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Shades Of Autumn chapter 2 . 3/10/2006

...that was good.

But a little note; I think you'd really expect kids that age(his younger brothers) to be a little more shocked at the fact a gang broke into their house, shot their mom dead, and then shot one of them. Or maybe they're used to that kind of thing? I don't know...liked the guns, though :D
Shades Of Autumn chapter 1 . 3/10/2006
Shit, this is good O_O

Thanks for the reviews, I really do appreciate them. Interesting beginning, especially if you like coffins as much as I do _' seriously, though, very good start to the story, but I think you might want to think of editing a bit here and there- make sure you read things through after you write them. What I do is when I first sit down to write, I first read through what I wrote the last time, checking and editing as I go; this way you save on a huge buildup of editing later, and you've got everything clear for joining the next bit on seamlessly. Right, now I'm off to read the rest!
Olivine chapter 2 . 12/22/2005
wow. this is a sad story so far. i like the detail, though, they're very good descriptions. although, too many swear words for me...but maybe its cuz im a 'goody two shoes', as my friends say. yea, i dont swear, but anyways. i like the story so far, and i have to read the rest of it. keep writing ~Wintertigress

P.S. -thanks for reviewing my story. i never really liked it, though. lol, but telling from your reviews, it seemed to start out just fine, and then got worse and worse, didn't it? lol. but i think i could use an editor. i dont have one, and i really dont trust myself all that editing, i mean. my style is better in my other story, A Story the Silver Wind Tells, trust me on that. on that note, do you think you could review that one, too? i really think i need your kind of reviews for my stories. please and thankyou.
nevermore the silent cry chapter 9 . 12/22/2005
TOTALY KICK ASS, BABY! anna rocks! wow, that was awesome! dude, i love this story, these characters are so great, and like, whoah, action-type-stuffs is brilliant! (*still freaking out about this, if you can't tell...) and huh, interesting-ness about lucifer. wonder what that was...hmm...anyways, yes! update soon! lovin' this!cheers,
nevermore the silent cry chapter 8 . 11/29/2005
yay! another chapter! and wow, awesome! oh dear, little evil lisa. only not. not her fault. poor person. poor jason. *being stupid* anyways, write more more more! soon!awesomeness
dolly-dear chapter 8 . 11/24/2005
great story update asap!
Ang-Dev chapter 4 . 10/29/2005
this is good but i think it unlikely that a demon-slayer would be given guns but its a good idea. maybe if u made it more believable... anywayz, the bit where the priest says 'steal them' or summit doesnt fit cuz isn't jason here to repent? otherwise, its still interesting. awesome, keep writing, ~ang/mez~
Ang-Dev chapter 3 . 10/20/2005
wicked! i like the way u described this and wrote about the guy called god but i think its still a little hard to believe, especially at the beginning. maybe u should edit that and try to make it more persuasive. cool so far tho i think i liked the first and second chp's more. ~mez~
nevermore the silent cry chapter 7 . 10/18/2005
k, now i've had the brilliant idea to review while i'm reading it! lol. wow, i waste so much of your time...k, here goes: ah, no, don't leave her there! no! AH! THEY GOT HIM! OH NO, THEY GOT LISA! NO! ha, take that! die evil lisa-killers and jason-hurters! and eew, gross. pervert. oh, kinda cool with the smiley-trigger thing, bye bye kelsey. but bleh, distraction? and tada! yet another brilliant chapter! love it! hurry up and update! can't wait!
nevermore the silent cry chapter 6 . 10/18/2005
yay! more chappy-ness! whoah, coolness. ack, JASON! HE'S LYING! DON'TBELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS, TAKE CARE OF LISA! *sigh* right, need to read the next chapter. oh, huh, where'd anna go?
Ang-Dev chapter 2 . 10/17/2005
cool chp. this is just so awesome! its definitely going on my favs! one thing i dont get tho is that has he really died or is he just thinking he's dying? u might want to change that but otherwise this is just so freaking incredible! UPDATE:-)
Ang-Dev chapter 1 . 10/17/2005
wow! this chp is awesome! i really like the ending. it makes u want to keep reading and its interesting tho i would say, try to say 'i' less cuz it seems ur saying 'i did this' then 'i did that'. u manage to keep the readers attention and the character is cool tho i cant find his name mentioned anywhere. i like the descrition paragraph at the beginning. its really good so far. one of ur best stories in fact. keep writing and update soon!:-)
nevermore the silent cry chapter 5 . 10/15/2005
hehe, i read this last night but my computer froze and shit on me i am now! and whoah! bloody fucking brilliant!(lol, sorry, i'm never going to get over that) wow, this guy's attachment to her is heartbreakingly perfect. and whoah! a demon! far out man!(lol, i'm sorry, i've been around skater people all day...scarred for life...or like, the next 24 hours...sorry again, being weird...)and hello! next chapter? when? soon! this is awesome, come on!
nevermore the silent cry chapter 4 . 10/14/2005
yay! coolness! whoah, the wings sounds beautiful. that is amazing. kuman and lisa seem like they're gonna be cool. oh right, anna! ugh, forgot to mention her in the last review. she's cool! wow, i hope she turns out good...ok, on to read more! awesome!
nevermore the silent cry chapter 3 . 10/14/2005
wow, crazy. those descriptions were wicked. and huh, that's not how i imagined heaven to be, but very interesting..coolness. and wow, he gets to go back! we! huh, you said god's a liar...i do so wonder what is going to happen...and hey, wow, my two stories are yur favs! you're a crazy reader, but wow! i am so happy! *happy* *feels special* and ugh, i don't have time to read more of this now, huge bummer, but i will either tonight or tomorrow. coolness! i love this story!
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