Reviews for House of peace
Mssy Ms chapter 1 . 1/3/2012

I would say I am really impressed with how much you have improved over the years. You have a vivid imagination and you are not bad at writing them down. You should play with more flowery wording and punctuation to add more dramatic pause. Thank you for sharing with us.

(I hope you do not mind...I looked through your reviews and noticed you had one flamer and went to look to see if they had done it multiple times and saw that there were multiple people. I am not kind to people that do not give constructive criticism but rather make rash decisions while they are angry.)

Maxx Ridarr- Poor. Your grammer needs a hell of a lot of work as well as your spelling. You could also try to be nicer to authors with more sophisticated writing than you since I've seen you kinda flame them saying they have bad grammer, when you just can't read beyond 5th grade. That being said, your formating needs work too so you don't have this all in double space, you can't see shit with that and it makes for poor stanza divisions.

Look at my shit if you wanna see real stuff, I didn't steal it! Auden did even though I was born after him and Aqua Teen stole ME not the otha way round."

Telling someone they have bad grammar, bad spelling,or bad format is not a flame. It is appalling that you would go to someone because they told you your grammar stinks. Looking at your current message I agree that your grammar stinks. Next, I am sure that if she could not read beyond fifth grade she would not have known if it was spelled properly or not.

I would like to point out your inability to write a sentence that does not run on. She is writing in free verse and does not need to adjust her format unless she so desires. She can not look at your "shit" because you have no "shit" up to read...I contemplated reading one and ripping it apart syllable by syllable so you would know how to be a truly "sophisticated" writer.

Guessing that you were referring to yourself when you talked about sophistication... A writer is a person you can not use the definition that refers to your system of writing since you have no poetry up to be read. Referring to yourself, to be sophisticated you have you have to have complex thought processes which you obviously do not or you would have taken the time to process your actions. Your message is as unsophisticated as one could get.

Lastly, there are no original ideas. There are only new compositions or ways to put them on paper. So whatever it is you did not steal...I assure you you did. I do not know who she stole what from as I used my program to search for plagiarism and found nothing.

You should consider your words before you go and attack a child who was probably just trying to be helpful. I am surprised she has no one has reported you and I suggest that she reports all messages like this, both current and future.

Good day to you,

~ Mssy Ms.