Reviews for Can you tell me father?
Guest chapter 1 . 12/12/2012
Azarea chapter 1 . 12/13/2006
The feeling of longing encased in this poem is so very strong. Especially that line where you asked how it's like to stand without a ground. I don't know who you are, but I do know that you could reach within you and somehow pull out the correct words to describe how you feel. I don't know who you are, but I do hope you're well in the world.
Morbid Maxwell chapter 1 . 10/14/2005
Stop writing sad poems about your dad! It makes me sad, and I know there is nothing I can do to comfort you...I'm so sorry for you loss, but stop making me sad too! I'll still love ya, in my weird morbid way, okay? Look, I rhymed!

Morbid Maxwell-Oh, you're a kinky little bastard.
RavenMoon013 chapter 1 . 10/13/2005
*sniff* Am I allowed to cry? I hope I am, because I'd hate to think I was breaking the rules. It's nice... actually, nice doesn't begin to cover it. I'm getting the impression of feeling lost and maybe just a little bit scared. Wonderful poem, simply wonderful.