Reviews for Reflections
Paddy chapter 1 . 10/14/2005
I know where you're coming from. My life used to be a living hell... My parents, everybody around all sucked. I hated everything. I hurt myself at every chance I got...and the only thing that made it stop was the image of me sitting crosslegged in front of a mirror with a knife and a bottle of poison to the side ...

it was then that I changed my mind. that, like you said, I wanted to live, just to prove them wrong. I still havent... Still they doubt everything I do, trying to turn me into their ways, still they refuse to take me seriously... :) but I am making it, slowly.

You want to be a rock star? don't you EVER give up. it's not worth it. Sooner or later, you will be free of them. Don't give into what they say... dont go against them either. I do...we fight all the time. I usually win, since they cant bend me anymore, but it's a lot of added stress, so dont do it... -_- it will all be over one day.

the question is

who will win?

It has to be us. There is no other way? Right? :) It will be us