Best regards to everybody!

p.s.(hey, please ask River if the wings tattoos hurt a lot or if they were even worth it, I’m considering them (I’ve always wanted them but never knew anybody who had them done themselves -I didn't steal the idea- I’m not copycat. But it might not be worth it if it hurts to much) thanks
MissLovely chapter 2 . 4/26/2006
La,la. I went to the hospital, visited Joen. I read him the first two chapters.

He’s in love with this story. Broke down and bawled like a baby. God, he is so weird sometimes.

He says that if you end up killing them, he’ll die.

I’ll die too. Joen…

Ah God, he says he knows they’re going to love each other, and he wished he had a River or a Caspian in his life. Poor kid.

As I mentioned, he got knifed. A while back, he got knifed before. Some kid carved the word “Fag” into his stomach.

God, it was sick.

God bless you, though. Please continue as soon as possible.

-Miss Lovely
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