Reviews for Why?
GeorgeBailey chapter 1 . 10/17/2005

Thoughts: Leaving could be the way to live for others. But I guess you can live for others wherever you are.

I really understand the last part. Or I should say that I understand what it means to me (I'm not gonna assume what you're trying to say). But from what I can tell, it's in some ways calling out for someone who is living for you, because you want to live for other people. I know the feeling. And even though I'm not half the saint I think I am, it's true. There's these people in the world who are born with a passion that guides them to focus most of their life on others in some way or another. Then there's the receivers, who never seem to learn to do the same thing. Pay It Forward doesn't work because people might do good things down the line for a while, but eventually someone just doesn't get it. Selfish people break the chain of good-doing in this world, and that's why we still have so much crap going on like starvation. What the ending of this poem says to me is this, (paraphrasing, of course) "we care about others enough to stick around in this hell hole. now it would be nice for once to know if someone was sticking around for us."

Good post.