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RightAllocations chapter 33 . 4/12
I'm sure you never check this anymore, but nevertheless, I wanted to make my opinion available to you, should you feel like receiving it. My friends and I love Charms and Curses. This story means so much to us-we jam out to Mary's Place regularly, and we often refer to the characters in passing. Still. Even to this day. It's literally almost been ten years since you published this story on FictionPress, and we are still obsessed with it. I realize, of course, that because this story is so old to you as a writer, and because, at the time of its publication you were in college, you are now a vastly different individual when it comes to mentality, it will not be finished. If it is ever finished, it will probably be completely rewritten first. You probably don't have the same interests as you did when writing this, and you probably look back on this story with disdain (I'm a writer myself; I know the feeling of rereading old works), but it is amazing. It is so creative and intriguing and magical. I will always love this story, these characters, everything. I'll probably make my kids read it, if I have them. So thank you for being awesome. I just want you to know that your works are still appreciated. And no, that's not a typo. My Toaster Thinks I'm Crazy is wonderful too. Everything you've written has been original and clever and thought-provoking and inspiring. So thank you. You rock.
dizasterdeb chapter 33 . 4/5
Read nearly in one sitting, really would love to see a finished version. Pretty please? It is very charming.
hentell chapter 33 . 3/16
I wish you would come back to the cyber living and finish this story I miss your writings so much
mysticmoon05 chapter 33 . 2/2
please update this! I love this story! its amazing!
KashiRyuu chapter 33 . 12/19/2013
This story is really good. I'm a little confused with the couple's, but it gives me something to think about. Can't wait for the next chapter ,darling. If you ever need a Beta or anything, feel free to ask, or don't.
midnight-thunder-storm1 chapter 33 . 10/11/2013
You should update this
Pie and Yaoi chapter 33 . 8/28/2013
I apologize for not leaving a period for the previous review. (I'm a somewhat Grammar Nazi, typing on my iPod touch (2G, which, by the way, sucks) and while trying to click the x on autocorrect accidentally hit Post Review.
I'm here to finish what I started.
What I'd like to know:
-If not world domination, what are the Widows up to?
-What is going on with Dawn and Karen? I'm still confused about the Amas Veritas; did the spell affect only the caster and the subject? (As in: can the spell only be applied to the witch that casted it and her / his subject, or can it be applied by a witch to a non-witch and their subject?) And if so, how come Dawn casted that spell? (Also, I love all the details - off the top of my head, I remember Karen wishing for a true love who liked Elvis. Rodya was blasting Elvis music. Yesssss.) Did the spell affect Rhian, the described subject, or did it apply to both twins? How do they get the spell off?
-Has Rhian finally gone to the rainbow side? Who's his soulmate?
-What happens to the souls of familiars? Nikko was a Fallen Angel Thing, Biko got recycled...
-Will Shasta ever get his full powers back?
-You are a genius.
-Do they un-demonize Chad / Justinian?
-How did Biko die?
-Does anyone important die for real?
"Pirates are better than ninjas!"
-Flash forward-
"I date a Canadian ninja."

And if you ever want a grammar Nazi to correct the small insignificant grammar errors you committed, find me. I kind of stalked you on Tumblr, eheheh... Katelyn.
Pie and Yaoi chapter 33 . 8/27/2013
I knew it. I knew when I read chapter thirty-two that this would be a cliffhanger. I believe you last updated this story two years ago? It would be wonderful if you could come back and finish this one and MTTIC while you're at it.
I'm super culturally challenged, and I really appreciated some of the notes you added. I wish I was as talented, of course. Love the plot twisty thing with Rhian
Joshua Harper chapter 33 . 8/1/2013
AAHHHH! Why stop here? D:
Madana chapter 33 . 7/31/2013
Sadface that this story hasn't updated I'm such a long time. I was enjoying it so much
Kirihime chapter 33 . 7/8/2013
Crap I'm crazy person. Your story is awesome and what not but i think I've set myself up to fail. Boo-who! I'll take a chance.
morningstorm70 chapter 33 . 6/10/2013
God I hope u r going to finish this
Carolinel3 chapter 33 . 6/5/2013
I kniw its been years. But please type!
BullOfBloodiedRoses chapter 1 . 4/5/2013
Update!I beg of you! ;o; I want to know what happens next.
SmileyfaceGurl chapter 33 . 3/27/2013
no moe sad...
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