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Destiny Violet chapter 17 . 1/26/2007
You may be writing this story for us readers but the fact that you are even posting and getting upset over the petty opinions of others shows that you do care a lot about this story. Personally, I think that whatever story that comes out of an author's head is fine with me. It's the way it was meant to be written after all. I mean, if readers had dictated that Sirius' death in Harry Potter was inappropriate and Rowling had taken it out, the entire premise of the next book would be destroyed and the rhythm of the story would be somewhat disappointing. You should go on with whatever you think best but I think right now is great. You have the perfect amount of surprise element. It was somewhat unexpected, but hey! What's a story without some surprises? If authors submitted completely to the whims of the readers, then stories would definitely be as boring and predictable as hell. I like the way you're going with this story. Keep it up!

In.the.Wardrobe chapter 17 . 1/26/2007
i liked the last few chapters. it was surprising when it came up but it was original. whatever you choose to do i'd still read :P
Selena Brudi chapter 17 . 1/26/2007
Hello Larentia,

I believe that you should continue with this plot line. I like how Tristan and Scarett were in medieval Ireland, and I don't think you should be upset about those comments. Those people who left those comments were rude and perhaps even unintelligent, and therefore, even though they might not have liked that, they do not represent all of your readers. I'm not saying that I represent them either, I'm just saying nobody does.

Anyways, again, I believe you should continue with this plot line. And if you do not decide to, that is your choice, not anybody else's.

~Mythical Luver~
CrimsonAngel21 chapter 17 . 1/26/2007
I personally don't have any problem with the story going medieval but it almost seems like your trying to put two different story lines into one. I think you could make a good story by just haveing them get onto the plane.
pinkfluffyoranges chapter 16 . 1/23/2007
I was reading this story thinking woah, it's been so long since I've read a story on fictionpress that has the quality of a store bought novel, with that said.

Wow I don't think I've ever been more dissapointed in a story or author. Don't get me wrong you are one talented writer, and I truly believe you could make it as a writer as a professional career choice. But you have two stories here and they simply don't mesh together, it turns the one story into a joke. Which is sad as I said you are one hell of a writer, and both these stories are fantastic, meaning the cliche and the fantasy story. But they are fantastic stories seperate from each other, the flow of them are so completely different it's unerving. When they first landed in middle age Ireland, I thought it was joke, or some nightmare or dream, the first part of the story simply isn't set up for a fantasy twist. There's no foreshadowing or hints of any kind, nothing to allude to the time jumping twist, leaving it sticking out like a misplaced sore thumb (excuse the analogy). Also I believe the necklace needs to be mentioned far more then once, to show it's significance, also along with some sort of history. All in all, the effect given, is that you, as an author, got bored with the story you were writing. and instead of back tracking and changing, or even starting a new story, you just went of a tangent into a different story using your old story as a pre-face. I can see this story with clever editing having great potential, or being split in to having two stories with enormouse potential. I'm not one to ussualy give so much critiscim, ussualy I read a story and leave a review like "I like this story, good work". But I truly believe that this story can be so much better, and that you as an author can do so much better.

As a side note, I was wondering shoudln't they be speaking gaelic in middle aged ireland?

I really hope you take what I've said into consideration, and if not hey that's your perrogative. I'm sure if writing is a proffesion you wish to follow you will do fantastically, it's clear to see how much potential you have. And if it isn't I wish you luck with your future.

agela chapter 15 . 1/20/2007
It's so good to know that this story is not over! i mean when i read your email i was jumping for joy that this story wasn't over! well i really hope that you u[pdate asap! lol well thanks for even emailing me your nice~ lol well i guess i have to go~ bye!lol
agela chapter 16 . 1/18/2007

i just couldn't stop reading this story till i was i couldn't review...sorry

but i was just wondering if this story is all done already. if it is then can you say that it's done? cause i don't think this story is all done though...cause it dosen't say it...( but i hope you don't finish this story yet. cause it's real fun and very unique! from other stories it's a very unique story

that's what i like bout this story. well hope you update or at least write an author's note saying this story is done or something. i really hope this story is not done though...(
Emeraldied chapter 16 . 1/16/2007
Good God! I was holding my breath throughout the whole chapter! I went from happy to anxious. Then to anticipation to fright. Then more fright to...O_o! That was exhausting. Lol. Loved it!
Alenor chapter 16 . 1/16/2007
yay! they're back and they aren't dead! can't wait for more ~ Alenor.
Em Crosthwaite chapter 1 . 1/15/2007
This is a good start, but if you eventually go back and edit, here's a suggestion. You contradict yourself when you say that Scarlett is not a "prep" and then proceed to describe her entire outfit, including make-up. I skipped over muich of that description when reading, it's pointless to the story, and does make the character sound shallow. Just some constructive criticism.
kbxyz912345 chapter 16 . 1/15/2007
Absolutely excellent! Hurray! They are back and safe and in love...just wonderful. Good descriptions and good POV alternations. Thank you so much for updating! It has been really long, but I know how you feel. I updated a lot over my break and thought, well that's not fair, she hasn't even updated! So...finally! Oh, and the short reviews don't bother me, and I speak for many of the people who adore this story, so feel free to continue with them! It's better than nothing at all!
Tenshistar chapter 16 . 1/14/2007
yay! i'm so glad they are back. i can't wait for what happens next
LethargicLove Not logged in chapter 16 . 1/14/2007
AW. Absolutely adorable. *hearts* Cannot wait for the next chapter!
Sure as the Dawn chapter 16 . 1/14/2007
Aw. What a sweet chappie. Update soon.
Southern Belle of the Ball chapter 16 . 1/14/2007
YAY!...but is the time the same as when they left or has the wedding passed already?...Hm I guess it'll have ta be one of those wait and see things.
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