Reviews for How to?
Bri Neves chapter 1 . 3/7/2007
Liked it a lot. Especially the last line. _
myfathersdaughter chapter 1 . 11/6/2005
Oh my gosh! I loved this. I love your stlye of writing and depth of emotions behind it.
CucumberPickles chapter 1 . 10/15/2005
Yay! I'm reviewing another of your poems! I just wanted to make the 1 a 2. Is the poem something about how bad these days are or something? Like how violent, how polluted, how congested...? If so, I really like it. I don't understand why more people don't review your things...
Sye Tuazon chapter 1 . 10/6/2005
I like the repetition. I think there's a style you might like.

Wikipedia the "Paradelle".

The repetition of this poem would work nicely in the six syllables per line, six lines per stanza scheme. And I think you might enjoy it, especially re-formatting this poem.

The second, "how to breath". *breathe.

"How to swim when the masses are drowning you." That's a great figure of speech. I like the simplicity and sincerity of the words: "How to breathe when the air is not clean.." These are powerful words.

Perfect length, nice formatting and line breaks.

Nice piece you have here, Miss Maxwell.
McLane chapter 1 . 10/6/2005
very spiffy use of repitition. Adds a lot to the poem. Which is rare for me, I generaly don't like repitition too much, but you used it well. Good job.